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tv   Action News 330pm  ABC  January 7, 2016 3:30pm-4:00pm PST

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plus.. another terror-related scare in france. we'll tell you what happened to put police on high alert. but first... a live look outside... mother nature throws us another curve ball. thank you for joining us on action news live at 3:30...i'm rikki cheese. and i'm steve wolford. it's been a fairly nice day around the valley but don't be fooled. let's get right to chief valley and snow to the higher elevations begin to weaken today. cloud cover will be common with spotty showers, some heavy at times, throughout the day. high temperatures only reach into the upper 40s and low 50s today and hold as high temperatures into the weekend and into next week. winds will still be breezy today between 10 and 20 mph but will lighten up as we move into the evening.
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weekend but spotty showers will become less and less consistent. by sunday, only partly cloudy overnight low will drop to near freezing temperatures starting friday night into saturday nights and early mornings back to you in the newsroom. we're following a major developing story out of france
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now.. involving another terrorism scare. a man was killed by police after showing up at a paris police station overnight with a knife.. and wearing a fake explosive vest. police later found an isis emblem on his clothing.. along with a cell phone and a piece of paper. it's happening on the one year anniversary of the charlie hebdo attack. in upstate new york.. 17 miners.. trapped 900 feet underground for several hours.. are now safe. -- that celebration happened the moment the miners were pulled up to safety. they were just beginning their shift when their elevator stopped working. nats: (0-10 secs) outcue = people on it. that's audio from the 9-1-1
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help. they were eventually brought to the surface with a crane. operations are now suspended in that part of the mine until the cause is determined and any needed repairs are made. it all unfolded in the deepest salt mine in the u-s. new york has joined nevada in allowing the use of medical marijuana. new york kicked off its program today with 8 dispensaries opening for business. it comes 18 months after governor andrew cuomo signed the so-called compassionate care act. the law makes non-smokeable forms of medical marijuana available to new yorkers. patients are required to register and receive a prescription from a state-approved doctor. heart-stopping video captured on dash- cam. georgia police say an intoxicated man was driving down the wrong side of a major highway in the atlanta area. the video shows alpharetta officers hauling 56-year-old rhett rush to jail new year's
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after they had to yank the marietta man out of his car. (((philip hatrak, witness) "i was trying to figure out how they got on the highway going the wrong way." butted to/ philip hatrak, witness) "we're going on 400 south and he is going on the wrong side of the road. i just saw headlights and he was heading straight at us.)) philip hatrak called 9-1-1... video shows cops boxing the driver in... but he he refused to pull over for another half a mile. barely stand up. fortuntely-- nobody was hurt. a bizarre crime against animals in nebraska... someone is cutting the tails off of horses. now the nebraska humane society and local police are urging animal owners to be on guard. bruce and vickie tompkins have a small ranch with several rescued horses and donkeys. when they went to check on the animals sunday morning, they saw two of their horses were missing their tails. ((bruce tompkins) "you could just see it was cut off with
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to see them chopped off like this, it takes them so long to grow back.)) the tompkins said when they looked online they found horse hair can sell up to $400 a pound. six countries have come together to bring thousands of cubans-- stuck in costa rica-- to the united states. the foreign minister of costa rica announced the plan yesterday in san jose. under the rare deal... five central american countries and mexico will help transport about 8-thousand cubans to the u-s. the immigrants have been in costa rica for weeks since nicaragua closed its borders to them. they will now be flown to el salvador... then transported on buses to mexico... where they will cross into the u-s. the holidays are over but it's not stopping thieves from stealing your packages from your porch. this is surveillance video from a home near centennial parkway and durango yesterday..
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then turn around the park in front of the house. a man gets out.. walks to the front door.. grabs a package.. then runs back to his car and drives away. if you think you recognize the man or the car.. you're asked to contact metro. a different kind of surveillance photo now. this is from nasa astronaut scott kelly.. who tweeted an amazing picture of the sky over a part of asia today. kelly is on board the international space station.. and says he noticed something unusual about the sky. he says the haze is air pollution that's currently hanging over a large part of asia. a minnesota doctor is sharing his tale of survival after he fell into a deep ditch and became trapped by a boulder... then crawled for 16 hours to find help! former mayo pediatrician dr. break instantly. the 70-year-old used his gun as a crutch and with his arms and good leg hoisted himself out of 4 foot deep ditch. and then he fell back in. ((dr. richard olsen/hunter) "so i had
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minute i was walking and the next minute i was falling and it happened that quick. almost instantaneously i had two thoughts flashed through my mind. that i didn't have my cell phone, i knew that, and i knew this was going to be really bad.)) an hour and a half after falling, discouraged but determined, he was scooting the half-mile back toward the road. thoughts of his family pushed him through until a car found him 16 hours later. he does have to face surgery for his injuries. an action news update on lamar odom. his wife.. khloe kardashian.. describes his recovery as "amazing" and says she's proud of his strength as he fights this battle. back in october.. the former laker star was found unconscious at the love ranch south near pahrump from an apparent drug overdose. he spent several days at sunrise hospital before continuing his recovery in l-a. most recycled christmas trees
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mulch. but that's not how they do it in germany. we'll explain what elephants have to do with it next.. report. plus... would you be willing to drive a car with no mirrors on it? another cool new item from c-e-s! ((bryan)) elephants...
