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tv   Good Morning Las Vegas 6AM  ABC  January 10, 2016 6:00am-7:00am PST

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the u-s box office... thanks, in part, to the big success of his latest film "star wars: the force awakens." the 73-year-old has an impressive 41 movies under his belt. ford bumped samuel l. jackson to second place. his earnings are at 4-point-6 million dollars. tom hanks, morgan freeman and eddie murphy round out the top five. you can check out all of the stories that are trending today.. just head to our website, and click on "now trending" another full hour of news and weather starts right now... good morning las vegas... i'm elizabeth gadley.... a deadly night on the roadways... three seperate crashes to tell you about... in the first one... 2 people are dead after a bad crash on boulder highway and d.i.... this happened last night around 10 thirty...this is video from the scene.... metro telling us two vehicles were involved in this crash... the driver and a passenger in one of the vehicles were taken to the hospital in critical condition but later died.... the driver in the other vehicle was also taken to the hospital
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police say they're in the very early stages of their investigation. this crash accounts for three deaths on the valley's roadways, this weekend alone. we expect more information at some point this morning and will keep you updated. and we're following another fatal accident... this one happening about 20 miles north of town on the 15... all we know is one person has died in a crash on southbound 15 just north of the 93 intersection. as a result, the southbound lanes on the 15 are closed right now, so be aware if you're heading in that direction. the next accident we're following happened near the strip just a few hours ago... police telling us a pedestrian was hit by a car near koval and tropicana... we do know that person was taken to the hospital, but we aren't sure of their condition right now. when our photographer got to the scene, much of it was cleared... metro is investigating and we'll bring an update when we get it. shifting gears to weather, where some areas in southern nevada are getting some showers
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with more on that let's get to carlo falco... good morning carlo. ((ad-lib)) a weak area of low pressure is pushing over las vegas right now. it is very moisture starved and doesn't have much power behind it either and therefore will about a trace to a couple hundredths of an inch of rain are expected out of this little system before it departs. clouds thin out through the afternoon hours and we'll likely even get to mostly sunny with lows right around freezing for many parts of the valley. drop to about 32 or so. the rest of the week will be dry but sky conditions will be golden state but won't produce any showers for nevada. those storms will toss some thick high level clouds over highs will stay around 55 throughout the week. a developing story this morning.... the hunt continues for suspects
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inn and fort apache. right now, police are searching for multiple male suspects. according to officers... the homeowners were inside when the suspects forced their way in and they were held against thier will. the men eventually took off. metros used a helicopter and k-9s but had no luck in catching the suspects. this certainly made for a scary situation for people who live in the area who say this happened in a relatively quite neighborhood. i'm really thankful that we have officers like we do today that help people like ourselves that are trying to be safe... i've been here 26 years and never...anything like this.. people in the area were told to stay inside as the search continued.
