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tv   Action News 5pm  ABC  January 12, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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have it back open in the next hour. live in henderson - michael burton - channel 13 action news. breaking news on a metro police officer. and a story we broke on our website... we just got this mug shot of officer james burt. he was arrested today.. and is sitting in jail accused of domestic battery by strangulation.. and kidnapping in the first degree. metro says he's been relieved of duty.. pending the investigation. he's been with the department for 11 years. that's the latest from the breaking news center. tomorrow night is the big powerball drawing. the suspense is on..... to see if anyone will win.... the -1- point -5- billion dollar jackpot!!! action news reporter david schuman has been talking with powerball hopefuls all day. he's live in primm right now with more on the insane lines. david. i wanted to get a feel today for people's gambling habits -- is this a
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it more regular? found a wide range of answers but the one thing everyone has in common is that you can say with near certainty they're not going to win. pkg 075233 paul nares "i have never seen so much excitement in my life. this has been insane. this is just crazy." that's coming from the mouth of a california lottery employee. nat they've been called in as reinforcements to help stores like nipton trading post deal with the massive lines. 074828 roxanne "it's like a party atmosphere. they all get along, they've been waiting in line maybe 2 to 4 hours so they know the people they're waiting with." one woman in line from henderson says she plays lotto regularly. 075851 kathy mcgonigle "me? at least once a month." she spends 150 dollars a trip -- hoping for her jackpot. 075942 "well people play blackjack more than that correct? i don't gamble so i gamble on the lottery" in man said he stopped playing a long time ago -- but
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of retirement. 080223 gary "i'm a drug and alcohol counselor so for me fighting the odds is not something new" then there's the man who bought six thousand tickets in nipton. we didn't catch him, but no one at the store is going to forget him. 074948 roxanne "he tipped the girls 100 which was really nice and then he tipped the people behind him 100 and the people behind them 100" 075142 paul "insane!" make no mistake -- the lottery is gambling. the nevada council on problem gambling says 6 percent of nevada residents have a gambling problem. just something to keep in mind during this powerball madness. live in primm..david schuman ch13 action news. resigning new developments tonight..... in the case of a former boulder city animal control worker.... who may have been illegally euthanizing animals.... in her care. now... the police chief.... who she worked under for years.... suddenly resigned. contact 13... investigative reporter stephanie zepelin is live tonight.... in boulder city.... where she's been digging for
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we've learned boulder city retained someone to serve as their spokesperson because of all the media attention over the police chief's resignation and animal control controversy. despite this, no one with the city wants to talk with us about it. resigning-p pkg the new city spokesman jc davis says no one at the city has heard from police chief bill conger since his resignation sunday. conger was hired through an outside company, and submitted his resignation directly to them. davis told action news it was tied to the city's investigation into the former head of animal control, mary jo frazier. she served under conger and his predecessor. we went to the police department for answers. can you tell me who's in charge since the chief resigned? they referred us to davis, who says the city manager is deciding who will serve as the acting chief, while he looks for someone to fill the position permanently. hi, stephanie from channel 13.
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city manager was not in the office when we came by, so we went outside city hall for more answers. is cam here? councilman cam walker was not home,, but his wife told us he had not yet been briefed on the situation with the chief. he later called us and said he expected to hear more before the tuesday city council meeting. we also went looking for the mayor at his home, ((knocking nats))) but no one answered the door. as for frazier, the city submitted a case against her to the clark county district attorney. an affidavit written last spring but never filed says she overstepped the limits of her job and the law by euthanizing animals illegally. the rumor in boulder city is that she left the state. resigning city spokesman jc davis also confirmed that frazier was eligible to collect city retirement when she left her job last spring. but he says that is run through the state, so they do not have her address or know where she is.
