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tv   America This Morning  ABC  January 14, 2016 4:15am-4:30am PST

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but until you win powerball, you're probably still looking for a good deal, and to avoid common mistakes that can lead to buyer's remorse. like being unprepared. your choice to one or two models. know the features you want to avoid being talked into buying what you don't need. >> it's doing the physical research, getting out there, going and visiting different dealers, test driving the cars. >> reporter: second mistake? focusing on getting a low monthly payment. it sounds good, but to do it, you need a longer loan with a higher interest rate, costing you thousands more in the long run. instead, go for the lowest price possible. >> you have to empower yourself to be a smart shopper. >> reporter: finally, a new car depreciates by about 11%, just as soon as you drive it off the lot. so, consider buying used. but here's what's apparently not a mistake, buying a car in a bright or unusual color. the experts tell us, they're cheaper and they hold their value longer.
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>> and you get laughed at by all of your friends going what are you doing with a canary yellow car. >> i would go for the orange one though. >> i'm sure your driving habits are fantastic. >> why do you say that? >> i don't know. you just seem like a woman. >> i'm a good driver. >> who drives to work every day. >> i'm a good driver. did you doubt me? >> pretty much. i would not allow her to be my uber driver. >> i don't think i've had a speeding ticket in years. >> really? >> i've had children. i shaped up. coming up, a big shake-up though in the nfl. >> after a two-decade drought, l.a. might soon be home to two teams. reaction from fans next. >> announcer: "world news now" continues after this from our
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>> announcer i'll be safe and warm if i was in l.a. i'll be safe and warm if i
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california dreaming >> california dreaming. i get it. that's because two diehard nfl cities may soon be losing their beloved football teams. >> st. louis rams are bidding farewell to missouri and hello again to los angeles. and they may soon be followed by the san diego chargers but fans are none too pleased. abc's brandi hitt has the latest. >> reporter: the rams are heading back to los angeles. a homecoming l.a. fans have been waiting for when the team packed its bags after the 1994 season and moved to st. louis. >> the great wrong@perpetrated 21 years ago has now been righted. >> reporter: with two dueling l.a. stadium proposals also involving potential moves by the san diego chargers and oakland raiders, nfl owners approved the rams' move to this billion dollar inglewood stadium. >> that had the facilities that
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los angeles. >> reporter: leaving fans heartbroken in st. louis. >> it hurts. >> it's just depressing to see a team that i loved and poured all my sundays into for years just leave. >> reporter: st. louis's mayor even accusing the nfl of putting greed above loyalty. >> fans are commodities to be abandoned once they no longer suit the league's purposes. >> reporter: as part of the deal, the chargers now have the option to relocate to los angeles, too. >> we have a fresh start. and let's talk about that. >> reporter: if san diego leave, the door then opens for the raiders to possibly move to l.a. either way, the rams have a new home in 2016 likely playing at the coliseum till the new stadium is built. that the new stadium is expected to open in 2019. in the chargers and raiders stay put, the nfl is promising each team $100 million to improve their current stadiums. reena and kendis?
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>> it is under way. that's right near the airport. it will be the biggest thing to happen to that part of l.a. since the lakers moved down to the staples center. but hoping the chargers stay in san diego. >> you want them to stay. >> it would be great. does california have more rams than missouri? that really should be the big debate. >> it doesn't matter. you can computer generate them. >> and what's a charger? you can computer generate them. >> and what's a charger? (ugh.) does your carpet ever feel rough and dirty? don't avoid it, resolve it. our formula with a special conditioning ingredient, softens your carpet with every use. it's resolve, so you know it cleans and freshens. but it also softens. resolve. a carpet that welcomes you. and to clean pet messes,
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this one is max strength and fights mucus. that one doesn't. uh...think fast! you dropped something. oh...i'll put it back on the shelf... new from mucinex fast max. the only cold and flu liquid gel that's max-strength and fights mucus. start the relief. ditch the misery. let's end this. okay. we're t minus 30 days away from v day, the most romantic day of the year. >> who knew there was a countdown to it. >> there always is. >> if you're already feeling left out because you don't have a valentine as yet, take heart. there's still time to get your game on. kayna whitworth on tips for snagging a sweetheart. >> reporter: standing out in the
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people in the u.s. who are currently dating online. might seem impossible. but 25-year-old makeup artist lauren seems to have cracked the code. >> i was receiving around 35 messages a day. >> deemed the most messaged new york women on okay cupid, she chronicles dating woes and wins in her new book, "popular." >> i still don't get texts returned but i get a lot of people asking me how do i get more messages. >> reporter: now she's revealing her tried and true formula for the most eye-catching profile pictures. tip one, use a selfie. >> lighting is everything when you're taking a selfie. the best angle is a little bob your eye line and make sure you're looking into the camera. >> tip number two, post a photo that can start a conversation. >> not only do i have a picture wearing like a hockey jersey but i write it in my interests. so a lot of guys can relate
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>> reporter: for tip three, her secret weapon. a dating app called the grade which she is a paid spokesperson for actually rates your photos. >> as you set a photo as your main picture, it will gather actual data that shows you what the response rate is for that photo. >> reporter: but above all, when it comes to love online, this pro says stay true to yourself. >> you should just go in being you, and just don't take it too seriously. >> reporter: kayna whitworth, abc news, los angeles. > well, when you look like that, it's easy. >> she is beautiful. you're right. she is. yeah. >> apply a lot of filters to your photos and it works. >> or don't do it all like me. send people postcards. snail mail. >> i don't know that it will work. my dating sites, i use t.j.'s photo and hope that will help better. >> no, you don't. no, you don't. >> no success. >> it is kind of hard in this digital era dating online. you've got to get the right photo down, the right moments captured on instagram.
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>> it is. hear who has the golden ticket! at least three people are waking up multi-millionaires this morning... and some big cash could be coming to las vegas. we've got your powerball hangover. "you have a lot of angry people out there, because they see what's happening, they know it is a game, it is a rigged game." actor mark ruffalo isn't the only one upset about solar net metering changes in the valley. reaction to the convtroversial decision by the public utilities commission. right now...clark county school district is taking on redistricting once again. if you're passionate about this issue now's your chance to get involved. good morning las vegas! i'm
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and i'm dayna roselli the
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