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tv   Action News 630pm  ABC  January 7, 2016 6:30pm-7:00pm PST

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after a series of storms. the new concern for residents tonight. and.. the standoff between militia members and authorities in oregon is now approaching the 1- week mark. we'll tell you what happened today when the sheriff met with militia leaders. but we begin action news live at 6:30 with more from las vegas mayor carolyn goodman's annual state of the city address. mayor goodman touched on many topics.... during her nearly hour long speech.... including the economic success of downtown and making public safety... a priority. 14:21:08-14:40:15 "public safety continues to be my priority....that isn't safe." a press conference is taking place right now... action news anchor.... jacqui heinrich is there... and... will have more from tonight's "state of the city address" later.... on action news. action news is tracking the latest.... weather developments. a live look outside right now.... where a winter storm warning is in effect.. for parts of the valley.
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bryan scolfield is tracking this storm... and... has more on what we can expect. bryan. . winter weather advisories are still in effect for the spring mountains and sheep range above charleston with heavier snow elevetions. a winter storm warning is in effect for western arizona through this afternoon where 2-5 inches of snow are expected above 4,000 feet. beating... from a series. of el nino storms. more than.... six inches of rain has already fallen...
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and now... the concern is landslides. these boulders shut down a road.... in yosemite. in southern california... thousands of homes are now threatened... by fast moving mud... after a record fire season along the coast... million dollar mansions are also getting pounded.... by high surf. waves up to -25- feet high... helping to create massive sinkholes... like this one. an action news update tonight on the future of solar energy in nevada. tempers flared and a shouting match broke out at today's public utilities comission meeting. 5:00:15 yelling action news reporter parker collins tells us why the conversation broke down. this was certainly a meeting far different than any other i've ever been to. emotions took over, ranging from laughing...yelling...clapp ing--i heard everything. take nat 4:41:20 yelling this is all about net metering. remember in december... the public utilities commission made some big changes...
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charge for solar customers... and paying out less for the energy customers sell back off rooftop solar panels. hundreds of jobs are being cut because of this... now... several groups want to press the pause button... and talk about changing the rates again. today... they're talking about why holding off on the new rates is worth it... take nat 5:11:03 disruption a lot of the anger you hear... is because the commission says some of the issues raised today... should've come up months ago. solar business owners could barely control their emotions. take sot louise helton, 1 sun solar electric 4:29:10-4:29:19 "it takes a lot away frpom your business, i can tell you, but it's a fight we're committed to make. this is too critical an industry for the future of nevada." a final decision on whether to stay the new rates won't come until next week. in the newsroom parker collins channel thirteen action news. action news is following the latest developments.... out of france.
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outside a police station.... in paris. authorities say... the man showed up at the police station..... wielding a knife and wearing what turned out to be.... a fake suicide vest. the incident happened.... on the one year anniversary.... of the charlie hebdo massacre. an update on the standoff between authorities in oregon.. and militia members occupying a federal building. a meeting was held today between harney county sheriff david ward and militia leader ammon bundy. ward asked bundy to respect the wishes of residents and leave the land. they plan to meet again tomorrow in hopes of resolving the standoff peacefully. the protest began on saturday when militia members showed up in support of ranchers dwight and steven hammond who were given prison sentences for arson. new information tonight in the trial of an officer.. accused in the death of freddie gray. a baltimore judge has ordered one of the officers to testify in the trials of two other officers. attorneys for officer william porter are trying to stop that from happening. he's one of six officers charged in gray's death.
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his case lsat month. gray died several days after suffering a spinal injury while in police custody. an action news update..... on the the mother of the so-called.... "affluenza teen" ethan couch. tonya couch is back in custody.... in the state of texas. she faces a charge.... of hindering the apprehension of a felon. you may remember.... her son, ethan, was wanted by authorities... after it appeared.... he violated his probation for killing -4- people.... in a drunk driving accident. ethan couch is still in mexico.... awaiting deportation. a night-long ordeal for -17- miners.... in upstate new york is over!!! a crane hoisted the miners.... to the surface.... at "the cyauga salt mine". the group was starting their shift last night.... when their elevator got stuck.. theypwed... about -9- hundred feet underground... for nearly -10- hours! despite being shaken and cold... the rescued miners waited at the scene... until the last of their co- workers.... were pulled to safety. operations are suspended.... in that part of the salt mine.... until the cause is determined
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the last clark county firefighter to battle the deadly mgm fire back in 1980 today.. in recognition of his service.. clark county firefighters gave captain jon sabol quite the sendoff. chopper 13 was over fire station 34 near durango and oquendo.. as firefighters stood at attention to give captain sabol a send-off salute. an action news update tonight..... on the nevada's school voucher program. a district judge is delaying his decision..... on whether or not the state should pay thousands to parents.... for "private school tuition". a lawsuit filed.... back in august claims... the program violates.... the nevada constitution. education savings accounts payments are scheduled to begin.... february first. the money goes from the state to parents.... who are then.... free to spend it at the school.... of their choice. our reporters have had to hustle to track down some of the coolest gadgets we'll see in the coming months. action news reporter yasmeen hassan found a new smart wheel
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teenage drivers a little less nervous. no closed-captioning coming up... we'll have the latest from the
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the issue over whether or not republican presidential eligible.... to run for president continues.... to heat up. and next in tonight's financial focus.. a major department store chain is set to lay off thousands of employees and close dozens of stores. we'll tell you if it will have any impact on the valley. . winter weather advisories are still in effect for the spring
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we just learned..a minivan police are looking for.. is stolen.
