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tv   Action News 3PM  ABC  January 8, 2016 3:00pm-3:30pm PST

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no details on exactly what the passenger was doing that called for the emergency landing but fortunately, we can confirm no passengers were hurt. and a third breaking story right now... terminal one at los angeles international airport has been reopened after it was evacuated shortly before 2:00 due to a bomb threat. no specifics were revealed about the threat but just minutes ago, officials gave the all-clear. and here's a breaking news update on a story with huge international implications.. the mexican drug lord known as "el chapo"... whose dramatic escape from a maximum security prison was caught on surveillance... has been captured. abc's kenneth moton has more on the deadly raid and shootout that led to his arrest after being on the run for seven months. joaquin "el chapo" guzman....captured. mexico marines confirmed to abc news he was taken down during a raid and shootout in the western state of sinaloa this morning.
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spanish "mission accomplished: we have him." el of the biggest and most dangerous druglords in the world has been on the run for 7 months. his daring escape from this maximum security prison near mexico city sparked an international manhunt and a massive investigation. over the summer, abc news was under ground and inside the 1-mile tunnel el chapo used to travel from his prison cell to a house. the escape route...well lit, ventilated, custom built to his height. there was even a modified motorcycle to help carve the passageway. sot matte michael vigil/fmr dea chief of international operations the tunnel, given its length, sophistication, i'd estimate it probably cost at least $5 million dollars, but to chapo given his enormous wealth that would be like $5 to me. the leader of the sinaloa cartel had the resources and a wide reach. u.s. from mexico each year. sot brad garrettabc news counterterrorism it is a very
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this off particularly when you consider all the potential resources el chapo has at his disposal (kenneth standup close) it was el chapo's second escape so the work begins to make sure he stays behind bars. at one point, the dea wanted the druglord here because he's been charged with several crimes in the us. but no word if he'll be transferred across the border. kenneth moton, abc news washington. new information on an inmate who tried to hire a hitman to murder a witness in 25- year-old kevin ware told an undercover officer he would pay him five-thousand dollars to quote "take out the trash" referring to the sole witness in his case. ware was arrested back in august following the june robbery of a subway on maryland near wigwam. police say he shot a clerk several times when she tried to defend herself. ware now faces s an additional charge of solicitation to commit murder along with existing charges of attempted murder and robbery with a
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a developing story we've been following... a family business ripped apart by fire... we have surveillance video of the arsonists torching two shuttle vans. you can see them roll up in a dark car... and take off seconds after flames erupt. this happened around three thirty a-m... near charleston and fremont. this isn't the first time targedy has struck this family. just days ago... someone put sugar in their vans gas tanks. face off camera 12:13:25-12:13:29 "is this the end of your business? no of if you know anything, call e. an update now to breaking news we brought you at midday... an inmate has died at a correction center up in carson city... he's been identified as 67- year-old sherwood jordan. he had been in prison since 2004...serving a life sentenced for lewdness with a minor and sexual assault with a person under 16. an autopsy is set to take
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(adlib about live look outside) let's go to chief meteorologist bryan scofield and 'weather first.' right now... lines are around the block for people looking to pick up the lucky pushing towards the west coast for this weekend but it won't right now... lines are around the block for people looking to pick up the
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powerball ticket that will make them 800-million dollars richer... action news reporter michael burton is in primm amongst all the madness and joins us now live... michael, what's it like out there? rikki - i'm inspired by the all the people out here willing to wait in this long line. take a look. it wraps around the building and stretches back about the length of a football field. i've never seen anything like it - but hey - when it comes to 800 million dollars - people are ready to make some sacrifices. "i did a 16 hour shift last night. it's crazy. i have not been to sleep. i'm exhausted." "tell us where you're from. columbus, georgia." "i thought they'd have a line for handicap. nope. we have to go all the way back there."
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going to stand in the way of the people out here today. i'm told the wait is about 3 hours - and it's pretty chilly and windy out here so people are bundled up - and trying move their bodies just to stay warm. when you have to stand out here for so long - it kind of forces you to make new friends and that's exactly what's happening. everyone's exchanging ideas on how to spend the money. "i'd like to take a road trip in a limousine and have my champagne." "i would spread it out with friends and family and buy a house." "i think i would spend it on a car." 12 secs as you can see - we've got so many different personalities out here today - we'll show you more a little later on in the newscast. live in primm - michael burton - channel 13 action news. developing now, a scandal at
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a chinese hoverboard booth...for suspected patent infringement! here's the video from bloomberg business. you see the marshalls boxing up hoverboards and grabbing signs and fliers promoting the chinese company...called changzhou first international trade company. bloomberg says "future motion" turned in the chinese company for making a product that was too similar to their's. the marshalls told bloomberg they were there to serve a court order. c-e-s just gave us this statement...saying they quote "support intellectual property rights and the rule of law." a man is behind bars... accused of trying to kill his neighbors over a dog. but he says he's innocent and is sharing his side of the story.. it's a jailhouse interview you'll only see on action news. plus... tense moments on one united airlines flight. the plane forced to make an emergency landing when a
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we'll show you that fight caught on video...and what witnesses are saying about the whole ordeal. and a look at today's closing numbers.. the dow is down 179 points closing at 17,425.
