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tv   Good Morning Las Vegas 430AM  ABC  January 6, 2016 4:30am-5:00am PST

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first we want to start with some breaking news.. jessica? that's right... just hours ago firefighters trying to battle flames at a storage facility-- but they had a hard time finding the fire, and that caused even more damage! take a look at the aftermath... firefighters were called out to the scene near sahara and lamb around midnight. because of metal doors, crews had to tear through nearly two dozen units to find out where the flames were coming from. the fire started in one unit but spread to about 4 of them. crews were able to put it out in under an hour, but as you can see-- the items inside the units are destroyed. parker collins is at the scene right now, getting more details about what may have sparked the blaze we'll have a live report from him coming up at 5-- plus, why firefighters actually feared for their lives while fighting this fire. toss to greg another low pressure system and cold front moves through the valley today.
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scattered showers will be common this afternoon with rain chances actually increasing into the overnight. high temperatures will stay to the low and mid 50s but the winds will be picking up through the morning and afternoon. heavy downpours are not with gusts up to 25 mph within the city. mountain range, winds are expected to gust between 40 and of the pacific and have calculated a new chance for would not be a bad idea this saturday and sunday. today... you will be able to expect more
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thick fog and clouds rolling in all over the valley. and even though it's beautiful... combine that fog with the rain...
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there were dozens of accidents all over town yesterday. even late into the night, we were seeing crashes reported on law enforcement's websites. some were just fender benders, other's were more serious, but cautious. i don't think they take the time to realize or see in advance what the weather is going to be like and prepare themselves." it's a good reminder to be careful on the roads today since we are expecting to see more showers. and when that rain and fog and winds hit make sure to send us your pictures and videos. email them to i-contribute or post them on our facebook, and you might see them on air! and the rain was wreaking havoc at the airport... from delays to cancelled flights.. it was a long day for travelers! earlier this morning--delays were averaging about an hour... but at last check... it was only about 15 minutes. this is what it looked the lines looked like just before midnight. the average delay was about 4
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because of all the rain and cloud cover. some flights had to be cancelled altogether... leaving people stranded for hours and hours! angela guerrero flight delayed "i actually went and played some cards at one of the local casinos and got a massage. you know it is a 12-hour wait." mccarran says yesterday is actually one of the busiest days of the whole year because it's the day before c-e-s kicks off. meanwhile up north... mother nature turned mount charleston into a winter wonderland! and people wasted no time taking advantage of the fresh layer of powder. they were building snowmen, and sledding, and of course... just playing in the snow. "it's like a movie." "it's amazing." (butted with) "i get worried that i won't make it down the mountain, but if i have to stay up here i think that'd be a wonderful thing." in all, the mountain got a total of about 12 inches of snow from yesterday's storm. a homeowner comes face to face
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but it was the homeowner who fired the first shot.. now police are searching for the burglar. officers tell us monday night, the man jimmied the window open to get inside the home near deer springs and decatur. he had a mask on his face, and a hammer in his hand, but joey imerti says he heard him breaking in... and had his rifle ready for him. ((joey imerti, victim home invasion, 2128) "i told him freeze dont move and after he moved i started shooting." (butted) (joey imerti, victim home invasion, 1817) "you weren't shooting to killno i wasn't shooting to kill that's why i aimed down." imerti says he saw at least two men and a black challenger just before the break in. neighbors told him they saw the men hanging around the house the man charged with shooting a metro officer is getting ready to face a judge this morning. teag fox is facing several charges, including attempted murder of a police officer. metro says last month, an officer was responding to a domestic situation when fox--who was not connected to the situation-- shot him and took off. hours later police found him
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he's being held on one million dollars bail. breaking international news.... north korea claims it has tested a hgydrogen bomb. the u-n security council will meet today to discuss what to do next. the announcement of the test by north korea was put on state tv and was followed by images of north korean leader kim jong un signing the order for it. the test could take days to confirm, but u-s officials say they are aware of seismic activity in the vicinity of a u-s officials say they are aware of seismic activity in the vicinity of a known nuclear test site. the u-s geological survey says the event measured five-point-one in magnitude. a handful of world leaders are condemning their actions.... including south korea and japan. if confirmed, the hydrogen bomb test would be a big step forward for north korea's military ambitions. i'll keep you updated on this story throughout the morning.