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these are just some of the trending headlines we are following today.
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zoo have been enjoying a tasty snack. apparently.. trees. zookeepers say they love the pine smell and the trees also provide the elephants with additional nutritious supplements. they're also great for scratching an elephant sized itch. and more amazing technology coming out of c-e-s here in the valley... the b-m-w "i-eight" uses three cameras instead of rear and side-view mirrors. the video from the cameras is married together to provide an extra-wide view of the road. the driver see the footage on a screen where a rear-view mirror would be. b-m-w says the technology eliminates blind spots and improves fuel efficiency. and the cold russian winter didn't stop this unusual christmas celebration yesterday for some brave swimmers. the director of this ortodox club says this has become a tradition..
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some health benefits. (we're not sure what they are.) for more stories trending right now.. go to and if you'd like to sound-off on any trending news.. join us on twitter. our handle is @ktnv use #nowtrending. anchors adlib and toss to bryan scattered showers tom the valley and snow to the higher elevations begin to weaken high temperatures only reach into the upper 40s and low 50s today and hold as high temperatures into the weekend and into next week. winds will still be breezy today between 10 and 20 mph but will lighten up as we move into the evening. clouds will continue into the weekend but spotty showers will become less and less consistent. by sunday, only partly
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and rain chances drop off with the passing of the final low and front. overnight low will drop to near freezing temperatures starting friday night into saturday morning and will continue clear into the next week so prepare your homes for possible winter freeze over the next several nights and early mornings
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supplements send more than 23- thousand people to the e-r every year. we'll take a closer look at
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and remember, you can watch action news anytime.. anywhere. we're streaming our newscasts at so you can stay informed on any computer .. we'll be right back. in today's health report..
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you limit 'added sugar' toyour daily calories. they also recommend people eat more fruit.. vegetables and whole wheat. researchers also say too many americans are overweight and at risk for getting heart disease and other illnesses. the guidelines suggest cutting salt and saturated fat.. but stop short of telling people to eat less red or processed meat.. despite the some evidence that both can cause cancer. another fast food chain is jumping on the health bandwagon. chick-fil-a will soon offer what it calls a "superfood side." it's a blend of chopped kale and broccolini.. tossed in a maple vinaigrette
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sour cherries and a blend of roasted nuts. chick-fil-a has several southern nevada locations planned including one in henderson.. and one in las vegas at sahara and rancho. vitamins and supplements are big business, but there is a downside. researchers estimate supplements are responsible for more than 23-thousand emergency room visits every year. and 10 percent of them were serious enough to require hospitilization. we have the details in today's health minute. more americans are taking dietary supplements and according to a new study by federal health experts many of them are ending up in the control and prevention and the food and drug administration. (dr. andrew geller/medical officers, cdc)"we found that over a quarter of them were young adults. these are people aged 20 to 34. these people were using supplements for weight loss or energy." (butt to) over a fifth were young children, that's 20 percent that had gotten into supplements intended for
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but the nutritional supplement industry insists the majority of their products are safe and the study's results are being overblown. (dr. brad bongiovanni/naturopat hic physician) "the headline, 23,000 emergency room visits every year are caused by supplements. is like wow, that sounds like a lot. but relatively speaking it's less than 5 percent of all emergency room visits." dr. geller advises everyone to take precautions with these products. (dr. andrew geller/medical officers, cdc)"to all supplement consumers, we encourage you to report to your doctor that you are taking supplements. and to store your supplements as you would medication, up and away from kids." still ahead... a final look at your forecast! it's raining in the valley. and tonight's abc primetime lineup on channel 13.
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of my diet is better than yours. 11- action news. before judge judy.. a look at some of the top
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the dow was down nearly 400 points today after the chinese market dropped sharply overnight... and crude oil prices plummeted. the dow is now off to the worst annual start in history. the powerball jackpot now sits at 700 million dollars-- the biggest ever! nobody hit all of the numbers last night.. in fact... there hasn't been a winner since november 4th. the next drawing will be saturday- so head to california or arizona if you want a ticket... nevada doesn't participate. another terrorism scare in paris. a man with a knife and wearing a fake explosive vest was killed outside a paris police station overnight. he also had an isis emblem on his clothing. police are still trying to get a positive i-d on him. thousands of homes in california are now in risk of
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west are getting pummeled with rain. it's leading to major flooding. the storm drain systems aren't able to keep up with the downpour. scattered showers tom the valley and snow to the higher elevations begin to weaken today. cloud cover will be common with spotty showers, some heavy at times, throughout the day. up next. we'll be back in 60 minutes for action news live at 5. until then.. thanks for watching and have a great evening. back line provided and sponsored by steve beyer
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