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tv   Action News 11pm  ABC  January 13, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm PST

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watch on the powerball frenzy tonight. jacqui. folks its the moment youve been waiting for-- the winning numbers are 8, 27, 34, 4, 19 and the powerball is 10. as steve said, winners have been announced in florida, tennessee and california and just across the state line, a million dollar winner out of nipton! the results are still coming in...there could be more winners announced before the night is over. its been the same scene from store open to closing time all week- lines wrapped around the building...even ticket scalpers peddling to folks ticket scalpers peddling to folks who dont make it through on time. "its been a nonstop constant line. people have been getting in line at 2 am the night before, its been crazy the last week" except on wednesday in the last 35 minutes before closing...when minutes before closing...when somehow...the floodgates opened and the lines had already cleared. lotto store employees attribute it to the big spending in the
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numbers arent in yet, but they estimate it could be record setting "once the jackpot gets to be a certain amount, everybody comes out and gets a ticket" people from every walk of life have been vying for their chance at the record jackpot estimated 1.5 billion dollars...and 1.5 billion reasons to try your luck "got my tickets so justin bieber, if you're watching this, im coming to all your concerts" the biggest spender at the primm lotto store-- a 10 thousand dollar purchase. but there were also folks who scraped together some change for a shot at the jackpot "it was my lucky change ive been holding that in my purse for i would say like a year, so i gathered it up and here i am" good luck to those ladies we talked to-- the final results are still coming in, there could be more winners announced throughout the evening...we'll keep updating our website with the latest information. and just a side note...did you
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no winners tonight, the jackpot since nearly all of us are losers tonight... the plaza downtown wanted to make us feel a little bit better.... about our powerball loses.. if you take your loosing ticket down to the casino... they will reimburse you.... the price you paid for it up... to -25- bucks.... in free slot play. michael pergolini 15:24:42:21 people we work with and just people around town you can see the buzz and you can feel the energy from it. it's a great excitment and we had the opportunity to add a little excitement to something that's already building up. already building up. you have until sunday.... to trade in that losing ticket for some slot play... so you might want to take advantage! we have all the information on the deal going on.... at "the plaza".... along with tonight's winning despite hundreds of protestors showing- up to support solar energy today.. the up to support solar energy
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the public utilities commission has voted to uphold a new rate structure.. and a decision forcing solar companies to shut down. action news reporter bryan callahan is live with what's next for people trying to stay in the sunlight.. before their source of clean energy fades into the darkness. bryan. even as the commission voted to keep the increased rates.. an appeal is already working its way through the system. those with panels on their homes are preparing for an ongoing battle. "you're stealing from the people and giving to the rich. you are like the anti-robin hood." "you have a lot of angry people out there, because they see what's happening, they know it is a game, it is a rigged game." opponents of the state's solar rate hike.. aren't quite hulking out... but they are angry about the changes they say is costing them money. nats of rally actor mark ruffalo took part in a rally
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possible way, how can we do business here and there is no way to do business under these rules. they make it impossible to do nat of anyone... commissioners defended their previous action... before upholding the rate increase... saying they protecting 98 rcent of energy users. "there are 11,000 customers signed up, and for the life of me i don't know why rooftop solar developers didn't at least let those customers know that this proceeding was going on." the rate changes will increase the base service fee for solar users every year intil 2020. it also reduces the compensation for excess power generated by home solar panels. after hearing the commissioners reaction to the public hearing... homeowners were just as upset as they were prior to the meeting. "there was really no reason for us to be here today, because they had already made their decision and they were going to stick with it anyway." even before this meeting, solar city filed an appeal of the rate increase. that appeal is expected to be heard in the middle of next month by this same commission.
