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tv   Nightline  ABC  January 14, 2016 12:37am-1:07am PST

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in our series "project you," real tips for taming your most crippling phobias. and 20 years after "the lion king," simba and the rest of the pride are back with "the lion guard." we're behind the scenes with the new voice of simba, rob lowe, and the creators of this new generation. first the "nightline 5." >> we live in a pick and choose toward. choose. choose. choose. but at bedtime? why settle for this? enter sleep number and the lowest prices of the season. sleep iq technology tells you how well you slept and what adjustments you can make. you like the bed soft. he's more hardcore. your sleep goes from good to great to wow. only at a sleep number store. find the lowest prices of the
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save $600 on the number one good evening. as we come on the air we're covering two breaking stories. we start with what appears to be a terror attack just hours ago in the world's most populous muslim country, indonesia. eyewitness video and social media showing multiple explosions just outside of a starbucks in jakarta. witnesses also describing a gun battle with police. nobody's claimed responsibility but the country has been on high alert and isis presence growing in the region. the u.s. embassy now telling american citizens to avoid downtown jakarta and shelter in place. there are a number of reported casualties and we will have much more on what is a developing story first thing in the morning on gma. we turn now to the other big
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different. we have winners in the largest lottery jackpot ever, nearly $1.6 billion. lottery officials say winning tickets were sold in three states. abc's david wright is on the story. >> tonight's jackpot is approaching $1.6 billion -- >> reporter: tonight millions of americans tuned in to see the powerball drawing of the century. >> it is the number 10 tonight -- >> >> reporter: california, florida, and tennessee all reportedly sold tickets matching all five numbers plus the powerball. california announced first. the winning ticket, sold at this 7-eleven. chino hills, outside of los angeles. tonight, crowds descended on the store, sharing the excitement, even if they can't share the prize money. >> this must be thrilling. >> it is very thrilling. >> reporter: my colleague kana whitworth was there. >> people rushed to the 7-eleven, there are hundreds of people, you can barely move inside the 7-eleven.
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million for selling the winning ticket and whoever takes home that money gets a big chunk of it because there are no taxes on lottery winnings here in the state of california. >> reporter: the jaw-dropping $1.5 billion jackpot, the largest the u.s. has ever seen, now will be split three ways -- three very lucky and very rich winners. making this a $2 ticket to the 1% club. in theory, at least. >> can we get in there? >> sure, you can. you can have an umbrella in case. >> reporter: we indulged our inner billionaires, shopping for cars -- >> i could get used to this. >> reporter: and condos. >> this is what you need. >> reporter: plenty of others were dreaming too. all across america. >> i feel 100% confident. >> reporter: powerball pandemonium. >> it's not normal. like -- insane. >> reporter: aspiring billionaires lining up
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>> that can't be the winner, we're getting the winner. >> this is the winner! >> reporter: 300 million tickets ticket for every person in this country. bets. >> this is the office pool? >> yeah. >> you're entrusted? >> i'm entrusted. hopefully they don't fly away in the wind. >> reporter: odds of winning, 1 in 292 million. in other words, don't feel bad if your numbers don't come in. >> complete the sentence for me. the odds of doing blank are bigger than the odds of winning the lottery? >> if you selected a random human on earth, just any random human, it's the same probability that they actually represent pennsylvania in congress. >> reporter: in october, lottery officials added more of those little white balls, making it harder to win, resulting in bigger and bigger jack pots. >> there's a sense as it gets bigger your chances of winning improve? is that true? >> not really, no. the chances of winning, whether it's $40 million or $1.5 billion, they're the same.
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i quite get the math. but if i'm a billionaire, i don't have to worry about math. right? prepare for when i'm a billionaire >> reporter: if i'm a billionaire i could easily afford a better ride than bruno mars and travis mccoy in that music video "billionaire." >> here we have the porsche. >> reporter: a car like this would be chump change. >> $1.5 million? for this car? >> yes. >> reporter: today walter durso at manhattan motor cars took my word that i was good for it. >> you can probably get into a lamborghini, maybe a porsche 918. >> reporter: letting us test drive the rolls-royce phantom, price tag $650,000. >> now what would be your next purchase? >> well, i think we need someplace to park it. real estate. >> reporter: in midtown manhattan, noble black showed us the penthouse in the baccarat residences.
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>> reporter: a 7,400 square foot apartment just across from rockefeller center. >> you'd want to be body confident, i think, to be in a bathroom like this. >> reporter: it's not suitable for shy people. if you're a billionaire you can easily afford some curtains, right? >> if i care ask, the price tag? >> the price is $60 million. >> $60 million? >> just $60 million. >> you could buy several? >> you could buy several, have one in every city. >> reporter: with cash to last a lifetime, just think of the epic ways you could quit your job. >> there you go. >> it's crazy. >> reporter: when julie leach won $310 million in october, she was clear she wasn't going back to work. >> oh, i quit automatically. >> reporter: with this much money, you could quit in style. >> i'm here to tell you that i'm quitting. >> reporter: remember joey quits who went viral quitting with the help of a marching band.
