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tv   Action News 3PM  ABC  January 7, 2016 3:00pm-3:30pm PST

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weaken today. cloud cover will be common with spotty showers, some heavy at times, throughout the day. high temperatures only reach into the upper 40s and low 50s today and hold as high temperatures into the weekend and into next week. winds will still be breezy today between 10 and 20 mph but will lighten up as we move into the evening. clouds will continue into the weekend but spotty showers will chances drop off with the passing of the final low and front. overnight low will drop to near freezing temperatures starting friday night into saturday morning and will continue clear into the next week so prepare your homes for possible winter freeze over the next several nights and early mornings
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the same storm system that's hitting us this week in the
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pummeling our neighbors to the west... check out the high surf in california! warnings have been posted in l-a, orange and ventura counties... with waves coming dangerously close to houses. firefighters think they know who's to blame for a blaze at a house near maryland parkway and hacienda this morning. the house was vacant, so no one was hurt. but this isn't the first time this area has been the scene of a fire. here's video from a fire last august. firefighters think squatters are to blame. the home was destroyed. closing bell and a rocky day on wall street... this after china's stock market crashed 7 percent overnight... and crude oil prices plummeted. this action caused the dow to drop nearly 400 points today... according to c-n-n money, the wave of selling in the last few days is the worst 4 day percentage loss to start a year on record. the dow has lost 900 points, or
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some lucky person won't have to worry about the stock market. nobody hit the powerball last night... so the jackpot has grown to 700 million dollars-- the biggest ever! we showed you the long line of people waiting to buy tickets last night at the stateline in primm... we're told the wait was not as long in arizona... so if you're thinking about buying tickets for saturday's big drawing... that might be a good option. powerball tickets aren't sold in nevada... mostly due to gaming. we'll have more on this story later in this newscast. a homeless man, paid to murder the wife of a firefighter, is sentenced at the regional justice center. today noel stevens was sentenced to 42 years to life in prison for beating shauna tiaffay to death back in 20-12. you'll remember he was paid by george tiaffay. stevens testified that george promised him 5-thousand dollars to kill shauna, but was only paid 600. last month, george tiaffay was sentenced to life in prison for his wife's death. a raucus debate today at a meeting on solar energy.
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folks are upset about net metering. in december... the public utilities commission raised the base service charge for solar customers.. and cut the amount of money they'll be paid to sell back panels. a major solar company has already cut 500 jobs because of this... now... several groups want to press and talk about changing the rates again. ((louise helton, 1 sun solar electric 4:29:10-4:29:19 "it takes a lot away frpom your business, i can tell you, but it's a fight we're committed to a final decision on whether to stay the new rates won't come until next week. now developing.. more changes at the r-j... the review journal has appointed senior editorial writer glenn cook as temporary editor in chief. this.. after the paper was purchased by billionaire sheldon adelson. the paper's publisher, jason
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said the permanent job should be filled in the next two months. the valley just wrapped up the most stable year of home prices in a decade. and the greater las vegas association of realtors reports that home prices are up 6.4 percent from last year... the median price of existing single family homes was 217-thousand dollars. police respond to another fatal auto pedestrian accident on las vegas boulevard near cheyenne. witnesses say the chevrolet geo metro was traveling northbound on las vegas boulevard... according to police, as the car entered the intersection on a green light... the pedestrian crossed the street and was struck. that person was rushed to u-m-c... but did not make it. this is already the second fatal auto pedestrian accident in metro's jurisdiction this year. also here at home... a suspected killer is behind bars...accused in a brutal murder. here's our first look at him.. he's 47-year-old tracy morrison. police say tuesday night he beat the victim to death with his a home near charleston and decatur and then took off.
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charges. and a man gets trapped under a boulder and survives! here's the aftermath of the accident. clark county fire says it all happened after the shuttle bus driver crashed into that boulder near las vegas boulevard and warm springs. when he was inspecting the damage... the boulder rolled on top of him. he was taken to umc and is expected to be okay. ahead today, we're learning what's in store for the future of las vegas. mayor carolyn goodman will give the annual state of the city address. it happens at 5 tonight in the city hall chambers. mayor goodman wants you to be a part of the discussion. she's urging everyone to use the hashtag "state of vegas" on social media. action news will be there... we'll bring you the highlights of her speech on later editions of action news. still to come on action news at 3... imagine getting pulled over by police after learning that your daughter would likely die from cancer. it happened to one dad... but he didn't get a ticket... find out what did happen. and more cool new products from
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vegas... a t-v that you can roll up? we'll show you after the break. and a look at today's closing numbers.. the dow was down close to 400 points... closing at 16,514. it's stressful enough to see a
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getting pulled over... after learning your child is dying from cancer. rodney gibson was driving on 37 in monroe county, ohio monday - struggling to accept his daughter's breast cancer was not going away... and doctors didn't have a lot of hope. he was so upset - he didn't realize he was speeding. that's when master trooper todd durnill pulled him over - and learned gibson's story. trooper durnill decided not to give him a ticket - and walked over, thinking rodney needed some prayers. what happened next - surprised everyone. ((i asked him if there was... this difficult time.)) gibson was so appreciative - he
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he even called trooper durnill's post in bloomington - to share his appreciation for his kindness. here in las vegas, all eyes on the consumer electronics show! we want to share some of the latest products debuting! television maker l-g unveiled a high- definition can roll up! the 18-inch display is not for sale... it's just a concept design . but it's possible they may never hit stores. and take a look at this -- a chinese firm debuted a drone prototype that could carry people! now, that would be an
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the drone has eight propellers and four arms...and would carry one person to a pre-programmed destination. the company behind it can reach heights of more than 11- thousand feet and speeds of 62 miles an hour... all while running on batteries that last up to 23-minutes. again, don't expect this drone on any store shelves just yet. construction on the las vegas arena isn't even done... but it already has a new name! m-g-m resorts announced overnight it'll be called the "t-mobile arena." :04-:11 "what happens in las vegas just got upgraded" that's part of the promotional video released overnight... showing what the arena behind new york, new york will look like...once it's finished in a few months. the killers and wayne newton will be first to grace the new stage on april 6th. up next on action news at 3... more on the nasty weather affecting our neighbors to the west. the storm system that's affecting them is hitting us, too!
