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tv   Action News 3PM  ABC  January 14, 2016 3:00pm-3:30pm PST

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tweets have been pouring in for celine dion and her family. one reads in part... he's an angle and in a better place. another reads sending you and your family love and peace right now. and here's another one - this person says my heart is broken for celine and her family. praying for all. hashtag cancer sucks. and a woman has pleaded guilty to killing her ex-boyfriend's 10-year- old daughter. brenda stokes wilson made that plea just hours ago. wilson was arrested in december of 20-12... after the body of jade morris was found in an abandoned house. morris' family was at the hearing, and emotions ran high. morris' grandmother says prison is where wilson belongs. "all i want to do is never ever see her again, and hope that she rots whenver she's at, and want her to think about what she did." wilson also pleaded guilty to
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face the same night she murdered morris. she faces a total of 5 charges - including first degree murder - which could send her to prison for life. wilson's sentencing is set for march 9th. also developing right now -- this video just released of a teenager shot and killed by chicago police officers. it happened back in 20-13. the family of the victim has filed a wrongful death lawsuit! his mother is arguing in the video, you can see he was not the aggressor...but was shot running from police. the metro police officer accused of kidnapping and strangling his girlfriend..made his first appearance in court. a judge granted james burt 75- thousand dollars bail. his preliminary hearing is not set for march fourth. but that's not all. we're learning just 5-years ago, burt was charged with attacking his wife at the time. as for this incident, we're learning what happened
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in the arrest report, the girlfriend says they got into a fight monday. monday. when she tried to leave, she says burt followed her to the car and dragged her back inside. that's when she says burt threw her on the couch, pinned her down, covered her mouth and told her to stop crying. she said he threw her around several times. burt told police they argued.. but insisted it never got physical. terror on the streets of jakarta, indonesia. six explosions in the city's main shopping district. at least 7 people are dead, dozens are injured. nats - big explosion at the end of clip a group of attackers armed with guns and bombs exchanged gunfire with police. people rushed for cover... many barricading themselves inside their offices voice of jeremy douglas united nations office on drugs and crime/eyewitness to indonesia blasts :13 - :27 "we pulled up...bomb went off." investigators don't know who
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responsibility for the attack. here at home -- mother nature is giving us a treat. it's been beautiful. no wind or rain. what can we expect for the weekend? let's go to chief meteorologist bryan scofield and 'weather first.' the series of storms pushing onto the west coast will low pressure will rench northern california pretty much throughout the week but those storms will only throw some high clouds over top of las vegas starting friday and continuing through saturday. happening today, the heat is on for tonight's
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it's one of their last chances to sway voters before the first votes are cast. and this time, a new frontrunner on top-- texas senator ted cruz. he's facing some tough questions. a new york times report says he borrowed a million dollars from big wall street banks to finance his run for senate... but didn't tell the federal election commission about it. (sot cruz) "if it was the case that they were not filed exactly as the fec requires than we'll amend the filings cruz says it was a filing error. and he's also facing scrutiny from his main competitor right now, donald trump. the billionaire continues to question if the canadian-born candidate can legally be president. only 7 candidates will be on-stage tonight at 6. we have a list of watch parties going on tonight, on our website. stay with action news for continuing coverage of tonight's debate. ahead today, your chance to tell ccsd if you want the school district to be split up. a town hall meeting is set for 5-30 to 7-30 tonight inside the las vegas city hall council
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website here at home-- people are still feeling powerball fever. take a look-- at this small line of people waiting this morning. they're hoping to cash in on the smaller, 40-million dollar jackpot. but also look at the mess left behind by all the fans! take sot ben dorval, power ball loser 6:42:04-6:42:13 "we wanted to check out tickets and then we're going to try and win on saturday. you gotta try to win. if you don't buy a ticket you ain't got a chance man!" there was a winning ticket sold at primm, so there could be a millionaire among us. more than 43-thousand power ball tickets were sold in nipton yesterday. if you bought a powerball ticket, you could still win big. some casinos are letting you trade in your tickets to play some games!. at ellis island casino, show your ticket to their promo booth, and you can score 5-bucks to play at the casino. over at the plaza hotel, they'll reimburse you the price
3:06 pm free slot play. michael pergolini ((there's so many losers in powerball how can we turn them into winners losing tickets. even in las vegas evne a push is a win sometimes)) if you want to cash in on the deal, you only have until sunday at the plaza hotel for the trade-in. we've all dealt with bad drivers on the road. and it's rare we'll actually do anything about it. but one teen is taking his frustration one step further -- recording them and posting the videos on youtube! those videos are going viral, and now that teen is speaking out. and you can hit the slopes at lee canyon, while helping raise money for an organization right here in the valley. all the details ahead. and a look at today's closing numbers.. the dow is up 228 points, closing at 16,379.