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story as it continues to develop. an action news update on the powerball maddness sweeping the nation. by now, you've probably checked your lottery tickets....and this morning, we've learned there are no winners, so far, for last night's jackpot... action news headed out to the lotto store in primm last night where the lines have been massive the last few days. there was about a two hour wait and some unfortunate customers were turned away at the last minute when doors closed. 14:48:59 - 14:49:11 "it took us an hour to drive out here. i'm still going to be positive, because i believe that one fortunate person is going to get this." that woman was unable to buy a ticket,then in an almost unbelievalbe gesture of kindness, a total stranger gave her a ticket for free. the next drawing will be on wednesday for an absolutely astounding estimate of 1-point-3 billion dollars. an update this morning on a
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police have arrested "brandon olds" in the fatal stabbing of a man last month at an apartment complex on harmon avenue. authorities say the victim died after being stabbed during a fight with olds. the victim has not been identified. no word on what started that fight. nye county sheriff's deputies have made two arrests after a man allegedly shot at a woman inside a pahrump casino. lee anthony daniels and desiree lewis were both arrested on charges ranging from attempted murder to assault with a deadly weapon. authorities say daniels got into an argument with a woman inside a cafe at the pahrump nugget hotel-casino and allegedly fired a shot at her before fleeing in a vehicle driven by lewis. the victim was hospitalized for a non-life-threatening injury to her leg. new this morning.... a formerly homeless vet from las vegas will sit with michelle obama during tuesday night's state of the union address... cynthis dias served during the vietnam war and says here years of homelessness are because of post- traumatic stress disorder. dias says she was able to move
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former downtown motel that's been renovated to provide housing for vets. the obama administration is challenging local leaders to do more to reduce veteran homelessness. now for the latest developments in the arrest of notorious drug lord "el chapo" joaquin guzman is back behind bars after months on the run. this morning...we're learning he met with actor sean penn before he was captured. abc's matt gutman is in mexico city with more on the capture. he wanted to spin his infamy - into celebrity. instead - "el chapo" - drug kingpin and one of the world's most wanted criminals - is back in handcuffs. nats the drug lord paraded in front of cameras as authorities rushed him back to the same super max prison he tunneled his way out of last year. nats but after months on the run - special forces finally catching up with joaquin guzman?. and the attorney general says that's thanks to "el chapo" himself? and a healthy dose of vanity. apparently, after his escape last year, the infamous
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about him - so his people reached out to local producers and actors. those communications helped track him down. nats the final showdown playing out in his home state - mexican marines raiding a house - killing five of el chapo's men and seizing these weapons - sewer tunnels and hijacked a vehicle? you see him once he was caught in that filthy tank top. natsot - "mission compledo" mexican officials quickly declaring "mission accomplished." (gfx) the u-s department of justice calling the arrest "..a victory for the citizens of both mexico and the united states?" he faces charges in multiple u-s districts? for murder and drugs - but so far, no word on extradition. matt gutman, abc news, los mochis, mexico. good morning everyone! coming up...a massive explosion rocks a neighborhood... leaving this fire to burn for hours! we'll tell you what fire crews are saying started this
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plus, severe weather hammers parts of the southeast...residents there cleaning up this morning. more on these storms, coming up!
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severe stormsout of the ground and homes damaged. flooding made steets and parking lots look more like ponds. homeowners will be busy this morning picking up the debris which litters several yards. it shocked us..came out of nowhere "we have a bouncy's like two blocks down the road." some good news this
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injuries reported. ((ad-lib at open set with live
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time now for a look at your problem solver traffic. here's micah manalo. sad news out of oklahoma this morning where winter weather is to blame for a crash that
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the oklahoma highway patrol says a van crashed into a semi truck yesterday.... troopers say the roads were wet and the minivan hydroplaned across the center line and hit the semi head on. six of the seven people in the van died on impact. the identities or ages of the victims haven't been released. a developing story out of california.... protesters turned out in
