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tv   Action News 5pm  ABC  January 11, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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live near whitney ranch drive-- mk-- ch13an. breaking news out of boulder city... police chief bill conger has resigned in the wake of the scandal over a former city animal shelter supervisor who is accused of killing animals needlessly. we just got that confirmed minutes ago. the police chief has been under fire since it was revealed last month that he didn't pursue a criminal case against mary jo frazier... who resigned. now city officials want to charge frazier with 37 counts of animal cruelty for deaths at the shelter. the district attorney is reviewing the case. an update to breaking news we first reported on action news
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two people are in critical condition at umc trauma after this crash near durango and warm springs. our crew on the scene sent these pictures back a short time ago. warm springs is shut down in both directions while investigators are on the scene. an action news update now.... on the lamar odom saga! nye county prosecutors have decided not to file charges.... against odom. the d-a says.... there wasn't enough evidence to prove..... the former basketball star was using cocaine.... during his stay at "the love ranch". it's been -3- months...since odom nearly died of a drug overdose.... at the brothel near pahrump. now... he's continuing his recovery.... in a private rehab facility. a developing story.... we're following... a terrifying morning.... at "the las vegas academy of the arts". metro is investigating a body.... that was found on campus. action news reporter.... yasmeen hassan has the latest on the investigation... right from the scene. officers tell us the call in around 5- thirty this morning. it is still early in the first period here begins at
5:02 pm students were arriving to see crime tape blocking off areas of the campus - but metro tells us no students actually saw the body. classes are continuing this morning... ...but there are grief counselors available for studsnts and staff. there are a lot of questions the name of the man has not be released, so we don't know if this was a teacher or someone working at the school, but this campus is in the middle of downtown las vegas. someone could have wondered over to this area. the body was also found early this morning - after a weekend when there were no classes in session... it's still unclear how long it was there before being found. we do know that as soon as the body was discovered, a parentlink message was sent out - to let everyone know what was happening on campus. reporting from las vegas academy yasmeen hassan channel 13 action news a home near mt. hood and carey catches fire this morning and it's not the
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firefighters are still trying to determine how it started.. but they think squatters are to blame. fortunately.. no one was hurt. right now.. people across southern nevada are making a run for the state line with a bad case of in primm and baker. action news reporter david schuman is live in baker with a look at the madness. david. these people don't need to be reminded that the jackpot is the highest one ever -- 1.4 billion dollars. besides what numbers to choose there are some decisions to make about where to buy. some people are rational and others, less so -- but hey, who ever said you need to be rational about the lottery? pkg ticket seller nats 10:26:14 "it's a small shot but a big payoff. you can't win if you're not in 10:21:40 shay vogel, primm lotto store "it's busy no
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we're pretty quick. we can get you out in two to three hours depending on how long the line is. our first person got in line at 2:30 this morning." you get that kind of devotion when you're the closest lottery store to las vegas. it also helps to sell winning tickets. 10:21:05 vogel "we did have someone who matched five out of five numbers." that was enough reason for some people to come back. 10:31:49 "i've been in baker before and it's never won so i figure i'll take my chances where it's hit." others saw the line in primm and were like "uh uh. no way." 11:39:09 john mitchell, las vegas "we decided to come to california. it's another 30-45 minute drive and it was an hour wait here so it was worth it." worth a shot.. a chance...worth hope. not worth missing a meal. 11:39:31 "i'm going to make it home in time for dinner. laughs " the next drawing is on wednesday. there have now been 19 of them without a jackpot winner. might have to get while the gettin's good. live in baker..david 13 action news. the armed militia....
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reserve.... in oregon says... they have no plans to leave.... any time soon. the group.... led by ammon bundy says... they will leave..... when there is a plan to transfer control of the federal land.... to locals. meanwhile... members of the wildlife federation say.... they're fed up with the militia... which they describe.... as terrorists. sot - veneklasen: "and what i see is a lunatic fringe of radical extremists who have taken my land over. this is my land. this is your land." (butted to) sot - veneklasen: "i came here from new mexico to tell all of these people to get the hell off of my land." ammon bundy is the son of rancher cliven bundy.... who was involved in a 2014 in bunkerville... with the government.... over "grazing rights". former clark county commissioner... tom collins court is due to appear in court tomorrow..... to deal with his d-u-i arrest. he was scheduled to appear...