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presidential candidates will be in las vegas today to dine together! senator harry reid is hosting the "battle born-battle ground... first in the west caucus dinner." the candidates hoping to gain as much support here as they can before the caucuses next month. the dinner is being held at the mgm grand tonight at 6. our crews will be inside catching all the action. but if you do want to see the candidates, they are holding events with the public. hillary clinton is hosting a townhall in anthem at noon. you just have to rsvp online. and bernie sanders is holding a rally at the tropicana at 4-45. doors open at 4. the event is free, but admission is first come first served. you can r-s-v-p online to get a ticket. if you're driving anywhere near the strip or the convention center today... be prepared for some extra traffic. this morning marks the first official day of the consumer electronics show! technology companies from all over the world are here to show off all their gadgets. the convention runs today through friday... and coming up at 5... we'll be live inside c-e-s... so you can see all the new inventions and high-tech products! up next...
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stricter gun control laws in place is getting mixed reviews... we'll tell you what people here in the valley are saying... plus-- we're hearing from a car salesman who was kidnapped during a test drive. you won't believe how police were able to find him, ((ad-lib)) and live drive is on the move this is i-15 headed north the streets are slick out there this morning after last night's downpour. we're hearing a lot of reports of accidents... so be careful out there.
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ping away tears as he talks about the victims from all the recent mass shootings. he says they are the reason why he's taking executive action on gun control. his plan is to expand background checks, requiring all gun dealers to be licensed. he's also overhauling the fbi's background check system, and wants to increase the amount of mental health records used during checks. this is not a plot to take away everybody's guns. you pass a background check, you purchase a firearm
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presidential candidates saying the president is abusing his power... the white house says it's confident the plan will survive any court challenge. and president obama's gun control plan is sparking debate here in the valley. supporters of the executive action say it will close loopholes that unqualified buyers slip through at gun shows and online. they say it's common sense and doesn't compromise anyone's rights. but others aren't convinced. gun store owners in town say stricter background checks won't prevent criminals from getting their hands on guns. 13:12:26 bob irwin, the gun store owner "there is no correlation where the background checks prevent or reduce crime." the president's actions also set aside 500 million dollars toward mental health car, and 200 extra federal agents for conducting background checks. time now is x:xx ---
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where the infamous bundy family prepares for another fight with the feds. just like their fight in nevada two years ago...they are armed and refusing to back down. and whatever happened to the ice man? his video's been viewed nearly a thousand times...and we caught up to him! remember this video? one of
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us. it shows him walking across his frozen pool.
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than 800 times! our crews caught up with him to ask him how he feels about his new found fame as "the ice man." 10:44:20:20 i was kinda surprised seeing that many people would be interested in a frozen pool. back east they always freeze. i guess out here they don't. sadly, he won't be walking across his pool anytime soon... he sent us this video yesterday of the ice breaking away and melting. another low pressure system and cold front moves through the valley today. mainly cloudy skies and scattered showers will be common this afternoon with rain chances actually increasing into the overnight. high temperatures will stay to the low and mid 50s but the winds will be picking up afternoon. heavy downpours are not expected but light to moderate rain showers are. winds will be out of the southwest between 10 and 20 mph gusts up to 30 mph. towards red rock and the spring
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expected to gust between 40 and 50 mph through today and rain. new models have come out watching a few new systems out of the pacific and have calculated a new chance for rain that now envelops the weekend. they are small chances but keeping the umbrella close would not be a bad idea this red rock still expects snow late tonight into thursday due to snow levels dropping to 4500ft. the potential for light flurry action on the edges of the city are not farfetched during this time due to morning lows in the mid and upper 30s within these
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oregon end with a massive raid and arrests? that's the rumors swirling around their refuge. ammon bundy said he heard late last night, that the fbi got arrest warrents for some of the armed militia members, and that authorities were planning to raid the refuge. but the group says they're not going anywhere-- especially not to jail. lavoy finicum, armed protester