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the arbig show of support! the fire chief in harney county quit his job to join them!
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county fire chief i did not just quit this county. but i will not work for the government or a person that i do not believe or have faith in. (applause and cheering)" but he may not be protesting the government for very long, the militia plans to meet with the community and the sheriff tomorrow morning to discuss an exit plan. bond has been denied for the suspected, serial jewel thief. a judge said abigail kemp is a danger to the community. police arrested her and a accomplice for a string of robberies among 5- states in the south. the 24-year-old faces up to 20-years in prison...if convicted. the first lawsuit in the u-s has been filed against malaysia airlines... in connection to that disappearance of mh-370. the sons of a victim filed the suit... arguing the compensation offered by the insurance company on behalf of the airline was quote "offensive." more lawsuits are expected to be filed in the coming weeks. the flight from kuala lumpur to beijing disappeared 2-years ago.
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found. the flight was carrying 239 passengers and crew. one teen has had enough of the bad drivers in his area. now, he's recording what he calls "sloppy driving"... and posting the shaming videos online for everyone to see. j-d miles talks with that teen < nats you may be this driver who cut him off in traffic. nats or this one driving the wrong way down a plano street. (marc mckennon/creator, bad drivers of plano texas) when they see the videos i mean maybe they will think twice. created called bad drivers of plano texas. (marc mckennon/creator, bad drivers of plano texas) and i found videos pretty similar to what mine look like pretty much point out the stupid stuff people do and i really liked it i was like i want to do this. people passing him are unaware they could soon be watched around the world. but mckennon insists he's not trying to shame drivers who pull out in front of him or give him the middle finger and
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posted online. (marc mckennon/creator, bad drivers of plano texas) i'm not trying to embarrass anybody. nats mckennon is only 19 and proved he isn't perfect either, capturing his own car rear ending another driver. (marc mckennon/creator, bad drivers of plano texas) it's pretty ironic i admit but it's also part of the learning experience that i've gained from the whole dashcaming thing. while plano may not have the worst drivers, mckennon has seen enough to say... (marc mckennon/creator, bad drivers of plano texas) i think it's bad, it's not good. > and he wants more people to get involved. the teen says he'll post videos submitted from other drivers around his county...if he gets any. so far, he has not had any complaints about what he's doing. it's a new year, but cell phone companies certainly didn't make a resolution to be nicer. a new survey out found who's still overcharging you. find out if you're service
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an action news update now...
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on that massive fire at an oil rig in oklahoma. we're learning it likely caused more than 20-million dollars in damage, and destroyed more than 20 oil tankers. you may remember we showed you the video yesterday as it was breaking. the fire burned so hot...firefighters couldn't extinguish it for hours. "alex" is the first hurricane of the year! now, hurricane warnings are in effect for the azores islands. that's where the storm is expected to hit friday morning. here's a look at its projected path. alex is the first hurricane to form in january since 1938. the atlantic hurricane season officially begins june first. you only have a few hours left to hit the slopes at lee canyon for a great cause! people are racing in the "chris ruby
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nevada donor network. the event is open to skiers and snowboarders of all ages. 100 percent of the 40-dollar registration fee, and 20 percent of the lift ticket sales will be donated to the donor network. and if you win you'll get an all access season pass to the resort! adlib let's go to chief meteorologist bryan scofield and 'weather first.' the series of storms pushing onto the west coast will continue into this weekend but persistent dry air over the desert southwest will keep most of the area dry this weekend. low pressure will drench northern california pretty much throughout the week but those storms will only throw some high clouds over top of las vegas starting friday and continuing through saturday.