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channel 13 action news. breaking news out of indonesia right now where seven people.. including four attackers.. are dead after an apparent terrorist attack. authorities say the attackers opened fire with guns and bombs in front of a popular shopping mall in jakarta. there are also unconfirmed reports that three suicide bombers blew themselves up inside a starbucks. two other attackers entered a police station and opened fire.. but so far.. no one is claiming responsibility. new tonight... we're learning more.... about the metro officer.... arrested and accused of beating up his girlfriend.. in the arrest report for james burt... his girlfriend tells police.... the two got into a fight.... on monday. when she tried to leave the house... she claims.... burt followed her to the car... and drug her back.... inside the house. once there... she claims... burt threw her on the couch... and... put his weight on top of her.... so she couldn't leave. the woman says... burt eventually calmed down and let her go. burt did tell police...
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but claims... it never turned physical. a tense standoff between north las vegas police and a man who posted it all on facebook. and a warning.. some of the video might be hard to watch. "i didn't threaten anybody..i didn't ask for this (bleep) ......tell them don't come in here." that's the video posted on martinez's facebook account today. he's seen with a razor in his mouth. in another video.. he says he's upset with his mother while holding a gun.. and writes he's going 'out with a bang.' police were.. however.. able to get him to surrender peacefully (take sot jasmine correa, friend of suspect) he is still an amazing personand he always does what he can for his family." action news has learned that several gallons of gasoline were also poured inside the home. a fire.. reportedly set by squatters on new year's eve..
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home. and the red cross can only do so much. action news reporter gina lazara spoke with the now homeless family about what to do next. "it's a lot to deal with....crying..." a fire set to the casa vegas condos....two weeks ago....has robin luff and her family in tears.....and homeless. "until you've lost your home and have no where to go and you're using up every dime you got" security at the complex believes squatters were living in the vacant units.... causing the fire. and creating this mess. "we're in dire need. you know its cold. it's like can you imagine being in that stinkin place trying to pack." stinkin place is no joke. the fire burned the electricity meters.... which means robin's unit has no power --- no appliances --- no nothing. so the food inside her fridge has gone bad....and stunk up her home. "the utilities are burn out completely. there's nothing.
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the unit!! there's no water. nothing." red cross has helped robin and her family. but they can only do so much. "i mean this is crazy!!" their last night at the hotel is tonight.... then it's to the streets. "it's been one thing after another. and now we're homeless!" desperate for help.... the family has called their landlord -- but robin say's she's been of no assistance. and even asked them to pay january rent. "she's a slum lord!!! that's what you call a slum lord when they don't try to help you or do anything." standup close: i spoke with the landlord over the phone this afternoon. she said to have the now homeless tenants call her....and she will help them with a new place to live. reporting near vegas valley and maryland parkway gina lazara channel 13 action news. now... to the latest developments... out of iran!!! these images of american sailors prominetly displayed across televisions... in the country. -9- men... one woman... held by the iranians.. tonight... critics say... iran has humilated the sailors amid questions.... about why they were in iranian
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in the first place. the sailors say... one of their boats broke down... drifting into iranian waters. now... to the race for the white house... and... the war of words between republican candidate.... donald trump and south carolina governor.... nikki haley. haley delivered the republican response... after "the state of the union" last night. a speech typically used to refute the president... but... she also had words aimed squarely... at trump. sot - haley ((from sotu rebuttal)) "during anxious times, it can be tempting to follow the siren call of the angriest voices. we must resist that temptation " the line caught many conservatives by surprise saying... the response to "the state of the union" is a chance to go after the president. tonight... trump is hitting back. sot - donald trump: (fox & friends) she's weak on illegal immigration and she certainly has no trouble asking me for campaign contributions. haley says... she considers trump a friend... and... he needs to relax and don't throw stones. a crook with an ego wants to
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all the media attention he was getting.. find what police say he did to make sure he got the publicity he wanted. in tonight's "dirty dining"... violations at one robertos taco shop has darcy spears paying them... a visit.. what health inspectors found inside... that nearly got this restaurant shut down! high pressure remains in control of the forecast right now, but will start to break down tomorrow, as a weak storm thursday in the mid 50s, with partly cloudy skies and light
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what started ahigh speed police chase. deputies were forced to use their cruiser to stop a man driving the wrong way on a highway. at one point..
