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tv   Action News 11pm  ABC  January 14, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm PST

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shot, and the shooter took off. police say there were both adults and children in the house when it all went down around 7:15. detectives still don't know the true motive over the shooting, but say an argument had been ongoing for some time, and it came to a head in the driveway. police say they know who they are looking for, and his family members live here at this house...they also noted that this person does not initially appear to have a history with police and there haven't been any prior calls to this address. right now they're e rying to locate the gunman and find out why this all happened. lieutenant dan mcgrath, lvmpd "we dont believe it's gang related judging from the ages of the people involved...they don't have tattoos, but that's something we'll have to look into" police don't believe there is any threat to the community at this time as they believe this was an isolated incident. the two men who were shot were also hispanic males- the identity of the man who died will be released from the coroners office. reporting live jh channel 13 action news new information tonight....
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killing his father. according to the arrest report for daron clanton... he told police... the two were arguing.... because his father wanted to see his grades... from u-n-l-v. daron told him.... that wasn't possible.... because he hadn't been enrolled in classes.... for over a year. daron then says... his father started yelling at him... and... opening and closing drawers... in his office. so... daron says... he got scared... ran and got a gun shooting his dad several times... as he walked toward him. daron was arrested... he's facing murder charges... tonight. an update on a story we first reported as breaking news. an arrest has been made in the october shooting death of a valley teenager. police released this video after the deadly shooting at an jones. the suspect.. 24 year old jimmy robinson, jr. was picked up in richmond, california. arrangements are underway to bring him back to las vegas to face murder charges. new tonight.. the death of a woman who was hit by an transit bus was
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extended his sympathies to the friends and family of the victim. he also said there were cameras on the bus.. and the video has been turned over to help metro with its investigation. the woman was killed early saturday when a bus slammed into a bus stop at tropicana and dean martin. new information now..... on the powerball jackpot confusion!!! a california nurse is disappointed tonight..... after learning she was not in fact.... one of the three multi-million dollar winners.. employees at this nursing home.... in pomona... were celebrating today.... when they thought... their co-worker was the lucky winner. the l-a times is reporting the daughter of the woman says... the whole thing... was a mis- understanding. the wait now continues.... at this "7-eleven"... in chino hills... where the real winning ticket was sold.. action news had a crew out there... all afternoon... mf, 7/11 employee who sold winning ticket "the crowd started it was a crazy night..i do not have any words in very "the crowd started it was a crazy night..i do not have any
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again... the real winner has yet to come forward. the entertainment world.. and... millions of fans are extending husband. action news reporter... bryan callahan is live.... outside caesars palace with more on how fans and entertainers are remembering... rene angelil. bryan. throughout her career... celine dion has been a headliner... but tonight the man who helped put her there is sharing the marquee. this as caesars palace honored rene angelil... dion's longtime manager and husband of 21 years. sot: "he was integral to her angelil.. upon returning from a one-year hiatus while he continued his fight with throat cancer. sot:"i think he is passing along his strength to me. he doesn't stop amazing me." while dion name was more recognizable... local entertainers know angelil
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celine career... but in the landscape of las vegas shows. "i think rene bringing celine to the colliseum at caesars was the beginning of the her residency, now 13 years and counting." adding ... "there will never be another ren0 ang0lil." marino had much more to say about angelil. we will work to get that full interview up on tonight.