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a suspect is on the run right now after police say a love triangle may have led to a stabbing. it happened at a motel near fremont and eastern. police say the suspect saw his ex- girlfriend with another man and pulled a knife on him. 6:18:27-6:18:34 "when it comes to these situations, they're unpredictable. but you did have a disturbance that occurred inside a motel room down here." the victim was rushed to umc and was taken into surgery.. but we're told he is expected to survive. if you have any information on the suspect.. call metro. a no contest plea... for former clark county commissioner... tom collins . he faced a judge... earlier today.... in connection to his recent d-u-i arrest. collins was originally scheduled for court yesterday... but... a judge postponed... to give his attorney more time.... to prepare. police arrested collins last month... driving... after he crashed his car. resigned... back in august.
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the runnin' rebels are getting ready to play their first game without head coach dave rice. rice announced his resignation sunday.. right in the middle of the season. associate head coach todd simon will serve as interim head coach. the rebels face new mexico tonight at the thomas and mack. tip off is at 7. students at unlv.. desparate for parking.. won't have to wait much longer. the university gateway project broke ground today to add more than 600 parking spaces for students. that works out to an increase in campus parking of about five-percent. the new structure will be along maryland parkway across the street from the campus. it should be finished by the end of the year. still ahead... president obama is set to deliver his final state of the union address tonight. "what i want to focus on in this state of the union is not do together in the years to com. " hear why his final pitch to the
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plus... nevada's education savings program is temporarily frozen.... following some un-intended consequences! 13:07:38:00 we now have kids, they left, and are they coming back, do they have the funds, things change, i don't know, where will it impact the kids, that would be my number one. hear why some parents move to save money on a private education.... just backfired on them.... bryan. high pressure remains in control of the forecast right now, but will start to break down tomorrow, as a weak storm system approaches and passes to our north. high temps will continue a tad below average wednesday and thursday in the mid 50s, with
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iran is now holding 10 american sailors after two small navy boats briefly entered territorial waters. the two vessels were traveling from kuwait to bahrain when u-s officials lost contact with them. it's unclear if they intentionally entered iranian waters.. but a senior defense official says no distress calls were made. it's also unclear how long those sailors will be in iranian custody. it's not known if president obama will discuss the situation in iran when he delivers his seventh and final state of the union address.. in less than an hour. instead ofoftrying to persuade the gop lawmakers to work with him in 2016 on a legislative to- do list.. the white house says obama's
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but.. it comes in the wake of a new wall street journal poll that shows 70- percent of americans now believe the nation is on wrong track. the white house blames the poll results on the negativity coming from the presidential campaign. you can watch tonight's state followed by a special 7:30 edition of action news. we are hearing more from the notorious drug lord.... joaquin "el chapo" guzman. "rolling stone" magazine today.... released a -17-minute video interview with "el chapo". ((nats: el chapo in spanish with subtit.. rd . the interview came out of a secret meeting with actor sean penn..... while "el chapo" was on the run.... after escaping a second time.... from a maximum-security
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authos say. .fighting to get him extradited to the u-s.... to face charges. still to come... this would-be robber was in for a surprise.... when he tried to take on this store clerk! we'll show you this dramatic fight that played out right in front of surveillance cameras.. plus: (elizabeth ad-lib tease) and... coming up..... right after the state of the union address.... on a special edition of action news: cunning and fast... a woman escapes police twice.. stealing their s-u-v to get away. how they get her behind bars... stay with us. a robber armed with a knife was
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till just now. store clerk during an attempted robbery. that's when the clerk tried to turn the tables and pulled his own knife before they started swinging wildly at each other. incredibly.. neither man was slashed. and at one point.. the attacker drops his knife.. throws down a display rack and picks up a can of corn and throws it at the clerk. the attacker finally ran out. police are still looking for him. a developing story now... a state judge put nevada's education savings account program on hold....