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sbut instead a major gas leak. the leak happened at a storage facility actually back in october. you're looking at video of an emergency town hall held last night. officials think about 12-hundred tons of methane have been released into the air every day. thousands of people are now forced out of their home, because if you didn't know...methane fumes can make you sick. meantime, a class action lawsuit has been filed against the company. and now let's get to those storms -- thousands of homes in california are now in risk of mudslides! the golden state is just getting battered with buckets and buckets of rain. it's leading to major flooding. take a look. it's just car after car getting stuck on the freeway. the storm drain systems aren't able to keep up with the downpour.
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flipped this truck over. crews rushed in to get the woman trapped inside out. there were dramatic rescues all over the state. remember, all this rain from southern california is heading our way... it's the same storm. and we've all seen frost on a window -- but probably not this close up. nature photographer candice trimble took this picture of the frost-covered window on her home in virginia. she says the temperature at her home wednesday morning was 16- degrees. according to trimble-- she used a macro lens to take this up-close shot... pretty cool. adlib let's go to chief meteorologist bryan scofield and 'weather first.' scattered showers tom the valley and snow to the higher elevations begin to weaken today. cloud cover will be common with spotty showers, some heavy at times, throughout the day. high temperatures only reach into the upper 40s and low 50s today and hold as high temperatures into the weekend and into next week. winds will still be breezy
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become less and less consistent. by sunday, only partly cloudy skies should expected and rain chances drop off with the passing of the final low and overnight low will drop to near freezing temperatures starting friday night into saturday morning and will continue clear into the next week so prepare your homes for possible winter freeze over the next several nights and early mornings up next... an internet video that people
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up next... an internet video that people could not stop watching.
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plus... the powerball jackpot has now grown to 700 million dollars. your next crack at it... when we come back. ad lib bump-in
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trying to cross the puddle...on periscope. it's almost hard to believe, more than 500 hundred thousand viewers captivated by a live stream of people attempting to cross a puddle in northern england from leapers and jumpers to climbers and swimmers... treated to 6 hours of man versus nature. the powerball jackpot has now grown to 700 million dollars! so don't bother looking at your ticket... you didn't win last night... but can try again before saturday. but one california resident has has more than a million reasons to celebrate. a-b-c's amy hollyfield is in california to show us why. almost winning is still pretty good when you're talking lottery tickets. perry's liquor store in union city will receive about ten thousand dollars for selling a powerball ticket that almost won. :27 last night one of my customers text msged me and
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didn't believe her at first :34 she was likt eno check website i said april fools not here yet the ticket had five of the six qining numbers - it's worth about 1.4 million dollars. customers who didn't even win- still felt excited for the store. 9:44 it feels good and it's not even mine feels good fels nice that's a blessing i got my ticket :55 the store owner has not heard from the winner-yet. but ankit vora is already thinking about how to spend his prize-25 percent of it will go to charity. 2:09 i was brought up in culture believe in good work karma why not why not since no one won the powerball jackpot last night-everyone is now focused on saturday's drawing. vora plans to bring in extra employees to handle the demand for tickets. people were already buying them this morning-with some hoping the store's luck would rub off on them. 6:50 the odds are still the same maybe a bit luckier if luck is on your side than luck
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come this close before- so the owner is hoping that is a good sign. 1:28 last year we had one missed mega by one number last year this year power ball miss by one number maybe it's coming the big one is coming :39 amy hollyfield reporting. if you want to buy a ticket... you'll have to head to the stateline at primm... like these brave people did yesterday... or arizona... where we're told the wait is less. nevada doesn't take part in powerball, mostly due to gaming. stay with us for action news at 3:30... in new york... 17 miners are trapped 900 feet below the ground... the harrowing effort to save them... plus, a strange crime against animals in nebraska. find out why horse owners are
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and remember you can get all your breaking news and weather updates anytime just by downloading the free ktnv mobile app for your smartphone or tablet. right now on action news live at 3:30... more than a dozen new york
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