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tv   Action News 5pm  ABC  January 14, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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different. but the performance was a little different. it's celine just seems like there was something else on her mind. we know that she talked about her family last night. how important they were to her. we know it was her husband who recently told her to come bac mahsa ad lib and tags celine dion recently took a year-long hiatus from her residency to care hiatus from her residency to care for her husband. she just returned in august and opened up about the ordeal. sots: :17 - :18 i felt like time stopped. (butted with) :48 - :52 off."
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says they are very saddened by the loss of rene angelil. aeg live says they are heartbroken by the news. in honor of rene.. caesars palace will run a special tribute. this is the image you'll see starting tonight. "we'll miss you friend. from you ceasars palace family" rene angelil: 1942-2016 the powerball winner has been found... according to our abc affiliate in los angeles.... a -62- year-old woman from pomona is the lucky winner of the chino hills -1- point -6- billion dollar lotto ticket. let's turn it over.... to action news reporter.... lesley marin..... who is in chino hills at the 7-eleven.... where that ticket was bought. lesley... we're told that the woman who won never actually to the store-- but was given the ticket from her boss who stopped into this 7/11 here in chino hills. but why the crowds if we know the winner? people tell me it's
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and their stopping in to play again. miguel carrillo, bought a lotto ticket from 7/11 "we know that someone won here so we can dream" many people have stopped in to buy lotto tickets for this saturday's drawing-- saying they feel like thy have a better chance of winning now. for the store owner here it's also been an exciting day-- he was given 1 million from the california lottery. we did have a chance to speak to the employee believed to have sold the winning ticket. he described what it was like at the 7/11 last night and how he feel now that he knows there's a winner. mf, 7/11 employee who sold winning ticket "the crowd started it was a crazy night..i do not have any words in very very happy" at this time we are working to locate the woman who won this
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of money. the woman is from pomona-- which is only about 20 mins from this 7/11. live in chino hills lesley marin a valley woman is now looking at up to life in prison. brenda stokes wilson pleaded guilty today to the 2012 murder of her ex-boyfriend's daughter.. 10-year old jade morris. "the flashbacks of her not being there. the flashbacks of a good time. she was such a wonderful child." action news reporter michael burton was in the courtroom as jade's family emotionally watched today's hearing. "my mind coming here was this is the beginning of the end. i am tired. i am just tired of all this. i can't....i can't take much more.
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it's been nearly three years since brenda williams lost her grand-daugter - 10-year-old jade morris. "it's a struggle. every day is different. some days i feel like i can't go on." but today's hearing brought her one step closer to peace of mind. brenda stokes wilson - pleaded guilty to five charges including 1st degree murder - which could get her up to life in prison. "i'll never be content until i hear that she's dead. bottom line." the victim was last seen with wilson in december of twenty twelve. wilson was dating the young girls father and agreed to take her shopping. the 10- year-old never returned from the outing - and investigators found blood on wilson's car. "i think that life in prison without eligibilty of parole is what she deserves because i think she deserves to let it go through her mind, so she can remeber. to me, that's suffering. i want her to suffer." even though the case is reaching resolution - the
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convinced that wilson has any remorse - i'll tell you why - coming up at six. i'm michael burton - channel 13 action news. wilson also pleaded guilty to slashing a co-worker's face the night she killed morris. she'll be sentenced march 9th. breaking news on the search for a killer. we just got word from metro minutes ago.. that police in richmond, california have 24 year old jimmy robinson, jr. in custody. he's accused of gunning down a man in a north las vegas apartment complex in north las vegas in october.. and leaving him lying in the street. arrangements are being made right now to bring robinson jr. back to las veags. to face murder charges. that's the latest from the breaking news center. the metro police officer accused of kidnapping and strangling his girlfriend made his first appearance in court. a judge granted.... james burt.... -75-thousand dollars bail. his preliminary hearing is now set for.... march fourth. according to the arrest report... burt and his girlfriend got in an argument. when she tried to leave...