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but a judge reset the hearing to give his attorney.... more time to prepare. police arrested collins last month.... on suspicion of drunk driving.... after he crashed while leaving "the national finals rodeo". clark county is going electronic to save money but they need you to help. all registered voters get sample ballots before the election. in 2014.. just printing and mailing them out cost county taxpayers more than a million dollars. now.. you have the option to get a sample ballot byy email.. if you 'opt- in' online. to sign up.. look for the link at players on the unlv runnin' rebels basketball team are speaking out tonight following the resignation of head coach dave rice. "it was a little hard at first but at this point we can't fester on that." we'll take you inside the team's first practice without plus.. (pause for nats of gunfire) we're getting our first look..... drug lord... "el chapo"....
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bryan? a ridge of high pressure will bring pretty quiet weather through the first part of feel the effects of a weak, incoming system that will bring us breezy winds and a slight chance for showers and mountain snow.
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it's called a rigged economy, and this is how it works. most new wealth flows to the top 1%. it's a system held in place by corrupt politics where wall street banks and billionaires buy elections. my campaign is powered by over a million small contributions, people like you who want to fight back. the truth is you can't change a corrupt system by taking its money. i'm bernie sanders. i approve this message.
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of mexican drug lord.... joaquin guzman.... better known as... "el chapo". in the video... you can see heavily armed
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taking down several people. police say... el chapo was hiding in the house... during the raid... but... managed to get away during the shootout. he was later captured on a nearby highway. officials say... el chapo's multi-billion-dollar cartel has been a major supplier of to the u-s. he was first arrested... in 19- 93... and... has escaped from prison twice. heart-stopping footage out of houston.... where a scaffolding broke loose on a high-rise building..... leaving two window-washers hanging high above the ground. just watch..... as the camera zooms out to show you.... just how high this is. eventually... firefighters broke out a window the two workers. both of them are okay. the world is mourning the loss of a music icon tonight. rebel.." 69-year old rock legend david bowie passed away last night after a private 18-month battle with cancer. his flamboyant image became a driving force in pop culture
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the music pioneer earned two grammys.. an emmy.. and sold 140 million records. bowie also starred in movies like "labyrinth" and "the man who fell to earth." wendy leigh / biographer "david bowie really was a quintessential product of both the 20th century and the 21st century - he was a songwriter, he was a singer, he was an actor, he was a composer, he was an impresario, he was an artist, he was a poet, he was everything." bowie had just celebrated his 69th birthday last friday.. the same day he released his 28th album called "blackstar. his last video for the song "lazarus" shows him frail and laying in bed.. singing "look up here, i'm in heaven." david bowie is survived by his wife and two children. and here's a live look from downtown las vegas where the fremont street experience will pay tribute to david bowie tonight under the canopy.
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starting at 6 tonight. still ahead... a man burglarizing an auto repair shop is caught in the act. stop stop stop police shout "let me see your hands! get out of the car" the dramatic showdown between the crook and the police... next. plus... (pause for elizabeth) and here's what we're working on right now for action news live at six: two days after a fatal bus crash.. a former rtc commissioner is speaking out. what he says could have prevented the woman's death.
