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tv   Action News 330pm  ABC  January 4, 2016 3:30pm-4:00pm PST

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car." but things could be worse this time around because of the cold temperatures in low lying areas like meredosia. il. gov. bruce rauner ((rauner)) "if the levees are breached in those low-lying spots, that's where the water is going to normal to have floods, and the water behaves differently. the ground's harder. it's a little firmer. and we've had so much rain all year that once the water moves somewhere it moves fast." that's why even though emergency managers say they don't think the levee will break...they don't want anybody near it. phil mccarty-morgan county ema director ((mccarty)) "if we were to have a catastrophic failure or a failure at any portion of the river, the water is going to come in, and it's going to come in quickly. this water is close to 32 degrees, and you're not going "oh yeah.
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people across northeast india are assessing the damage from a strong 6.7 magnitude earthquake that hit early this morning. according to some reports.. at least 8 people were killed.. another 100 injured.. but that hasn't been confirmed by media outlets. the earthquake was reportedly centered near india's border with myanmar. president barack obama says he wants gun control to be part of his legacy ... and he's planning to take executive action to get it done. "my new year's resolution is to move forward on our unfinished business as much as i can.//butted to.//that's especially true for one piece of unfinished business, that's our epidemic of gun violence." he met with attorney general loretta lynch discuss options for tightening gun laws. (donald trump/republican presidential candidate) "so, he's going to sign another executive order having to do with the second amendment. having to do with guns. i will veto that. knows that he can't get it
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gonna try and do it by executive action as if he's king barack obama." on thursday, the president will join cnn's anderson cooper for an hour- long town hall meeting on gun control. some incredible video from outside the nation's capitol where a house went up in flames. the home was engulfed in flames accokeek, maryland. no word on how it started. fortunately.. there were no reports of injuries. a local man is in custody after a tense standoff with metro officers at a home near maryland parkway and tropicana. police say they responded to a domestic violence call when a woman came running out of the house.. but a man was still inside threatening to kill himself. after a long standoff.. he was finally taken into custody. singer chris brown is reportedly under investigation for an alleged incident in las vegas. a woman claims the 26-year-old stole her phone and hit her after she took a picture of him yesterday during a party at the palms. metro says they haven't heard from brown about the incident..
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t-m-z is reporting brown will be suing the woman for lying. pause for animation now more red, white and blue political coverage -- we're just a month away from the iowa caucuses, and republican presidential candidate donald trump is ramping up his campaign. first, by taking direct aim at hillary clinton. hillary clinton. trump sot hillary clinton created isis with obama. clinton laughed it off... saying he can't make america great again...if he continues to insult the american people. next, the g-o-p frontrunner also launched his first t-v ad... and it's packed with his most controversial proposals. take a listen -- (nats) that's why he's calling for a temporary shutdown of muslims entering the united states. it all ends with that signature line...that he'll make america great again. but that's not the only video of trump making rounds on the internet... terror group al-shabaab just released a recruiting video showing the billionaire. trump responded, saying it comes with the territory.
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killed last month during a terror attack in san bernardino, california has reopened. the inland regional center had been closed since two people stormed inside and opened fire during a holiday party. about 600 people work at the building. this morning.. amid heightened security. a close call for a police officer in winston-salem, north carolina. a traffic stop. the officer reportedly called for backup after smelling pot. that's when someone in the vehicle opened fire. fortunately.. his injuries are not life-threatening. police in new york city say a dispute led to a deadly stabbing this morning inside a mcdonald's in the bronx. according to investigators.. the victim was an employee. so far.. no arrests have been made. we should find out soon when ethan couch will be coming back to the u-s. couch was about to be returned to the u-s before a mexican judge granted the so-called 'affluenza teen' a temporary stay.. which stopped the deportation
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another hearing is set for tomorrow.. and his attorney says couch will either be in a mexican jail for months.. or one day. couch and his mother were found in puerto vallarta on december 28th after disappearing a few weeks earlier. couch was on probation in texas for killing four people in a drunk driving accident in 2013. up next in 'now trending'.. something for anyone who's ever rented out their house. and after you see what happened.. you might want to think twice. also-- the heroic rescue of a deer. we'll tell you what makes this one extra special. ((bryan)) a deaf man swings into action to save a deer...
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swing into overdrive.... those are just a couple of the trending headlines we are following today. dozens of journalists at the boston globe stayed up all night last night to deliver the globe just switched to a new distributor. the new paper boys and girls say they weren't upset.. and actually said it was a great bonding experience for the staff. a northern california couple is not happy after someone who rented their home for new year's eve proceeded to trash it. the renter claimed to be in town from chicago-- but it appears it was a local man looking to celebrate his 18th birthday with lots of friends . the rental was set up through popular lodging website air b-n-b. the company says it's working with the homeowners to repair the damage. a minnesota man was in the
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to save a deer. he spotted the animal bobbing up and down in an icy river as deer's head and front leg.. and pulled it to safety. adding to the danger.. steven peterson is deaf.. but he says he had to do something. i mean it would have eaten at me, and i would have just felt a sense of guilt peterson is being praised for his actions. for more stories trending right now.. go to and we want to hear your thoughts. just sound off on any trending news by joining us on twitter. our handle is @ktnv use #nowtrending. anchors adlib and toss to karla looks like las vegas will be starting the new year on cold and soggy side! low pressure with a trailing cold front sits just off the coast of san diego; just to the northeast centered around the utah/colorado border, is an area of high pressure.