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and... began roughing her up. we're also learning.... this is not burt's first run-in with the law.... just -5- years ago... burt was charged with attacking his then-wife... at the time. new details on the deadly shooting.... inside a movie theater.... in louisiana... hear what the shooter's journal is revealing... and... what link he might have had.... to isis... plus.. a valley woman says she's being forced to live in terrible conditions. 15.00.29 when we had no heat for two weeks it was really bad and when her apartment complex refused to fix the problem.. she turned to us. when you ask.. we investigate. bryan. the series of storms pushing onto the west coast will continue into this weekend but persistent dry air over the desert southwest will keep most of the area dry this weekend.
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ty of jakarta was rocked by explosions and gunfire this morning. authorities say 3 suicide bombers detonated explosives in a starbucks cafe while gunmen attacked a nearby police station. at least two others were killed in the attack including a police officer. isis has claimed responsibility for the attack in a statement posted online.. but that has not been confirmed. new information on that deadly movie theater shooting in louisiana. the suspect's journal has just been released. in it.. investigators say john houser pledged allegiance to isis and praised charleston church gunman dylan roof. houser wrote in part.. "thank you for the wake up call dylan." last july.. houser opened fire during a showing of the movie "train wreck"..
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turning the gun on himself. the first lawsuit in the u-s has been filed against malaysia airlines... in connection to the disappearance... of m-h-370. the sons of a victim.... filed the suit... in washington d-c... they say.... the compensation offered by the insurance company on behalf of the airline was quote... "offensive." more lawsuits are expected to be filed by other families.... in the next couple of weeks. the flight from kuala lumpur to beijing.... disappeared -2-years ago. most of the wreckage has been found. the flight was carrying -2- hundred -39- passengers and crew. the countdown is on to oscar... sunday... and... it could be a big year.... for "the revenant" and lead actor leonardo dicaprio.... -12- nominations for "the revenant" has it leading the pack... also... in the best actor category with dicaprio are: bryan cranston... matt damon... michael fassbender..... and eddie redmayne. the academy is bringing back.... chris rock as host... -11- years after his first run... on the oscar's stage.
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on february -28-th.... right here on channel 13. up next.... a tropical storm in the dead of winter.. months before the start of hurricane season.. and... it's even threatening land. plus.. another highly controversial video is being released on a court order in chicago.. showing a teenager in a deadly confrontation with police. plus - here's what we're working on right now for action news live at six: fighting in clark county schools. and bullying is up 40-percent. now that the district has a new grant.. and more than three million dollars.. will the use it to protect your kids. you're watching channel 13 action news... where you ask and we investigate...
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killed k ychatman has been fighting for months to get the video released. they've also filed a wrongful death lawsuit. his mother says the video shows chatman was not the aggressor.. and was shot while running from police. a local woman goes without heat for two weeks... and... that's not even the worst of her problems.... at her north las vegas apartment. when you ask.... we investigate. contact 13... investigative reporter stephanie zepelin joins us live.... from nellis and cheyenne..... with how she got the apartment management... to take action. stephanie... precious curtis called us after
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at liberty village apartments, nothing was getting fixed. and after different mainenance problems kept coming up, she'd had enough and called us. 14.56.16 it started out bad 17 curtis said it started out with promises that were never fullfilled. when she moved into liberty village in april 2014, the unit was not painted and the washer and dryer were broken. the replacement still sitting in her living room. but things got worse when the heat went out the first week of december. curtis used money left after paying her rent to b a space weeks it was really bad 32 the fact that i had to put my kids on the floor and on the couch for those two weeks so ws horrible 41 but after they fixed the heat, the pipes started leaking. she says she called them and they didn't fix it. 14.58.22 finally the water started really coming out of the walls to where it was flooding the bathroom floor 27
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they took down the information and told me they would get someone out right away 32 no one ever came 34 so for six days we were standing in flooded waters in the bathroom 38 when they finally came to fix it, they had to turn off the water for two days. but after they finished they left a mess that curtis is office to get an explanation for the various problems and slow responses. they ds soonwoue call us bt no one w wen back again. wetalked to the dir of propety managment... he said after our cal went to curti' sunito make sure the heat is fixed and said they'll be fixing the wall "right away." management admits they can do things better, and say they have several capitol improvements planned for the property. we looked into this problem after a viewer emailed us... if you have an issue you'd like us to look into...
