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tv   Action News 5pm  ABC  January 7, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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a son behind bars... accused of firing shots... into a neighbors home. tonight... the mother of -21- year old... paul applegate... speaking out! police say applegate confessed to doing it to avenge the killing of his mother's pomeranian. the black pomeranian died one week before that and then my dad died action news reporter mahsa saeidi is live near thousandaire and homestead in pahrump with more. mahsa. we are outside of the victims house. you see the warnings about the guard dog behind this chained fence. one day the pomeranian next door got too close. the suspects mother standing
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tonight applegates mom saying this was never about the dog. the true motive ...according to her...the history between neighbors...coming up at six. reporting live,mahsa saeidi, channel 13 action nws.e an updtow
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was sentenced today.... to -42- years to life in prison.... for his role in the murder. it was just a little over a month ago.... when tiaffay was sentenced to life in prison.... for first degree murder.... as well as.... six other charges. police have arrested a man in connection with a deadly shooting 2-days before christmas. police say 24-year old joshua simon got in an argument with the victim outside an apartment complex near charleston &
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then shot him in the stomach and took off. simon is now charged with first degree murder. a suspect has also been arrested in connection to a murder nearly a year ago. 36-year old dwayne lawson was picked-up in fairfield, california. police say he shot and killed a man near boulder and tropicana last february. lawson is now awaiting extradition. a raucus debate today.... at a meeting on solar energy. a lot of folks are upset about takes a lt awfrpom your business, i can tell you, but it's a fight we're committed to make. keep the new rates won't come....
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it's day two.... of the consumer electronics show... and action news is back on the show- room floor..... bringing you an up- close look at tons of groundbreaking technology! action news reporter.... michael burton has been there all day. he joins us live.... with a front row seat. michael... tricia - i was here yesterday and i thought i'd seen it all. from fancy watches - to computers that can do almost anything. but today i found out that ces isn't just for tech geeks. it's for fitness fanatics - with products like the cyber slimmer - that literally shakes the fat right off. if you want to lose weight and need a lot of help doing it, this machine might be for you! stand up with shaker. "this contracts your muscles at 60 times per second. literally, the beginner can just stand on it." but - if you went a little too hard in your workout.
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cyber-relax message chair. it uses sensory technology to find the trouble spots in your back. "try to to help people reduce stress." safety is also a huge topic at ces - with devices like the samsung door censor that you can attach to your front door. program it to your phone - and it'll alert you when someone opens the door. it can even turn on all the lights inside the house at once - to scare away the perpetrator. "the moment someone comes into your door and you're not there. you're going to get that notification and awareness that someone's trying to come in." speaking of turning on the lights before you get inside... standup about garage/light remote. "this allows you to program
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specific things and get rid of all those remote transmitter. coming up at 6 - i'll show you a robot that could easily become your best friend. you don't want to miss it. live at ces - michael burton - channel 13 action news. construction on the las vegas arena isn't even finished.. but it already has a new name. mgm resorts announced today it will be called the "t-mobile arena." :04-:11 "what happens in las vegas just got upgraded" the 20-thousand seat arena is set to open april 6th.. and when it does.. t-mobile customers will have some special perks at the venue. that includes seat upgrade opportunities and early access
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still ahead... a deadly officer involved shooting caught on camera.... leaves an entire neighborhood shaken... "it could have easily been one of us. we could have been shot by that crazy guy" what happened when this man stepped out his door... and... aimed his gun at officers. plus.. the rhetoric is heating up between some of the republican presidential candidates. see why donald trump is questioning the eligibility of one of his biggest threats for the nomination. bryan. (nats of shots firing; 0-7 secs
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it's called a rigged economy, and this is how it works. most new wealth flows to the top 1%. it's a system held in place by corrupt politics where wall street banks and billionaires buy elections. my campaign is powered by over a million small contributions, people like you who want to fight back. the truth is you can't change a corrupt system by taking its money. i'm bernie sanders. i approve this message.
