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tv   Action News 3PM  ABC  January 12, 2016 3:00pm-3:29pm PST

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is an opportunity for him to define his legacy, and to influence the issues debated in the campaign to replace. < the president spotted today at his desk in the oval office... working on his final state of the union address. new videos released by the white house... demonstrate the uplifting tone the president is expected to take. (sot obama first tweeted video) music. "i want us to be able to when we walk out this door to say there isn't anything else we didn't' try to do. the president says he will not deliver a long list of legislative goals... instead focusing on just three or four big ideas. the speech will undoubtedly include another type of list: the president will tout his successes in office, on the economy, healthcare, education, and the environment. he will try to counter what he feels is an avalanche of negatiivity from the republican candidates trying to replace him (sot obama second tweeted video) a lot of what we can do is to change the political
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where change begins to happen. a message.... not expected to be well- received by republicans. (sot ryan) "there is one thing blames the president's policies for the spread of terrorism and what he considers a weak economy. (sot paul ryan) we are less safe. and that is why the anxiety in america is so palpable. > president obama's final state of the union address... expected to be less aimed at swaying the lawmakers in attendance... than american voters already focusing on the race for their next president. there will be three presidential candidates in the audience tonight -- senators rubio, paul, and sanders. the event. bazi kanani, abc news, washington. thanks bazi -- if you want to watch the state of the union watch with your fellow americans, here are some
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if you are interested in attending the information is on your screen now. and we have it on our website.. and don't forgeair the president's address here on channel 13.. followed by a special edition of action news. and this just in-- our very own senator harry reid just announced his guests tonight...for the big address. they are nevada state senator minority leader aaron ford, and u-n- l-v student tania dawood. reid says they represent not only what make america and the silver state so special. breaking news from congress-- the house has just approved even more sanctions against north korea. this all following that big announcement last week from the country... where they claimed to have successfully tested a hydrogen bomb. those sanctions include blocking north korea's access to hard currency...and financial institutions and individuals that aid country's missile proliferation. the white house has said the claim seems to be unfounded. meantime, we just learned north korea's president kim jong-un has just called for expansion of its nuclear program.
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now, ten american sailors are in iranian custody! u-s defense officials say they were after two u-s navy crafts briefly drifted into iranian waters. defense officials say there is nothing hostile going on... and the americans should be released soon...which could be as early as tonight, or tomorrow. breaking news here at home -- a former metro police officer has just been charged with excessive use of force and obstruction of justice. that officer is richard scavone. it all stems from an incident last january...that injured a woman... suspected of engaging in prostitution. court documents show when the woman refused officer scavone's commands... he took her by the neck, threw her to the ground, and then onto the hood of his patrol car. if you are heading out to a watch party, we all want to know what's the weather going to be like. let's get the answer with chief bryan- high pressure remains in control of the forecast right now, but will start to break down tomorrow, as a weak storm
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our north. high temps will continue a tad below average wednesday and thursday in the mid 50s, with partly cloudy skies and light winds both days. an ex gets revenge... one man stabbed another, and apparently it was all over a woman! right now, the search is on for the attacker! action news reporter parker collins has the story. < it's a wild story... but the focus of it is here... in this room. police say an ex boyfriend saw the woman he was with talking to someone else.
