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tv   Action News 5pm  ABC  January 6, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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switch cam i'll give you a look at what we're seeing on the roads. we're on 215 south-- in the southwest part of the valley. still very dry-- if youre headed home from work-- the roads shouldnt be a problem for that commute right now. but we are expecting more showers-- and those heavier pockets of rain-- later this evening. the skies were very dark earlier today-- those clouds were hanging low-- so again-- these roads could look different as we head further into the evening. switch cam we'll continue to keep you updated on the roads throughout the newscast. reporting in the channel 13 live drive-- mk-- ch13an. breaking news on the search for
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we just got this picture of 62 year old robert vito comito from metro's financial crimes section. metro says comito advertises houses for rent on craig's list and other websites.. then gets money from victims.. before he even shows the properties. police need your help to find him. that's the latest from the breaking news center. more breaking news in our valley. the political spotlight is
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again tonight. democratic presidential frontrunner hillary clinton was voters. her challenger.. senator bernie sanders is holding a rally. this is all building up.... to another event... where a third candidate will join. action news reporter.... bryan callahan is live.... at the mgm conference center.... where all three democratic candidates will come together tonight... bryan? the doors are set to open here for the democratic dinner in about an hour, but it has already been a busy day for the candidates. in fact, bernie sanders is holding a rally right now across the street at the tropicana. you are looking at a live picture of that event right.... so you take a listen to what sanders has to say. (bring up audio, live listen in) earlier today, hillary clinton held a rally down in henderson earlier today in the sun city anthem area. take a listen to what she had to say to the crowd of tunnels, our airports, our ports, our rail systems are not what they need to be. that is not only great for putting people to work, it makes us more competitive and
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sanders and clinton will be joined by fellow candidate martin o'malley for the dinner hosted by senator harry reid. reporting live, bryan callahan, channel 13 action news. happening right now.. roughly a half-billion dollars is up for grabs in tonight's powerball drawing. and that means powerball fever is spreading across southern nevada. action news reporter gina lazara is live in primm right now.. where a lot of locals are waiting in long lines for a chance at a fortune. gina. action news is wondering how many locals might be buying powerball tickets for tonight's drawing.. so to vote in our twitter poll..
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go to @stevewolford13. (and feel free to follow me while you're there) we'll have the results later in this finding the fire..... when a storage facility started smoking.... overnight. it started in a unit.... near lamb and sahara..... after midnight. firefighters busted down nearly two dozen doors... trying to find.... the flames. each time... they had no idea what was waiting for them.... on the other side! amazingly... they got it under control.... in about half an hour. part. it's the contents inside that's the hazardous part. one of the units here has
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tanks, and other hazards like that that we're unaware of." most of the units in the building got damaged.... in some way. there wasn't a sprinkler system in the facility. a suspect has been arrested in connection to a homicide overnight... near charleston and decatur. police say... -47- year-old.... tracy morrison beat the victim he now faces.... one count of first degree murder. if you're involved in a fender bender in metro jurisdiction.. it's once again okay to call for an officer to respond. metro announced a shift in policy today.. after deciding two years ago to stop responding to non- injury accidents due to a lack of officers. sheriff lombardo says metro will resume responding to non-injury accidents once again.. now that the department has received extra funding for more officers. a major change by the city of las vegas with an ordinance to stop the sale of puppies from so-called "puppy mills." the proposal was discussed
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meeting. there was also a long line of people wanting to comment on the issue.. that reached through the back of the room. existing pet stores will have 2- years to comply with the new order. an urgent investigation now underway to determine if north korea successfully tested a powerful hydrogen bomb. and... this man ....stopped traffic along a busy highway for hours..... when he climbed onto a sign.... hanging over the freeway... find out... what he was doing up there... and... how it all ended... plus... a man in tennessee stopped traffic on a busy interstate
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up on top of a highway sign. police aren't sure why he did it.. but witnesses say he was visibly agitated when negotiators tried to talk him down. they eventually convinced him to climb off the sign. he's now charged with disorderly conduct and blocking a roadway.. and undergoing a mental health evaluation. the u-n security council called an emergency meeting today in response to north korea's claims it successfully tested a hydrogen bomb. the claim was made on state television.. saying north korea has a right to defend itself from quote "evil war-mongers like the united states." hydrogen bombs can be about ten- thousand times more powerful than atomic bombs like the ones dropped on hiroshima and
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the u-s has now launched so-called "nuclear sniffer" planes to determine if north korea's claims are true. the texas department of public safety is firing a state trooper indicted for perjury.... in the sandra bland case. the trooper arrested... bland... back in july. the indictment stems from... a statement trooper.... brian encinia made.... in the arrest report..... that he pulled bland.... out of her car. dashcam video shows... she stepped out willingly. bland was found dead in her jail cell.... three days later. it was ruled a suicide... but... many questions still remain... surrounding her death. a friend of one of the san bernardino attackers.... pleaded not guilty in court today..... to charges of conspiracy.... to commit terroristic acts. enrique marquez is accused of buying rifles..... for sayed farook and his wife.... attack.... in san bernardino.... on december -2-nd. his jury trial will begin.... february -2-nd. when we come back... a look at the destruction being
