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tv   Action News 11pm  ABC  January 6, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm PST

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threatening the valley for days is still hanging around tonight. here's a look at our live 'desert dopper'.. showing the rain in green and yellow. taking a live look outside right now... where it is down right... cold and windy. we have team coverage.... on the storm system. action news reporter.... gina lazara is standing by... but first... lets get right over... incoming system that will once again bring showers to the valley, along with high elevation snow. a winter weather advisory is in effect for the spring mountains and sheep range from 4pm this afternoon through 4pm tomorrow afternoon. expect mostly cloudy skies tonight with showers developing around 3-4pm. the chances for rain will linger into the late-night hours, then start to taper down by morning. breezy winds will also linger over the area with this system through tomorrow. high temps will remain pretty consistent around 50 degrees moves out of the area. however, yet another system follows behind it and brings back chances for rain by saturday afternoon, although not as great as what we've seen 50s on sunday and monday, then warm slightly to the mid 50s next tuesday and wednesday.
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now.. the storm was supposed to bring.... quite a bit of rain to the valley... so we've been out.... looking for it.. action news reporter.... gina lazara is out in our live drive.... trying to find the storm. gina... we aren't the only ones getting hit hard by mother nature
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a weather emergency is in effect right now in california.. which has been hit by 3 storms in one week. this video from outside l-a shows a stretch of the '5' underwater.. and the latest downpour is blamed on almost 2- dozen crashes. mos sot - "i felt my car slightly lift and i just felt all the water and i was like i can't move" the el nino storm arrived with so much rain.. the runoff busted through the
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restaurant. there are also new concerns tonight about mudslides in areas where vegetation was leaving nothing to protect homes from tons of mud. action news will continue following this latest weather.. both here.. and in california. meteorologist greg bennett will have the very latest on good morning las vegas starting at 4:30am. we'll also check in with bryan again in a few minutes. thousands are in town tonight.... for the consumer electronics show.... all that extra traffic.... means changes for your commute! ride sharing services.. .are using a central spot for pick-up and drop-off at the convention center. in theory... the centrally located spot should save you some money... but... we talked to some drivers today... and... even with the change... surge pricing could bite you. "they didnt want to walk because they were in high heels, and it was about 20 dollars to go from the pallazzo to the wynn." you heard it right... 20 bucks to go.... one block. thats because... during peak hours....
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surchage... so... if you want to save cash... try to hitch a ride either before or after.... busiest travel times. if you plan on taking "uber" or "lyft".... you can get picked up or dropped off... at two different locations.... with-in c-e-s. new tonight.. the holidays are over but it's not stopping crooks from snatching packages from door steps. you can see it here.. happening again today. this video shows a red car drive by a house near centennial and durango before flipping around and parking in front. that's when a man gets out.. walks to the front door.. grabs a package.. then runs back to his car and drives away. a suspect has been arrested in connection with a homicide overnight near charleston and decatur. police say 47 year-old tracy morrison beat the victim to death with his fists before taking off. morrison was arrested a few hours later. he's now facing a first degree murder charge. new information... out of oregon... where the leader of an indian members says... the activists aren't welcome...
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need to leave. the tribe says... they are concerned about damage.... to cultural artifacts. the activitists.... seized a building at a national wildlife refuge... on saturday. the group... led by ammon bundy of nevada says... the f-b-i has now issued arrest warrants.... for some of the memebrs. so far... though... they are refusing.... to back down. a string of overnight restaurant break-ins.... in the valley!!! the latest happening.... just this morning.... at chipotle.... on durango and elkhorn. tonight... police investigating to see... if the so called.... "night owl bandits" are responsible!!! "three subjects all wearing dark clothing." (butted with) "theybelieve it's possibly going to be related to the night owl series." that is police dispatch traffic.... after the chipotle break-in. in total... there's been at least.... -5- burglaries this month... from "frijoles and frescas"... to "jimmy johns"... the crimes have alot.... in common! a crow bar... shattered glass...the frantic search for cash. the manager of "cafe rio" says... they now have a new security protocol...
