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tv   Good Morning Las Vegas 5AM  ABC  January 11, 2016 5:00am-6:00am PST

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into the next weekend. now to that fire we've been following this morning... flames rip through an abandoned
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say,.... has happened... action news reporter parker collins is live near mount hood and carey with the latest on parker? toss to reporter started around 2:30. clark county fire department responded. they left momno injuries. reporting live parker collins channel thirteen action news. "it's hard to not feel safe in your own home." a young boy...waking up to armed men in his room...threatening to take his
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it's a story you'll only see on action news... a family is recounting the terrifying moments of a violent home invasion. three people were inside that house, tied up with duct tape through the whole ordeal... the violent invasion happened saturday at a home near desert inn and fort apache. ray kilcoyne... says one second he was making dinner. the next.. he was surrounded by four intruders...armed with guns and knives.... kilcoyne says he was hit in the face...before he and two others in the home had their hands and feet duct taped. the suspects were after ray's safe... but it was empty and ray didn't know the combination. that's when they threatened his son. right as he opened the door and ready to take one step into my son's room the cops starting screaming this is las vegas police department "i was most worried about my dad." kilcoyne's girlfriend managed to call 9-1-1 before she was tied up. the family is safe but the community remains on edge because the robbers still haven't been caught. a deadly weekend on the valley's roadways turns worse after an s-u-v drives off a
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the s-u-v ended up with its wheels in the air next to the union pacific railroad tracks. two people in the car--a man crash of the year in north las vegas... 14:44:08 aaron patty, north las vegas police department "this is something tragic where we've lost two people this day. it's the first fatal crash for north las vegas so a good speeding.. they're now looking at whether the driver had been drinking. two others were killed and a third injured when 2 cars collided at the intersection of boulder highway and desert inn... the driver and a passenger in one of the vehicles were both taken to the hospital in critical condition but later died. the other driver was also taken to the hospital with serious injuries. no word yet on whether alcohol or speed were factor in the wreck. right now.. police need your help finding a teenager who's been missing for nearly a week... 15-year-old brooke mccarthy was last seen in the area of eastern and pecos last
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she has several earrings in both ears and two, 3-inch scars on her right leg due to a surgery on her femur. if you have any information please contact police. turning now a story a lot of people in the valley are talking about this morning... the coach of unlv men's basketball.. the runnin's rebels!.. is off the team. dave rice resigned from his position as head coach, right in the middle of the season. action news reporter yasmeen hassan is live at u-n-l-v with more on this developing story. the director of athletics says she and rice met over the weekend and mutually agreed that it was time for a change. according to the university, the team is not doing as well as it should. the rebels have lost the last 5 games out of 6. rice is stepping down in the middle of his 5-th season. the announcement was made just one day after u-n-l-v lost its 3-rd straight in the mountain west conference season. associate head coach todd simon will be filling the position for the rest of the season. he tells us - he is just as
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everything you know moving along day to day and certainly it's a shock)) we also spoke to rice after the announcement was made. we will have that interview for you coming up later this hour. plus - the rumors are already flying about a possible permanent replacement for him... ....and we are talking one with an n-b-a background. i'll also have more on that at time now is x:xx --- no winner in the largest powerball jackpot in history. now stores that sell tickets are facing a problem they've no winner in the largest powerball jackpot in history. now stores that sell tickets are facing a problem they've never had before. we'll explain. also days after releasing his latest album, rocker david bowie dies. we'll tell you what we know
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look for plus step into a magical world of deception that's all today at 2 on valley view live. happy friday las vegas! we're ending the work-week with following a battle with cancer. the news broke on bowie's website and social media pages. a short statement says bowie
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surrounded by family and friends. he battled with cancer for 18- months, but his publicist never elaborated on what kind of cancer the singer was fighting. alot of people are taking to social media this morning to pay tribute to the legend... bowie's career spanned more than four decades. he first rose to fame in the 60's, and inspired the "glam rock" movement of the 70's before reinventing himself several times bowie had just released his 25-th album "blackstar" on friday, his birthday. powerball mania is sweeping the country once again this week... no winners were revealed in saturday's drawing meaning the jackpot is at an astounding one point three billion dollars!!! long lines are once again expected at lottery stores...especially in primm where people waited for more than three hours last week... all this for a one in 292 million chance at hitting the jackpot. one point three billion is a
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asked my facebook fans what they'd do with the money. most of you said you'd give a lot of it away. the jackpot is enough to get all of las vegas' homeless population off the streets... sot - joel john roberts / ceo, people assisting the homeless / 1.3 billion dollars could build 9000 apartment units for people that are homeless in los anglees." and here's a problem no one anticipated. stores selling lotto tickets can't even fit the amount on their signs! there's no room to list a billion dollar payout. the next drawing is wednesday night. time now is x:xx --- coming's enough to scare any parent... imagine your little one somehow escaping the house and ending up on a major highway! it happened to one kiddo...we'll tell you how this ended,
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setting up a few normal winter days for las vegas but changes brew just in time for the weekend! i am tracking our next weather pattern coming up in weather! giving people options based on their budget is pretty edgy... kind of like this look. i'm calling it the "name your price tool" phase.