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the man arrested for trying to kill his neighbors over a dog is speaking out from his jail cell. nye county deputies say paul applegate confessed.. he shot at his neighbor's house...because he believed their dog killed his mom's pomeranian. but in our exclusive jailhouse interview, applegate said.. he never confessed. he said he was on drugs when he talked to police. "i was high on crack and i was high on meth. i did not do the shooting at all. all i know is i'm an innocent man being in jail." applegate also told us he didn't shoot at his neighbors.. them. but that's not what his mom says. she told us paul did want to get revenge on the family for killing her pomeranian. he didn't tell me he tried to
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wanted to scare him so he won't bother you anymore mom applegate's mom said he had just moved in with her to start a new life.. he now faces several charges.. including attempted murder. it's a hidden danger in countless homes -- falling furniture. and unfortuntately, it's claiming lives....more often than you think. now, retailer ikea is facing two wrongful death lawsuits. a scare in the sky after a
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woman reportedly attacks a flight attendant. the united airlines shuttle with 69 passengers and four crew members took off from new york's laguardia airport thursday evening for chicago. 30 minutes into the flight the woman reportedly asked if she could get off the plane. when she was told "no" .. passengers say she erupted. sot - matthew goldgraben//passenger she ripped the flight attendant pearl neckless off and scratched her face up and ..
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happening 3 men had pulled her off and were trying to keep her calm and then she tried to attack another female pass. the passengers used a necktie to tie the woman up and keep her calm. at one point she reportedly shouted she was bipolar. the pilot diverted to detroit where police took the woman off the plane. it then continued to chicago arriving about an hour late. day three of ces is under way and we're getting a look at some of the hot products garnering a lot of attention at this year's expo. action news reporter yasmeen hassan shows us one product that could completely change the way you wake up in the morning. - ces 2016 - laura hubbard - consumer technology association - light to slowly wake you up and put you to sleep - track sleeping habits - nox smart sleep light - las vegas convention center - reporting from ces yasmeen hassan channel 13 action news.
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the san diego area of california caused by the el nino storm system. roads had to be closed as san diego area of california caused by the el nino storm system. roads had to be closed as 15-to-20 foot high waves crashed onto the boardwalk. this was just the latest of nearly a week-long storm system that has drenched california -- even forcing some residents to evacuate their homes due to the threat of mudslides. adlib let's go to chief meteorologist bryan scofield and 'weather first.'
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is pushing towards the west coast for this weekend but it won't make a run at southern california like the last several. this storm will make a left turn and push north dragging the cold front and most of the moisture along the west coast and leaving it in california. a weak system will form at the tail end of the cold front but it'll form over land and will be moisture starved which means lots of clouds, but not a lot of rain. that leaves saturday with a mixture of sun and clouds, increasing the cloud cover in the afternoon and evening. the best shot for any precipitation will come saturday evening and overnight into sunday morning and will be spotty at best. really this is an isolated sprinkle kind of rain with up to one one-hundredth of an inch possible in the heaviest showers. another break in the clouds comes for sunday with partly cloudy skies before yet another system pushes into central and northern california bringing more thick cloud cover for tuesday and wednesday of next week. with the cloud cover high
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to mid 50s with lows ranging between 34 and 41 depending on clouds through the night. in today's contact 13 consumer
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the dangers of falling furniture -- it's something that happens more often than you might think in homes with young children. and now ikea is facing a new wrongful death suit after a toddler was killed by a dresser. abc's clayton sandell has the details (montage + suspense music) it's the hidden danger in countless american homes?. nats - psa falling dresser furniture tipping - and falling on children. (pics of kids) in two wrongful death lawsuits - one filed days ago and another in may of last year... the families of camden ellis and curren collas - both two - say the boys were crushed by falling ikea dressers. (gfx) the lawsuits claim ikea knew the furniture "? lacked counterbalancing weight? causing the dresser to be top- heavy and front-heavy ?" - something ikea denies.
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the federal government says it's not just ikea? (credit on screen: u.s. consumer product safety commission) falling furniture and tvs send a child to the hospital every 24 minutes? and every two weeks, one is killed. nats - psa / mom: i went to wake him from his nap at dinnertime and he was under his the cpsc and ikea announced that 27 million of chests and dressers were potentially unsafe if unsecured. instead of a recall, they launched their "secure it" program? making free anchor kits available to consumers... sandell standup/demo (please use quick cutaway to close-up shot of brackets with box markers): we put this ikea dresser together ourselves and you can see, these are the (keyable gfx) brackets that they say you must use in order to anchor it to the wall. but it's (keyable gfx) voluntary and if you don't do this is what can happen. (falls over) (gfx) ikea says it won't comment on the pending litigation, but that they are "committed to product safety lawyer for collas and ellis families: the anchor kits are not enough. the first thing they need to
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for good morning america, clayton sandell, abc news, los angeles. a new letter with an old message, is circling in one valley neighborhood's mailboxes. sot anthony tully, lives in spring valley to see someone go about and try to hurt other people like that, it hurts me now the company being accused is fighting back... saying they're innocent and working to catch the suspect! this raging fire forced more
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missouri today. residents quickly evacuated... some reportedly jumping out of the building. firefighters say the front of the building collapsed. the back of it was partially collapsed. and the roof caved in. at least two people were taken to the hospital. no word on their conditions. over a dozen people were displaced due to the fire. no word on what started the fire. another round of racist letters are showing up in spring valley.
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authorities are trying to figure out if this is the same person, or a copy cat. the letters ask homeowners not to sell or rent to some minorities, because they want to "keep spring valley white." the notes are being sent out on the letterhead for the h-o-a's law firm. but the law firm say they have nothing to do with these racist notes, and they're hurting their business. sot john leach to put that in print and circulate that. and then to give false light that it's coming from somebody else is horrible the law firm is asking anyone who receives the letter to put it in a plastic bag and send it to police, so it can help them track down the person responsible. coming up on action news live at 3:30... a philadelphia police officer is recovering after being ambushed and shot overnight... now we're learning more about the shooter and his possible ties to the terror group isis. plus... new allegations against a c-c-s-d teacher accused of taking advantage of a student.
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accuser. and remember you can get all your breaking news and weather updates anytime just by downloading the free ktnv mobile app for your smartphone or tablet.
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