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tv   Action News 330pm  ABC  January 14, 2016 3:30pm-4:00pm PST

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around the world for her. here's one that reads "i'm crying so much," and another that celine dion im thinking of you so much. stay strong. a valley woman could go to prison for life after pleading guilty to killing her ex-boyfriend's 10-year-old daughter. brenda stokes wilson was charged with first-degree murder for the 2012 murder of jade morris. she also pleaded guilty to slashing her former co-worker's face on the same night. wilson will be sentenced march 9th. new developments on that murder mystery in italy -- right now.. a man is in jail.. arrested overnight.. accused of killing a woman in her apartment. that suspect is a 27-year-old man from senegal. prosecutors say they have strong evidence to convict him. abc's marci gonzalez has our first look at the suspect. < italian investigators say they now know who killed american ashley her apartment in florence.. arresting a suspect- and revealing what they believe led to the 35-year-old's violent death.
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in evidence, between dna, probably fingerprints, surveillance cameras, and i think witnesses prosecutors saying early friday morning, olsen left the florence nightclub pictured here from a man she met.. a senagalese immigrant...they claim had been in italy illegally for a few a few months, and was known to police for suspected drug-related activities. investigators claim both olsen and the man were intoxicated on alcohol and possibly drugs, walking to olsen's studio apartment where prosecutors claim they had consensual sex... but investigators believe - when olsen asked the man to leave...there was a fight. according to italian media - the suspect then pushed olsen, naked on the floor, with bruises and scratches on her neck. the official cause of death: strangulation by a cord or chain. garrett sot a very unsophisticated guy in terms of crime is concerned investigators saying they found
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and cigarette in the toilet. they claim he also took her cell phone, which helped police track him down. tag- there are reports that the suspect claims he didn't intend to kill olsen. he's now in police custody, charged with aggravated homicide. mg abc news ny > right now, the search is on for this man! metro police say he has been robbing several convenience stores in the southeast part of the valley. each time, he walks in and pulls out a knife or a stun gun if you think you recognize him... call police. an update on a story we reported yesterday as breaking news. we're learning who may have been behind that armed standoff in north las vegas. neighbors identify him as ricardo martinez.. but we're still waiting for police to confirm that. but here is a video he posted about the standoff on facebook.
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didn't ask for this (bleep) (white flash) "tell them don't come in here." in another clip.. he's holding a gun and says he's going to quote "go out with a bang." he also said he was upset at his mother for trying to file a restraining order against him. he eventually surrendered peacefully. the new net-metering solar rate changes are here to stay... and not even a super hero could change that. "you have a lot of angry people out there, because they see what's happening, they know it is a game, it is a rigged game." actor mark ruffalo joined hundreds of people yesterday to ask the public utilities commission to put those changes on hold. they say hiking users' service fees, and cutting the money customers get paid for their excess power will kill the solar industry in nevada. daniel harris // las vegas solar user "there was really no reason for us to be here today, because they had already made their decision and they were going to stick with
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one commissioner said solar companies should have warned customers about the potential rate changes, before installing their systems this summer. solar city has filed an appeal, that's expected to be heard next month. pause for animation it's official.. three people hit the 1.5 billion dollar jackpot in last night's powerball drawing.. one in tennessee.. one in florida.. and one in southern california. and that store is chino hills is being called the luckiest lotto store on the west coast. hundreds of people are still flocking to the 7-11. action news reporter lesley marin is live at the store. has the lucky winner come forward yet? the winner of the 1.6 billion dollar jackpot has not yet come forward...but we've been here for 30 mins-- and you can tell it's not stopping people from coming to this 7/11. --adlib scene-- many of these people saying they just want a taste of what it's like stepping inside the lucky lotto store. earlier today the owner of the
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presented with a million dollar check from the california lottery. once he received the check-- he told media he would first give to charity, then to his employees and his family. atwall-- who owns three other 7/11 franchises-- said he didn't even know his store had a winning ticket until he saw it on tv. i will give some money to charity and employees, family and friends. at this point none of the 3 winners of the 1.5 billion dollar jackpot have come at this point none of the 3 winners of the 1.5 billion dollar jackpot have come forward. once they do-- each person will
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million dollars. but the real winners?? the california lottery..who at their peak selling 37,000 tickets a minute. live in chino hills, lesley marin, channel 13 action news remember, two other jackpot winning tickets were sold. one at a melbourne beach, florida grocery store. dwane stevens publix supermarkets "we were informed this morning about 5:30 that this location sold the winning ticket..." (butted with) mos fl lottery player "i think it's awesome ? i think it's incredible." and the other in munford, tennessee. crowds all gathered in both cities to try to catch a glimpse of each winner. sot: "talk to us we are here to help we want to start this wonderful journey winning a big cash prize should never ever be a nightmare."
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saturday. that jackpot is a lot smaller -- 40- million dollars. a dog is taking internet by storm, because of one trick he can do. that adorable video next, but it's the dog's story you'll want to pay more attention to. "we're in dire need. you know its cold. (butted with) "it's a lot to deal with.. crying" dozens of families are still homeless, nearly two weeks after a fire tore through their apartment complex. they turned to action news... after they say their landlord is doing everything but helping them. the series of storms pushing onto the west coast will continue into this weekend but persistent dry air over the desert southwest will keep most of the area dry this weekend. breaking right now-- an amtrack train has hit a 18-wheel- truck.