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a tornado with winds of up to 132 miles-an-hour pummeled cape coral over the weekend. in total, nearly 2 hundred homes were damaged... power lines were knocked down,...trees were snapped and thrown all over town... amazingly---only three people had minor injuries. florida governor rick scott toured the damage yesterday... sot-scott: this is a pretty big area it went see these things like impaled in the's pretty scary. the governor said the state
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help the town get back on its feet. high pressure has taken over the southwest for the next couple of days. this means mainly sunny to partly sunny skies are going to be common along with high temperatures getting back to nearly normal values. low to mid 50s will be common today through the work week and into the next weekend. winds are expected to be light or at our normal 5-15 mph range for most of the outlook but by friday, high pressure begins to break down.
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pressure off the coast or oregon begins to develop and strengthen during this time. as it stands, the low looks to develop an elongated cold front and head east. increase in moisture and a small break in stability over southern nevada results in the increase of clouds, breezy conditions and a small potential for light to moderate showers.
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more so for saturday and sunday but being that this rain potential is on the back half of the forecast, confidence is still lacking. i would leave the umbrella in the closet but keep it to the front. this next story is enough to
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a 3-year-old diapers..charging down a florida highway on his big wheel... keep in mind... the speed limit on highway 19 in crystal river is 55 miles an but he wasn't having it and tried breaking out... witness: how did he even get out here? how could he have, you know, where did he come from? citrus county deputies say the little boy was able to escape his home through an unlocked door.. making it a quarter of a mile away on the motorized big wheel. the little boy's father showed up a short time later on his bicycle. the father hasn't been
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but child services is investigating a brazen thief is expected to face a federal judge in a georgia court this morning.... authorities say she hit six stores in five states taking 4 million dollars worth of jewelry! court documents say 24-year-old abigail lee kemp held employees up at gunpoint, zip tying them before emptying the display case. the former high school athlete and waitress is accused of pulling off heists in georgia, tennessee, florida, south and north carolina. one fbi agent suspects she knew something about the places she was going after... "they have some knowledge about the industry, theyknowledge about these vendors that they are striking." classmates who grew up with kemp were surprised to learn of her arrest. the fbi is now saying now they think kemp may be part of a larger ring..funneling to larger cities and overseas. this just in -- a new gallup poll out this morning showing the number of americans who
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dropped to a record low last year. the results were just published this morning. and take a look democrats are at 29-percent...republicans are 26 and independents have the largest percentage with 43- percent. according to gallup, americans' attachment to either political party is at or nearing historical lows. the percentage of american democrats is at it's lowest point in the past 27 years. turning now to the race for the white house... hillary clinton supporters getting together here in las vegas... preparing for the upcoming nevada caucuses. california congressman xavier be-cerra was in town yesterday to help rally support from volunteers. they launched a latino canvanssing effort and phone bank at hillary clinton's east las vegas headquarters. perhaps most surprising...was the number of high school students volunteering. xavier becerra 12:57:53 - 12:57:59 "so when young people
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i want to help hillary clinton, it's empowering." the nevada caucus is on february 20th and helps determine who will be the democratic presidential nominee. this morning..police in massachusetts are trying to figure out who vandalized a donald trump campaign office. vandals sprayed "pig" and "trump go home" as well as other offensive messages on the office in littleton, massachusetts. police are now combing through surveillance video, looking for who's responsible. they do suspect it's most likely somebody young. (chief matthew king, littleton police): "you certainly have the right if you don't like a candidate to tell them you don't like them and protest against them but you certainly don't have the right to do a criminal act." volunteers who spent a lot of time cleaning up the place. trump could be visiting that office in the coming weeks. time now is x:xx --- ride sharing companies uber and lyft are alot alike... this morning, one of the companies is chopping prices...
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uber and lyft might seem very similar...but one company is doing something to set themselves apart...that's topping "america's money." good morning. topping "america's money"... another stock sell-off. china's main stock market plunged 5-percent today...