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plus up to 40 megs of internet speed. just $70 a month for a year with autopay. speed may not be available in your area. only from centurylink. call and switch today. the right place at the right time to catch this burglary in progress at an auto-repair shop. you can see the man running through the parking lot to get away. police say he cut a hole in the fence to get inside. but.. when he climbed out and tried to drive away in a van.. police were waiting with guns drawn. stop stop stop police shout "let me see your hands! get out of the car" police haven't said how much damage was done or what the
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at the top of u-n-l-v's basketball program. head coach.... dave rice has resigned... the runnin' rebels took to the practice court today..... for the first time.... without their coach. action news reporter.... elizabeth gadley joins us live.... from the thomas and mack center with player reaction.... today. elizabeth... the news caught a lot of people off guard, his players included. they're playing new mexico here at the thomas and mack tomrrow. and despite that shock the running rebs say they've got their heads in the game... ike nwamu, player 14:18:15:00 it's definitely hard getting to know coach rice the past few months through recruting and everything but at this point we've got to move forward. the move comes in the middle of rice's fifth season. the director of athletics says she met with rice over the weekend and they both decided it was time for a change. according to the university, the team isn't doing as well as it should. the announcement was made just one day after unlv lost it's 3rd straight game in the
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on top of that the running rebs lost five out of the last six game. associate head coach todd simon will be filling the position for the rest of the season. earlier today i spoke with danny tarkanian, son of legendary unlv basketball coach danny tarkanian... coming up tonight on action news at six here what he has to say about the turn of events and who he feels should permanently take over for coach rice. it's bad enough.... when your car won't start. it's even worse.... when you can't even get to the
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a sinkhole opened up.... under this car.... near kansas city.... following a water main break. the rear wheels stayed on the road... but... as you can see... the rest went into the water. crews had to bring in a crane to lift the car.... back onto the street. adlib let's go to chief meteorologist bryan scofield and 'weather first.' a ridge of high pressure will bring pretty quiet weather through the first part of wednesday with high clouds, dry conditions and highs in the mid 50s. wednesday afternoon we will feel the effects of a weak, incoming system that will bring us breezy winds and a slight chance for showers and mountain snow. that system makes an exit thursday, but we will continue
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end of the system, along with highs in the mid 50s. friday will be another day of quiet weather with mostly cloudy skies, light winds and highs in the mid 50s. our next weak system moves in over the weekend. expect breezy winds on saturday and sunday with a slight chance for showers saturday afternoon through sunday morning. afternoon highs will top out in the mid and upper 50s over the weekend and the start to next workweek. time now...
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20-16... north american car of the year. automotive journalists... from the u-s and canada... decide the award. but... civic sales fell last year... while rivals including... the toyota corolla... and hyundai elantra... had banner years. the last time the civic... won car of the year... was -2- thousand -6-. you're not gong to see... the name motorola...
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the chinese p-c maker... is changing the name... to "moto".... by lenovo. lenovo... bought the company from google... in 20-14... for almost -3- on dollars. motorola was responsible... for the first "walkie-talkies"... and "personal cell phones"s. with 1.4 billion dollars now on the line.. the temptation has become irrestible for thousands of people across southern nevada.. who are now driving to arizona and california to buy tickets. action news reporter.... david shuman has been following the madness all day. he's live once again.... in baker.... with an update on powerball mania. david... are the lines easing up at all? we'll be right back.... with a final check on your
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bryan. first.. coming up new on action news live at 6: snow.. and more. we'll show you where old man winter is back with a vengeance. we'll be right back.
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part of wednesday with high clouds, dry conditions and highs in the mid 50s. wednesday afternoon we will feel the effects of a weak, incoming stem that will bring us breezy winds and a slight here's a look at what's coming
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later on abc.... in primetime... at 8:00.. "the bachelor" followed by... "the bachelor live"... and... we'll see you tonight... on action news.. live at -11-... that's our news for now.. but... stay with us... for abc's world news tonight.... up next. we'll see you back here in 30-minutes for action news... live at 6. until then.. thanks for watching and have a
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do you think when you are president you'll be paid as much as if you were a man-male...? this is one of the jobs where they have to pay you the same. but there are so many examples where that doesn't happen. i'm going to do everything i can to make sure every woman in every job gets paid the same... the men who are doing that job. i'm hillary clinton
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breaking news tonight. the stunning new video. for the first time, we take you inside the intense shootout. the dramatic effort to capture el chapo. the gunfire, the grenades. and tonight, sean penn breaking his silence. how he explains his covert
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also tonight, we remember a
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