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tv   Action News 11am  ABC  January 12, 2016 11:00am-12:00pm PST

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it. the man who did the stabbing is on the loose right now. 6:18:27-6:18:34 "when it comes to these situations, they're unpredictable. but you did have a disturbance that occurred inside a motel room down here." police were out here for hours. scene clear now. reporting live parker collins channel thirteen action news. reporting live parker collins channel thirteen action news. also breaking overnight... police arrest two people in a backyard near alta and decatur. and someone is hurt with a gun... but not really shot. action news reporter yasmeen hassan has been on the story all morning and joins us with the very latest... this entire neighborhood was shut down overnight - metro had this whole street taped off - while they were on a manhunt - i just spoke to officers who tell me they think this all
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just up the street from here - the 57-hundred block of charleston. just before 4 a-m....two men walked into a business - armed with handguns - demanded cash - and then walked right out the front food. then - a half hour after that - they found two men who fit that description hiding in one of the backyards out here. at some point - in all the chaos - someone was pistol whipped. officers found a man - covered in blood. he had to be rushed to the hospital we had chopper 13 first over the scene. that's how we were able to show you officers taking pictures and gathering evidence. this is spanning several blocks - so right now metro is still trying to piece everything together..... ....but neighbors tell me their response was lightning quick this morning. it could have been much worse - but luckily officers got their guys within minutes. ginger taylor nieghbor ((they've got a very hard job and i couldnt do it and to actually they see the worst in
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the man who was pistol whipped is recovering right now - good news here, officers tell me he is expected to be okay. reporting live from decatur and alta yasmeen hassan channel 13 action news. thanks yasmeen. another big headline we're watching, our cold weather continues... a chilly start to the day... taking a live look outside... where everything looks nice... but will it stay that way- greg? ((ad-lib)) high pressure still has hold of the southern nevada area today. with some high level clouds, mainly sunny skies will be common. high temperatures hold between 53 and 57 for most of the area tomorrow between 10 and 20 mph
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front and low pressure from the the front should pass over head along with partly cloudy skies and high temperatures in the we restructure our mid and upper level stability, cloudy skies may be all we get. former clark county commissioner pleaded no contest to d-u-i charges. he appeared in a courtroom at the regional justice center this morning. collins was originally scheduled for court yesterday, but a judge postponed to give his attorney more time to prepare. police arrested collins last month on suspicion of drunk driving after he crashed his car on flamingo and koval while leaving the n-f-r. collins unexpectedly resigned from the county commission in august.. citing family reasons. a 22 year old valley man behind bars-- has his first court appearance today. police say he murdered his own father. neighbors told henderson police they heard fighting yesterday
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patrick and stephanie.. then a gunshot. when officers got to the scene, they found the father had been kiilled. we spoke with a co-worker of the suspect, daron clanton. they told us they never could've seen this coming. "just shock really because i didn't know he was a violent person at all, i didn't even know he had guns in his house." clanton faces an open murder charge. believe it or not.... the powerball jackpot is up again! the current total is at 1.5 billion dollars! if you're headed to california or arizona today to get a powerball ticket... we're told lines in nipton, california and just over the arizona line are shorter than in primm... take a look at the thousands of people waiting in line yesterday in primm and baker... hoping to take home that jackpot. it's the biggest ever! we're told the lines in primm were two to three hours long all day. still, people were more than willing to wait! 11:39:09 john mitchell, las vegas "we decided to come to california. it's another 30-45 minute drive
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it was worth it." butted with) 11:39:31 "i'm going to make it home in time for dinner. laughs the next powerball drawing is tomorrow night at 8. still ahead on action news at midday... a touching secret moment between the president and the vice president is revealed. we come back. plus... obama gets ready to give his last state of the union address... find out what he'll focus on... action news at midday continues. the president is getting ready
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? _v/him? in a preview video from the white house, president obama says he wants to focus on the progress our country has made in the last 7 years.. and what we all need to do together to better our future. highlight... the economy's recovery, the affordable care act... and foreign policy. there are a few state of the union watch parties going on tonight.. if you are interested in attending the information is on followed by a special edition of action news. vice president joe biden shared a private moment between him and the president during a cnn interview. biden says he told obama he was concerned about caring for beau's family...during his illness...without his son's salary. that's when president obama made a surprising offer. ((i said, if beau resigns he has no... there's no... nothing to fall back on... his salary i said. but i worked it out i said. but jill and i will sell the
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house. he's going to be mad at me saying this. he said i'll give you the money. whatever you need, i'll give you the money.)) biden's son-- beau-- served out his second term as delaware's attorney general. after leaving office... he suffered from brain cancer and died in june of last year. when asked about president obama's offer to biden, the white house's press secretary said it was a sign of how the two have "legitimately become good friends." in today's red, white and blue political coverage... g-o-p presidential hopeful ben carson says he will be more active and have more energy in the next republican presidential debate. the neurosurgeon turned politician is known for being even keel. but carson has been falling in the polls lately and says at the next debate-- he will not just sit back and wait for someone to ask him a question.
