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tv   Action News 6pm  ABC  January 14, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm PST

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metro says police in richmond, california now have 24 year old jimmy robinson, jr. in custody. he's accused in the shooting death of a man 3-months ago at an apartment complex in north las vegas. arnragements are now being made to bring him back to clark countyto face murder charges. a metro officer made hifirst apeaurdin cooin lgd girlfriend. a judge set bail for james burt
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burt and his girlfriend got in an argument. when she tried to leave.. he reportedly dragged her back inside and began roughing her up. we've also learned about an incident 5- years ago.. when burt was charged with attacking his then-wife. staying update on breaking news we've followed all day. the world says goodbye to rene angelil.. the husband of loved las vegas performer.. celine dion. this image will be put on the marquee at ceasars palace. "rene angelil passsd away this morning..... at his home in las vegas.... after a long and courageous battle.... against cancer." action news reporter mahsa saeidi is live outside of caesars palace with more on how the fans are taking all this. dions show has been cancelled this weekend. caesars says she'll return february 23rd. shes loved by the people we are speaking with tonight... not just for her talent... but also fans say....for the
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(take sots) (16:27) she's our age so it's one of the things will be grown up with celine. how do you not have her touch her life and young children ours are older i don't know how she's going to do this (butted) (16:44) i can't even imagine losing my husband when my children were young i can't even imagine. park. (butted) (sot0202) i think everybody whether you like music or not you hear celine dion's voice you fall in love immediately. she has a voice like no other and the fact that shee a family person good mom a good wife draws you in. these are some pictures of last nights concert. several ppl that we have been speaking with were there. some say the show was perfect. she seemed upbeat. others thought she seemed extra emotional as she spoke about how her family was everything.rene an jill el ....was at first dirstnwas her
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together for more than thirty years 3 young sons... we know he had battled cancer for over a dec ade this morning...with a doctor by his side ...he passed away at his partly. her husband wanted hermtoo because it made her happy. donny osmond tweets... donny osmond tweets... donny osmond tweets... "my heart breaks for lv "neighbor" and friend celine dion. extremely saddened to hear about rene's passing. and.... composer and producer stephan moccio tweets.... "celine dion changed my life forever. i am deeply saddened by the loss of rene angelil.... who i admire.
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story. breaking news out of west africa.. ebola is back.. minutes ago.. health officials in sierra leone confirmed.. an autopsy of a boy who died in the northern part of the country revealed.. he died of the deadly virus. this just hours after the world health organization declared the ebola outbreak... is over. that's the latest from the breaking news center. new at six.. a sharp increase in bullying in clark county schools.. up 40% in the past couple of years. some have the potential of escalating into fights like this one at sierra vista high school. this cell video was shared with us just before thanksgiving. now.. some state grant money could help. action news reporter marissa kynaston spoke with the parent of a bullying victim about how that money should be used. take pkg you might remember this fight from back in november-- nat get her two high schoolers at sierra vista high school-- ganged up on the other student-- wearing white jeans. sot kimberly gates, godmother
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of the fight, it just went on and one i caught up with the victims godmother-- kimberly gates again today. she says-- her god daughter moved out of state-- after being bullied for years. sot kimberly gates i'm very angry about it because i think something should be done about it now-- clark county has been granted millions of dollars-- to put social workers and other mental health professionals inside schools. according to the deputy superintendent-- addressing bullying-- will be a priority. it has parents like gates-- hoping for the best. sot kimberly gates i hope they take the money and use it in the right way marissa tag three charter schools in clark county were also given some of that money. you can find those schools on our website-- ktnv dot com. reporting at ccsd-- mk-- ch13an. right now.. action news reporter gina lazara is at city hall for a ccsd town hall.. discussing funding for our schools.
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you can watch the meeting... from home. we are livestreaming it on- line. you'll find the link.... on our website... k-t-n-v dot com some people call us with problems in their apartments..... but... one valley woman had problem after problem.... after problem. so... when "you ask... we investigate". contact 13....
