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tv   Action News 3PM  ABC  January 6, 2016 3:00pm-3:30pm PST

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in connection with a controversial case of excessive police force. you may remember the case of sandra bland. she was found dead in her jail cell last summer- hanged with a plastic bag. bland, an african american, had been stopped for neglecting to use a turn signal. the 28 year old trooper who was indicted will face perjury charges in the case. good afternoon. i'm rikki cheese. mccarran... take a live look at the airport now... where a frontier jet made an emergency landing this morning. the airport tells us flight 555 from denver to san diego reportedly had an engine problem. but the plane landed safely.. and no one was hurt. and take a look at this... all lanes of of this stretch of i-5 in sun valley, los angeles are closed in both directions right now due to massive flooding.. and take a look at what's happening on the surface streets off the freeway.
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from the latest el-nino powered here... will not end that way... one thing's for sure... our wild weather is not over. let's go to meteorologist karla huelga and 'weather first.' scattered showers will be common this afternoon with rain chances actually increasing into the overnight. high temperatures will stay to the low and mid 50s but the winds will be picking up through the morning and afternoon. heavy downpours are not expected but light to moderate rain showers are. winds will be out of the southwest between 10 and 20 mph with gusts up to 25 mph within the city. by tonight, those winds increase to 15-20 mph with gusts up to 30 mph. towards red rock and the spring
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expected to gust between 40 and 50 mph through today and tonight. valley winds will bleed into tomorrow as well with even greater chances for wide spread rain. new models have come out weekend. they are small chances but keeping the umbrella close would not be a bad idea this charleston, got another 6 inches of snow yesterday... that makes for a total of 16 inches with this current storm. this makes for perfect ski and snowboarding conditions! and today... you should expect more of this... thick fog and clouds rolling in rain... and it can become very dangerous! there were dozens of accidents all over town yesterday. and if you catch cool weather shots... send them to us! you can email them to i-contribute or post them on our facebook page. you just might see them on air! and back to mccarran... where the rain is wreaking havoc with flights. yesterday was a long day for travelers! this is what it looked the lines looked like just before
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the average delay was about 4 hours for incoming flights because of all the rain and cloud cover. some flights had to be canceled altogether... leaving people stranded for hours and hours! angela guerrero flight delayed "i actually went and played some cards at one of the local casinos and got a massage. you know it is a 12-hour wait." mccarran says yesterday was actually one of the busiest days of the whole year because it was the day before c-e-s kicks off. powerball fever is heating up! check out the line to buy tickets at the stateline at primm... people are certainly willing to wait! this picture was sent to us by viewer mary calzat... we don't have powerball in nevada... so you'll have to go to california or arizona for a ticket. the estimated jackpot for tonight's powerball drawing has soared to $500 million thanks to strong sales. multi-state lottery association officials on tuesday increased the expected prize from $400 million because of fast sales for the largest lottery jackpot in nearly a year.
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biggest prize since november 4th. the jackpot now is the sixth-largest ever in north america, and if there is no winner after tonight's drawing, the prize will keep growing. now developing... the u-n security council meets today to discuss what to do about north korea's claim that it successfully tested a hydrogen bomb. but the white house is questioning the claim. the closed-door meeting at the u-n headquarters in new york was requested by the united states and japan. the council will be briefed on what is known from a senior u-n political official. we'll have more later in this newscast. firefighters going after flames they can't see... overnight-- a valley storage facility caught fire... finding where it started might have been the scariestrt. action news reporter parker collins found out why. 4:10:13-4:10:41 that's right. you can get a sense of how about two dozen units just to find the fire. each time... they had no idea what was inside. take vo incredibly dangerous... i mean one firefighter told me
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unit! now... people have to come and deal with the damage take sot carlos gilbert, unit renter 4:12:11-4:12:16 "i just got smoke damage so far. i haven't gotten into it all the way yet so wait and see." 4:10:49-4:10:57 amazingly... firefighters got the fire under control in just half an hour. near lamb and sahara parker news. thieves break into a valley chipotle early this morning... we're not sure at this point what was taken. the suspects who broke into the chipotle in the 71-hundred couple of other restaurants that have been hit up in the middle of the night recently... but metro can't confirm that. a homeowner comes face to face with an armed intruder... but it was the homeowner who the suspect jimmied the window open to get inside the home
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he had a mask on his face, and a hammer in his hand, but joey imerti says he heard him men and a black challenger just before the break in. neighbors told him they saw the men hanging around the house all day. imerti says they even rang the doorbell for at least 10 minutes before going in. now if you get into a fender bender, you can call metro to respond... you may remember... metro had asked the public to stop doing that two years ago, due to a lack of officers. but now it has extra funding... if in the right jurisdiction, you can call metro- even if nobody's hurt. the city council is voting today on a new bill that will require pet shops to sell cats and dogs that only come from shelters, rescues and non-profits. the goal is to find homes for the animals already in our area... and keep dogs bred in "puppy mills" out of pet stores. but shop owners say this new bill would actually kill their business.