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as you probably note, the living than their parents. and the generation behind them will go down even further. these are things we must correct and we must correct them now.)) carson has made it onto the stage for the next main debate.... which will take place thursday in south carolina. adlib at desk high pressure still has hold of the southern nevada area today. with some high level clouds, mainly sunny skies will be common. high temperatures hold between 53 and 57 for most of
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rather mild out of the southwest between 5-10 mph. winds do pick up though by tomorrow between 10 and 20 mph due to an approaching cold front and low pressure from the west. temperatures will climb into the upper 50s by thursday and heavy cloud cover is expected. the front should pass over head thursday into friday with rain chances on the fence for now. we will keep to breezy conditions into the weekend along with partly cloudy skies and high temperatures in the mid and upper 50s. another shot for showers falls around sunday
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depending on how we restructure our mid and upper level stability, cloudy skies may be all we get. more on breaking news from overnight... a huge explosion in istanbul, turkey. we've learned most of the victims were german tourists. the huge explosion this morning killed several people.... at least ten people were killed and at least 15 others are hurt. the blast happened in the area of istanbul where it's a busy tourist hub. up next... today's health report... and finally some clarification
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a mammogram. this has been confusing women since a recent study came out. plus.... what you eat can make you feel much better... and if you have arthritis, every little bit helps. we've got some tips.
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after new guidelines came out. but now... we're getting some clarity. an even newer study shows women in their 60s are the most likely to avoid dying from breast cancer thanks to mammograms... but there's clearly enough benefit for the average woman to start at 50, the task force found. the advisory group wants younger women to understand the trade-offs before deciding: among every 1,000 women
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could be prevented by starting mammograms at 40 instead of 50. but there would be 576 more false alarms and 58 additional unneeded biopsies. if suffer from rheumatoid arthritis, listen up... what you eat can make a big difference. in today's health minute, holly firfer takes a look at some of the foods that can ease some of the symptoms. most anyone suffering from rheumatoid arthritis will tell you they will do or try just about anything to relieve the pain. one way - is through what you inflammation.. which doctors say, may help. first- go with at least three to four ounces of fish twice a week... they are rich in omega - 3 fatty acids which fight some of the proteins in your body that cause inflammation. beans are loaded with fiber, which helps reduce a protein in the body that can cause inflammation. they also help build muscle
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affected by r-a. and remember when mom wouldn't let you leave the table without eating your broccoli? well, she really cared for you- because fruits and vegetables are great sources of anti-oxidants which can also reduce inflammation. refined sugar.. yep, the kind in doughnuts, cookies, candy, brownies, ice cream.. oh, sorry.. basically the stuff that tastes really good.. is really not good for you. chronic inflammation can interfere with the body's ability to break down sugars. that can lead to weight gain - which puts pressure on the joints-- and can lead to other health issues like diabetes and heart disease. for today's health minute, i'm holly firfer. the runnin' rebels are getting ready to play tonight... but their head coach won't be there... find out what he's saying after calling it quits. plus- who's the best college football team of them all? the outcome of last night's championship game- when we come back. you're watching channel 13 action news, where you ask, and we investigate.
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it's called a rigged economy, and this is how it works. most new wealth flows to the top 1%. it's a system held in place by corrupt politics where wall street banks and billionaires buy elections. my campaign is powered by over a million small contributions, people like you who want to fight back. the truth is you can't change a corrupt system by taking its money. i'm bernie sanders. i approve this message.