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stephanie zepelin talked to her and the apartment complex.... to get a resolution. """""""""""""precious curtis says the problems started as soon as she moved in here at liberty village."""""""""" first, the unit wasn't painted. then the washer and dryer were broken. the new dryer was never installed and is still sitting in the living room. but things went from bad to worse in early december when the heat went out...and curtis and her six kids were without heat for two weeks. 15.00.52 it was really bad to hear my children late 1.00 but i can't give my children the heat they need to keep them warm 03 for those two weeks i was without heat 01.05 as soon as they fixed the heat, a leak started in both bathrooms. when they went to fix it, they never repaired the walls. we talked to the director of property management. he said they went to make sure the hea is fixed, and will be fixing the walls very soon. he took over liberty village late last year and admitted they do have room to improve. still ahead.. we'll tell you how technical
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being felt at mccarran. plus.. a valley woman is in court..... as her granddaughter's accused killer.... pleads guilty to murder!!! "i don't want her to have any kind of peace in there. i really don't." find out... why she believes the woman in shackles..... has no remorse for the death of a -10- year old girl. coming up... in contact -13- tonight... warning labels are on everything these days... but would you buy ice cream... if it came with a warning label... that it could give you a disease. and... don't forget... contact 13's call for action is ready to help you... with a consumer problem. just contact one of our volunteers any weekday... between 11 am and 1 pm. our hotline number is 702-368- 2255.
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the flu virus hits big. with aches, chills, and fever, there's no such thing as a little flu. and it needs a big solution: an antiviral. so when the flu hits, call your doctor right away and up the ante
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an antiviral that attacks the flu virus at its source and helps stop it from spreading in the body. tamiflu is fda approved to treat the flu in people two weeks of age and older whose flu symptoms started within the last two days. tell your doctor if you're pregnant, nursing, have serious health conditions, or take other medicines. if you develop an allergic reaction, a severe rash, or signs of unusual behavior, stop taking tamiflu and call your doctor immediately. children and adolescents in particular may be at an increased risk of seizures, confusion, or abnormal behavior. the most common side effects are mild to moderate nausea and vomiting.
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not guilty to molesting girls.... in his congregation. otis holland took the stand.... yesterday. he offered to take a polygraph test to prove his innocence.. but polygraph tests are not admissibale.... in court. his attorney says... holland's accusors are making up stories.... because they're jealous of his relationships.... with other women. if you're planning a trip to mt. charleston this weekend.. get ready for traffic delays of 2-hours or more. nhp is expecting a lot more traffic as state troopers increase their patrols to keep this from happening again: dozens of cars parked along the highway.. leaving no room for emergency vehicles. so remember.. anyone parked on the side of
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an action news update on some technical issues causing problems at jetblue. here's a live look at mccarran.. where jetblue is still reporting system trouble.. so they're checking-in passengers old school. that gives jetblue passengers two options.. check-in from home online.. or get to the airport early. still ahead.. we'll tell you about a las vegas hot-spot that's hiring. plus.. trouble boards.... a cleveland bus. he's gotta knife, he's gotta knife, he's gotta knife!" slam! it all starts.... over a couple of dollars of bus fare. you'll never guess what the other passengers do.
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3(zsi*p= on average, it takes three hundred americans working for a solid year, to make as much money as one top ceo. it's called the wage gap. and the republicans will make it worse by lowering taxes for
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their own rules.police!" a bus driver in cleveland is attacked by a rider... over an expired bus ticket. both men.... trade punches. you heard the rider..... threaten to pull out his gun.. but instead... he whips out a knife. natsot/driver: "he's gotta knife, he's gotta knife, he's gotta knife!" slam! i got a help me." but...
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walked away. the driver felt he had to help himself... with his phone.. first.. slamming it against the man.. then... calling 9-1-1. finally... the man gets a ride to jail. -5- people are dead.... after a vehicle went off the overpass last night.... near phoenix. officials say... it hit the wall.. bounced through the fence you see.... then fell -50- feet to the road below... before bursting into flames! -4- kids were in the car. officials say... it looks as though the driver was going too fast.... on the exit. they say... there was an attempt to stop.... based on the skid marks... on the road. "i'll never be content until i hear that she's dead. bottom line." a valley woman faces life in prison after pleading guilty to first degree murder. brenda stokes wilson has admitted to killing 10-year old jade morris in 2012. today.. an emotionally charged court hearing.. with jade's family on hand to watch. as action news reporter michael burton tells us..
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closer to justice.. but not forgiveness. three years have passsed - but the pain is sitll sharp. "the flashbacks of her not being there. the flashbacks of a good time. she was such a wonderful child." 10-year-old jade morris - and today - her accused killer pled guilty. "how do you plea to count one, first degree kidnapping with use of a deadly weapon? guilty. count two first degree murder with use of a deadly weapon? guilty. brenda stokes wilson was arrested for killing morris in twenty-twelve. when police found her body in an abandoned home in the valley - just hours after a shopping trip with wilson. wilson was dating the victim's father and grew close to their family. "we came to vegas when jade was born, to celebrate, and he but - legal experts told action news - that plea could put her on a path to the dealth penalty. the morris family says that's the only reason wilson admitted what she did. now - she faces life in prison. "i want it to be the end.
