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tv   Action News 6pm  ABC  January 10, 2016 6:00pm-7:00pm PST

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arrived...just in time. kilcoynes girlfriend was hiding in the bathroom...shes the one who called 911. he tells me his home was invaded about a month and a half ago... that incdent was brief... they didnt get control of his house. who is responsible? kilcoyne feels that word got around the neighborhood...through children of acquaintences...that he had money in a safe... thats not true... the suspects jumped out the window... were ablemto get away...for now... coming up at 11... we will tell you what they left behind it's been a deadly 24 hours on the valley roads. two people were killed and a third injured when 2 cars collided at the intersection of boulder highway and desert inn. the driver and a passenger in one of the vehicles were taken to the hospital in critical condition but later died.... the driver in the other vehicle was also taken to the hospital with serious injuries. no word yet on whether alcohol or speed were factors in the crash. another fatal crash this morning. this one happening on the i-15 just north of the 93 intersection.
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cadillac died after rear ending a semi-truck. the accident forced the closure of the southbound lanes on the 15 for several hours. the passengers and semi-truck driver were not hurt in the crash. two more people dead on valley roads tonight -- after an s-u-v drives off a bridge in north las vegas. action news reporter david schuman followed the story all day.. tweeting updates and pictures from the scene. he joins us live from carey and losee with the latest. david. this was a one-vehicle crash and investigators are still figuring out why it happened. we know the car was speeding east down carey and somehow swerved left through the bridge's fencing. the vehicle ended up with its wheels in the air next to the pacific union railroad tracks. two people in the car -- a man
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-- were both killed on impact. police are looking at if the driver had been drinking. this is the first deadly crash of the year in north las vegas. we're still waiting to learn from police how old these people were as well as where they were from. reporting live..david 13 action news. right now.. families in southwest florida are cleaning up the damage left by a tornado. experts say the tornado's winds reached 135 mile per hour. while numerous families are without power.. as you can see in the video.. no home was destroyed. there are no reports of any serious injuries or deaths. here's live look at las vegas. meteorologist is tracking our weather right now. karla, what can we expect as we kick of another work week? ad-lib pretty quiet weather is expected for the first part of the workweek with high clouds
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and tuesday and highs in the low to mid 50s. wednesday will also see highs in the mid 50s, but we will start to feel the effects of a series of systems that will affect the region wednesday afternoon through the weekend. the first pacific system will bring slight chances for valley rain and mountain snow wednesday afternoon through early thursday. developing now.. a protest in oregon is stretching into its second week. developing now.. a protest in oregon is
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week. lawmakers from around the northwest met with protestors outside burns today. but there's no word tonight on what came out of the meeting. the makeshift militia taking over a wildlife refuge is growing this weekend.. joined by the armed group called the pacific patriot network. following another developing story. this picture of el chapo.. and actor sean penn..taken just three month's before the drug lord's arrest. the kingpin back is in handcuffs. re-arrested friday after six months on the run. mexican government sources tell abc news that penn and del castillo are under investigation for their "interview" with el chapo. the u-s department of justice is not commenting, but could consider penn as a working
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not see him a aajo ia 3-year old boy.. in diapers.. charging down a florida highway on his big wheel. bear in mind.. the speed limit on highwy 19 in crystal river is 55 miles an hour. these pictures show the 3 year old after several cars boxed him. but he wasn't having it.. and tried to break-out. citrus county deputies say the little boy was able to escape his home wednesday morning through an unlocked door.. then make it a quarter of a mile away on the motorized big wheel. the little boy's father showed but child services is investigating. moving to developing weather in the northeast. a massive storm is sweeping across new england. a wind advisory just ended in portland, maine. forecasters reported sustained winds at about 35 miles per
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in minnesota they're playing in the snow. a family in minnesota built a giant octopus in their front yard. the 18-foot monster is a snow sculpture created by three brothers. they make a new sculpture in new brighton every winter to raise money for charity. it took them five-hundred hours this year to make the massive squid. their goal is to raise 10-thousand dollars for bringing clean water to haiti. i hope the bundled up.. because it is cold there right now. tomorrow's high is ten degrees... and tuesday is just one degree! ad-lib pretty quiet weather is expected for the first part of the workweek with high clouds and dry conditions on monday and tuesday and highs in the low to mid 50s.
