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tv   World News Now  ABC  January 7, 2016 2:37am-4:15am PST

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you likeig is !ce areat their fiofcer isn'nemedil , hi th ayers thwihey. fae milyrs ie,s isth thou e osnec nt ofyria whe resenrets oone besiedeg town say thre rallstveto death.up00eoe ha bven trapped sideheowder to presidar al saasd. ma filieamare ido o despat e they're eating g
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wow. o in paris,emor ice are being heldod rememberinghe 17 people killedn the "charlie bdo"ttacks. actly french preside francois cehini vatig he zithuelfa mus. to the>>seovreno douabt rts boel suteoru. rut itinnoh kos stroth lll eco sanctis. > fr tom ntagon horing am hees. th
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g t00 monregnizinom coagin c hs e de i icseers e orheoooroucroiudprlued steryey some hng their lowest pnt since thessn. wasorbee ofale ling han probmsy in demit. analystsherop d anothentn a gaones for gasoline.e on a tgehis morning isround . >>ok, a mry haseen
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s t'a ofbi peoe at firug thaeet. them io ntaclike tnd oco>>isinl.of h ? >> zo.. bitf a rourisattrti now. >>l alt,in, birthday whes oulds nra24rse air. >> my, omy also ah g your gk atisk'co ectronics where t devarer bivealgi fst, outrage at the t afrulid r sea curi gatdouawa tsoua t of linter anheotr look at our reca il ly 17 degrees in g lls y're ad o>>h.ncouorldews now"weher, bughtu by x faax. er: ld ns or her, brohtyou by
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ronaru.. pa ere lot of differe kinds ofucky germs. no dilnfec ov numhe t wi to kl remo types ofy th is cold and flu season
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th w e das.rk retsngkekikeshad e w y ain'cat puitha.. outoseavdissues? trt dyoheras cdeti it per..s.
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an an whig smeco es ertinghis wee nowe co shoasa mileh in th mico, t to btdonthe volcanne ar pd anas eeron dae to keep air distancfre om both, th ere are no immedte po evacte. >> wow.miion who'avel terheol hayanto ne family flying justor year's. her rd 10-yeaoldaugshe ts g tdown says ntwe way too fa re's abc's diderle >> a 10-yearr faer watinand
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e., iny ad >> reporter: athe raleigh airporo ys bt e ne year jue icuc pawn >> i wanfedd stg nu t>>atem saypruroc wnchat f ce getng ttisa. repr: coli acurise g hoan.paynd n ali says 's whengh w longrema acomplaindictts vid wa aport. t to
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op'swaeaaspsxesome peosayie i'dat rher safe than sorry. thi i've seen young kids t sohat that esinue tceed ctw.le wi b hines outf ga vethatext "wone at
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>> "rld newsow n" continteis fm c th2w`t3nd! bt:1tt bm, d!4w`& z*4w4wtt3n"3@ t&:^< i gssuwi t.nt th buzstous,em ina trin we'rso he py to have you. thavinge. beeseei pwh thi so st
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>> i have a couple questions itt val id how much is >>irtu rea v ikis nd ohard y t hav ce d.abnd rtviuareapl e s t es were literlyalthn e ougrnd e. 360ee ethup,
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thatheos'st co ahi price tag, a littlt biof r the ocis rt ifis goingo tretailor $ >>ha >> >> so it's notor fnt of he kani d nteresd tee . pelyechnog ailaouthav fof me nutthvert of thit cthatyo arweve day a srt b. a sra bsamsung rtfounelaty rertur waiste tooury y y. dainet betr aboubeg inck, ayg in you wearwith likr ir s awiy how k
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n u'atyog ur it yeno. yook. so quickly, what t'shis about yo wasdonationo ch arit thiofd cra.e already ling in a coectewo mighas wel he yo urryconnec too is is smart to whelo from wrlpohi itfi wonnectbut ey ha ve aty com h gengu on whhe wa tdote to habit fota ma . so the it can donateoney for wh he mhud dournd. he doi that a lot. >> o or cinthor. we'lbe racht trinh. thanks for cinisth mor. l ight bk.swears setch into muums.otou, 's the laundry. ect urlo cthro esstreng, fading, and fuzz. ...with wn notsoftands frheesns,
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boo ay. o t buopv r 24thrsaryeerst t lo u yo - y lllo us. ow" erovwhmeeld by all oe nderss that yo more themin ias awhwass >>el youemd me
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said i i al tda 'rrigh'mot wearing pa. oor f e thy is teowngn d st dyjowit ton>> t hathats oo e a t ldchoo s niceg she'tched in ptio ihe a
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newsla y,ndn funrt wing in t anrsonoope cdays.guess whthodok wll hav24 ssesidy/toe'thxt 2 oe shlle'bae oo s . e'lle sisusi aornc laugih t up with coe
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ng>>or nnodadiup a k-g.stin a mooudslid acroifnia ord yet het.darnfr omac cuwer.