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he stabbed the man several times. police think the victim will be okay though. take sot larry hadfield, lvmpd 6:17:57-6:18:03 "it was reported he was stabbed several times, but like i said he went into surgery and is expected to survive at this point." police have been out here for hours, but they say only one person got hurt. near eastern and fremont parker collins channel thirteen action news. > an armed robbery turns violent...ending in one person getting pistol-whipped. and two suspects now in police custody. action news reporter yasmeen hassan has been following this story all day. she has the very latest... from where officers made their arrests. < this entire neighborhood was shut down overnight - metro had this whole street taped off - while they were on a manhunt - officers tell me they think this all started as an armed robbery - just up the street from here - the 57-hundred block of charleston. just before 4 a-m....two men walked into a business - armed with handguns - demanded cash - and then walked right out the front food. then - a half hour after that -
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description hiding in one of the backyards out here. at some point - in all the chaos - someone was pistol whipped. officers found a man - covered in blood. he had to be rushed to the hospital we had chopper 13 first over the scene. that's how we were able to show you officers taking pictures and gathering evidence. this is spanning several blocks - so right now metro is still trying to piece everything together..... ....but neighbors tell me their response was lightning quick this morning. 07:49:05 12 ginger taylor nieghbor i'm a single parent a d i've got children here and i see the cops rolling by here every so often and they're on top of things when you call but yeah makes me a little nervous the man who was pistol whipped is recovering right now - good news here, officers tell me he is expected to be okay. reporting from decatur and alta yasmeen hassan channel 13 action news. > now to an update on a story we first brought you as it was
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a son behind bars today...for reportedly killing his own father. and we just learned the name of that father -- he's 54-year-old kevin clanton. that suspect is daron clanton. neighbors told henderson police they heard fighting yesterday at the home near patrick and stephanie...followed by a gunshot. we spoke with one of clanton's co- workers... who says he never say this coming. "just shock really because i didn't know he was a violent person at all, i didn't even know he had guns in his house." charge. now to mexico and the latest on el chapo -- for the first time, we're getting a look at the drug lord's interview with actor sean penn. the 17-minute chat. ((nat)) "from rolling stone interview" in it, el chapo says he is not apologetic about being a drug lord... saying there is no other way to survive. that meeting with penn...was something set up by actress kate del castillo.
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out...saying he knew nothing about her plans. ((sot)) actress' father in spanish.. eric del castillo ( e ): "i don't know more than you.." but mexican intelligence knew, and were tracking both actors. meantime, guzman is waiting extradition back here to the u-s. pause for animation we're another day closer to the largest powerball drawing in history. hundreds of nevadans are making the trip to california for their shot at one point five billion dollars. action news reporter david schuman is live at primm lotto store with an update. david-- i'm starting to feel like a broken record rikki lines are long again today and all these people are committing several hours of their day to something that almost definitely won't amount to anything.
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are of winning the jackpot. it's 1 in 252 million which is so small it's not even really possible to wrap your head around. might as well just call it zero. but people are still driving to primm and even further into california at nipton. the small general store there has had its business completely revived by this lottery fever it takes in 6 cents on every $2 ticket sold. more if they sell a jackpot winner. 075044 roxanne lang, nipton trading post owner "a six out of six winner we get half a percent so i hope somebody here wins" run 7 i'll save you doing the math, that's 7.5 million dollars. the store had some hiccups yesterday with their lottery sales and today they brought in some reenforcements to help out with the crowds. i'll have the details on that coming up in a few minutes. rikki? an investigation is underway at a party city store... it's not because of a robbery, or even a murder. but because of this -- seven shelves fall
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plus, a big night for the runnin' rebels -- tonight marks their first game without their head coach. hear from players on how they're dealing with the loss.
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seven shelves collapsed at a party city store in florida. hundreds of toys just thrown apart, and probably damaged. 3-people were hurt in the whole ordeal. the store is now closed... as the cleanup continues. party city and firefighters now say they're looking into what caused the collapse. the running rebels are getting ready to play their first game tonight without head coach dave rice. rice announced his resignation sunday...right in the middle of the season. players say they were shocked.... but they're trying to remain focused on the game. ben carter, player 14:24:59:00 obviously very sad about the news, i mean coach rice we little hard at first but at this point we can't fester on that. associate head coach todd simon is taking over in the interim head
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the running rebels take on new mexico tonight at the thomas and mack. tip off is at 7. if you have a teenage daughter, niece or granddaughter, you'll want to stick around for this next story. there's a new phenomenon to let you know about. how "camoflauging" is hurting your loved ones, and why you'll want to stop the habit as soon as possible. a car completely frozen over! remember this crazy video? well, now the owner behind it all is speaking out...sharing how it happened!