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in the mid 50s, but we will start to feel the effects of a series of systems that will affect the region wednesday afternoon through the weekend. the first pacific system will bring slight chances for valley rain and mountain snow wednesday afternoon through early thursday. the next system will follow closely behind and bring another slight chance for precipitation to the area thursday afternoon through early friday. expect high temps in the low to mid 50s thursday and friday. the third system moves in over the weekend, bringing slightly better chances for rain and mountain snow saturday afternoon through early sunday. this system will bring breezy winds on sunday upon its exit. high temps will remain in
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((adlib wx close)) some sea turtles got caught in the rough water last week off of the north carolina coast and needed to be rescued. experts say they're suffering from a condition similar to hypothermia. they're now recovering at a north carolina aquarium. the new star wars movie is dominating in the box office for a fourth straight weekend.
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banking another 41-million dollars. it just became the third best- selling move of all time. the number-two spot this weekend went to "the revenant"... the historic drama with leonardo di caprio raked in 38-million dollars. the revenant is a frontrunner for best drama at the golden globes. along with so many great movies and some amazing performances. abc's chis connelly gives a look at who may be making acceptance speeches later tonight. script: ((gfx)) with fewer than 100 voters casting ballots? and a cinematic landscape strewn with undecided races, expect the golden globes to produce more than its usual share of forehead-smacking surprise winners this evening. nat// pending forehead slap nats// the revenant - leo clad since xmastime in an inevitability cloak, the revenant's leonardo dicaprio is the front-runner in best actor/drama . e's also the nominee most likely to be on the bizness end of a zinger from host ricky
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poured plenty of comedic cyanide into celebrities' champagne glasses?. sot gervais // "the golden globes are to the oscars what kim kardashian is to kate middleton. a bit louder, a bit trashier, a bit drunker, and more easily bought. allegedly. nothing's been proved." (brie larson rc broll- then quick nat from 'room') america may get its first good look at rising star brie larson, with the 26- yr-old talent best actress/drama nominated for the harrowing room.? (spotlight trailer title) while spotlight may be the slight favorite for best movie/drama. then? .. you think this is funny? in best movie/comedy or musical, ridley scott's the martian ..might be bested by the big short , with christian bale and matt damon likely vying ?. on this side of the best actor aisle? (split screen of bale and damon) (stills of lawrence and schumer) while 2015's favorite new bffs jennifer lawrence in joy and amy schumer in trainwreck lead a tough-to-call best actress/comedy coterie. trainwreck nat: "thank you" mysteries abound in the supporting categories?.though sylvester stallone is a sentimental favorite for reprising rocky balboa in creed..and amid a host of
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steve jobs may be the apple of voters' eyes. (tv snow transition) (american horror story - gaga sipping blood) as for television?well?with bleeding-edge nominees from all manner of viewing platforms, the relentlessly fashion- forwardglobes might be drawn to last summer's critical fave-rave mr. robot. ? while best actress drama nominee taraji p. henson may lead the way for empire.? nat// empire: "i'm here to get what's mine" making it a night to remember .for boo- boo kitties everywhere. gas prices keep falling. today the national average for a gallon of regular is about $1.97. that's according to triple-a. in las vegas we're paying a little more.. about $2.51.. a three cent drop from last week. neighborhood pset disappearing! it's a case of catnapping..... pitting neighbor against neighbor... and... casting a shadow over a community non-profit. contact 13.....
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is on the case.... of this captured cat controversy. 19:08 casper: meow! anastasia: shhh. it's okay. casper is still recovering from an experience his owner calls a catnapping. 7:28 a: it's just all shady and it's all wrong! anastasia's family lives in this spring valley neighborhood with their outside. two of them recently went missing for days. she says they came back dirty, malnourished and injured. 2:56 d: one cat was limping? anastasia: yeah, really bad. and they tried to tell me, well, his leg probably got caught in a trap. darcy stand-up with c5 website: the family learned their pets neuter feral cats, then return them to local colonies. but casper and nightshade are not feral. making it even more of wonder why her neighbor called c5 to have the pets trapped. 22:39 hi, i'm darcy spears from channel 13. we were wondering if we could talk with you about what's