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(sot alma segura , cafe rio, manager) "certain time we are locking the doors and no one is coming out until we finish all and then we leave all together." in some instances... the thieves made off with cash registers... in others... just food and water. new tonight.. former nba star lamar odom is reportedly doing well after being found unconscious in a nevada brothel last october. his wife.. khloe karashian.. describes his recovery as 'amazing'.. and says she's proud of his strength as he fights this battle. kardashian had filed for a divorce.. but put it on hold afer odom was found unresponsive from an apparent drug overdose at the love ranch south near pahrump. odom spent several days at sunrise hospital before being transferred to l-a. it's okay once again to call for metro if you're in a valley. metro announced a shift in policy today.. after deciding two years ago to stop responding to non- injury accidents due to a lack of officers. sheriff lombardo says officers
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now that the department has received extra funding for more personel. in tonight's... red.... white... and blue - 2- thousand -16- political coverage.. 8:31 - "we are all in this together! (applause)" las vegas is taking center stage.... in the race for the white house. the democratic candidates are coming together tonight..... for "the first in the west caucus dinner".. action news reporter.... bryan callahan is live.... at the m-g-m conference center.... where the candidates.... just wrapped up their speeches. bryan... each candidate spent about 25 minutes on stage trying to make their case for why nevadans should support them during the caucus next month. it was a boisterous crowd as hundreds waited to hear from the three democratic presidential candidates. nats instead of taking shots at each other.. the candidates chose to set their sights on republicans. 8:32 - takes shots at education plan and crescent hardy. 9:08 - ted cruz actually says the answer to gun violence is more guns. 9:24 - they seem to have
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left the country in. with six weeks until the nevada democratic caucus... the room appeared split between bernie sanders and hillary campaign, what i believe will be a winning campaign without relying on the money of corporations and millionaires if you didn't have time to get a powerball ticket before
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drawing.. you're in luck! no one won the $500-million jackpot.. so what does that mean? the jackpot now stands at $675 million for saturday's drawing.. making it the largest jackpot in u-s history. this is a look at the long line for tickets earlier today in primm.. and there's no doubt it will be longer by the end of the week. a bakery draws the short stick in this week's dirty dining.. and.. how would you like that burger with a side of sewage? find out which popular fast food
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through the drive-thru.. in tonight's dirty dining. it may be convenient... but... could paying with your smartphone.... cost you big in the end? coming up... why you should read the fine print... before using technology.... over your credit card!!!
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the breaking news we broug it's called a rigged economy, and this is how it works. most new wealth flows to the top 1%. it's a system held in place by corrupt politics where wall street banks and billionaires buy elections. my campaign is powered by over a million small contributions, people like you who want to fight back. the truth is you can't change a corrupt system by taking its money. i'm bernie sanders. i approve this message.
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breaking news we brought you at the top of the hour.. one person is dead after a crash near cheyenne and las vegas boulevard. you're taking a live picture at the scene right now as metro is out there investigating.. we have a crew on the scene and will bring you any new details as they become available.. a kansas waiter is mad after he says he got a bogus tip with a religious message. garret wayman was cleaning a table last week when he spotted
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bill. it turned out to be phony money with a pre-printed religious message saying he should pick up a bible/ wayman says it suggests there's something he could have that's more valuable than money. wayman says he has no problem with the customer spreading the word of god.. but says it doesn't pay the bills. now... to a consumer alert.... from contact 13. more trouble... for chipotle... tonight. the mexican restaurant chain has been hit... with a federal grand jury subpoena.... in the wake of a norovirus outbreak.... at one of its southern california restaurants. the subpoena is part of an investigation.... by the f-d-a's department of criminal investigations. it requires chipotle.... to hand over several documents related.... to the simi valley restaurant.... where about -1-hundred people were sickened.... by the norovirus.... in august. tonight... dirty dining gets frenchified.... as contact 13 heads to a local bakery. that... plus... a mc-donald's drive through.... with a side of raw sewage! here's chief investigator... darcy spears.
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opens/ bonjour euro bakery cafe on rainbow and flamingo leads a short dirty dining list this week with a 23- demerit c grade. 1:52 darcy: hello! chef: oh, c'est... darcy: channel 13. chef: c'est la television. the owner brought out help from the kitchen to translate... 2:24 chef: le maximum demerit... and answer our questions about what inspectors found. there were repeat violations for storing sanitizer buckets on food contact surfaces and not posting the no smoking sign. they were also dinged for letting flies in through an open front door and for food handlers not wearing hair nets. 2:57 mary agnes/owner: i was alone and when she come i don't we were surprised to find a repeat violation for leaving food open and subject to contamination. 6:09 darcy: she did write up in the report having the food on display without a cover like
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mary: and i don't put--few moments--after i put plastic because they're fresh. i must wait a few minutes and after it's okay. owner mary agnes says getting a c grade was hard for her to handle. 5:52 mary: i don't sleep. i don't... i was... afraid. afraid of getting shut down. inspectors also found a food handler preparing ready to eat pastries with bare hands. the product had to be thrown away and the food handler instructed to wear gloves. also, grade cards were not posted and there were two containers of household pesticide when only commercial pest control is allowed. 5:30 mary: i'm sorry i don't speak very good english. darcy: no, you're doing fine. i appreciate your explanation. mary: sure. i was very surprised. only 10 days with c. darcy: ten days that you hope to never repeat? mary: for me it was a lot of... too much. because it isn't my habit. /nat transition/ moving on to our imminent health hazard closure...