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13investigates@ktnv.c om and be sure to include your phone number. live at nellis and cheyenne, soc. we have the first hurricane of the year for the atlantic.. oh start ficanea on. alex ficilymea hurricane this morning with winds of 85-miles an hour. the national hurricane center has issued hurricane warnings for parts of the azores.. where the storm is expected to hit tomorrow morning. alex is the first hurricane to form in january since 1938. the atlantic hurricane season officially begins june first. a -1- hundred -1- year-old great- grandfather is getting a lot of attention.... after he was captured on video.... shoveling snow.... for his neighbor! the man says... he's been shoveling snow.... since his father died.... when he was -4-. but.... it wasn't until nearly a century later....
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that he started getting attention... for it. more than... 1-hundred-thousand people have now seen the video and are praising the man... but he says... he was just doing his neighbor a favor.... something he was taught growing up! i've always been active, doing something. (butted to) i was the only boy, and it was an automatic thing for me to more or less do a man's job. richard mann says... the key to a long life is clean living... wine... women... and money. oh... and... a hearty breakfas and 'weather first.' the series of storms pushing onto the west coast will continue into this weekend but persistent dry air over the desert southwest will keep most
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low pressure will drench northern california pretty much throughout the week but those storms will only throw some high clouds over top won't create more than a few showers in the local mountains for clark county. high temperatures will stay largely en region although low temperatures will rise due to before another system rolls in monday with a shot for showers on tuesday. clouds remain for the remainder of the week but these systems aren't very strong and won't have much by way of low level moisture or rain to bring to
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for the latest consumer news... from contact 13. have you ever taken out cash... from an a-t-m... and... you're hit with a fee. and c-n-n...
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banks... j-p mo.g earned more than -6- billion dollars... just from a-t-m... and overdraft fees. a new survey found... cell phone ovsaers.. nely-1 - i the past -6 months. a-t-and-t led the way... wih -28- percent of customers... charged for overages. breaking news on califnia powerball winner.. lottery officials are skeptical about the -62- year-old woman from pomona.. who claims to have the chino hills -1- point -6- billion dollar lotto ticket. they just issued a press release that after looking at a photo of the ticket.. they've discovered the retailer on the id is not the one from
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it's from a supermaket in another city. and.. no one's come forward to claim the prize. that's the latest from the breaking news center. bryan scofield will be back after a short break with an update on tonight's forecast. here's a look at what new stories... we're working on... for action news... live at 6. trouble boards.... a cleveland bus. i'm tellin' you! don't make me pull out my gun! a fight over an expired bus pass grows violent. but before that... here's a look....
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weekend but persistent dry air over the desert southwest wind. low pressure will drench northern california pretty much throughout the week but those storms will only throw some high clouds over top of las here's a look at what's coming up later... on abc... in primetime... it begins... at 8:00... with "beyond the tank"... at 9:00... for action news... live at 5 that's our news for now.. but... stay with us for abc's "world news tonight"... up next. we'll see you back here in
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breaking news tonight. the showdown. the battle even before they take the stage tonight. a dead heat between donald trump and ted cruz in iowa. and now, the gloves come off. what ted cruz said about new york city and how he's explaining questions about his finances now. the new terror attack, similar to paris. westerners, a starbucks targeted. also breaking tonight. the record win. we're in three towns across america at this hour, where powerball was won. and the first clue. the teachers now racing to get their money. developing now, a rare hurricane brewing in january. and now, the nor'easter about to barrel up the coast, dangerous driving tomorrow.
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