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head coach dave rice. rice announced he was leaving the men's basketball team sunday night-- right in the middle of the season. players say the news took them by surprise, and although it may be hard for some... they just have to focus on the really had a special relationship. (butted with) sot ike nwamu, player 14:19:34:00 it was a little hard at first but at this point we can't fester on thassociate head coach todd simon will take over for the remainder of the season as interim head coach. the running rebels take on new mexico tonight at the thomas and mack. tip off is at 7. this midday there are changes coming to the packed parking situation at u-n-l-v. the university will hold a groundbreaking ceremony today to add over 6-hundred more parking spaces. we originally looked into the parking problem last month. students say whenever there's big event at the thomas and mack the university gives up
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the celebrations went well into the night for alabama fans... the crimson tide took home its 10th national championship after beating clemson 45 to 40 in glendale, arizona last night. here you can see officials presenting them their trophy. alabama has now won 4 national titles in just 7 years.... all of them under the head coach nick saban. we can't complain too much about our weather... but the same cannot be said for people in other parts of the country! wait until you see what they're dealing with. plus... the dramatic video as police try to take one of the world's biggest drug lords into custody. we've got it here! and have you downloaded the all new channel 13 action news app yet? it's simple to use.... and features live streaming, video on demand... and photos that are just a tap away from the home screen, plus
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get the all new action news app free in the app store and in
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facing. and more details... and dramatic video comes out about the capture of one of the world's biggst drug lords. we have it. plus... law enforcement accused of stealing prescription pills find out where it happened and how. hello and thanks for joining us on this second half of action news at midday, i'm dayna roselli. and i'm jessica janner. much of the country is dealing with bitter cold... but what about us, greg bennett? ((ad-lib)) high pressure still has hold of the southern nevada area today. with some high level clouds, mainly sunny skies will be common. high temperatures hold between 53 and 57 for most of the area and winds will be rather mild out of the southwest between 5-10 mph.
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tomorrow between 10 and 20 mph due to an approaching cold front and low pressure from the west. temperatures will climb into the upper 50s by thursday and we will keep to breezy conditions into the weekend along with partly cloudy skies afternoon but depending on how we restructure our mid and so as we deal with relatively mild weather... that may not be the case for your loved ones elsewhere! now to that blast of winter -- dumping more than two feet of snow around the great lakes -- creating white out conditions abc's linzie janis is in icy
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overnight - winter white out. nats you can't see across the street." snow causing commuter chaos in upstate new york. cars crawling along highways - as plows struggle to keep up. elements to get to those trapped in storm. snow falling so hard and fast - lowville getting 21 inches in just over 4 hours. and check out this incredible image - this car covered in ice? frozen in time- after 47 mph wind gust sent waves crashing off lake erie -- anything and everything covered in ice much like this restaurant deck. a terrifying situation for a woman in summerlin... a man with a gun steals her purse and then her car! things started in a pretty
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mead and rampart. a man demanded a woman's purse. he had a gun... and took off in her car! take a look at this map... the criminal didn't get very far... but somehow he made it into a gated community... less than ten minutes from here. he tried ditching the car... and running for it... but police got him in cuffs. this midday we're getting a look at some dramatic video.. showing the raid leading to the capture of mexican drug lord "el chapo." take a listen... gunfire man pulls pin from grenade... it explodes marines move in through the smoke searching for el chapo. they get into a shootout with his men, killing five of them, but still no sign of the cartel king. officers found a secret trap door that leads to an underground tunnel, which is how el chapo escaped. authorities were able to track him down in a stolen car... leading to his arrest. right now attorneys for
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to get the charges against him dismissed. last month, cosby was charged with aggravated indecent assault in pennsylvania, for allegedly drugging and assaulting a woman back in 2004. cosby's deposition from the unsealed this past july. in it, he admits to getting sedatives to give to women he wanted to have sex with. cosby's attorney's argue he only gave the testimony based on an agreement the d-a made that cosby wouldn't be prosecuted for that case, and the new charges violate that agreement. now developing... the mother of that texas "affluenza teen" is now out of jail. tonya couch posted bail last night after a judge lowered it from one million to 75-thousand dollars. she has to wear an electronic ankle monitor from now on, and undergo a mental exam. her lawyers say she's not competent to stand trial, because of mental illness. she's accused of helping her son flee to mexico in order to avoid a probation violation hearing.