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million, hire justin timberlake to tell your boss to -- cry me a river or get any number of big-name acts to deliver the news. >> let's talk about doing this. >> reporter: that isn't ambitious enough you could follow in the steps of gwen dean who had a message for boss ted in this godaddy super bowl ad. >> hi, ted. i quit. >> she just quit her job. >> yep. >> in front of 100 million people. >> job, baby. >> reporter: rates for this year's super bowl commercials are estimated at $5 million for a 30-second spot. the powerball winner could afford a super bowl infomercial. but before we all get carried away, most experts in instant wealth, like "shark tank's" barbara corcoran, say quitting your job isn't always a good idea. >> you keep a pattern going, it helps you have discipline. anything radically, least of all your job. >> reporter: still, more money than most of us can imagine.
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isenberg. >> my life changed completely. >> reporter: he's a former electrician who won $5 million in 1981, back then the largest lottery payout ever. >> everybody wanted a piece of me. i met the governor cuomo, mario cuomo. so many celebrities. johnny carson, oprah winfrey. >> reporter: nearly 35 years later he squandered all the money. his advice? >> go slow a little bit. enjoy what you're doing. >> reporter: lou, having won big back in '81, he still plays the same numbers every week. including today. >> are we going to win the >> you keep hitting my shoulder, >> reporter: hoping lightning will strike twice. while he may not be rich anymore he says he's rich at heart. >> now the only thing i'm happy with is my sweetheart and i care for her, i love her. and i didn't have that before. >> reporter: so assuming, like me, you didn't win, take heart. your odds of winning the
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your odds of being happy anyway are much, much better. i'm david wright for "nightline" in new york. coming up next on "nightline," why these people, who are terrified of roller coasters, are voluntarily riding a roller coaster. tips on how you can conquer your deepest fears. 20 years after "the lion king," the new generation taking the lead. the making of "the lion guard." that's a big bull. i think that's old cyrus. 1800 pounds of do whatever the heck i want. take the long way, huh? thank you cyrus. lease a 2016 lincoln mkc for $289 a month only at your lincoln dealer.
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fear is part of the human condition. it serves an evolutionary purpose. fear can keep you alive in a dangerous situation.
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driving your car or getting on a plane, fear can be unnecessary and destructive. tonight one radical and frankly scary method for facing your phobias head-on. it won't be easy. here's abc's linzie janis in our series "project you." >> reporter: for these students, there is nothing amusing about this ohio amusement park. >> it's okay. >> reporter: they're not here for the fun. they're here in the roller coaster capital of the world to face, and hopefully overcome, their biggest fear. >> how are you feeling? >> i am feeling nervous standing here. >> reporter: will they find the courage to buckle up and ride? or beg to get off? >> how many of you, when you ride a roller coaster or think about riding a roller coaster, get a little bit of fear or anxiety? >> reporter: believe it or not these terrified students signed
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they're human guinea pigs in abnormal psychology class. >> which brings us to what the face your fear project is about. >> reporter: in this unique face your fear project, professor kevin myer teaches students to overcome general anxiety and phobias through immersion and exposure therapy. >> everyone's going to get something out of this. >> reporter: the class, including lexie, zach, and mary, will have learned to overcome their own mental corkscrew. >> we're dealing with roller coasters that's true. the techniques they're going to learn in this class are generalizable to all sorts of anxieties and fears. >> reporter: nearly 40 million adults in this country suffer some form of anxiety disorder. from social anxiety and panic disorder to the more extreme form, phobias. and many of these different anxieties can be treated and even cured using a common approach. >> we teach people how to relax, how to relax their bodies so
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emotions and become more mindful of what they're thinking what they're feeling. >> reporter: so chances are if you're afraid of something, there may now be a class designed to help you overcome it. paralyzed by icy roads? take this bridgestone winter driving school in colorado. >> no brakes. no brakes. >> reporter: or afraid to fly? >> oh my god. oh my god. >> reporter: take a class in fearless flying from a retired air force pilot. >> it wasn't as bad as i thought. i think maybe this is my first time flying so -- just getting over that hurdle. >> reporter: back in ohio, to get a baseline read on the level of fear amongst professor myer's students, we brought a few to cedar point eight weeks early. lexie is touring the safety feature of the 93-mile-per-hour millennium force. >> are those like mechanically come down or do they push them down? >> they do not release until we give the train power from underneath.