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honda odessey with the keys inside in an east l-a suburb.. a man jumped in.. made the two older girls to get out.. and drove off with 1 year old caleb castro inside. the minivan license number plate... 6 t r z 0 2 5. anyone spotting the vehicle or the baby.. should call 911. that's the latest from the breaking news center. . winter weather advisories are still in effect for the spring mountains and sheep range above 5,000 feet through this afternoon. an additional 1-3 inches o snow is expected on mt. charleston with heavier snow totals possible at higer elevetions. a winter storm warning is in effect for western arizona through this afternoon where snow are expected above 4,000 feet. take care driving through any mountain passes since slick road conditions are expected all around the area. the pacific ocean is going to continue to throw storms
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next week or so as our classic el nino pattern really comes into its own. that means las vegas will stay generally cloudy through the weekend with peaks of sunshine here and there and a slight chance for showers on saturday. mountainous areas are more likely to see rain showers with snow showers likely above 5,000 feet or so. overnight lows have stayed slightly warmer than normal but some drier air will filter in from the north and chop about 5 off those overnight lows. afternoon highs will gradually warm up into the mid and upper 50 bsy the middle of next week and depending on how much sun sticks around, a few 60s are possible wednesday. in tonight's financial focus.. uncertainty about china and the
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economy led to another selloff today.. and this was a big one. dow down 392 nasdaq down 146 sp500 down 47. the big local gaming stocks were really hammered. all were down between 7 and 10 percent. macy's plans to eliminate over 4,000 jobs as it restructures following a disappointing holiday season in all.. 36 stores will close along with one of four credit and customer service centers. no stores in the valley will be closd. macy's plans to invest more in online and mobile shopping which appear to be a bright spot for the business. those numbers are up about 25
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holday shopping season. finally.. sony is rolling out something new at the consumer electronics show for music lovers. it's new turntable. the hi-res turntable lets users digitize their vinyl collection. it features an anti-vibration and anti-skipping design. it's set to hit the market this spring. the price has not yet been announced. that's tonight's 'financial focus.' tonight... more questions about ted cruz's legal right.... to run for president. the texas senator was born in canada.... to an american mother. donald trump is raising concerns about g-o-p rival... ted cruz's eligibilty.... to run for president. the republican frontrunner says... cruz shou go to court and get a judge to rule..... on whether he's a u-s citizen this..... as cruz's poll numbers continue to rise.... ahead of the first caucuses. coming up later.. in tonight's abc primetime
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at 8 -- beyond the tank at 9 -- my diet is better then on action news.. live at 11.. a warning for anyone planning a getaway in the new year. we'll explain what new airline fees you need to be aware of before you book your next flight. plus--we're tracking the very latest as el nino hits several states, including us right here in nevada.. what you can expect heading into this weekend.. the clark county law library and nevadal egal services are offering free classes... for bankruptcy and consumer rights. classes will be held.... every other month.... from february through june. seating is limited... so... call ahead to reserve yourself... a seat. coming up in tonight's health report. we'll look.... at just how safe.... nutritional supplements are. and.. we'll look at the latest health recommendations when it comes to sugar.. cholesterol.. and caffeine. stay with us.
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in tonight'sshould be eating. health officals now reccomend.... limiting the amount of sugars in your diet to no more than.... -10- percent of your daily calories. there is also no longer.... a limit on dietary cholesterol. it's recommended.... that you minimize cholesterol intake and saturated fats... in your diet. another change... the u-s-d-a mentioning caffeine for the first time.... noting that moderate caffeine consumption.... is o-k. vitamins and supplements are big business.. but there's a downside. researchers estimate supplements are responsible for more than 23-thousand emergency room visits every year. 10 percent of them were serious enough to require hospitilization. dietary supplements in the united states don't require safety testing or f-d-a approval before being sold and marketed. so.. unlike prescription drugs.. supplements are considered safe until proven otherwise. bryan has another look at your forecast.... in just a bit. you're watching channel 13
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if you have been looking for an antique or collector bike, you will want to head to the south point hotel and casino this weekend for the most anticipated motorcycle auction of the year. more than 700 antique and collector bikes will be available for purchase. you don't have to buy though to attend. all motorcycle lovers are welcome. clark county's poet laureate bruce isaacson will host a poetry session on january 9th at the winchester cultural stick around after the session for an open reading. the session will begin at noon. the second annual law enforcement appreciation day is taking place january 9th at police memorial park. mayor carolyn goodman and sheriff joe lombardo will make appearances. there will be also be live entertainment, crafts and bounces houses for the kids, food trucks, and more.
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up in the eighties, you will probably remember this band from england. and that's not just because of their music. a flock of seagulls were also known for their totally awesome hair. the band performs january 9th at the suncoast. don't forget! send your vegas photos and videos to or use hashtag i-c-13 on social media. and head to our website for the full list of thirteen things to do in las vegas. with your 13 things to do this week, i'm megan telles
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action news anchor... jacqui heinrich is live from las vegas city hall with more jacqui. 14:21:08-14:40:15 "public safety continues to be my priority....that isn't safe." winter weather advisories are still in effect for the spring mountains and sheep range above 5,000 feet through this afternoon. an additional 1-3 inches of snow is expected on mt. charleston with heavier snow totals possible at higher elevetions.
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effect for western arizona through this afternoon where 2-5 inches of snow are expected above 4,000 feet. take care driving through any mountain passes since slick road conditions are expected all around the area. that's action news for now.. but... we hope to see you again later tonight.... for action news.. live at 11. thank you for joining us. "inside edition" is next. have a great evening.. right now mayor carolyn goodman is wrapping up her state of
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uh-uh! >> get off my stage! sharon osbourne's swift kick. what they're saying today. >> sheryl and i kicked his ass. >> and where we found the rude dude. >> you want her to apologize to you? come on. screw then, bank robber.
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