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deadly officer-involved shooting. this happened in redding, california..... neighbors called 9- 1-1 to report the man in the video.... was shooting his gun into the air. when officers arrived... they demanded.... the suspect come outside... but... when he came out armed... investigators say... they had no other choice... but to protect their own lives. the man died... on the scene. a night-long ordeal for -17- miners.... in upstate new york is over!!! over!!! a crane hoisted the miners.... to the surface.... at "the cyauga salt mine". the group was starting their
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when their elevator got stuck.. they were trapped... about -9- hundred feet underground... for nearly -10- hours! the miners' manager says... they huddled together for warmth .. and... told jokes... to keep their spirits up. shawn wilczynski/cargill mine manager .. they persevere .. and once again.. it's impressive to see how well they managed the situation.. to be honest with you despite being shaken and cold... the rescued miners waited at the scene... until the last of their co- workers.... were pulled to safety. operations are suspended.... in that part of the salt mine.... until the cause is determined and fixed. in tonight's rwb 2016 politcoverage.. donald trump is raising questions about whether fellow republican ted cruz is eligible to run for president.. and others are now chiming in. john mccain.. who was born on a u-s military base in panama.. says he has questions about cruz's u-s citizenship. the issue came up because cruz
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in canada.. and trump says it needs to be addressed. sot ted cruz " as a legal matter the question is straightforward and settled law that the child of a us citizen born abroad is a natural born citizen." (butted to) sot donald trump "ted, he should ask for a declaratory judgment because that would clear it all up. i'm doing this for the good of ted." cruz.. who was a dual citizen.. renounced his canadian citizenship 18 months ago. democratic presidential candidate martin o'malley stuck around town today after last night's caucus dinner. o'malley addressed the economic club of las vegas at caesars palace for a q-and-a session.. and talked about why his experience as the governor of maryland would make him a good them. so i repealed as a crime the possession of small amounts of marijuana as governor. i restored voting rights to 52-thousand people, we cut our incarceration rate to 20-year-lows even as we reduced
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coming up on action news live at six.. hear why o'malley says raising wages is crucial to america's economic growth. frightening moments for drivers.... along a major highway... when one man begins driving... the wrong way! the whole chase was caught on camera and... wait until you see the man.... get out of the car... plus.. the las vegas area has seen huge growth in the past ten years.. but one road in the middle of it all seems to have hit a dead end.. literally. 13.58.59 it looks like it's graded, it looks like it's been surveyed, but they just havent thrown in the curbs of paved it or whatever's required this man says he's fed up so he turned to us. this man says he's fed up so he turned to us. when you ask, we investigate. and.. later on action news live at 6.. the fbi is investigating a racist letter circulating around the valley.. stamped by a local hoa. vamp over state of the city
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of georgia. laguna is live in studio how he's helping kids stay safe plus boots that are a must have in this week's fashion trend friday at 2 on valley view live.