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world's second-largest economy.... that concern could drag down other markets today, as it did last week. u-s stocks had their worst week in 4 years. uber is cutting its prices ... in more than one hundred cities. it's the third january in which uber has cut prices, and how much depends on the city. and the detroit auto show starts today, with lots of cool cars. one of the biggest announcements will be the new, 2017 lincoln continental. also - the new mercedes benz e- class -- its mid-range sedan. luxury sportscar. and that's america's money. have a great day < > time now is x:xx --- mexican drug lord "el chapo"...back in custody... but now authorities are focusing on actor sean
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for a meeting the two had months before "el chapo's" capture? good morning las vegas...
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you can save over 500 bucks when you switch to progressive. that's a fact. but this whole "blondes have more fun" thing...
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morning... with dave rice out as runnin' rebels head coach...who could be on tap to replace him? plus...
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final state of the union address this week... and a las vegas veteran will be a very special guest...we'll tell you why, coming up! high pressure has taken over the southwest for the next couple of days. this means mainly sunny to partly sunny skies are going to be common along with high temperatures getting back to nearly normal values. low to mid 50s will be common today through the work week and into the next weekend. a big change for the unlv men's
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dave rice - the head coach - is stepping down. we are still halfway through the season, so everyone is talking about what is going to happen next. action news reporter yasmeen hassan is live from the thomas and mack center with the very latest. toss to reporter the rebels are taking on new mexico right here - tomorrow night. losing a head coach basketball coach in january might sound surprising - but here are the facts. the rebels lost 5 of their last 6 games. they are also just coming off their 3rd straight loss in the
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the associate head coach - todd simon will be the interim head coach for the rest of the season, and brown tells us this is the best decision for everyone. dave rice former unlv men's basketball head coach ((i want to do what's right for everyone involved that's my personailty i'm a team guy and it's important to me that i make sure everyone knows what team i met for quite a long time today and we mutually agreed that i would step aside.)) now everyone wants to know who is going to take over for rice permanently. well espn basketball insider jeff goodman tweeted that former nba head coach mike brown could be in the mix. he has coached the lakers and the cavaliers - and was named nba coach of the year in 2009. in the meantime todd simon has some plans of his own for the team. we're hearing how he is going to change things up this season, coming up at 6. reporting live from unlv yasmeen hassan channel 13 action news an update this morning to a deadly bus crash... a passenger on an r-t-c bus that hit and killed a woman
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telling us his version of what might have gone wrong... christopher castilow tells us he was only on the bus for a couple of minutes ---but the driver was driving fine..... until all of a sudden - he went up onto the curb -- took down a bus shelter near tropicana and dean martin. castilow says the bus then ran a woman over who was waiting at the shelter -- killing her instantly. the driver of the bus finally came to a stop a few hundred feet later. as you can imagine...castilow is still shaken up from the crash. "it was pretty gruesome. it was not something you would have wanted anyone to see." (cover with video please) castilow is a frequent bus rider. he says many of the stops are too close to the roadway.... and if the stop was pushed back a foot or so -- the woman wouldn't have been killed. another deadly crash forcing some closures on a major strech of freeway... this wreck happening on the i- 15 just north of the 93 intersection early yesterday morning.. n-h-p says the driver of a cadillac died after rear ending a semi-truck.
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the southbound lanes on the 15 for several hours. the semi-truck driver was not hurt. we're seeing incredible video of a fire as it tore through a las vegas home... take a look...a viewer sent this video into our newsroom... fire crews say the blaze started on the second floor and quickly moved to the attic. damage is estimated at 150- thousand. no word this morning on if anybody is hurt. ahead today.... the trial continues for a former church pastor.. accused of sexually assaulting girls in his congregation. otis holland was a pastor here in las vegas... at the united faith church. holland has pleaded not guilty, and is expected to testify in his trial. if convicted, he faces life in prison. breaking right now we want to show you a live look at the growing memorial for david bowie. this is outside his new york city home... ad lib we're continuing to gather more's one from the rolling stones...
