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tv   Action News 3PM  ABC  January 5, 2016 3:00pm-3:30pm PST

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vegas? 8 years. you've never seen anything like this here? no. how do yo feel right now? it's in childhood.)) she speaks for a lot of people enjoying the snow today. some came to sled and do some winter thrill- seeking - but majority of the people i encountered are just here to enjoy the atmosphere and win a few snowball fights. it's really brining a lot of business to the mount charleston lodge. i'm told that the mountain top has been maintaining about 6 inches of snow these past few weeks - but today we're expecting almost twice that -
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of the mountain. ((it's like a movie, haha.)) if you plan on coming up here for a little bit and then leaving - you probably want to get here very soon - because if you hold off any longer - you might be staying over night. back to you guys in the studio. back to you in the studio. and the big national story of the day... the president takes a hard stance on gun control... but not everybody is happy about it. abc's kenneth moton has the very latest from washington. (kenneth standup open) president obama is taking on one of the biggest and most divisive issues in his final year in office. as the president laid out his gun control plan at the white house, the survivors and the families of victims of every
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columbine sat in the audience. (pkg) it's a major presidential push toward gun control reform. sot pres obama the constant shooting, but to do something to prevent the next one. on?gun sellers, online or at gun buyers?closing the so called gun show loophole. president obama's plan also includes?. overhauling the fbi's background check system, hiring 200 new atf agents for include up to date information on criminal records. with families and victims of gun violence in the audience at the white house, the president was moved to tears talking about the mass shootings since he took office and the sandy hook massacre that claimed the lives of 20 first graders. every time i think about those kids, it gets me mad sot marco rubio the president has a mass shooting. sot hillary clinton i will not only keep it going, i will do everything i can to try and convince the congress, hopefully with a democratic
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safety measures. (kenneth standup close) president obama is also proposing a 500 million dollar investment in mental health treatment. all funding will require congressional approval but again the president's controversial plan for expanded background checks will be done with a stroke of his pen. kenneth moton, abc news, washington new information on the valley son accused of killing his own father. details from the arrest report for eugene tshiyombo are disturbing. metro says last week, tshiyombo shot his father in the head, and then hid him under his bed. the next day, tshiyombo's mom reported her husband missing. inside their car, she found her husbands shoes, glasses, and a bloody pillow. that night, cops found the dad's body and a handgun in eugene's room. detectives say the 21 year old told them he wanted to play
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his father always told him to get out more. tshiyombo is due in court tomorrow. the oregon standoff is heating up... police saying the militia men occupying a federal building need to leave. the man at the center is the son of cliven bundy... a local man who has made national headlines for a similar stunt. the small armed group was first protesting the conviction of fellow ranchers.. who surrendered. the group then went onto claim their fight is over the thousands of miles of federal land.. which should be returned to america's ranchers. ahead today... friends and loved ones are coming together to remember the man killed riding his motorcycle. a vigil is being held at 8 tonight at the corner of jones and peak for 47- year-old sheldon cooper. police say he was killed last sunday...when a female driver pulled out in front of him. some terrifying moments for the two people on board a small plane.. that crash landed in henderson. take a look at the aftermath. the private plane was heading from california to nashville last night, when it diverted to henderson executive airport
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but it lost power as it was approaching the runway, landing in the desert nearby. fortunately neither person on board was hurt. an action news update now on former basketball player lamar odom... since his near death experience in pahrump. we're getting our first look at odom. lamar odom junior posted this picture to his instagram... of his dad and sister destiny. the caption says "christmas with my pops. here's to 20-16... blessed." this is the first public photo of odom since he was found unconcious at a brothel in october. boxing champ manny pacquiao is retiring!!! he's hanging up his boxing gloves after his next fight here in las vegas. the pac man is set to face off against timothy bradley april 9th at the m- g-m grand. this is the third time the fighters have met in the ring. pacquiao has said he hopes to run for senator in the philippines. he's currently a congressman. if you're drunk... can you get behind the wheel of an automated car? if a learned big wigs-- even our
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higher ups from all around nevada and even the globe are here today. they are excited... i mean first the billions of dollars from tesla motors and faraday future for nevada. now they want more... take sot jude hurin, nevada dmv 8:16:30-8:16:38 "this is a passion for us at motor vehciles since we've been dealing with this in 2011. we're one of the few state's where they've been road tested. today they're talking about how to do it safely. on one hand... think about how it could keep people from making mistakes and crashing.. and transport people who need extra help. on the other hand... what happens in a wreck...? who gets a ticket? to help answer these questions... the governor is hiring an expert who will have a special office dealing only in unmanned vehicles for the entire state. take sot gov. sandoval 9:46:33-9:46:41 "the cost will be the cost of employing somebody, but it will be a first of its kind in the nation because we'll have an expert in autonomous systems working right here in nevada." experts say people like you and
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could be in cars like this in jus three years at the golden nugget parker collins channel thirteen action news. good news for drivers in today's contact 13 consumer alert... some good news for your wallet! triple-a says gas prices will stay relatively low this year... with an average between 2-25 and 2- 45 a gallon. that's because less demand this month could push prices even lower...perhaps another 10 cents in coming weeks. but those prices will go up next month due to refinery maintenance. pause for animation in today's red, white and blue 2016 political coverage... the latest on the race for the white house... donald trump's first t-v ad is coming under fire for talking about a wall with mexico... but instead showing video of morocco. well now, trump is saying he did that on purpose. his campaign releasing a statement saying, they used moroccan images.. quote.. "to demonstrate the severe impact of an open border and the very real threat americans face." but trump critics say the video highlights how he plays fast and loose with the
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okay- you might want to make a quick trip to arizona or california. the powerball jackpot has now grown to 450 million dollars. the new jackpot is due to strong sales. nevada does not participate in the lottery, primarily due to gaming. this is now the 6th largest jackpot in north american history. the drawing is tomorrow night. still ahead on action news at 3... you can save a life today... and here at 13... we're happy to be part of this detox... no social media for a year. could you do it? and a look at today's closing numbers.. the dow is up more than 9 points... closing at 17,158.