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happy to go on this. i'm 21 and afraid and it's almost embarrassing. >> reporter: she says she's hoping in eight weeks not only will she be able to ride, but to be able to conquer her everyday anxieties. >> i hate to go anywhere with a crowd. >> reporter: mary tout knows exactly how lexie feels. her goal? to not overthink a ride on top thrill dragster. >> i don't think i can ride that. >> reporter: she's skeptical anything she learns in class will be enough to erase her fear. >> as i'm standing here now i feel sick to my stomach. it's terrifying, to say the least. i guess my goal is to at least get farther in line, let alone ride it. >> reporter: 6'6" zach irwin has never ridden a roller coaster because he's consumed with the idea he might fall out. it's rational or not. >> reporter: but he's hoping
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weeks. >> taking a deep breath is extremely important -- >> reporter: in preparation for the big day professor myer teaches his class a series of techniques. >> step one is learning how to breathe. breathe in slowly to a count of five. >> reporter: breathe and focus on the present. write a letter from your future self telling you what it felt like to succeed. rethink how you think by watching point of view videos. >> it gives their brain another option -- >> reporter: professor myer says it takes mindful practice to make them work. >> i came back to my room later and did the breathing exercises. and i came out of it really relaxed. >> reporter: eight weeks later, lexie is seeing noticeable change. >> i think the breathing exercises that we've been doing have actually been working more than i thought. they're finally kind of slowing my thoughts down. >> reporter: zach has newfound determination. >> it's kind of, you know, go big or go home at this point.
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racked with apprehension. >> how are you feeling? >> a little sick to my stomach right now. >> take deep breaths. say your mantras. distract yourself. it is going to be fun. >> you're terrified, are you okay? >> i'm good. we'll power through. >> check your seats. please stand clear of the gates. the door now closes. >> reporter: finally the moment of truth. >> how do you feel right now? >> proud? >> yeah. >> just looking at it -- looking at it's worse than being on it, i think. >> reporter: and mary? she trades her tears for cheers.
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>> so happy it's over with. i actually had fun. >> what does it mean that you conquered this fear? >> it means that i overcame something that was anxious for me. was able to just push through it and know that i was confident enough to do it. >> reporter: confidence they hope will follow them for the rest of their lives. >> now i can do anything. >> good for you! well done. >> reporter: for "nightline," i'm linzie janis in sandusky, ohio. up next here, the circle of life. the next chapter in the story of "the lion king." "beth" by kiss beth, i hear you calling... but i can't come home right now... me and the boys are playing... ... all night
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finally, 20 years after "the lion king," simba is back with a baby. here's abc's nick watt. >> reporter: 22 years after "the lion king" roared -- >> everyone scatter! >> reporter: "the lion guard." sequel, tv movie, now series from our parent company walt disney premiering on disney jr. makes me wonder. how do grownups create cartoons for kids? >> my son came home. he plays in the park with his friends every thursday. they have this imaginary superhero team that fights imaginary bad guys. that's when it hit me. we've put superheroes in the prideland. sort of the avengers meets the lion king. >> reporter: so the lion guard is simba's son and his multi-species posse, keeping
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we're behind the scenes. >> when you're on the freeway, stuck in traffic, you get a lot of ideas. >> reporter: jose is a character creator. a blend of his brother and his boss. >> when you draw you have to imitate. if he's upset you have to be like, it automatically comes onto the paper. you put your acting into the character. >> reporter: meanwhile in the writer's room -- >> i don't know if you know this about the cuckoo. cuckoo is a terrible parent. there are cuckoos in africa. i checked. >> reporter: perhaps on the poster tacked to the office wall. >> we kind of stand in front of and look at. being tall we'd want to go with something smaller. like a dicdic but we couldn't say it on a junior show. >> reporter: they consult zoologists to get the animal behavior right. apart of course from the fact that they talk. >> later, jed! >> reporter: on "lion guard," rob lowe, sarah hyland, and some new guy.
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>> okay. >> number two here at 14 minutes. >> hey, our flowers! >> reporter: and my john wayne bush buck made it into the show. >> hey, our flowers! >> reporter: "the lion guard" tv movie premiered in november with record ratings. clearly these guys know what they're doing. i told you i couldn't do it. >> no, that's good. >> that's enough. now i know you're lying to me! >> that was precisely it! you were right on pitch. >> you are such liars. >> one more time. >> i hate you all. >> reporter: i'm nick watt for "nightline" in los angeles. >> a new career for nick watt. thank you for watching. tune into "good morning america" first thing tomorrow for the latest developments out of indonesia and as always we're online 24/7 on our "nightline" facebook page and at thanks again for watching tonight. ha "ok!" now on "ok! tv" -- big events. >> i'll be there. >> bigger stars.
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hopping in l.a. with these a-listers. leonardo dicaprio's "rolling stone" cover. the actor dishes that elusive academy award, and will he ever start a family. one of these actors could have some very big shoes to fill. >> i'm captain millennium -- >> the search for a young hans solo. and back for season two and we're getting the details straight from the stars. >> there's a lot more naked people. plus, the stars of "ride along 2" dish on the anticipated sequel. >> we wanted to party on south beach. >> which member of the cast just couldn't keep it together? >> all we do is laugh, mess up takes. millions of you read it. now watch us. "ok! tv," your entertainment news source starts now. welcome to "ok! tv." i'm sonia isabelle in the heart of new york city with all of your entertainment news. let's get right to the headlines in the hollywood wrap. selena gomez at the unicef ball.
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