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b-m-x and reality star rilas vegas mayor carolyn goodman has just taken the podium for her state of the city address. we're live at city hall right now.. so let's listen in. (bring up goodman audio) -- that was mayor carolyn goodman delivering her state of the city address. we'll continue to check in
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newscast to bring you more. you can also watch her full speech as we stream it live on and our new ktnv mobile app. some intense dash cam video out of georgia. the car you see created some terrifying moments for drivers as he led police on a slow-speed chase the wrong way down a major highway. you can see drivers' headlights coming toward the car as it swerves in and out of the lane. police were eventually able to box him in and arrest him. as you can see.. he was barely able to stand up. not surprisingly.. the man is now charged with dui and fleeing from police. as the economy turns around... we're seeing construction picking back up.... here in the valley. but one man says... he's at a dead end with
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when "you ask, we investigate". contact 13.... investigative reporter stephanie zepelin tells us... how one stretch of road.... or lack thereof.... is causing a headache for drivers. i'm standing on rainbow right now, one of the main drags in the valley. but you wouldn't know it from what's under my feet. this whole part is unpaved and undrivable. getting to work, kids to school, and home on time can be a tall order in las vegas, as get where he needs to be would be to go from cactus to rainbow, north. 13.57.56 except for rainbow has about two to three blocks there where it's inaccesible 58.03 they've got it shut down 58.04 we went to check it out ourselves,, and sure enough, the road just ends.... 13.58.59 it looks like it's graded, it looks like it's been surveyed, but they just havent thrown in the curbs of paved it or whatever's required 59.05 and so i was hoping to try and find out what the hold up was 59.08 so he turned to action news, where you ask and we investigate. turns out, this section of
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mountain's edge parkway has been like this forever. but it's never really been an issue until n-dot opened the cactus interchange, creating an exit off i-15 onto cactus, and bringing more traffic to this area. 13.58.15 i found it odd that with mountains edge as well as southern highlands, 21 not having any access to that main road 22 because of a two or three block area 24 i was just curious why that was 26 whether it was a budget issue or a scheduling issue 29 dan kulin says the project is in fact on their schedule. they will start the four-month paving project in may. and he says it could be a sign of growth in the valley. lennar, one of the biggest home builders in vegas, says numbe rs kulin says they don't have any similar projects like this going on. but he says the new ikea and opening of the summerlin aquatic centers are also signs of growth in the valley. breaking news on a fatal crash investigation.
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for the first time.. images of the crash that killed an elderly man on a moped... and we're told.. the driver who hit him.. could be charged with dui. nevada highway patrol says.. on new year's day.. a silver suv going west on betty avenue.. ran a stop sign and hit a black moped. both drivers were thrown from their vehicles. the 71 year old moped driver died at the scene. the 46 year old volvo driver was taken to umc with serious injuries. that's the latest from the breaking news center. adlib let's go to chief meteorologist bryan scofield and 'weather first.' winter weather advisories are still in effect for the spring mountains and sheep range above 5,000 feet through this afternoon. an additional 1-3 inches of snow is expected on mt. charleston with heavier snow totals possible at higher elevetions. a winter storm warning is in effect for western arizona
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2-5 inches of snow are expected above 4,000 feet. take care driving through any mountain passes since slick road conditions are expected all around the area. the pacific ocean is going to continue to throw storms towards the west coast for the next week or so as our classic el nino pattern really comes into its own. that means las vegas will stay generally cloudy through the weekend with peaks of sunshine here and there and a slight chance for showers on saturday. mountainous areas are more likely to see rain showers with snow showers likely above 5,000 feet or so. overnight lows have stayed slightly warmer than normal but some drier air will filter in
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about 5 off those overnight lows. afternoon highs will gradually warm up into the mid and upper 50s by the middle of next week and depending on how much sun sticks around, a few 60s are possible wednesday. we'll be right back with a final check on your forecast from bryan. but first.. a look at some of the stories we're working on.. new on action news live at 6. this is the best i've ever seen at bear." locals in big bear say they
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mile to keep the ski lifts running. winter weather advisories are
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this afternoon. an additional 1-3 inches of snow is expected on mt. effect for western arizona through this afternoon where 2-5 inches of snow are expected above 4,000 feet. before we go... here's a look at what's coming up later.... on abc.... in primetime... at 8:00... it's "beyond the tank"....
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it's "my diet is better than yours"... then we will see you... for action news... live at 11:00. that's our news for now.. but.. stay with us for abc's world news tonight.... up next. we'll see you back here in 30-minutes for action news... live at 6. until then.. thanks for watching and have a
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breaking news tonight. donald trump's new attack. the scathing video about hillary and bill clinton. the massive lines at this hour for blocks, hoping to see trump. and bill clinton tonight, pressed several times on donald trump. what the former president said this time. the attack foiled. the man armed with meat cleaver, pledging allegiance to isis. gunned down by police in paris, and we're on the scene. breaking news here at home.
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the worst start to a new year ever.
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