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given parents.....access to money to enroll their children in private school.... leaving both families and private schools.... in limbo. 14:28:07:00 they don't fit in the box, public education works for some, my kids kind of fit outside the box and so we just need to have lots of choices for our students. action news reporter.... elizabeth gadley joins us live.... from cavelry chapel christian school with more... on the impact on parents and schools. elizabeth... for some local parents and private schools, like cavelry chapel christian school... the waiting game they're now being forced to play is made far worse by some unintended consequeses of this program... 14:27:43:00 we're devastated, it's like the carpet has been pulled from under us, lara allen has been anxiously waiting to get her kids out for charter schools and into private school... she says her kids just don't fit in public school 14:27:50:00 we had so many
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we're left in a lurch right now we don't know what we are going to do right now. but it's not just parents that are panicking... the educations savings fund has had a major impact on some private schools as well. 13:00:41:00 sb 302 is not my friend, at some point it will be our friend but right now it's not our friend standup: one unintended consequence for cavelry chapel christian, the school had to raise tuition to offset the costs of some students being pulled out. the cavelry chapel christian school superintendant says parents pulled about 20 kids out of the private school and enrolled them in public school so they would qualify for the esa. 13:01:56;00 i think it's a great idea, i'm a big fan, i'm a supporter of the bill but in actualt a place where it's going to work for families, it's just been a little bit laborious. this matter is far from settled, the judge order an injucntion pending further court deliberation. and an appeal to the nevada state supreme court is expected.
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news at six behind the lawsuit. reporting live from cavelry chaple christian school, i'm elizabeth gadley channel 13 action news. we're following a developing weather story right now. a blast of winter weather is causing white out conditions around the great lakes. the conditions are nothing short of menacing for travelers. this is what happened along the ohio-indiana state line: a massive crash that shut down an interstate. in western new york.. some towns already buried in three feet of new snow and they're bracing for more tonight. preparations are now underway for the first snow of the year in big northeast cities like new york and boston. but forecasters say they will be spared in this round.. with boston maybe getting about an inch of snow. adlib let's go to chief meteorologist bryan scofield and 'weather first.' high pressure remains in
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now, but will start to break down tomorrow, as a weak storm system approaches and passes to our north. high temps will continue a tad below average wednesday and thursday in the mid 50s, with partly cloudy skies and light winds both days. highs will warm to around 60 on friday and breezy winds will move in that day, ahead of another weak system that will pass mainly to our north, but this time will bring a very slight shot at showers on saturday along with a slight cool down to the upper 50s on saturday and sunday.
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linger into wednesday. thousands of southern nevadans made a run for the state line again
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lured by the dream of winning tomorrow night's 1.5-billion dollar powerball jackpot. action news reporter... david shuman has been in primm all day watching people wait 3 hours.... before they step-up to the counter for tickets. let's go back to him live.... with more on how it's going. david. we'll be right back.... with a final check on your forecast....
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bryan. but first..... coming up new on a special edition of action news.. right after the 'state of the union' address.. the battle over solar energy continues. supporters have antoher rally planned for tommorrow. we have when and where coming up. re remains in control of the forecast right
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start to break down tomorrow, as a weak storm system approaches and passes to our north. high temps will continue a tad below average wednesday and thursday in the mid 50s, with partly cloudy skies and light
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action news is giving you a chance to win two tickets to see shen yun at the smith center. enter each day at then watch live at 11 to see if you win. shen yun at the smith center is a proud sponsor of action news and is providing the prizes for this promotion. finally... here's what's coming up... in tonight's abc primetime line- up.... on channel 13.. following "the state of the union address"... and... a special 7:30 edition of action news. -8-... it's "fresh off the boat"... at 8:30... it's "the muppets"... -9-...
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right this minute at 10... it's "who wants to be a millionaire" at 10:30... it's inside edition and... we will see you tonight... for action news... live at 11. for abc's world news tonight... coming up next we'll see you back here in 30-minutes for action news... live at 6. until then.. thanks for watching and have a great evening. breaking sports news out of the nfl... 3(zsi*p= on average, it takes three hundred americans working for a solid year, to make as much money as one top ceo.
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and the republicans will make it worse by lowering taxes for
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their own rules. tonight, breaking news here. the u.s. naval vessels with nearly a dozen sailors held by iran. we have late details coming in as we come on the air. martha raddatz standing by live. also breaking tonight, the massive pileups on america's
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