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you still have time to make your way over to red rock-- and potentially save a life. one woman's new year's
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that's because she's giving up social media for an entire year. darla bunting is going on a "digital detox." that means no facebook, instagram, snapchat or twitter....for the next 365 days. darla sot 16:51:03 i'm walking to the bus stop, i pull out my phone// i need a break--i pull out phone and i'm scrolling... (butted with) darla sot 16:54:55 those 5 minutes here or there?turn into hours of just scrolling the education entrepreneur says she was on social media for up to five hours a day... and only realized how obsessed she was after giving it all up for a month last year bunting says on her to-do-list for the year, going to the gym...saving for a home and spending quality
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the weather sure has been cold here in the valley... and one southern highlands resident proves it! the cool video when we come back. check this out! one of our viewers sent us this video...
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was frozen over! he lives in southern highlands. he says the ice is about two to three inches thick, and started to freeze around christmas! remember to share your weather pictures and videos with us... and you just might see them on our air! you can email them to i-contribute at or tag us on social media with the hashtag, i-c-13. adlib let's go to chief meteorologist bryan scofield and 'weather first.' strongest chances for rain enter the valley today with widespread showers expected through the day.
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pooling will be a concern this afternoon into the overnight so take caution traveling across the city today. high temperatures will hover in the low and mid 50s with winds out of the southeast between 5-10 mph. higher elevations 6500ft and above are under a winter storm warning from 7am this morning until 4am wednesday morning. high winds and snow accumulations between 8 and 16 inches through the next 24 hrs are expected. it is likely that snow chains will be a must if traveling up mt. charleston today. overnight, winds will drop into
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between 20 and 30 mph along with the continuation of light to moderate rainfall. the rain chances continue through friday afternoon with highs keeping in the low and mid 50s through the week and into the weekend. snow potential to the valley is weakening slightly but with snow expected around red rock wednesday into thursday, i do not want to rule out a possible short- lived flurry to our higher elevated communities within las vegas. up next... some wild weather video from
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plus later... a woman in indiana posts a bad review about a restaurant... and then she gets attacked. find out why when we come back.
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pounded with rain...
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bringing heavy rain and strong winds to the california bay area. the powerful storm has triggered traffic problems, toppled trees and created power outages throughout the region. a flash flood warning has been issued for some areas until 10 o'clock tonight. a united airlines plane slid off the runway this morning as it was preparing to take off at spokane international airport. an f-a-a spokesperson says there were no injuries or significant damage to the boeing 737. those on board were taken off the plane and bused to a terminal. it was not clear if weather played any role in the incident. the national weather service reported sub-freezing temperatures in spokane.. and mostly cloudy skies. a terrifying near-miss in oregon yesterday... an 18-wheeler slid on ice and nearly crashed into an apartment complex in the city of troutdale. neighbors said it jack-knifed on a hill near the apartments. they watched it slide a few hundred yards - and even spin around as it headed downhill. luckily the semi didn't actually slam into the building itself.
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((dylan horsley/witness) "it was just the most helpless sinking feeling i thought for sure he was going through one of the apartments, drive through bedroom or something. stitch with - thank god everyone's ok, drivers ok, everyone in apartments ok)) tow trucks had difficulty towing the car out because of all the ice ... but finally got the semi away from the building. the mount soputan volcano in indonesia erupted last night. witnesses reported seeing lava flowing down the eastern slope. the alert level in the area has been raised to three on a four-tier system. the volcano is one of the most active in the area. it erupted last in march of 2015. up next on action news at 3:30... things heat up in oregon... as militia men refuse to leave a federal building... and this one has a nevada connection. plus-- new details about the so called affluenza teen's life on the run before being caught.
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up to. and remember you can get all your breaking news and weather updates anytime just by downloading the free ktnv mobile app for your smartphone or tablet. right now on action news live at 3:30...
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