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sprinkles north and east of las vegas saturday afternoon but won't create more than a few showers in the local mountains for clark county. high temperatures will stay largely unchanged friday and saturday courtesy of some thicker cloud cover for the region although low temperatures will rise due to that same cloud cover.
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if you think you're being overcharged by your cell phone company, you were right! a new survey found overage charges, already at record highs, are up yet again. it found nearly one in five customers reported paying overages during the past six and the worst offender? at&t! eight films made the elite list of oscar nominees for best picture of the year. and as much as people are talking about which films and which actors earned nominations, people are going off on the lack of diversity. you're watching channel 13 action news, where you ask, and we investigate. stay with us the countdown is on to oscar
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-- and it could be a big year for "the revenant." the academy award nominations were announced this morning. abc's brandi hitt has the list of the shockers and snubs. < sot -- (from film): "the revenant" in the hunt for oscar gold -- "the revenant" --
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receiving 12 nominations including best picture... sot -- "leonardo dicaprio in "the revenant." ?and a fifth acting nod for -- leonardo dicaprio -- fresh off a golden globe win. sot -- david blaustein, abc he is a lock." ((graphic -- "best actor")) also in the "best actor" category -- bryan cranston... matt damon... michael fassbender... and eddie redmayne. sot -- (from film:) "room" "room's" brie larson -- a favorite for "best actress" -- spoke to good morning it's the highest form of flattery in my field." she's competing against cate blanchett... jennifer lawrence... charlotte rampling... saoirse (sir-sha) ronan. sot -- chris connelly, abc news entertainment correspondent // "it should be pointed out.. it's a white wash in the acting categories." white actors -- represent all 20 acting nominations again this year. many questioning why will smith... or idris elba... weren't nominated. sot -- (from film: "straight outta compton") "straight outta compton" was also snubbed for "best picture"... ((nominations gfx - all eight)) which includes a total of eight
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mad max - fury road) "mad max: fury road" among them -- receiving ten nods. sot -- (from film: star wars: the force awakens) "star wars: the force awakens" -- was also nominated five times? in technical categories. ((on camera tag)) the academy is bringing back chris rock as brandi hitt -- abc news -- los angeles. > the oscars weren't the only movie nominations announced. the 20-16 razzy nominations also came out, and "fifty shades of grey" leads the pack with the most nominations. it's up for worst picture, actor and actress. the other movies with 6 nominations are "paul blart: mall cop 2" and "jupiter ascending". the 36th annual razzies will be awarded february 27th. another celebrity gone too soon- british actor alan rickman has died. sources say rickman had been battling cancer. rickman was known for his roles as hans gruber (groo-ber) in
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in the "harry potter" series. he was 69 years old. speaking of the movies, the film industry in las vegas is booming right now! for the third year in a row, we had a record-breaking number of film permits. clark county officials say they issued 440 permits last year. and the motion picture association of america says that employed nearly 8- thousand people, and brought in 330- million dollars in wages in nevada. one movie in process now is matt damon's new bourne movie. our crews caught them shooting this car chase right behind bally's. they're supposed to be filming all through next week. on our website, you can sign up to be an extra in the movie! a lot more news coming up on action news live at 3-30... an arrest made in that murder of an american woman in her apartment in italy. the first look at the suspect, plus grisly new details on the moments before her death. and
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with breaking entertainment
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breaking entertainment news -- the husband of celine dion has passed away. rene angelil had been battling throat cancer. he had been dion's manager for more than 30-years but stepped away in 2014 after his cancer returned. he was first diagnosed in the late 1990's. you'll remember.. dion took a break from her residency when his cancer returned.. but returned in august. they have three sons together. the coroner's office says angelil died of mouth cancer and natural causes.. and no invesatigation will be needed. now let's send things over to action news reporter mahsa saeidi. she joins us live on the strip with... of course, all our hearts in las vegas are hurting for
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