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tire with the tailgate of his truck dragging along the but he still fought with officers before he was arrested and hauled-off to jail. now... to a consumer alert.... from contact -13-. chipotle says... it's confident.... that its e-coli crisis is officials from the c-d-c.... last week. he says... the restaurant chain is hopeful..... the c-d-c will soon declare the e-coli outbreak over. the outbreak began.... in october... and... infected dozens of people... ... u-s states. chipotle says... it's taking additional measures to make sure..... its food is safe..... including having more of its ingredients.... go through centralized kitchens. kitchens. it's one of the valley's most popular mexican fast food restaurants.... with locations.... all over town. here's contact 13..... chief investigator darcy spears to tell us..... which one made "the dirty dining list". right across the street from sun city summerlin sits roberto's taco shop on lake
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it won the top spot on dirty dining with a 32- demerit c grade. 1:26 darcy: what happened when you guys got that 32-demerit c grade? why did they find so many demerits to write up? can you explain? roberto's was nearly shut down for the imminent health hazard of no hot water, but avoided that by fixing the problem while the inspector was still there. 1:45 abraham rodriguez: she's going to washing the hands, the water is cold, you know? abraham says that's because the inspector came early in the morning. not because there was an equipment problem. but the report says when the inspector arrived, there was no hot water and therefore, no proper hand or dishwashing going on. as for the food, there was expired enchilanda sauce in the walk- in. 2:02 darcy: it was old and had to be thrown away? abraham: yeah, the label, it was expired. darcy: so why was that still
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i don't know. he says somebody probably just forgot to throw it out. according to the label, it was nine days old. the inspector also found chicken prepared the previous day had been improperly cooled. 3:24 abraham: and the chicken, pour in the trash. d: the chicken went in the trash? a: yeah. eggs were stored on the top shelf over prepared chicken and tortillas. and prepared foods in the fridge weren't labeled. 3:37 a: yeah, some things no labels because forget--the workers. d: the workers forgot? d: the workers forgot? a: yeah. he allows us back into the kitchen, and the walk-in, where we can't help but notice an obvious violation. 5:10 darcy: that should be covered, and that too, right? should have the plastic over it? a: yes. we find a few more bins of uncovered food, which he fixes after we spot them. darcy tag: roberto's is now back to a three- demerit a grade. darcy spears, channel 13
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a florida man delivering bacon to a friend is being called a hero for stopping a violent attack. don vineyard had just arrived when he found his friend and a woman tied up. found his friend and a woman a man broke into the house and tied-up the victims up in order to rob them.. and the suspect was still in the house. "i should have poured coffee on him and then took the mug and beat the hell out of him. that's what i'm disappointed i didn't do," instead.. the 71 year old man put the suspect ina headlock.. dragged him out to the garage and threatened to shoot him. the suspect got away.. but it only took police 10 minutes to find him. guess this is one way.... to get caught!!! an ohio fugitive sends a "selfie" to police... because apparently... he didn't like his mugshot. in his most recent picture... donald pugh is grinning from ear to ear. maybe.... it's his attempt.... at taking the best mugshot possible..... after being upset with his previous ones. pugh was wanted.... by ohio police for failing to
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they took to facebook.... asking the public to be on the lookout. but... pugh didn't like the mugshots.... they were using. (amber southard/escambia co. sheriff's office) for the past few weeks mr. pugh has been on social media kind of taunting law enforcement, taking a selfie of himself and posting it to police department pages saying, 'hey, this picture is actually better.' pugh was picked up..... on three warrants from columbus, georgia.... for embezzlement and battery. new developments tonight on some severe weather in florida. people in cape coral are picking up the pieces after a tornado damaged nearly 200 structures. the twister left a trail of destruction over about 12 square miles. thousands of people also had their power knocked out for several hours after the storm. high pressure remains in control of the forecast right now, but will start to break down tomorrow, as a weak storm system approaches and passes to partly cloudy skies and light
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days. highs will warm to around 60 on friday and breezy winds will move in that day, ahead of another weak system that will pass mainly to our north, but this time will bring a very slight shot at showers on saturday along with a slight cool down to the upper 50s on saturday and sunday. monday will be another quiet start to the workweek with highs in the upper 50s and mostly cloudy skies ahead of another system that looks to the a bit stronger. chances for rain will come into the forecast on tuesday with this system and will linger into wednesday . before you go tonight bryan, it's time to give away two
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orozco if you'd like a shot at winning.. just go to.... k-t-n-v dot com. "shen yun"..... at the smith center is a proud sponsor of action news... and... is providing the prizes for this promotion. still ahead.... on action news... live at -11- a militia taking over federal buildings in oregon has a new enemy.... tonight. plus.. a murder mystery may be solved in italy.. the detals just coming into the newsrooom on a possible arrest. stay with us.