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lind tthear-hera traas aonhe f bre il p in d yo by wait g wshirng,s e ne jkpot. >> zero. it's wthbohi ts much
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drth. >> sitting next toki ynd ofti i sh ery cld have tnseesd the sep tuat this took. it'alwager inerson.>>h. >> on tvit, t doesn't tranate. sm. >> we'll t aryga finurday. on pa l muscle. or hern.ia . yeme$6 m75on t bijackg t. >>'m bing anr f see . ger an$6 info
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we tabol utt c te,rs wo e get to hejor a lo asf th looked luruthe calnia.
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fre yswa. s do to stju thet ne oor st ed many thwi soratbrre homeselckki onst rwaovs comewate w and ththmi c.istrd hetage.moreain in store for week. a welcomsit for drought-rickenalora,ut o much too f
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and kaa. ra y so ch herm s sul itcty watersut >> one by loth. thelnns were st go b n dmo ashore. the were several of weather'st povichas the stlatos.go ms mng a wewestmi hainng hvy rn in the
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j>> tha.ouusenofth's claim of tdoeaesn't em a fae ctdouber.ed e e hodoesbeevli e clai ths. soear cliffer plo determinwhete e a true. thinstve nt, almany s >>or rsi detonation ires lavetily modest,< mparable to e thtestthat nokorea rrcad out in3 ici inlemaxperts tossumthis i in ,eve thfu hydrogen bomb. >> true , oncuoutiil emkote.e questis in wmoerth n f baieer cnahiwilling to allow ifstfer satis punishment. > >>a bill treal obamacare
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ned parenthood.the house vote wre pmuchy rameasure e sena pteassed last year. neher maas eugh to er veto.however,emratsays i potical th vi n more politica do tmp inos w shifting hfos for e momentwa aom clinto and to his closest alnger, d uz. 's ning e thsame questis of the texasenator that acef eshere's abc'slamas. >> rorter:ump ng d , has a,d hea. teru tmp now warni atwills fahactn in w t thloud ohir s ad.i n't k it's t sspoibleor h all ssib for the rubns to len,pe becauseha t d.
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rnbobroa aatur citizeisit, a galel matt, it is quite igrwhtd. ep rorter:rumpouamsly thr ns agt ena, camenging him ro htowasn kenya. buju lasye, um msf bc newth cru don't haveroblem >> it'ne.i he tit washeed out by everyttorney and evy whicwah y and i unrsnd ted n ne >> rorter:utack then, crling. pmecruz leadingn io, and we weronone onewithim on mpaign b, king about trump.>> i'm not goi to psyc yzdold t. --f rs -- repor i syo a ? ou'd he to ask him repor cr:ruz had s be tsto ignorerump'sttack. the ery texas nator a owrepublicans s consecutive ba. we werere wh bke wn in teal tking him. e puicans woy
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>> d trump says audge could ttlehis whe i ked m agn ait thou d sue etsps r frba fse spkedetethe sports wod.rlken tal er
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ationswaitl.mmso g than resofhe uwos ve >>p "theddencash cwehed up trble. o my go story,heioleing ltot s rbt'l
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a fifighter balittng a fast-minhoe fire in soutrn mnethngis y stanfed llow fi th th is a three-ory viorn thofneh gaatvey.wa ne engulfing him amazinglouy wa ed himn to a ladr deand
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erng thatnc mu dch so difrently. ovhe p poreon drsedin wi fall bin.os d -- >>s nojustfeiol na eraywho ca from this serious an sitth . ding h epndas kec knows how football canhange veli >> s ruggle so much. h>>er husba michael died two ars o agat just 25 yearsld of a cgenil het ailment. doctors announcinghis week in a major journal that he suffered fromtechro, aumatic alphopathy, a degenerati brn disee connecteto ki hiton the footbl elfid. >> he waceainly woe rst ca i'vseen with thisse
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>> reporter: dr. mckeyas studd over 100ras inudg michae >> when you sethe is disease in > >>this morning on "world news now," dangerous disruptive and drenching. tacto-bk stms causg flooid rossacornid ye another el no storm slamming the coast. getoday'warninfr accuweathe campaignonflict. ted cruz born in cana add tthein frodonald t. tittle a the of his helmet break off. d hamohan concussions. >> cassandra says he abruptly cleolge football after suffering ono tonyts. >> he was seeing stars andad ns l t lot or.
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doctors, butass results came up empty. >> i so uld lp h >> i was so mad that nobody co hhe. it was upsetting he felt so r:te hernoe chged forer. t remember his dad. >> first thi ing thought owhenhe dide,e wot get to ever meet h. im >>eporte but s says michael did not die in letng peoplknow that this disease is out t yot know many hits or how manyoncuionssswayou arfrome ti a dse lik is ws so scary.itouldpen anyone. >> rorte rr:yan smith, a w f ap anne >> co up, me heurorch of arinal stat n ast chain. orpaydd . wh pball dreamare noaring to new heights and how we might be spendi ll you' watching or"wld news now." >> announcer: "wld news now"
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was caivatg pttv ie uk aud pdle w ca y erin t n. usouthis is grpingip televisi. eves tconoppeniessopelole e at sth youdo
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tn,hiiss so aman dlars the i mean, maybe yoshouldn'have i don't know.
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sm son ghout toouy woolitrks. >>ceolplch nin > >>inthicusy isn' g nisehan't aypled golf withim and
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