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now to today's red, white and blue 2016 political coverage -- all three democratic presidential candidates are in town today! senator harry reid is hosting the "battle born-battle ground... first in the west caucus dinner." the candidates hope to gain as much support here as they can...before the caucuses next month. the dinner is being held at the mgm grand tonight at 6. our crews will be inside catching all the action. earlier today hillary clinton held a grassroots event and toured the culinary academy of las vegas. this is her seventh visit to nevada. the event was open to the public and took place just a short time ago... and bernie sanders is holding a rally at the tropicana at 4-45. doors open at 4. the event is free, but served. you can r-s-v-p online to get a ticket. speaking of bernie sanders, the candidate sat down one-on-one with good morning america talk about his campaign. his says democrats need a high voter turnout to win, and he stands the best chance
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1:20 - 1:35 "the issues we' whole life." he vowed yesterday to break up large financial institutions...within his first year of office, if elected. martin o'malley will also attend tonight's dinner. still ahead on action news at 3-- outrage when a young child is patted down for minutes by airport security. wait until you hear what the dad says was at the center of it all. today... after making people sick in several states. find out what's going on now. and a look at today's closing numbers.. the dow is down more than 252 points... closing at 16,906. outrage growing today...
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t-s-a agent...going through security. a female t-s-a agent at raleigh-durham international airport... patted down 10-year-old vendela brainerd-payne through the 2-minute procedure. and her father says, it was all because of a juice box in his daughter's purse. sot vendela// --- she kept doing it over and over //i was very uncomfortable - i felt like screaming (butted with) sot kevin payne// i felt it was incredibly inapropriate - very invasive and really violated my daughter payne says he plans on filing a complaint. but the transportation security authority says the agent did nothing wrong... and the child's bag also contained a cell phone that set off alarms. in today's contact 13 consumer alert... chipotle has been hit with a federal grand jury subpoena in the wake of a norovirus outbreak in california. the mexican restaurant chain revealed the news in a securities filing. the subpoena, served in december, is part of an investigation by the u-s food and drug administration's office of criminal investigations.