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iggy pop ad lib turning now to the latest developments in the capture of "el chapo.." this picture of the infamous drug lord and actor sean penn has surfaced... it was taken just three month's before the drug lord's arrest. the kingpin is back in handcuffs this morning... he was re-arrested friday after six months on the run. and now that el-chapo is back behind bars...sean penn is facing some heat for the two's visit..take a listen to what presidential candidate marco rubio is saying... "if one of these american actors? // want to go fawn all over a criminal and a drug
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they have a constitutional right to do it. i find it grotesque." mexican government sources tell abc news that penn and actress kate del castillo are under investigation for their "interview" with el chapo. the u-s department of justice is not commenting. if penn is considered a working journalist....he hasn't done anything illegal. now to the latest developments in a murder mystery... italian police are looking into the death of an american artist found dead in her florence apartment... 35-year-old ashley olsen was reportedly strangled but officials are still waiting for an autopsy to confirm how she died. olsen's boyfriend, an italian artist, became worried when he hadn't heard from her for days... well, her body was found on saturday night.. people who knew olsen are puzzled...they say she was very no suspects have been named yet. president obama is gearing up for his final state of the union address... at tomorrow's speech, the first
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with las vegas ties. cynthia dias, a former homeless veteran from the valley will sit with michelle obama during the address. dias says post-traumatic stress is to blame for her years of homelessness here in vegas. she was able to move last year from a shelter to veterans village--a former downtown motel now renovated to provide housing for vets. dias will help the obama administration in challenging local leaders to reduce veteran homelessness. president obama is scheduled to give that address tomorrow night at 6 p-m. you can catch the speech right here on channel 13. president obama will deliver his final state of the union address on january 12, 2016 at 9pm et. his final year. time now is x:xx ---gop frontrunner donald trump makes his way back to the donald trump makes his way back to thsilver state..and of course his rallies aren't like any others... first, let's check in with greg....
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live drive giving you a look at the traffic situation around the valley for your commute!
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high pressure has taken over the southwest for the next
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this means mainly sunny to partly sunny skies are going to be common along with high temperatures getting back to nearly normal values. low to mid 50s will be common today through the work week and into the next weekend. winds are expected to be light or at our normal 5-15 mph range for
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friday, high pressure begins to break down. low pressure off the coast or oregon begins to develop and strengthen during this time. as it stands, the low looks to develop an elongated cold front and head east. increase in moisture and a small break in stability over southern nevada results in the increase of clouds, breezy conditions and a small potential for light
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rain chances are more so for saturday and sunday but being that this rain potential is on the back half of the forecast, confidence is still lacking. i would leave the umbrella in the closet but keep it to the front. ces is over...but the convention's lasting effect on our city will continue to be felt... that's right, while bringing thousands to our city for the convention, they're also making las vegas an even better place to live.... companies like audi, canon and l-g are donating about 150-thousand pounds of materials to charity! things like extra pens and notebooks are going to valley teachers. construction materials are going to habitat for humanity...and for the first time, goodwill is getting
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kathy topp, goodwill of southern nevada we are so excited because this means donations and the donations and the revune that's generated from those donations stays in the community to help people in southern nevada. goodwill says they're not sure what they're getting yet--but they'll find out soon! they're set to pickup their donations this afternoon. breaking business news and good news for att and customers breaking business news and good news for att and customers the company offering unlimited data... if you buy wireless and television service. the company is announcing an "at&t unlimited plan" this morning. you have to have at&t's wireless phone service and either directv or u- ve the unlimited data deal may be cheaper than the company's limited-data plan if you have a family that watches a lot of video. that's the latest here, back to you. gop frontrunner donald trump...back in the silver state for a rally...and just like any other trump came with its interesting moments... thousands of trump supporters
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last night to hear the donald speak... during his address to the crowd, a woman actually passed out! take a listen... oh.. a woman just fainted... we gotta take care of our people...hold it for a couple of minutes, okay. she's surrounded by doctors... so how's she doing? beautiful, i love it thank you darling. thankfully, everything was o-k for that woman. among the talking points during trump's address: immigration and international diplomacy. football even came under attack, with trump saying the sport just isn't what it used to be. endorsement vm on the democratic side of things, frontrunner hillary clinton has received a major endorsement. planned parenthood gave the former first lady their backing during a rally in new hampshire yesterday. it's the first time the group has ever endorsed someone in a presidential primary. hillary clinton has always