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neighbor's cats and what you do working with c5? toby : are you serious? darcy: i'm serious. the man we know only as toby has a feral cat colony on his property. after going inside without a word. he eventually comes back out. 25:19 toby: look, if you've got questions about their program you need to talk to them. d: and i definitely will. we'll be interviewing them. again, we're just trying to talk to everybody who's involved in the story and... toby: i'm not involved in this story. this is between her and c5. d: so she called c5 to have her own cats trapped? t: i don't call c5. d: then how did they come here and trap her cats? t: you're trying to get an interview. you want to leave? go. d: i'm just asking for your side... he finally goes back in for good. and we go to c5 president keith williams... 11:48 keith williams: we don't trap cats at random. who confirms toby is the one who called them in. 8:13 darcy: would you call this unfortunate, an accident, or
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for someone who lets their cats out? keith: yes. darcy: all three? keith: all three. williams says they work hard to avoid trapping people's pets. but at the time they took casper and nightshade, there was a little known law in place. 1:59 d: did you have any idea? a: no! darcy: that your cat had to be on a leash if it was outside? a: no! i had never even heard of that. december first. cats are now allowed to roam free. williams acknowledges the cats had collars, but no i.d. tags or microchips. and, he says neither was neutered. 4:45 keith: according to the documents from the clinic, this cat was not sterilized--these cats were not sterilized. d: their vet records right here show both were. k: okay. casper and nightshade's records show both were neutered years ago. 5:12 darcy: does that mean that these cats may have been put through an unnecessary surgery? keith: no. both cats came back from c5 with the tips of their right ears cut off--a sign that a cat has been sterilized. but williams blames the misinformation on a paperwork
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and, he adds, what happened here is unusual. 8:51 keith: it's vastly more likely to be run over by a car, taken to the shelter and euthanized, eaten by a coyote, than it is to end up in one of our traps. as for anastasia... 17:30 nats with casper: you're gonna be ok. she's keeping a much closer eye on her feline friends. darcy spears, channel 13 action news. new tonight from contact 13.. tonight.. lawmakers are sounding the alarm for parents and law enforcement to know about a new form of an already dangerous drug. the pills are a result of drug traffickers using old pill presses to disguise heroin from law enforcement. without the hassles of needles.. these pills can easily be passed around.. even get to kids. parents could easily take these pills for something else. coming up next. moms and dads.. you'll like this. a new trend in fast food is
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breaking news now.
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breaking news now. unlv men's basketball head coach dave rice has resigned. the runnin' rebels lost their last six games.. according to a statement released by the univeristy. associate head coach tedd simon will serve as interim head coach for the rest of the season right now.. a florida chick-fil-a is doing something all moms can get behind. the lakeland location launched a new service they're calling "mom valet". but it's not just for moms. any parent who wants to eat
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drive-through.. park.. and by the time they get inside.. their table is set with their order.. and highchairs! let's get your work week forecast. meteorologist karla huelga.. what's in store for us? ad-lib pretty quiet weather is expected for the first part of the workweek with high clouds and dry conditions on monday and tuesday and highs in the low to mid 50s. wednesday will also see highs afternoon through the weekend. the first pacific system will bring slight chances for valley rain and mountain snow wednesday afternoon through early thursday. coming up on action news at
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the standoff in oregon has entered its second week. tension continue to escalate after more heavily armed militia members show up new information tonight on the capture of the notorious drug kingpin known as el chapo. how a hollywood actor helped bring an end to the international manhunt. and for breaking news and weather updates anytime.. just download the free ktnv mobile app for your smartphone or tablet. and.. remember...we're now streaming our newscasts at so you can stay informed on any computer .. smartphone.. or tablet.
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the standoff in oregon continues tonight with more heavily armed milita members showing up unannounced. good evening... and thanks for joining us. i'm jacqui heinrich. dozens of members from an armed group showed up at the malheur national wildlife refuge in oregon. that's where anti-government demonstrators took over a building in a federal wildlife refuge more than a week ago. chris liedle has the latest on the continuing standoff. the showdown-- (nats) captured on camera , lasted for just minutes. (nats) "no, no, no, back up." dozens of them, carrying high caliber weapons, stepped out of cars and trucks.. and began pushing reporters and photographers.. off the public road.