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over several documents related to the simi valley restaurant where about 100 people were sickened by the norovirus in august. chipotle said in the filing the incident was isolated and it will cooperate fully with the federal investigation. with today's box office totals, disney says "star wars: the force awakens" will become the highest-grossing film in north american history. the film so far made more than 758 million dollars in north america in less than three weeks of release. disney is projecting that with today's ticket sales, it will pass the 760- and-a-half million that "avatar" made in its run six years ago. stay tuned for some truly amazing images! a-b-c's amy robach takes us inside a glacier. and it's like nothing you've ever seen. we'll be right back. welcome back -- now to an
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and shows us the devastating effects of global warming on the ice. script: music + aerials of volcanoes 1.5 seconds we brought you fire.... nats ginger - "oh my gosh!"//we're just getting inside that crater." 4 seconds the first ever live drone camera over an active volcano music change 1 second now - we're bringing you ice.... nats 9 seconds the immense? forbidding icesheets of iceland? home to a hidden world of crystal clear ice caves, glistening glaciers and dangerous crevasses -- constantly changing... nats amy traveling 4 seconds accompanied by a handful of elite daredevil climbers? the only masters of this breathtaking domain? nats 8 seconds then by car and foot --- trekking uphill almost a mile over muddy, rocky and icy terrain...all in arctic temperatures nats amy puts on crampons and takes up ice axe 4 seconds the landscape -- dazzling --- dangerous and disappearing fast (key able
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and that water has to go somewhere... 19:30:50 sot dan morgan / vanderbilt university - "when you're talking about changing sea level you're talking about impacting a tremendous population around the world." (full screen graphics) 5 seconds including - miami's coast line? those waters.. already climbing about inch a year? 19:31:55 sot dan morgan / vanderbilt university - screen graphics) 8 seconds take a look at this?- if sea levels keep rising? in two centuries scientists warn - miami could be completely submerged - charleston, too - even new york city... 6 seconds so this moring? we're plunging far below europes largest glacier ---inside a glacial sinkhole (full screen 3d graphic) 11 seconds these unstable vertical tunnels can be over 32 feet wide and thousands of feet deep - essentially a massive drain pipe for melting ice....the front lines of climate change - 8 seconds so--- get ready --- for a never-before attempted live event -- a look at this vanishing - perilous landscape - a hidden world - into the ice... > adlib let's go to chief meteorologist bryan scofield and 'weather first.'
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cold front moves through the valley today. mainly cloudy skies and scattered showers will be common this afternoon with rain chances actually increasing into the overnight. high temperatures will stay to the low and mid 50s but the winds will be picking up rain showers are. winds will be out of the southwest between 10 and 20 mph gusts up to 30 mph. towards red rock and the spring mountain range, winds are expected to gust between 40 and 50 mph through today and tonight. valley winds will bleed into tomorrow as well with even of the pacific and have calculated a new chance for rain that now envelops the weekend. they are small chances but keeping the umbrella close would not be a bad idea this saturday and sunday. snow potential has been common chatter throughout the weather first center. red rock still expects snow late tonight into thursday due to snow levels dropping to 4500ft. the potential for light flurry
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edges of the city are not farfetched during this time due to morning lows in the mid and upper 30s within these areas. still ahead on action news at 3...
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finding an old ship. plus... our neighbors to the west are weather...
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problems! the latest on what el nino is doing to california when we come back.
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city, virginia are buzziyesterday. they came out in droves... snapping photos of an old ship. they wanted to get a glimpse at a piece of history as archaeologists meticulously worked to document what was uncovered. ((woman mos) "i wanted to get pictures of this great find. we won't ever see this again probably right?" (francine bromberg, alexandria's archaeologist) "from the point of view of understanding ship building practices in the past this is an extremely important find.)) according to the city's archeologist, francine bromberg, it's roughly 50-feet long, which they believe may only be about 1/3 of the hull of a vessel. she says the ship was dismantled in the late 1800s and used as the framework to artificially extend the waterfront to the deeper part of the potomac river. overnight, a west coast wash out! el nino is transforming roads into roads... triggering torrential rains and flooding. look at this guy paddling down
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it's fun for some... while others are trying to drain their belongings. everything is just soaked, and full of mud! and look here-- a roof collapses at a san diego hotel. up next on action news at 3:30... the latest on our ever changing weather. and more on north korea's claim that it successfully set of a hydrogen bomb... the world reacts. plus... an odd story from malaysia airlines... it stopped accepting baggage from passengers flying to europe- why? and remember you can get all your breaking news and weather updates anytime just by downloading the free ktnv mobile app for your smartphone or tablet.
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our san end... an end... let's take a quick look outside.... another low pressure system and cold front moves through the valley today. mainly cloudy skies and scattered showers will be common this afternoon with rain chances actually increasing into the overnight. high temperatures will stay to the low and mid 50s but the winds will be
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and afternoon.
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