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demanding the shutdown of a storage facility where a massive gas leak started. the leak has been going on for months and is being blamed on a number of health problems. southern california gas company says they don't expect the leak to be contained until march. health officials say it doesn't pose long-term health problems, but people in the area disagree. sot - maureen capra, porter ranch "not only is it in the air, it's in my house, it's in my furniture, it's in my body. my daughter - her sons won't come over to our house anymore. (breaks down crying) - she doesn't want them over there anymore cause they'll get sick." (sobs) the leak is happening more than 8-thousand feet underground... southern california gas is planning to capture and burn some of the escaping gas. the company is also digging a relief well to stop the leak. turning to video out of texas where a gas explosion is to blame for this massive fire. the explosion happened around 4 yesterday afternoon and continued burning through the evening. the explosion was so big some viewers to a local station reported feeling earthquake
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and smoke for miles! sheriff deputies evacuated nearby residential areas, but they say most people weren't home. thankfully no injuries were reported. an update on the standoff in oregon. it's been over a week since the standoff began. tensions continue to mount in burns as armed protestors occupy the national wildlife refuge. ammon bundy and his militia group have rejected the sheriff's offer of a peaceful resolution. wanda moore has the latest. it's the day after the meeting with the sheriff...but as one of the group leaders walks up to the press conference his grandchild in his's to you: not a minute too early." ... they're just getting started bundy is emotional...his voice breaks as he talks about the hammonds. "what are we to do? are we just to go home and let these things become the normal?" he
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sheriff went well...and that he appreciated the offer of being escorted safely out of the state "we will take that offer. but not yet." more ranchers have come up to the refuge... john pratt from southern utah "we drove the 10 or 12 hours that it takes to get here and we were welcomed in." not just supporters arriving at the refuge center of western priorites barrett kaiser "i'm an american too, i love my country. you wanna talk about the consitution? i feel like my rights are being violated here." barrett kaiser is with the center of western priorities...a conservation group out of montana. "ultimately what would happen is states would sell these lands and for someone like me i wouldn't be able to hunt and things i'm saying, amongst this crowd, it's difficult to do but someone has to stand up. ultimately what they're doing is bullying people." a burns resident walks up to bundy after the press conference "you say we're behind you. we're not behind what's happening now.
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that the people of burns are behind you." "there are a lot of them who are." "yeah but not a majority as he claims." as we finish the first week of occupation...the community is divided. "they need to be charged. they need to be proseucted to the fullest extend of the law. and still no word on what the fbi will do. straight ahead...a warning about a dangerous drug.... law enforcement wants you to know these pills aren't what you think they are. an already dangerous drug is taking new form... this story and more...coming up! you're watching good morning las vegas on channel 13. we'll be right back on this
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alarm for parents and law enforcement to know about this
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already dangerous drug. the pills are a result of drug traffickers using old pill presses to disguise heroin from law enforcement. without the hassles of needles.. these pills can easily be passed around.. even get to kids. parents could easily mistake these pills for something else. bondi - 1:31 - some of them are even marked to look like a prescription drug pill. it's so frightening, parents have to know that. experts fear more people will be inclined to use the drug if it's in pill form instead of using a needle. time now for the latest consumer news from contact 13. united airlines has been fined 2-point- 75- million dollars the penalty is for... the airline's treatment of disabled passengers and for lengthy tarmac delays. the department of transportation began investigating united after noting a significant increase in the number of disability-related complaints it was receiving. u.s. safety regulators have determined that only fiat chrysler radios have a security
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to take control of a jeep. the investigation began back in july when security experts were able to change the vehicles speed and control the brakes through the vehicles radio. other automakers that use the same radio had proper security measures in place to prevent hacking. 1-point-4 miillion vehicles were recalled due to the security flaw. do you agree with clark county... about the property value of your home? if you received your property tax assessment for 20-16 and feel it's too high you have the right to appeal! the deadline to submit an appeal is january -15-th so you don't have much time. we have the information about how to fill out the clark county appeal at k-t-n-v dot com. just type "links" in the search box. contact 13 is ready to help you with a consumer problem. just call one of our volunteers any weekday between 11am and 1pm at 368-2255. good morning las vegas.. still ahead this morning... a special ribbon cutting for a unique medical marijuana, what the
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of "sahara wellness." plus, we'll show you how community members are giving back to local law enforcement
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it's about time the taco...came out of its shell. that sound. like nails on a chalkboard. but listen to this: (family talking) that's a different kind of sound. the sound of the weekend. unleash the power of dough.