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an amtrack train has hit a 18-wheel- truck. we know one person is dead. this is a live look at mesquite, texas. that's a suburb of dallas, texas. we'll keep tracking the latest on this story. dozens of families are homeless, after their apartment complex goes up in flames. one family turned to action news for help because they say their landlord is making their situation worse. here's what's left of the complex near maryland and vegas valley. 17 adults and 19 children lost their homes in the new year's eve fire. one family took us inside their burnt-out apartment. there's no power,
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even though they haven't been staying there, they say the landlord is trying to make them pay rent "we're not faking this! i took you in the unit. you know it's real and until you've lost your home and have no where to go and you're using up every dime you got and you need a home to say" that fire was believed to have been started by homeless people. we reached out to the landlord. she told us the tenants should call her, and she'll help them find a place to stay. is the cast of one of tv's biggest sit- coms reuniting? it's one of three trending headlines we are following today. 12-years after going off the air, the cast of 'friends' is reportedly getting together on n-b-c for a two-hour special. it's a tribute to friends' legendary comedy director james burrows... who recently shot his one- thousandth episode of television. 'friends' launched in 1994 and ran for 10 seasons. nats:(say this dog is camera-ready at any
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as you can see, you just say cheese...and he's ready! the video has already been watched over 12-million times on facebook. and the rescued pup has plenty to smile about... he is going up for adoption soon! go to for more trending stories right now.. and we want to hear your thoughts. sound off on any trending news by joining us on twitter. our handle is @ktnv.. use #nowtrending. anchors adlib and toss to bryan the series of storms pushing onto the west coast will continue into this weekend but persistent dry air over the
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most of the area dry this weekend. low pressure will drench northern california pretty much throughout the week but those storms will only throw some high clouds over top of las vegas starting friday and continuing through saturday. that storm will cause a few sprinkles north and east of las vegas saturday afternoon but won't create more than a few showers in the local mountains for clark county. high temperatures will stay
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unchanged friday and saturday courtesy of some thicker cloud cover for the region although low temperatures will rise due to that same cloud we'll tell you if some new research says she was right. smoking a hookah may seem like a safer alternative to cigarettes, but a new study suggests that might not be the case. the full details next. a new study out today says
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a number of reasons to load up your dinner plate with a variety of vegetables. abc news senior medical contributor dr. timothy johnson explains why. < in the quest to find the foods that help us stay healthy? it turns out that vegetables are looking better than ever. in addition to all that fiber,
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study released today suggests they may even help protect from a severe vision problem. glaucoma is an issue that affects more than two million americans over 40. harvard researchers tracked rates of this disease in over a hundred thousand health care workers? and found that those who ate more leafy green vegetables like lettuce and collard greens had a significantly lower risk of the most common type of glaucoma. it's thought that the nitrate nutrients found in these foods help blood travel to the eye? and fight off the disease. researchers would like to take a closer look and see if other unknown nutrients are lending a hand. but for now, it's safe to say that eating your veggies might leave everyone else seeing green. with this medical minute, i'm dr. timothy johnson. > you may want to think twice before heading to a hookah lounge. a new study out today found
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worse than smoking cigarettes. researchers found it exposes you to 125-times the smoke...25-times the tar...two-and-a-hal times the nicotine...and 10-times the carbon monoxide. the study was done by university of pittsburgh's school of medicine. and if you haven't gotten your flu shot yet, this story may make you want to. take a look at this map -- and nevada ranks number one among states. still ahead... a final look at your forecast! here's tonight's primetime lineup on channel 13... 8-- beyond tank... 9 -- my diet is better than yours 11 -- action news. we'll be right back. before judge judy..
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the top stories we're following. celine dion has canceled her shows this weekend. this just moments after she announced her husband's. rene angelil had been battling
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the coroner's office says angelil died of mouth cancer and natural causes. they have three sons together. stay with action news for continuing coverage of the story. and that does it for action news live at 3:30 but stay with us - judge judy is up next. we'll be back in 60 minutes for action news live at 5. until then.. thanks for watching and have a great evening.
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>> because we did have a rocky relationship. he had left me and gone back to his ex. a change. >> judge judy: after having discussed with him that he was gonna be the guest on your trip, sister-in-law. >>ht. >> announcer: but was she trying
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>> judge judy: sticking around his relative right now is a way of sticking around him. us girls know that. that was pretty cunning, ms. bormann. >> announcer: "judge judy." you are about to enter the courtroom of judge judith sheindlin. the people are real. the cases are real. the rulings are final. captions paid for by cbs television distribution jennifer bormann is suing her ex-boyfriend, chris allbritton, for a loan to take a vacation to the dominican republic. >> byrd: order! all rise! your honor, this is case number 93 on the calendar in the matter of bormann vs. allbritton. >> judge judy: thank you. >> byrd: you're welcome. parties have been sworn in. you may be seated. sir, have a seat. >> judge judy: ms. bormann, you work for a company, and as part of the incentives from that company, you were going to be receiving two free trips to the dominican republic. and at that time, you and
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>> right.
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