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tv   Action News 3PM  ABC  January 4, 2016 3:00pm-3:30pm PST

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>> see you tomorrow.captioning proviplus... the son of nevadan cliven bundy has the country on edge... the very latest on this scary situation. ad lib wx tease but first... breaking news from downtown las vegas... a crazy scene as a woman plows into other cars. action news reporter marissa kynaston is there, where the chaotic scene unfolded just hours ago...
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good afternoon. i'm rikki cheese. we're in for somewhat of a wild ride with our weather this week. let's go to meteorologist karla huegla and 'weather first.' looks like las vegas will be starting the new year on cold centered around the utah/colorado border, is an area of high pressure. both systems are helping to filter in and amplify the mid and upper level moisture within the southwest. at the same time, these two system are breaking down our
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sufficient lift for shower production and that is what will occur not only for today but also tonight, tuesday, tuesday night, wednesday, wednesday night, thursday, thursday night, and even friday! a death sentence for the man who made national headlines for a deadly crash on the las vegas strip. action news reporter parker collins was in the courtoom when ammar harris learned his fate. the actual sentencing took just a few minutes. take vo remember in 2013...
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killed a man who was driving on the strip... and that man's car slammed into a jury sentenced harris to death in november. no word yet on any appeals bring filed. coming up at five... you'll hear from one of the victim's brothers... and why he thinks a death sentence isn't good enough. at the regional justice center parker collins channel thirteen action news. today, the trial began for a former church pastor... accused of sexually assaulting girls in his congregation. 56-year-old otis holland was a pastor at the united faith church. multiple women from the church have testified against "reverend otis"... saying he abused girls as young as 7- years-old. holland has pleaded not guilty, and is expected to testify in his trial. if convicted, he faces life in prison. right now, the search is on for a missing teen who ran away from child haven... we don't have a picture yet but, he's described as a hispanic 14 year old about 5 foot eight inches tall. police tell us he was last seen wearing jeans and a grey sweater with a pirate on the
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seen him here in the valley. now developing... a new propaganda video from the islamic state features a man and a child who speak english. this is a still picture of the man. he speaks with an english accent and threatens the british prime minister, david cameron. the child says isis will kill non- believers - quote -- "over there," meaning in the west. five men are killed in the video. in today's red. white and blue political coverage... republican chris christie is coming out swinging against donald trump. christie says in today's climate... the country needs a real leader. ((they demand someone who has been fighting today's battles in the arena not someone who's been sidelined for years, not running away from the battles when they get too hot or when they get too discouraged, show- time is over everybody we are not electing an entertainer in chief. showmanship is fun but it's not the kind of leadership that'll truly change america))
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a grown up to be our candidate. sometimes i follow this debate and the presidential elections especially when i watch the other guy debating. and i think..ya know. i don't fit anymore. first of all, i'm a happy grandfather and i'm not mad at anybody. and secondly i thought an election is suppose to be a job interview, and believe me it's important. meanwhile, former president bill clinton is speaking out in new hampshire... saying he and hillary think this election is about rebuilding the middle class. later- more controversy from donald trump- as he starts to run his first t-v ads. armed militia members continue to occupy federal wildlife refuge in oregon. and you'll recognize one of the people at the center of the firestorm-- he's the son of cliven bundy of nevada. you may recall the senior bundy had his own standoff here.
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"as you can see there is no vandalism. we want to return this building how we found it to the county but not to the feds." the militia groups lead by ammon bundy took over the buildings saturday after a rally for local ranchers dwight and steven hammond ended peacefully. "it's not about him, it's about the constitution." occupiers say they're here to give ranchers back their land from the federal government. "once those titles and deeds are restored to the people of the state and the county, then, man i wanna go home." for roger wilson who grew up on a ranch near the headquarters in harney county... "we had a lot of cattle back then and everybody was doing good." the government's mismanagement of the land is a problem. (nats) not everybody in the community agrees with the militia but for wilson ...
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it was quiet around the refuge headquarter buildings. "they're inside staying warm."leaders were vague on how many people were part of their group...but said they had more people come and join thier started. "i think they've said it best during world war ii, there's a gun behind every blade of grass." when asked what they're were willing to do to support their cause...they said they were not here to cause trouble. "i say let us be civil and let us be as gentle as possible but we shall be as firm as necessary." the harney county sheriff released a statement saying that the group claims to support local ranchers when in reality their motive is to overthrow the local and federal government. that was wanda moore... action news reporter david schuman spoke to bundy's father. we'll have cliven bundy's reaction on action news live at 5. a woman is hit and killed...just days into the new year.
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last night near durango and sahara... when she was hit by a jeep. metro then called out counselors to the scene to help the woman's loved ones, and the people in the car. 14:08:47:00 we have family members that will be grieving someone at the beginning of the year, they've lost a loved one. and we have a family from... visitors from california who struck a pedestrian in las vegas. the driver is cooperating with police. metro does not believe speed or alcohol were factors. it's the first deadly car versus pedestrian accident of the year. the powerball jackpot is climbing! we don't have the lottery here in nevada... mostly because of gaming... so if you want a ticket you'll have to drive to california or arizona... the jackpot is estimated at 400 million dollars. that makes it the largest in more than 2 years. sounds great right? hate to break it to you, but your chances of winning are one in 292 million still to come on action news at 3-- imagine being without power for more than a day! it's happening
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their frustrating story ahead. also- we're about to get a lot of visitors, just as our new year's guests leave. what will it mean for our economy? stay with us! and a wild day on wall street... the dow was down more than 276 points. closing at 17,148.