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this weather system that stretches across.... much of the country... what it's doing in california... and... why we could see some of the same scenes.... here in southern nevada... plus.. ces is in full swing tonight. up next.. a report from the expo floor. action news reporter michael burton shows us what's grabbing his attention. and coming up at the top of the hour on action news live at 6.. 4 late night burglaries have occurred in las vegas in the past month. but are they connected? what investigators are saying. a high school basketball coach in pennsylvania is in hot water
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watch the right side of your screen. after a foul was called.. head coach jerry devine was clearly not happy and appears to headbutt the ref.. knocking him to the ground. the coach was ejected and is likely to face disciplinary action. the ref was not seriously hurt. the consumer electronics show has kicked off with a bang! every year... thousands of tech-lovers come to las vegas..... to get an up-close look... at yet to be released... technology! cars... tv's... phones... you name it. action news reporter.... michael burton spent the afternoon at the show and shows us,,,, what caught his eye. ------- okay - we know i couldn't take it home - but it can go up to 200 miles per
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"...." but with thousands of consumers in sight, ces has something for every pace. like this washing machine - perfect for the person on the go - who may not need to start a cycle from work. "....." and if you're really rushing and lave your baby in the car - you may want a nabi pad. a sensor that will send a reminder to your phone that you left nabi pad. a sensor that will send a nabi pad. a sensor that will send a reminder to your phone that you left your little one behind. "......" convenience is certainly the center of the show this year - with machine's like the lg styler. stand-up:------- taking us even further into the future? drones. consumers oo'd and aww'd at this flying device - that's
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"nat of speaker" looklive tag: stick with us - we'll have more from ces - coming up at 6. back to you guys. el nino is wreaking havoc along the west coast tonight with severe storms.. dangerous flooding and the threat of mudslides. check this out. this is someone's backyard in wildomar, california. it was turned into a waterfall after torrential downpours. in other parts of that same area.. streets were turned into
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overflowed with water. in san francisco.. the storm brought down dozens of trees.. knocked out windows and caused other widespread damage. and look at this on i-5 through l-a. flooding forced cal-trans to reduce traffic to one lane.. causing massive backups. and on top of the wild weather over the past few days.. southern california was also rattled by a 4.5 magnitude earthquake this morning. adlib let's go to meteorologist karla huelga and 'weather first.' we are tracking our next incoming system that will once again bring showers to the valley, along with high elevation snow. a winter weather advisory is in effect for the spring mountains and sheep range from 4pm this afternoon through 4pm tomorrow afternoon. expect mostly cloudy skies
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developing around 3-4pm. the chances for rain will linger into the late-night hours, then start to taper down by morning. breezy winds will also linger over the area with this system through tomorrow. high temps will remain pretty consistent around 50 degrees through saturday. the winds will be lighter on friday and chances for rain will be slight as this system moves out of the area. however, yet another system follows behind it and brings back chances for rain by saturday afternoon, although not as great as what we've seen this week. this system will also bring the return of breezy winds on saturday as it pushes through. rain chances taper down by sunday morning and the
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highs will remain in the low 50s on sunday and monday, then warm slightly to the mid 50s next tuesday and wednesday. time now... for the latest consumer news... from contact 13. tax season opens... from contact 13. tax season opens...
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that's right... you'll be able... to file your 20-15 tax return... in -2- weeks. the i-r-s... will begin accepting individual electronic returns... on tuesday... the -19- th. it expects to get... more than... -1- hundred and -50- million... individual returns... this year... with more than -4- out of -5-... being prepared... using tax return preparation software... and e- filed. the filing deadline... to submit your tax returns... is monday... april -18-th. mortgage applications took a plunge... during the christmas... and new year's... holiday weeks!!! the mortgage bankers association reports... applications were down... -27- percent... for the week ending... january -1-st... that's compared... from -2- weeks earlier. also during the holidays... the average interest rate... for a -30- year fixed-rate mortgage...
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from -4- point -1-9-... to -4- point -2- percent. people in the valley have the fever. we're not talking about any kind of illness though. powerball fever is hitting hard. action news reporter gina lazara is getting her taste of it right now. she's live in primm right now where thhlines are only getting longer. we went to twitter a little while ago to see if powerball fevere is catching- on around the valley.
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twitter poll so far: % of you say you already have your tickets % are in a powerball ticket pool % were still planning to get tickets (as of pm) and % are sitting this one out. we'll be right back with an update on tonight's forecast. and..
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on action news live at 6: it's the end of an era for the clark county fire department. the last of the firefighters who fought the deadly mgm fire... in 1980.. retired. what captain jon sabol is saying about the disaster that shaped his career. we'll be... right back.
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later.... at 8:00... it's "the middle"... 830 pm... at 9:00... it's "modern family".... followed by "black-ish"... at 10:00.. it's "american crime"... incoming system that will once again bring showers to the valley, along with high elevation snow. a winter weather advisory is in expect mostly cloudy skies tonight with showers developing around 3-4pm. the chances for rain will linger into the late-night hours, then start to taper down
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breaking news tonight as we come on the air in the west. the weather emergency. storms hitting, one right after the other. cars submerged. the restaurant wall caving in. customers screaming, and we're there. the world headline. north korea claiming they have
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