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ever again and i just want her to rot wherever she is." wilson also pleaded guilty to slashing a co-worker's face the night she killed morris. police believe her actions were out of jealousy - because she thought morris' father was cheating with the co-worker. thought morris' father was cheating with the co-worker. taped tag: the victim's father was not in court today. family members say it's because he didn't want his anger to turn violent in the courtroom. i'm michael burton - channel 13 action news. we're tracking new developments on this year's.... first hurricane. they've named it.... "hurricane alex". right now.... a hurricane warning is in effect for islands off the coast of portugal.... where the storm is expected to hit.... tomorrow morning. alex is the first hurricane to form.... in january.... since 19-38. the atlantic hurricane season doesn't officially begin.... until june. the series of storms pushing onto the west coast will continue into this weekend but
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desert southwest will keep most of the area dry this weekend. low pressure will drench northern california pretty much throughout the week but those
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high clouds over top of las vegas starting friday and continuing through saturday. that storm will cause a few sprinkles north and east of las vegas saturday afternoon but won't create more than a few showers in the local mountains for clark county. high temperatures will stay largely unchanged friday and saturday courtesy of some thicker cloud cover for the region although low temperatures will rise due to that same cloud cover. sunday clouds will clear out and allow for temperatures to rise to near 60 for las vegas before another system rolls in monday with a shot for showers on tuesday. clouds remain for the remainder of the week but these systems aren't very strong and won't have much by way of low level moisture or rain to bring to
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right now.. a new winter storm is dumping a lot of snow on northern california. in fact.. chains are now required on i-80 near kingvale on the sierra summit. that's good news for chain installers.. who are motorists charging 30-dollars. it's also good for anyone in the shoveling business. 4:43 i like shoveling. good business right? good business, more money. the snow is expected to let-up by tomorrow. time now... for the latest consumer news... from contact 13. drive off with... car of the year honors.... at the north american international auto show... critics named the honda civic... as the 20-16 north american car of the year... and... the volvo x-c-90-... as the truck- utility of the year. judges consider things like... comfort and design... and safety. researchers are looking at whether... warning labels... could help reduce consumption... of products.... with added sugars. the robert wood johnson healthy eating research program is looking at possible.... new food labels...
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obesity... diabetes... and even tooth decay. they also want to learn... whether the labels... would change a parent's.... purchase habits. new at six.. topgolf las vegas is hiring as it prepares to open-up at the mgm grand in may. these are the new renderings. topgolf needs to fill 850 positions.. and employees get free game play and discounts on food and drinks. you can find a link to apply at ktnvill ahead.. a go-pro executive might end up with a major nfl payout because of a twitter coincidence. plus.. a blind woman.. refused a ride... by a lyft driver. tears came out my eyes. i was...i felt humiliated. what the ride sharing company did to fix the problem. you're watching.... channel 13, action news.... where "you ask, and we investigate".
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a new twitter handle.. but according to the new york post..
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lara sasken is an executive at no word yet if the nfl might be ready to make sasken an offer to sell it. also new at -6-. a lyft driver is accused of refusing a ride.... to a blind woman. dora williams missed the bus.... in palm beach county, florida.... after her braille club meeting.. so she ordered a ride from lyft. when the driver arrived.. williams says... he wouldn't let her in the car.... because she was blind. tears came out my eyes. i was...i felt humiliated. he said if she is blind i don't want her in my car. i'm not going to ride with her in my car. then... the driver sped off. a statement from lyft says.... the company's committed to maintaing an inclusive and welcoming community. they say... the driver's account has been disabled. next on action news.... live at 6:30.. next on action news.... live at 6:30.. the outpouring of support contiues tonight....
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after the death of her husband from a long battle.... with cancer. find out what prison officials are proposing to reduce shootings.
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skeptical... over a california woman's claim.... that she has a winning ticket. prison guards have been under scrutiny over the use of force behind bars. now.. some new guidelines are in place in an effort to prevent deadly shootings. sadness tonight... as the world says... goodbye to rene angelil... the beloved husband of celine dion rene angelil was just 73 years old. he passed away at his home here in las vegas after a long battle with cancer. action news reporter bryan
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caesars palace with more on how
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