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lyft! they're pledging to help medicaid patients get to their doctor's appointment. lyft has partnered with national medtrans network... a company that arranges non-emergency medical transport...for the program. unfortunately, the ride-sharing company is only testing this program in new york city. you remember this video we showed you yesterday-- of this so-called "car-cicle." well, this video has now blown up all over social media, and the
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he says he parked it by lake erie... and when he went back to his car the next time, all the snow, rain and heavy winds froze it over. he says he never expected his car would become an internet sensation! "can't believe it got this much attention though. i'm cool. it's not gonna bother me." he did say his dad was not pleased with him for leaving his car by the lake. high pressure remains in control of the forecast right now, but will start to break down tomorrow, as a weak storm system approaches and passes to our north. high temps will continue a tad below average wednesday and thursday in the mid 50s, with partly cloudy skies and light winds both days. highs will warm to around 60 on friday and breezy winds will move in that day, ahead of another weak system that will
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but this time will bring a very slight shot at showers on saturday along with a slight cool down to the upper 50s on saturday and sunday. monday will be another quiet start to the workweek with highs in the upper 50s and mostly cloudy skies ahead of another system that looks to the a bit stronger. chances for rain will come into the forecast on tuesday with this system and will linger into wednesday. a heads up to all parents
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a new phenomenon is sweeping the nation among teen girls. it's called camoflauging, but it's a habit you'll want to break as soon as you see it! here's abc's lara spencer with the story. < nats - freaky friday trk = 3 seconds sometimes teenage girls just need to be heard? nats - freaky friday: "ahh you're ruining my life!" trk = 4 seconds but this morning
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that's getting attention? trk = 13 seconds (gfx) "camouflaging" -coined by psychologist, dr. joann deak?and featured in february's issue of teen vogue - is when young girls go to extremes - changing or downplaying how they express themselves in order to fit in. of shed some of their individuality, it can be in their looks, their behavior, their words, their actions, so they blend in with their peers trk = 5 seconds it's an issue many tween and teen girls are facing?like 12 year old amanda from pennsylvania sot - amanda jones, 12-years-old//2:25 i wanted to say something, but i didn't say it b/c i felt like everyone was going to judge me. trk = 3 seconds and 17 year old mireya (ma-ray-a) from chicago? sot - mireya villalobos, 17- years-old (around 1:50 in) i found myself either dumbing myself down, demoting my intelligence or how i spoke to other people to fit in. can really lose sight of their authentic self. trk = 8 seconds and now -- amanda and mireya say instead of blending in?they're working hard to stand out from the crowd?.hoping other girls will do the same. sot - amanda jones, 12-years-old//9:49 i would
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today i'm brave and just saying those things makes you realize that you are confident and you are brave. > that was abc's lara spencer reporting-- an aspiring model takes a criminal path to fame -- police say she's the woman suspected of robbing several jewelry stores in the south. we get our first look at her in court, plus new details on her accomplice. new details on that suspected
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u$n3(zsi*p= on average, it takes three hundred americans working for a solid year, to make as much money as one top ceo. it's called the wage gap. and the republicans will make it worse by lowering taxes for
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their own the south. we're learning about her accomplice... but first, more on the aspiring model abigail lee kemp's first day in court. she actually broke down in court. the 24-year-old faces up to convicted. her friends are speaking out... saying she was a former model and waitress. sot: abby was very cocky, she played sports in high school and she was very competitive, as for her alleged accomplice... police identify him as 35 year
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plea. kemp is due back in court thursday for a bond hearing. an action news update now on the bill cosby fallout. george washington university is the latest institution to rescind the legendary comedian's honorary degree. the school said it made the decision because of quote and alumni... who are survivors of sexual assault. dozens of women have accused cosby of drugging and sexually assaulting them. a lot more news coming up on action news live at 3-30, including the search for a new police chief in boulder city. we''ll tell you why he left his job, and what the city plans to do next. and everyone is hoping to win big.. the powerball jackpot is now at in primm. he'll join us in minutes.
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3:30... a big blow to parents state- wide... who were were getting ready to get thousands of dollars for their kid's education. the education savings program is on hold! hear what governor brian sandoval says needs to happen so you can get your money. but we begin with terror in istanbul. a powerful explosion has left at least 11 dead and 14 others wounded.. and and breaking right now..
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