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taking a live look at thelater... at the mandarin oriental. we're told it all started yesterday morning...on floors 24 to 47. the people living there say management first offered to give them free hotel rooms... but then changed their tune. they say the outage is a maintenance issue, so people should instead contact their home owner's insurance to cover hotel costs. "i don't want to incur any more costs because of somebody else's inability to solve the problem." the director of operations says they don't know what caused the outage... but they're working hard to find out. no word yet on when power will be back on. as thousands of people leave
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thousands more are on their way in.... all for the city's largest convention...the consumer electronics show! c-e-s starts in 2-days. it showcases the latest innovations in cars, t-v's, phones and more. more than 170-thousand people attended last year's event. for local business, this week is huge! their room rates double, and it brings in big money all around. 13:07:36 mike palm, the d vp of operations "conventions are vital to us. it helps us with our occupancy which of course drives our gaming revenue and then revenues at our bars and restaurants and entertainment." the d says twice the number of people are staying there for the convention, than just two years ago. again, it opens wednesday, and action news will be there all week long to give you the inside scoop! in today's contact 13 consumer alert... tesla motors says it delivered thousands of electric cars to dealers across the country last year. it says 50-thousand-580 finished vehicles were produced in 20-15. tesla motors is on track to start making more than two-hundred model x suvs each
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the company is making investors happy... and nevadans-- as batteries are going to be made in our state starting next year. after its most recent sales report was released in november, shares in the company rose eleven-percent. the royals are usually very private... but now they're opening up and giving us a rare glimpse into life in the palace. that story is coming up, along with karla's rainy forecast. taking a live look outside...
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neeed them this week! adlib let's go to chief meteorologist bryan scofield and 'weather first.' looks like las vegas will be starting the new year on cold and soggy side! low pressure with a trailing cold front sits just off the coast of san diego; just to the northeast centered around the
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area of high pressure. both systems are helping to filter in and amplify the mid and upper level moisture within the southwest. at the same time, these two system are breaking down our stability and bringing in sufficient lift for shower production and that is what will occur not only for today but also tonight, tuesday, tuesday night, wednesday, wednesday night, thursday, thursday night, and even friday!
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but apparently not to her son.
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and won't let her follow him on instagram. what's going on? the story's coming up! another live look outside...
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week! some new headlines today from madonna -- and that escalating custody battle over her teenage son rocco. he refused to return home for the holidays -- even blocked his mom from following him on instagram. a-b-c's kayna whitworth has the latest nats - living for love: "after the heartache i'm gonna carry it comes to her son rocco?. megastar madonna is fighting for it this morning - the material girl's custody battle madonna and her other kids are living in new york -- according to british news paper the sun - the teen is trying to distance himself even further by blocking his mother on instagram -- nats - express
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queen of pop expressed her love for her son on social media? (gfx) posting this throwback photo with rocco on instagram writing? "merry x- mas to the sun-shine of my life! sot - patrick gomez, staff writer, people magazine 2:00 madonna has shared a very close and friendly relationship with rocco over the years// 3:10 this is a seemingly new development in the relationship between rocco and madonna. she often posted photos of them hanging out . they seemed to be really friends. custody - he will be granted his own court appointed attorney - allowing him to make a request to live with his father if he wishes. sot - patrick gomez, staff writer, people magazine 5:15 madonna's lawyers have said effectively, guy ritchie is preventing his son from returning to the states// now guy ritchie's lawyers have said that rocco wants to live with his father and he should have the choice madonna and ritchie -- who divorced back in 2008 -- did not respond to our requests for comment nats -- madonna red carpet for good morning america, kayna whitworth, abc
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stay with us for action news at 3:30... new developments on the flooding that's crippling this country's heartland. also-- donald trump makes headlines again. find out what he's done now. and remember you can get all your breaking news and weather updates anytime just by downloading the free ktnv mobile app for your smartphone or tablet. right now on action news live
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deadly for one person. we'll tell you how. gop presidential frontrunner donald trump is making saying hillary clinton is partially responsible for the rise of isis. but first... the country's heartland tries to cope with massive flooding. thank you for joining us on action news live at 3:30...i'm rikki cheese. and i'm steve wolford. as some of the floodwaters recede.. other parts of the midwest are bracing for a possible levee breach. reporter brendan cullerton has the latest on the situation in illinois. (pkg end) ((locator)) ((nats)) as workers put the finishing touches on the levee preparing for tuesdays crest...meredosia residents afraid each day. lisa sidosk/meredosia resident ((sidock)) "it's rising...all and when we wake up in the morning it's like six more inches." she says she already lost a car to sweeping flood water in the summer.
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