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back up, back up." it all took place just steps from the entrance of the malhuer national wildlife refuge-- where, for the last week, ammon bundy and his supporters have called home. the armed group said they were members of the three percenters of idaho, part of the pacific patriot network. we spoke to "brandi hawkins"- a three- percenter member based in oregon. (voice of brandi hawkins/ three percenters) "i can't speak to that particular incident, i don't know what transpired and who caused it, but i would say generally speaking, that is not something you're going to see." the three percenter movement started after the attack on the world trade centers in 2001 -- and formed unofficially in 2011. according to their website, the 3- percenters is a structured group of united patriots who protect american's civil rights against a tyrranical government. (nats) "we are lovers of our country... we are lovers of our constitution. that is what we fight for." a liaison for the bundy crew says the three-percenters showed up on their own to provide security for ammon bundy and the occupiers. the three percenters say - they're in harney county to
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maintain peace. (nats) "this is not about the hammonds, this is not about the bundys, this is about a government who is walking outside the law." --tag--- by 2:30 on saturday, the convoy of 3- percenters had left the harney county. a harney county committee said it's working on a plan to transfer land management power from the federal government to the county. a developing story tonight. the hunt continues tonight for suspects in a home invasion near desert inn and fort apache. right now, police are searching for multiple male suspects. according to officers,the homeowners were inside when the suspects forced their way in and held them against thier will. the men eventually took off. metro used a helicopter and k-9s to search the neighborhood but had no luck in catching the suspects. an action news update tonight on a deadly accident from this week. the victim has been identified as maurice alexander walker from las vegas. walker was killed when his
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on dean martin - underneath the flamingo overpass. he was rushed to u-m-c but didn't not survive. the accident is under investigation. a developing story tonight italian police are investigating the death of an american woman in the city of florence. they say 35-year-old artist ashley olsen was found dead in her apartment yesterday. an italian news agency says she was strangled... but officials say they're still waiting for an autopsy to confirm how she died. her death is investigated as a homicide. they also say say her boyfriend and her landlord found her body, after she hadn't been heard from for days. olsen was from summer haven, florida. in paris today, hundreds of people joined french leaders for a ceremony honoring victims killed in paris terror attacks over the past year. they gathered to remember the 17 people killed in attacks at the offices of the french satirical magazine charlie hebdo and a kosher supermarket a year ago... as well as the 130 deaths in
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remembrance of the victims new information tonight on the capture of the man known as "el chapo" mexican officials are now focusing on a 'secret meeting' between the drug kingpin and a famous hollywood actor. reid binion reports. nat pop days after drug kingpin joaquin "el chapo" guzman was captured by mexican officials -- following his 2nd escape from prison in july-- mexican authorities are now turning their interest to actor sean penn. mexican officials want to question penn over a reported secret meeting with the drug lord. on saturday, published an article written by penn.. featuring an interview done via video messaging with el chapo. q: how did you get involved in the drug business? a: well from the age of 15 and on, where i'm from which is the municipality
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a ranch called la tuna. in that area, and up until today, there are no job opportunities. according to the article, penn met guzman in person back in october .. and during the sit-down the drug lord agreed to an interview at a later time. q: do you think it's true you are responsible for the high level of drug addiction, for the fact that there are so many drugs in the world? a: no, that's false, because the day i don't exist, it's not going to decrease in any way at all drug trafficking? that's false. guzman was recaptured early friday when mexican forces raided a home in the coastal city of los mochis. five of el chapo's people were killed in a shootout.. six others arrested. el chapo was later captured at a nearby motel. the drug lord broke out of a high security prison in july through this elaborate tunnel. prison officials were fired -- and dozens of people charged. i'm reid binion reporting. action news is tracking the latest weather developments a live look outside right now.
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nice this weekend. but will those warmer temperatures stick around. lets check in with action news meteorologist karla huelga and weather first. karla. security concerns forced a plane scheduled to arrive in
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an early landing in vancouver. a united airlines flight took off early yesterday morning from anchorage. several hours into the flight, discovered a threatening message from one of the passengers and made the emergency landing. canadian authorities took the suspect in custody. no injuries were reported. a troubling report out tonight about airline pilots. according to the transportation department, the government is not ensuring that pilots skills are sharp. the report says the f-a-a isn't making sure airline training programs adequately address pilots ability to fly manually and monitor the control systems in cockpits. accident investigations have raised concerns that pilots rely too heavily on automated controls and are too easily distracted. republican frontrunner donald trump was back campaigning here in nevada today. he held a rally at the reno events center. this comes only two months after he drew a large crowd at a nearby hotel.
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weekend after a muslim woman was thrown out of his rally while silently protesting. a formerly homeless vet from las vegas will sit with michelle obama during tuesday night's state of the union address... cynthis dias served during the vietnam war and says her years of homelessness are because of post- traumatic stress disorder. dias says she was able to move last year from a shelter to veterans village. veterans village is a former downtown motelthat's been renovated to provide housing for vets. the obama administration is challenging local leaders to do more to reduce veteran homelessness. now for a look at who's hiring around the valley. speedvegas will be hosting its first job fair to fill 75 positions in time for its march opening. speedvegas is a new 100-acre motorsports complex that will offer visitors supercar driving experiences. the job fair takes place tuesday january 12th from 3 to 8 p.m. and wednesday january 13th from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m.
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coming up in tonight's financial focus. good news for tesla owners. why you no longer need to be behind the wheel to park your car. from contact 13 tonight. what you need to know about airline fees before you book your next flight. in tonight's financial focus... thanks to a new software
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thanks to a new software update, some tesla motors vehicles will be able to park inside. to make it work, owners must line up their model s sedan or model x suv within 30 feet of the space they want it to drive or back into. the owner can then stand within 10 feet and park the car fob.