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are circulating a petition that her son ethan's case be moved from juvenile... to adult court. the 18 year old got off with 10 years probation, after he used "affluenza" as a defense... during his trial for driving drunk and killing 4 people. in essences.. a psychologist said the teen was too spoiled to know right from wrong. if the case gets moved to adult court and he's found guilty, he could face 120 days in jail for violating his probation. fire officials say a 3-year-old has died after an early morning house fire in detroit. the house is on the city's east side. we're told two other young children and two adults are recovering from injuries at the hospital. sources say the family had to jump out of a window to get out of the house. no details have been released in regards to the cause of the fire. and an action news update... we are happy to report this midday.... that the 15 year old girl police were searching for is now back with her family. metro told us last night that
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they did not say specifically how or where she was found. just weeks before parents were supposed to get their thousands of dollars for their children's education... a district judge is putting on the breaks. the judge has granted an injunction that orders the state treasurer not to implement the new education savings account program while it's being channeled by two lawsuits. the voucher program allows parents to use their 5-thousand dollar allowance from the state on what they want, which could be private school tuition. governor sandoval responded to the judge's decision saying he believes the best way to fix our education system is improving public schools, as well as providing parents with choices. he says the best thing to do now is leave it up to the state supreme court, because thousands of parents across nevada are waiting for an answer. the money for the voucher programs was supposed to start getting disbursed in february. also overnight... a scare at caesars. around midnight, a fire broke out at the cafe americano
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fire crews say it wasn't too serious, and the employees were able to put it out themselves. but we did see people posting on social media that they heard the fire alarms going off. ahead today... fremont street performers will get the chance to talk to city leaders about their feelings on the new strict guidelines they have to follow. under the new rules performers must register with the city, and then wait for a lottery to determine where they get to perform at for two hours. as you can see from this video... performers haven't been loving the new rules. this is from a protest back in november. the meeting is at one o'clock at city hall. authorities and residents of burns, oregon asked demonstrators to leave their community last night. a group led by ammon bundy -- son of anti-government nevada rancher cliven bundy -- has been at an oregon wildlife refuge for more than a week now. the county sheriff there says
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reports of harassment and vandalism since the protesters arrived. he said both law enforcement and employees of the u-s fish and wildlife service have been harassed. at a community meeting, locals said repeatedly that they did not welcome the on-going protest. ((dave ward/harney county sheriff) "what i need from this community is the same loving, positive community that we've all grown to love and want to raise our families in to work through these issues. i would like to ask these folks to go home and lets work through this peacefully.)) the demonstration started as a way to protest the arson conviction of two oregon ranchers ... but lately, it has focused on the role the federal government plays when it comes to land rights. take a look at this nasty crash that happened just hours ago near eastern and russell. metro says a car lost control, hit a rock in the parking lot of a gas station... hit a small pole...
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on top of an electrical box. you can see it on its side there. amazingly the driver wasn't seriously hurt. police also don't think they were impaired or under the influence of anything. two people are fighting for their lives this midday... after a serious crash at durango and warm springs. police say a car crossed over the center turn lane and slammed right into another car. there were 3 people total in the two cars, and all of them were rushed to the hospital. officers are still working to figure out exactly what caused the accident. an ohio sheriff is under investigation, accused of swiping prescription pills that residents were asked to leave at pill drop boxes. now, six local police chiefs are pushing for a more thorough investigation into the case, after the first investigation stalled. when sandusky county sheriff kyle overmyer came in person to collect drugs from the prescription pill drop off boxes at four local police stations, police chief association president paul whitaker said he and 5 other local chiefs were "suspicious." up next in today's trending report...
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decided to smuggle a snake out of a store! the story's coming up. plus... a frozen car becomes an internet sensation. find out why the driver fears he might get in trouble. and here's a live look at the new york stock exchange... ((ad-lib))
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rise. internet sales are expected to top more than 13 billion dollars for 20-16. with so many companies fighting for your dollar -- even big players like amazon are jumping in the online grocery game -- we wanted to see how their prices stack up.