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would i sit here with my little old rifle? if i was going to jail i'd start walking down the road and tell them to pick me up." (butted with) ammon bundy, protest leader "we're going to defend ourselves. we feel like we cannot leave. this is too important of an issue." the fbi says it would be the local authorities that would issue warrants, but the sheriff's department says it has no information on planned arrests, and that they're still working for a peaceful resolution. people losing their jobs... businesses closing down or moving out of state... that is what solar workers say is happening because of the new rate hikes. the first to move-- solar city. they're already tearing down their training facility that they just built last month. the solar companies say the rate changes cut the price of the green energy they can sell back to the power customers, essentially leaving customers with little incentive to switch to solar. it's a huge blow to those working in the industry. sot chandler sherman, public
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22:05:05:14 because of governor sandovals public utility commissions decision, we can't do business here anymore, and that breaks my heart 22:05:12:26 solacity employees are being given the choice to transfer or relocate. the commission could vote to delay the rate changes later this month. some more medical marijuana dispensaries could be popping up in las vegas.. this morning, the city council is scheduled to vote on licenses for three different businesses. there are at least 4 dispensaries currently up and running in las vegas. the first one just opened back in august. the city council is also voting today on a new bill that would require pet shops to only sell cats and dogs that come from shelters, rescues and non- profits. the goal is to find homes for the animals already in our area, and keep dogs bred in "puppy mills" out of pet stores. but shop owners say this new bill would actually kill their businesses and they want a compromise. it's a terrifying story to think about..
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on a test drive, when they kidnap him, and almost kill him! now this morning, he's speaking out about how he fought for his life. after the men put him in the truck, the 22 year old from houston says he quickly turned on the "find my iphone app" and that's where he fought the men, and managed to get their gun. jose martinez yeah i shot him pretty good shot (white flash) it's crazy it's crazy as hell police used the man's phone to track down the stolen car. they say this story should be a wake up call for car salesman everywhere. a little girl who was inside a stolen car is safe this morning... we have the incredible video from the moment police found her. also ahead today is the most popular day of the year to look for a new job. and you won't belive the reason why...
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mainly cloudy skies and scattered showers will be common this afternoon with rain chances actually increasing into the overnight. high temperatures will stay to the low and mid 50s but the winds will be mid 50s but the expected but light to moderate rain showers are. winds will be out of the southwest between 10 and 20 mph with gusts up to 25 mph within the city. by tonight, those winds increase to 15-20 mph with
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tonight. valley winds will bleed into tomorrow as well with even greater chances for wide spread rain. new models have come out watching a few new systems out they are small chances but are you planning on job searching today? well you won't be alone...
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searching day of the whole year! monster-dot-com says the first wednesday back at work after new year's is always the busiest day. the theory is that after just a few days back on the job... many people realize, how miserable they are! a terrifying kidnapping in new mexico has a happy ending! saturday night, a woman says her car was stolen with her daughter inside. then early sunday morning... a police officer found the little girl sitting on a curb in a parking lot! thankfully she was not hurt, and they quickly reunited her with her mom. (ofc. tanner tixier/albuquerque police dept.) "while this was a horrible act, we had a great (ofc. tanner tixier/albuquerque police dept.) "while this was a horrible act, we had a great outcome with little caroline being found unharmed." police eventually tracked down the stolen car, their now scanning every inch of it, hoping they might be able to
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as for now, they're just glad the little girl is home safe with her family. coming up at -5-... trader joe's is coming under fire for their tuna! find out why they're being slapped with a lawsuit over what's in..or rather..what's not inside the can. ((ad-lib)) also today...the las vegas city
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valley. some incredible video of fog rolling in...but just when is it going to roll in today...greg will have that in just a minute. intruders on the run this morning...forcing one man to buy more guns to protect himself. breaking overnight... a scary morning for firefighters as they battled a fire that spread to multiple storage units. we're live at the scene talking to witnesses and gathering the latest information right now. good morning las vegas i'm dayna roselli. and i'm beth fisher. we'll get to that breaking news in just a minute. but first...take a look at the snow...and fog we saw around the valley. people living on mount
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