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weekend have been cancelled, but she is set to return in mid february, reporting live, bryan callahan, channel 13 action news. there was no shortage of fireworks tonight in south carolina.. as the republican presidential candidates squared-off for another debate. this was their last meeting before the first votes are cast in the iowa caucus.. only 18 days from now. abc's bazi kanani has some of the highlights. the first g-o-p debate of this election year began with across the board attacks on president obama after tuesday's state of the union address. sot christie: "this guy is a petulant child." sot cruz: " ... any nation that captures our fighting men and women will feel the full force and fury of the united states of america." just 7 candidates made the cut for the prime-time showdown. ted cruz defending himself on two fronts tonight: from a new report that he didn't tell the federal exchange commission about a million dollar loan from wall street banks for his
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sot cruz i made a paperwork error disclosing it on one piece of paper but not on the nother. but if that's the best hit the new york times has got, they better get back to the well. then, a sparring match with donald then, a sparring match with donald trump about his accusations that the constitutional lawyers who say you can't run. sot cruz i'm not going to be taking legal advice from donald trump. trump... claiming governor nikki haley actually paid him a compliment this week. (sot trump) "i'm very angry because our country is being run horribly and i will gladly accept the mantle of anger. cruz... not backing down sot cruz not a lot of conservatives come out of manhattan. sot trump when the world trade center come down i saw something no place on earth could have handled more beautifully, more humanely than new york. bazi kanani on camera besides
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debate largely focused on terrorism, immigration and the economy. bazi kanani, abc news, washington. action news is the only local news team back by politifact.. one of the most respected fact checking groups in the nation.. and dedicated to holding candidates accountable for what they say. first up.. texas senator ted cruz.. who took aim at the nation's economic record under president obama. "we have the lowest percentage of americans working today of any year since 1977." politifact rates that claim by cruz as "mostly true." cruz has his stats correct.. but politifact says part of the drop in the labor force is tied to aging of baby boomers.. and it's not likely to change when obama leaves office. on the issue of syrian refugees being allowed to enter the u-s.. donald trump has proposed a temporary ban. tonight..
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attacks in europe and said allowing them into the u-s could be a "great trojan horse." when i look at the migration, i looked at the line, i said it actually on your show recently, where are the women? there look like very few women. very few children. strong powerful men." but trump's claims about europe don't hold up with our politifact experts who give it a rating of completely "false." politifact says a majority of the nearly 5-million syrian refugees entering europe are women.. and children 17 and under. new developments tonight.... in the deadly terror attacks... in indonesia. police have arrested three men on suspicious of links to the attacks. the -7- gunmen targeted westerners... hitting a starbucks... police station and shopping center.. the attack left -7- dead... -5- were the attackers and two were civilians. back here at home... a woman has pleaded guilty to killing her ex-boyfriend's... -10- year-old daughter.
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in december of 20- 12.... after the body of jade morris was found... in an abandoned house. morris' family was at the hearing... and... emotions ran high. "i just can't go on until this ever again. i just want her to rot wherever she is. (9 secs) (11:39:20;25 - 11:39:30;06) wilson also pleaded guilty.... to slashing her former co-workers face.... the same night.... morris was murdered. she faces a total of -5- charges.... including first degree murder.... which could send her to prison... for life. wilson's sentencing is set for... march -9-th. valley parents want their voices heard.... when it comes to the idea of splitting up.... the clark county school district. tonight... they got the chance to sound off... their biggest concerns.... coming up... in a live report! and.. parents are furious over the actions of a daycare worker. we'll tell you what police say she did to an autistic boy that got her arrested. bryan. the series of storms pushing onto the west coast will continue into this weekend but persistent dry air over the desert southwest will keep most
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low pressure will drench northern california pretty much throughout the week but those storms will only throw some high clouds over top of las vegas starting friday and
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dadash cam video captures police trying to pull over the man who stole a school bus in indiana.. and drove it all the way into northwestern ohio. you can see officers approach the bus and take the driver into custody. police say the guy hot wired the bus early this morning and took off. the man says he was trying to visit family. it's been a hot button issue for parents across the valley.... whether to break-up the clark county school district. tonight... parents and students had the chance to voice their concerns. action news reporter..... gina lazara was there and heard a wide variety of opinions.... from the public.
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what would happen to the school district? not even 100 people showed up for a town hall meeting put on by the city and the county to discuss reorganizing the clark county school district. "there really was not enough notice for this meeting" a bill passed last year allows a committee to study the pros and cons of turning c-c-s-d into five or more separate school districts. obviously -- opinions about it vary widely among parents teachers and students. teacher: "i question how many changes will really be made because of it." parent and teacher: "i think that it is a good idea because our district is so large, however, if it's done correctly you know making sure everyone has the same opportunity." i asked officials how much something like this would cost. the answer i was given was -- anywhere between free.....and 50 million dollars. "i believe that the cost of reorganization are going to
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members of the public took the opportunity in the q and a period to ask what the real purpose of the division would be. city and county authorities answered by saying it's less about breaking down the district and more about decentralizing authority within the district. "i do agree that there are inefficiencies that i am not certain that those inefficiencies can be resolve by a district wide reorganization" some seniors from legacy high school in north las vegas weren't sure how effective the change would be. but they wanted to share their input because of their younger siblings going through c-c-s-d "i feel like they are going to have to do a lot in one year. and it probably won't be perfect the first year but maybe after that they can try to fix whatever is wrong." no officials with c-c-s-d were present at the meeting tonight. the c-c-s-d twitter responded to my tweet about it saying it was because they were all at a meeting to approve the new teacher contract.