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filter in and amplify the mid and upper level moisture within the southwest. at the same time, these two system are breaking down our stability and bringing in sufficient lift for shower production and that is what will occur not only for today but also tonight, tuesday, tuesday night, wednesday, wednesday night, thursday, thursday night, and even friday! one of the most intimate documentaries about the royal
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one of the most intimate documentaries about the royal family airs on british t-v tonight. prince charles invited the crew to spend a year with his family. a-b-c's lama hasan has a preview. prince william and harry giving us a rare glimpse at life behind the scenes inside palace walls [nats] sharing very personal revelations about family and how fatherhood has changed williams life. prince william "i'm a lot more emotional than i used to be weirdly" william, now 33 years old, opening up about the impact charles and diana had on him as parents. prince william "you realise how precious life is and it puts it all in perspective. the idea of not being around to see your children grow up" prince william saying, "i remember our mother and father taking us to don't just live in a palace. it's very important you get out and see what goes on in the ordinary world" victoria murphy sot "william said that harry comes round and steals food of
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of this very normal domestic life" the princes paying tribute to their "pa" the father who's always been there for them prince harry sot you can actually ring him up and say im in a bit of a pickle here // or even better you can off load stuff" [laughs] as for prince william, he says .. "i really respect and look up to him because it cant be easy to have taken so many knocks over the years and still keep going and fighting as much as today's health report. and we have a story for anyone on birth control. keep it here on 13! and remember, you can watch action news anytime.. anywhere. we're streaming our newscasts at so you can stay informed on any computer .. smartphone.. or tablet. we'll be right back. in today's health report..
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control. you can now get the pill or patch without a doctor's
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but right now, only in oregon! however- california will be the next state. abc's chief women's health correspondent doctor jennifer ashton :03 - 11 "the thinking see their doctor." ashton went on to say the biggest concern here... is getting the pill without a doctor's consultation. but as we all know, there are risks to taking the pill...including a slightly increased risk for blood clots...and an 8-percent failure rate in preventing pregnancies. the american red cross needs to re- stock its blood bank after the holidays.. so action news is trying to make it easy for you to help. just drop by 'crimson' in the red rock resort between 1 and 7pm tomorrow to donate. everyone who gives blood will be entered to win one of three fabulous freddy cards worth $100 each. a big thanks to our sponsor.. fabulous freddy's.. for providing the prizes.. and to red rock resort for hosting the blood drive. still ahead.. a final look at your forecast! and here's tonight's primetime lineup on channel 13...
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two-hour season premiere of the bachelor, then at 10, bachelor live. and make sure to join us for action news live at 11. before judge judy..
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a chaotic scene in downtown las vegas. police tell us a female driver ran into multiple cars and at least one person was injured. we have crews on the scene continuing to gather information andh w a fiery crash on the las vegas strip was officially sentenced to death today at the regional justice center. ammar harris shot at a cab, killing the driver, the passenger and another person was killed in the resultg who speak english. this is a still picture of the man.. who has a british accent.. and threatens british prime miis.. meaning in the west. and vegas is gearing up for one of its biggest events of the year. the consumer electronics show begins on wednesday. techies flock to our city for
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which always boosts our economy. action news will be inside the event to show you the latest and greatest technology. coming up on action news.. live at 5... we're hearing tonight from cliven bundy while his son leads an armed siege on a federal building in oregon. hear why even cliven says he can't justify everything his son is doing. a dramatic search for a missing girl kidnapped in new mexico... and the ending was caught on an officer's body camera... those stories and more on action news.. live at 5. looks like las vegas will be starting the new year on cold and soggy side! low pressure with a trailing cold front sits just off the coast of san diego; just to the northeast centered around the utah/colorado border, is an area of high pressure. both systems are helping to filter in and amplify the mid and upper level moisture within the southwest. at the same time, these two system are breaking down our stability and bringing in sufficient lift for shower production and that is what will occur not only
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tuesday, tuesday night, wednesday, wednesday night, thursday, thursday night, and even friday! and that does it for action news live at 3:30 but stay with
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up next. we'll be back in 60 minutes for action news live at 5.
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>> judge judy: you were living together at your parents'? >> yes. >> announcer: a couple who can't settle down... >> judge judy: then where did you go? >> we went to my brother's house. >> judge judy: and after your brother's house, where did you go? >> we went to this guy jerry's house. [ laughter ] >> announcer: ...or... >> she was too busy fighting with me, and we were getting kicked out of each place. >> announcer: ...are they wearing out their welcome? >> we were living at my father's house fomost a year. >> judge judy: you picked him. [ laughter ] >> announcer: "judge judy." you are about to enter the courtroom of judge judith sheindlin.
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the cases are real.
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