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mcsewage special? it was available for one day only--the day after christmas--at the terrible herbst mcdonalds on sahara and maryland parkway. that saturday, inspectors responded to a complaint about raw sewage on the mcdonalds property. when they arrived, they found it--complete with toilet paper--actively flowing from the restaurant's sewage outlet through the parking lot into the street and into the storm drain. apparently mcdonald's knew enough to shut down their restroom, but not the restaurant itself. darcy tag: both bonjour bakery cafe and mcdonalds are back to a grades. darcy spears, channel 13 action news. new tonight,, a warning for anyone who uses the mobile wallet to pay for purchases. the technology lets you pay by hovering your smartphone over a small square on the register.. so payment information is transferred. but cyber expert say there are some things you need to know before you put your credit card
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service.. and even apple watch users agree that banks are not responsible for stolen data. based on what we're seeing at the consumer electronics show underway in las vegas.. a robot could be in your future. intel is showing off its newest gadget which is a part hoverboard.. part segway and all robot. not only can you ride it.. it can not only can you ride it.. it can also serve as an alarm for your house. the segway robot recognizes voice commands and has an internet connected camera that helps it follow you around. if you want your own personal segway robot.. you'll have to wait. intel hasn't said yet when it will go into commercial production. now... to the nasty weather.... hitting us... here out west!!! three storms.... battering several states... in just one week.. rain is pummeling california... tonight. this freeway is completely underwater. here you can see... cars stuck.... as they try to make their way... through the storm.. tonight... tonight... new concerns... over mudslides. we are tracking our next incoming system that will once again bring showers to the
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elevation snow. a winter weather advisory is in effect for the spring mountains and sheep range from 4pm this afternoon through 4pm tomorrow afternoon. expect mostly cloudy skies tonight with showers developing around 3-4pm. the chances for rain will linger into the late-night hours, then start to taper down by morning. breezy winds will also linger over the area with this system through tomorrow. high temps will remain pretty consistent around 50 degrees through saturday. the winds will be lighter on friday and chances for rain will be slight as this system moves out of the area. however, yet another system follows behind it and brings back chances for rain by saturday afternoon, although not as great as what we've seen this week. this system will also bring the return of breezy winds on saturday as it pushes through. 50s on sunday and monday, then warm slightly to the mid 50s next tuesday and wednesday. still ahead on action news live at 11..
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face charges in two more sexual assault cases. plus... local crews faced an uphill battle... while fighting a fire.... at a storage unit.. what problem they ran into... early this morning.. stay with us.. firefighters had a tough go of it this morning while battlingus an exclusive performance plus laugh it up with comedian don mcmillan thursday at 2 on valley view live.
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a storage facility near lamb and sahara. crews busted down nearly two dozen doors trying to find the in fact.. most of the units in the facility were damaged in one way or another. firefighters were able to get the blaze under control in about half-hour. in ca los angeles county prosecutors have decided... not to file charges.... against bill cosby.... in two sexual assault cases there. in one... -24- year-old... chloe goins claims... cosby assaulted her.... at the playboy mansion... in -2- thousand -8-. the d-a says.. there's not enough evidence.. in the other case... a woman claims.... cosby raped in her 19-65... when she was -17-. prosecutors say... the statue of limitations has expired... in that case. about -50- women have accused cosby of drugging them...
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raping or fondling them. . coming up... it's been -35- years... since the tragic m-g-m fire.... on the las vegas strip. tonight.. the last clark county firefighter to battle that blaze says it's time to call it a career. hear what he's saying about that tragic day.. next. stay with us. a state of emergency...
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calfornia tonight..... over a massive natural gas leak.... that has been spewing fumes.... into a los angeles neighborhood for months. the leak is gghing.... huge amounts of methane into the community of porter ranch, where residents have been evacuated. the leak stared.... at a natural gas storage field.... back on october -23-rd. the last clark county firefighters who battled the deadly mgm blaze in 1980 has called it a career. more than 80 people were killed in the fire.. which injured hundreds more. today.. firefighters from all over clark county came to congratulate captain jon sabol today. sabol recalled being part of that tragic day as a rookie firefighter. sot captain jon sabol clark county fire dept 17:13:24:10 one of the eeriest things was just one of the eeriest things was just searching individual knowing if you're going to find
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going to find somebody in the room or not 17:13:37:13 the last active firefighter who battled the mgm fire is with las vegas fire and rescue. bryan scofield will be back after this short break with an update on your wake- up weather forecast. but first... here's jimmy kimmel... with a preview of tonight's show... right after action news. ((verbatim)) we are tracking our next incoming system that will once
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valley, along with high elevation snow. a winter weather advisory is in that does it for this edition of action news...
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but... stay with us for "jimmy kimmel live"... coming up next. our next reports begin at 4:30-am on good morning las vegas. thank you for watching.. and from all of us at channel 13.. good night.
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