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had anything to do with this. good morning las vegas! i'm ... the time now is ... let's get started with a weather first check with carlo falco! good morning carlo. ((ad-lib)) ((ad-lib)) a woman is dead after an r-t-c bus slams into a bus stop near
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and dean martin... adding to an already deadly weekend on the valley roads. it all happened around 5 yesterday morning... police say the woman was sitting under the bus shelter -
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control and drove right into it. the victim was pronounced dead on scene. action news reporter michael burton has the full story. shattered glass. a bus shelter - bent out of shape. marks on the ground - where shoes were found. "today have a bus come on the sidewalk and kill somebody is very scary." the bus stop is halfway between polaris and dean martin - on the south side of tropicana - where michael 10 to 15 feet away from it and i wait until the bus stops before i walk to it." police say the woman was sitting under the bus shelter. the r-t-c bus driver lost control and drove onto the sidewalk. destroying the shelter and killing the woman. authorities marked where they found her shoes - and where the bus came to a halt - hundreds of feet away the stop. they say the body was so mutilated - it took them longer than usual to determine the victim's gender. "i mean this is a horrible
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horrible tragedy." police say they don't believe the driver was under the influence - but they are still waiting for test results. "if it turns out that he was impaired, those charges go up to felony dui's. i don't think that's going to happen so we're looking at a vehicular manslaughter charge at a minimum right now." commuters describe the traffic on tropicana as reckless. "there's a lot of accidents, a lot of drunk drivers and stuff like that." they hope the city will now consider redesigning or moving the bus stop. the other deadly accident on the valley roads this weekend.... one person died after a motorcycle crashed into a pole on dean martin - underneath the flamingo overpass...this wasn't too far from the bus stop crash and happened just hours before. the victim was rushed to u-m-c but did not survive. the accident is under investigation.
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police are investigating an accident in a scooter and a pick-up truck towing a trailer. the accident happened near bonanza and clarkway drive. authorites say the truck turned in front of the scooter, causing the rider to lose control and skid across the pavement. that rider was taken to umc with life-threatening injuries. a peacful ending to a wild police chase in california.... the suspect, described as armed and dangerous, led authorities on a number of side streets around the bell area yesterday evening. no word on whether or not the vehicle was stolen. after about an hour the driver stopped and surrendered. a big ribbon cutting ceremony took place at 4:20 yesterday afternoon.... sahara wellness is the first all- female-owned medical marijuana dispensary in nevada. the opening has been years in the making and the owners say it's a place patients can feel comfortable. brenda gunzallus/co-owner 26:53:12 - 27:03:05 "for patients we wanted to provide a
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a place where they really felt say they are looking forward to helping other women feel more comfortable about getting their prescribed medicine. sahara wellness will officially open it's doors to patients on monday at 10 a.m. now for a story that's positively las vegas. the second annual law enforcement appreciation day was held yesterday afternoon at police memorial park. the event brings together officers and community members.... and is a way of saying thanks for everything they do for our community. clark county school district police and land rover las vegas teamed up yesterday to help keep kids safe while riding their bikes, scooters, skateboards and hoverboards. parents were able to get a brand new helmet for their child for free! people who showed up also got a chance to meet local pro b-m-x'er ricardo laguna.. and some of his riding friends the extreme drone racing circuit returned to las vegas... the event features over 60 drone pilot's from around the world competing head-to-head...
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sponsorships. organizers call it the world's most challenging course. the competition took place at zappos headquarters downtown. drone pilots race by guiding their drone using special video goggles that allow them to see the race from the drone's perspective. when good morning las vegas returns... gop presidential candidate marco rubio on the campaign trail... and is met with some protestors for the first time this
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foreccsters say the recent el nino spoiled residents with warmer-than- usual weather over the past few weeks. this afternoon's n-f-l game between the minnesota vikings
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expected to be one of the coldest playoff games in the history of the league..with a forecasted temperature of 1 degree!! california residents have el-nino weather to thank for all the snow in the mountains near palm springs. for the first time in over 4 years the palm springs adventure center is open. so many people have made the trek to play in the snow that there is a 4 hour wait some weekends just to use the gondola.