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when the driver summons it. and target and soul-cycle have teamed up to launch a 10-city tour at the end of the month soul-cycle will be offering free 45 minute classes and pop-up stores selling bargain clothing - at least bargain by soulcycle standards. sweatpants and sweatshirts bearing the soulcycle and target logos will be sold on the target website for about half the cost of usual soulcycle gear. that's tonight's financial focus. let's go to karla huelga and weather first. pretty quiet weather is expected for the first part of the workweek with high clouds and dry conditions on monday and tuesday and highs in the low to mid 50s. wednesday will also see highs in the mid 50s, but we will start to feel the effects of a series of systms that will affect the region wednesday afternoon through the weekend. the first pacific system will
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rain and mountain snow wednesday afternoon through early thursday. the next system will follow closely behind and bring another slight chance for precipitation to the area thursday afternoon through early friday. expect high temps in the low to mid 50s thursday and friday. the third system moves in over the weekend, bringing slightly better chances for rain and mountain snow saturday afternoon through early sunday. this system will bring breezy winds on sunday upon its exit. high temps will remain in the low to mid 50s over the
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((adlib wx close)) are tou thinking about a springtime getaway? if that getaway includes air travel we have a warning before you book. contact 13 looks at some of the hidden fees you can expect in the new year.
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per ticket. your carry on bag can now cost you even at discount airlines allegiant and frontier. among the biggest add on fees: -checked bags: which are $25 at most airlines, except for southwest and jetblue. -booking by phone: will cost you $15 at most airlines. -changing an economy ticket: is but the biggest to watch out for: a new fee for your carry on. frontier, allegiant, and spirit... the 3 deep discoutners... now charge between $10 and $75 for a bag in the overhead bin. major airlines aren't charging that fee yet. but its probably giving them some ideas.> so... here's what you need to remember. check the baggage fees at the
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not when you arrive at the airport. you can usually minimize those fees if you pay them at the time you book your flight. here's a look at what's coming up tonight in primetime on channel 13. at 7 -- america's funniest home videos at 8 -- galavant at 9 -- quantico at 11 -- action news coming up in tonight's health report. new concerns over the advertising of e-cigarettes how it's influencing children. and, do you know how much salt is too much for your kids. what parents can do to keep
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look for. plus step into a magical world of deception. that's all monday at 2 on valley view live. today on valley view live -
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legit? mystic mfor years now we've been hearing that we need to cut back on salt. but are americans getting the message? a new report may surprise you. with more, here's abc news senior medical contributor dr. timothy johnson. it's sprinkled on our pretzels and infused into our popcorn? salt is a key ingredient in so much of what americans find delicious.
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of us know we should be eating a bit less of. a new c-d-c report? reveals that despite all the warnings, most of us are still consuming too much sodium. according to the study? nearly nine in ten adults - and more than nine in ten children - take in more sodium than they should. for adults, this means exceeding 2,300 milligrams a day? and for kids, 1,500 milligrams a day. men, are the worse offenders? with a staggering 98 percent exceeding these amounts. women, not doing much better, with 80 percent going over the limit. where are we getting all this sodium? mostly in bread, deli meats, pizza, poultry, soup, and savory snacks. so what can you do? nix the cans of soup and frozen veggies in favor of fresh ingredients whenever you can. read labels to know how much salt you're getting. and especially for your kids, skip snacks that you know are full of salt.
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will thank you. with this medical minute, i'm dr. timothy johnson. the centers for disease control is looking at how e-cigarette advertising may influence young smokers. the c-d-c says e-cigarette ads use many of the same themes like independence, rebellion and sex which are also used to sell cigarettes and other conventional tobacco products. that's concerning because about 7 out of 10 middle and high school students see e-cigarette ads in stores, online or in t-v and movies. right now e-cigarette marketing doesn't face the same restrictions imposed on tobacco products. now to a contact 13 consumer alert... if you have the app "lumosity" on your might want to reconsider it's heath benefits. the california company now has to pay a 2-million dollar fine for claiming it can improve your brain function. the lumosity app was also billed as a tool to fire up
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disease like dementia. the federal trade commission says the claims mislead consumers, because there's no science to back it up. lumos labs will have to give customers an easy way to scrap their subscriptions, but it won't have to admit any wrongdoing. we'll be right back with a final look at your forcast from karla. you're watching channel 13 action news. where you ask.
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conomy, and this is how it works. most new wealth flows to the top 1%. it's a system held in place by corrupt politics where wall street banks and billionaires buy elections. my campaign is powered by over a million small contributions, people like you who want to fight back. the truth is you can't change a corrupt system by taking its money. i'm bernie sanders. i approve this message.
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