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jarvis has your price check! nats gopro rebecca receiving deliveries "hello?thanks" it's breakfast time at my house. and the deliveries are coming in. to see how different online grocery services stack up, we placed orders for the exact same breakfast items from four exact same time? nats rebecca jarvis ordering peapod, fresh direct, amazonfresh - the market leaders? and start up instacart. consumer savings expert lisa lee freeman with me to breakdown our buys. sot: rebecca (11:54:24) "you can really compare prices with these sites." lisa: "yes, you can easily find out who's got the best deals." check it out: on this particular day we find four different prices for the same box of cheerios. amazonfresh - $3.54, peapod - $4.79, instacart - $5.49, fresh direct - $5.99 - a difference of more than two dollars between the lowest and highest price. and for these paper towels - a difference of nearly four dollars between the lowest and highest price. on our particular shopping day, the prices on most of our
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generally the lowest and fresh direct's - generally the highest. fresh direct told us: "our focus is on high-quality fresh food and solutions?and we offer approximately 500 grocery deals per week." but with online grocery shopping, you pay for more than just the cost of the items. sot: lisa freeman "with amazon you're going to pay a $299 annual membership fee. now that includes your prime, but you really got think about whether / you're gonna use the service to make it worthwhile." while the other services don't require a membership like amazon, they do charge delivery fees. lisa also points out - with online services, you may not be able to get the in-store sale price. instacart charged us $4.49 for this loaf of bread. but when we checked in the store, the price was $2.99. instacart told us "retailers may choose to offer some promotions only in store and other promotions only on instacart." lisa sot:
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different for everyone's shopping list." freeman says to save money - compare prices to your local grocery store. and try a free trial of the rebecca jarvis, abc news, new york. prices and delivery fees vary around the country so you need to do your homework to make sure it's worth it for you. high pressure still has hold of the southern nevada area today. with some high level clouds, mainly sunny skies will be common. high temperatures hold between 53 and 57 for most of the area and winds will be rather mild out of the southwest between 5-10 mph. winds do pick up though by
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between 10 and 20 mph due to an approaching cold front and low pressure from the west. temperatures will climb into the upper 50s by thursday and heavy cloud cover is expected. the front should pass over head thursday into friday with rain chances on the fence for now. we will keep to breezy conditions into the weekend along with partly
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and high temperatures in the mid and upper 50s. another shot for showers falls around sunday morning into the afternoon but depending on how we restructure our mid and upper level stability, cloudy skies may be all we get. now let's take a look at today's top stories now trending... anyone who's ever lost a dog knows how heart-wrenching it can be. now there's a new app that uses the latest technology to help families recover their four-legged friends. it's called finding rover here's how it works. once you download the app to your smart phone or tablet, you take a picture of your pet and it's scanned into the system. using facial recognition
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through thousands of images of old and recently added pictures to try and locate your pet-- even if he or she is at an animal shelter. and... here's a weird animal story... a man in oregon caught on camera, swiping a snake from a but it's how he got the animal out of the store that's really raising eyebrows... surveillance footage shows him stuffing the stolen snake down his pants. and he stole one of the store's most expensive pets... a 200 dollar black python... take a look at this. its a video that's been all over social media... showing a man's car that is completely frozen... just covered in ice. now the owner's speaking out... the man says he left it parked by lake erie and all the snow and rain, and heavy winds created this "car-cicle." "can't believe it got this much attention though. that's pretty impressive." (white flash) "did you say oh
11:39 am
i'm cool. it's not gonna bother me." he did go on to say that his dad was definitely not happy with him for leaving his car by the lake. for more stories trending right now, head to stick a fork in cancer is kicking off its campaign in southern nevada. this is the first time they are doing this in las vegas... joining me now is allison copening from the american cancer society-- and chef carla pellegrino from bratalian - which is participating. stick a fork in cancer campaign. this campaign kicks off last week of january and extends thru february, for national cancer prevention month. first year to do this in vegas, they have done it nationally and in reno.
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choose their dates and donation levels. we encourage more venues to get involved. guests: chef carla pellegrino, bratalian allison copening, southern nevada leadership board, acs. toss
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do you think when you are president you'll be paid as much as if you were a man-male...? this is one of the jobs where they have to pay you the same. but there are so many examples where that doesn't happen. i'm going to do everything i can to make sure every woman in every job gets paid the same... the men who are doing that job. i'm hillary clinton
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some of the top stories we're following- a wild scene on freemont street this morning... as what was originally thought to be a shooting turns out to be a stabbing. action news reporter parker collins was on the scene all morning and will have more on later editions of action news. two suspects arrested after prowling around a backyard in the valley with guns... and a victim was hurt... but not shot... pistol whipped instead. action news yasmeen hassan is on the scene gathering more facts... and will have more at 3. unlv's men's basketball team is getting ready to play tonight... without their main coach. dave rice unexpectedly stepped down this weekend... because the team wasn't doing as well as expected. the team's interim coach says he's running them through drills and they'll do just fine...
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people to watch the game. and the powerball jackpot grows again! if someone wins tomorrow night... that person stands to gain one point five billion dollars. you'll have to hustle to arizona or california if you want to buy a ticket. nevada doesn't participate in powerball due to gaming. here's a look at what we're working on for action news live at 3... a parenting alert you'll want to know, especially if you have a teenage daughter. a new phenomenon to let you know about called "camoflauging." how it's hurting your loved ones, and why you'll want to stop the habit as soon as possible. and lyft is expanding into the medical world! how it's helping certain patients get to their doctors; appointments. all the details on action news live at 3. here's tonight's primetime lineup on channel 13... it starts at 8 with fresh off the boat... the muppets at 8:30... the goldbergs at 9... right this minute at 9:30 and who wants to be a millionaire at ten. inside edition at 10:30 and then we hope you'll stay with us for action news at 11.
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