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report.... there's been an arrest in the case of an american woman killed.... in italy. ashley olsen was living.... in florence.... death.... in her apartment. police have not named the suspect... but say... they were able to identify an oregon rancher says he didn't give a small militia permission to be on his property and remove part of a fence. the group.. protesting federal land policy.. tore down a stretch of fence near the national wildlife refuge they now occupy. activists say their goal was to give the man access to land that had been blocked for years. militia leaders are set to meet with the community on friday to
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coming up.. it's back to the future for one of the nfl's oldest teams. plus.... is las vegas the new los angeles.... when it comes to... the big screen? why more companies are chosing.... to shoot movies in our valley. some big changes for the nfl.
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do you think when you are president you'll be paid as much as if you were a man-male...? this is one of the jobs where they have to pay you the same. but there are so many examples where that doesn't happen.
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to make sure every woman in every job gets paid the same... the men who are doing that job. i'm hillary clinton
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and moving back to los angeles.. which they left in 1994. n-f-l owners have approved a proposal allowing the rams to move into a new billion dollar stadium to be built in inglewood. also part of the deal.. the san diego chargers will have the option to relocate to l-a. but.. if the bolts don't bolt from san diego.. the oakland raiders could also move back to l-a. the film industry.... here in las vegas is booming.... right now. county officials say... they issued... a record number of film permits.... in 2015. this was the third consecutive record-setting year. according to the motion picture association of america... the movie and t-v industry supports... more than... -79- hundred jobs... and -3- hundred -30- million in total wages.... in nevada. last night... action news caught this action.....
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filmed.... down on the strip.. no official word.... on what movie... but matt damon is in town.... filming the newest bourne movie. we'll be right back.... with a final look.... at your wake-up weather forecast. first.. here's jimmy kimmel with a preview of tonight's show.. forecast. first.. here's jimmy kimmel with a preview of tonight's show.. right after action news. ((verbatim)) high pressure remains in control of the forecast right
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it's called a rigged economy, and this is how it works. most new wealth flows to the top 1%. it's a system held in place by corrupt politics where wall street banks and billionaires buy elections. my campaign is powered by over a million small contributions, people like you who want to fight back. the truth is you can't change a corrupt system by taking its money. i'm bernie sanders. i approve this message.
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start to break down tomorrow, as a weak storm system approaches and passes to our north. high temps will continue a tad dnesday and thursday in the mid 50s, with of action news live at 11.. but stay with us for jimmy kimmel live coming up next. thank you for watching.. and.. from all of us at channel 13.. good night.
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form of brain cancer has
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and now abc's "jimmy kimmel live." >> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight, chloe grace moretz. from colony, josh holloway. and music from dj khaled featuring future. with cleto and the cletones.
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