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rights. she has always stood for us. clinton said electing a republican president could lead to limiting women's access to affordable birth control. planned parenthood plans to spend 20-million dollars this election--including some grassroots efforts for clinton. vo clinton's rival, presidential candidate bernies sanders is now saying he'd change a gun bill that he voted for 11-years ago. clinton has been pummeling the vermont senator over the vote in recent days. the law gives gun makers immunity from lawsuits if their guns end up being used in crimes. (sen. bernie sanders, (d) presidential candidate): "i will vote to revise that bill. there are parts of it that made sense to me. if you have a manufacturer that is sending guns into an area and really knows that those guns are not being used by the people or bought by the people " sanders talked with a-b-c's george stephanopoulus yesterday morning. a new nbc news/wall street journal poll shows sanders
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iowa. ahead today.... we're expecting a big announcement from the professional bull riders. the built ford tough world finals have been held in vegas for the last 23 years. we know next year they'll take place in the t-mobile arena. p-b-r says they want to add another milestone to its historical timeline here in the valley. the big announcement is expected at 10:30 this morning...check back on later editions of action news and online for updates. as you're getting the kids ready for school this morning, we have a new education report that probably won't make you too happy. according to education week.. nevada is performing significantly worse when it comes to student performance and school financing. state lawmakers have made several education reforms recently.. including holding students back from 4th grade if they can't read. meantime our state's gaming industry is hoping to rebound after a tough year. the gaming control board says casinos in the silver state lost 662 million dollars last
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this is the sixth straight year in the red for our state's biggest industry. analysts say this all started in 2008 with the recession--tourists are spending less money. we're expecting a record 42-million visitors to las vegas this year...hopefully they'll be ready to spend. if you think las vegas is paying alot more at the pump than the rest of the nation---you're right! triple a says the national average for a gallon of regular unleaded is at 1 dollar 96 cents. people in some states are even paying a dollar 42 a gallon!! here in vegas, the average prices is two fifty a gallon. experts say tumbling oil prices combined with strong refinery capacity could push the price of gas to one dollar a gallon in some areas!! we haven't seen those prices since 1999! a troubling report out this morning about airline pilots. as we take a live look at mccareen, the transportation department says the government is not ensuring that pilots
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the report says the f-a-a isn't making sure airline training programs adequately address a pilot's ability to fly manually and monitor the control systems in cockpits. accident investigations have raised concerns that pilots rely too heavily on automated controls and are too easily distracted. time now is x:xx --- the nfl playoff action is heating up! eight teams went toe-to-toe this weekend for the chance to advance to the second round. we'll show you the action from "wildcard" weekend! another look at live
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thanks micah... the nfl playoffs getting off to a wild start.. the games did not disappoint
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weekend... yesterday's matchup between the seahawks and vikings was was only 1 degree at kickoff! and it made for an interesting game... the seahawks trailed the vikings throughout...not even scoring until late in the game... minnesota went down by one point late in the fourth quarter...and set themselves up for a game-winning field goal with only 26 seconds left. " the snapper and the kick is no" :32 rough ending for the vikings!! the seahawks barely move on to the second round...they'll
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sunday. in the late game...the green bay packers squared off against the washington redskins who were back in the playoffs for the first time in three years. early on, the redskins looked strong....leading for most of the first half.... but not so fast....the packers, led by their star quarterback aaron rodgers went on a run! the packers beat the redskins 35 to 18. they now head to arizona to face the cardinals on saturday. championship vo in the college football world, a champion will be crowned tonight. the clemson tigers and alabama crimson tide will go at it for the national championship in glendale, arizona.. both teams have spent the weekend getting ready for the big matchup... clemson is looking to win its first national championship since 1981. kickoff is at 5 thirty tonight.
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coming to a close, with some memorable moments... it's topping today's stories, now trending... host ricky gervais did his best...taking aim at sean penn and caitlyn jenner... the night's big winner was "the revenant" which won best movie drama, best director, and best dicaprio. the night had it's laughs too....jamie foxx doing his best steve harvey impression..take a look... "and the winner is...straight outta compton "i'm sorry's right here on the card, i take full responsibility.." gotta love it! jamie foxx of course poking fun at steve harvey's blunder at the miss universe pageant here in las vegas. shifting gears to the
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best players in the world can dodge a mishap! cleveland cavaliers superstar gets hit in the face with a basketball as he's warming for last night's game against the sixers. like a true professional, king james just laughed it off. by the way--the cavs beat the sixers. this sounds like something straight out of a horror flick... a family in minnesota has a giant octopus in their front yard. but the 18-foot monster is a snow sculpture created by three brothers. they make a new sculpture in new brighton every winter to raise money for charity. the brothers created a giant sea turtle last year and a snow shark two years ago. it took them five-hundred hours this year to make the massive squid. their goal is to raise 10-thousand dollars for bringing clean water to haiti. you can check out all of the stories that are trending today.. just head to the "now trending" section of our web site,
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a look at what's coming up at 6. david bowie is dead this morning after battling cancer...alot of people paying tribute to the singer on social...we'll see what other musicians are saying. chopper 13.. just got to that crash at the
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