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cancer rates continue to drop,
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a new study shows a concerning difference between men and women. with more, here's abc news senior medical contributor dr. timothy johnson. 1.5 million americans will face the diagnosis in 2016. cancer. the good news ?is that that's fewer than before. cancer rates are going down, according to a new study by the american cancer society. but this same report ? finds a big disparity between the sexes. cancer rates have dropped in men since 2009, but not in women -- where they've stayed about the same for nearly two decades. why? well part is due to changes in screening for men : a big drop in the diagnosis of prostate cancer, as routine prostate screening falls out of favor in recent years, since most of the cancers found were not life- threatening. but another difference? is that lung cancer in women is hitting a plateau because they now
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usually for longer. some good news for both men and women? death rates from cancer have dropped by 23 percent since 1991. a promising sign? that holds hope for everyone in the future. with this medical minute, i'm dr. timothy johnson. crushed turning now to the race for the white house... in a turn of presidential candidate jeb bush is saying democratic frontrunner hillary clinton would actually "crush" one of his gop contenders. of course, he's talking about frontrunner, donald trump.. who bush continues to take jabs at....take a listen... "in some, you know, weird kind of alternative universe if he was the nominee he would get crushed by hillary clinton. i do believe that." bush made those comments during a campaign stop in south carolina yesterday. a recent poll released by fox news shows bush trailing much of the gop field, only pulling 4 percent. speaking of trump... the gop frontrunner will make
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state today. he's holding a rally at the reno events center...this comes only two months after he drew a large crowd at a nearby hotel. trump is facing some heat this weekend after a muslim woman was thrown out of his rally while silently protesting, so no doubt, tonight's rally should be interesting. senator marco rubio was repeatedly heckled over his immigration platform during a forum on poverty in south carolina this weekend. not long after rubio started speaking, five separate groups of protesters stood up to interrupt the florida senator. listen to his response... the second thing we have to do is allow businesses....we're gonna enforce our immigration laws guys... the protests marked the first time rubio has been interrupted in such a fashion on the campaign trail. none of the other candidates who appeared at the forum were interrupted. rubio kept calm as security removed the protesters. on the democratic side of things, hillary clinton has
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her republican rivals. it features clips from donald trump, ted cruz, chris christie and jeb bush. a narrator calls the g-o-p candidates "backwards, even dangerous"... and points to hillary as the only candidate to stop them, calling her "tested and tough." the ad, titled "incredible" will air in iowa and new hampshire. the republican national committee quickly criticized clinton over the ad. democratic candidate martin o'malley spent his saturday in iowa talking about the upcoming democratic debate. the requirements were recently revealed and there's a chance he may not qualify. if his polls drop in iowa, he won't be on the stage for the next debate. o'malley told voters, if 16 republican candidates can fill a stage, three democrats should be accommodated too. when good morning las vegas returns... jobseekers we have the perfect event to tell you about--coming up next!
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job fair to fill 75 positions in time for its march 2016 opening. here to talk about the upcoming job fair is allison raskansky with speed vegas. allison raskansky, executive vice president of business development 1. when where is the job fair? 2. what sort of skills are you looking for in candidates? 3.
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available? 4. any suggestions to job candidates looking to stand out? 5. what exactly is speedvegas? 6. when will the attraction open to the public? 7. how can people find out more about the job fair? the speedvegas job fair is going on
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8 pm and wednesday jan.
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pm at at gaudin porsche of las vegas... that's at the 215 and rainbow boulevard. speedvegas job fair gaudin
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look for.
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where wall street banksand billionaires buy elections. my campaign is powered by overa million small contributions, people like you who want to fight back. the truth is you can't change a corrupt system by taking its money.
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one valley man is pretty happy right now. james salinas was presented with a check for nearly 1-million-dollars at the westgate las vegas resort and casino. salinas was the winner of the 2015 pro-football super contest, beating out over 17-hundred other contestants. salinas says this is a life- changing moment for him and his family and will use some of the winnings to pay for his kids' college expenses. thanks for joining us this morning. good morning america is up next.
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for another full hour of the day's top stories and weather headlines. search for home invasion susp good morning, america.
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