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me they were absent because they don't agree with the reorganization of the district. reporting live gina lazara channel 13 action news. new tonight.. a daycare worker in pasco county, florida is facing charges for throwing water into the face of a 3-year old autistic boy. police say tiffany littlepage dumped water on the child's head.. then threw water in his face because he was playing with her water bottle. witnesses say it's not the first time she's targeted a child with special needs. i believe in my heart that she's a bad apple. butt to if someone did that to my little guy, i would probably be right on that the daycare says it's unaware of prior incidents with littlepage. she's now charged with child abuse.. and behind bars on 5-thousand dollars bond. now to a story you asked us to investigate. one of our viewers had repeated problems with her apartment.. so she called us for help. first.. she says the unit wasn't painted. then..
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broken. the new dryer was never installed but still sits in the living room. then.. things went from bad to worse early last month when the heat went out.. and she and her 6 children went 2-weeks without it. 15.00.52 it was really bad to hear my children tell me, 'mom we're cold, we're cold' 56 and i can't get them heat, but im paying rent every month 59 full rent, never been late 1.00 but i can't give my children the heat they need to keep them warm 03 for those two weeks i was without heat 01.05 as soon as they fixed the heat.. she says a leak started in both bathrooms.. but when they went to fix it they never repaired the walls. we talked with the director of property management. he said they went to make sure the heat is fixed and they'll repair the walls soon. he took over liberty village late last year and admits they have room to improve. now... to the latest developments we're following.... on the weather front.. a nor'easter is set to strike off the east coast in just hours.... bringing a blast of arctic ice and snow... here you can see... all the snow that has fallen.... in northern new york. the area is supposed to get hit
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in this next round of storms.. the series of storms pushing onto the west coast will continue into this weekend but persistent dry air over the desert southwest will keep most of the area dry this weekend. low pressure will drench northern california pretty much throughout the week but those storms will only throw some high clouds over top of las vegas starting friday and continuing through saturday. that storm will cause a few sprinkles north and east of las vegas saturday afternoon but won't create more than a few showers in the local mountains for clark county. high temperatures will stay largely unchanged friday and saturday courtesy of some thicker cloud cover for the region although low temperatures will rise due to that same cloud cover. sunday clouds will clear out and allow for temperatures to rise to near 60 for las vegas before another system rolls in monday with a shot for showers on tuesday.
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of the week but these systems aren't very strong and won't have much by way of low level moisture or rain to bring to las vegas. before you go tonight bryan.. time to give away two tickets
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yun.. tonight's lucky winner is tricia myers if you'd like a shot at winning.. just go to.... k-t-n-v dot com. "shen yun"..... at the smith center is a proud sponsor of action news... and... is providing the prizes for this promotion. still ahead... on action news.. new text messages.... between el chapo and the actress... who led police to his hiding place. plus.. a suspect is now in custody in the murder of an american woman in italy. hear what investigators say happened before she was killed.. next.
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the messages were obtained.... by mexican authorities.... who were monitoring the actress and her contacts with el
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after the drug cartel leader... broke out of prison. most of the messages were reportedly sent between september 25-th and november 9-th. in one of the messages... del castillo tells el chapo.... she hasn't slept much since she saw him.... and... she's excited about the story.. el chapo was taken back into custody.... last week. new details tonight on the murder of an american woman in italy. the lawyer for the prime suspect in the death of ashley olsen says his client fought with her after they did drugs and had sex.. but he left her alive on the bed. olsen's body was found the next day. they say she'd been strangled.. and suffered deadly head injuries. the suspect.. a 27 year old from senegal.. told police he punched olsen in the neck and pushed her to the ground where she hit her head.. but says he had no intention of killing her. coming up.. see why police have dubbed one crook the "hipster bandit." plus... we're seeing body camera footage.... from the night former backstreet boy singer... nick carter was arrested... after a bar fight..
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to watch "god morning las vegas".... for all your latest news... weather... and traffic. it all starts at 4-30... in the morning.
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to track down the so calin this surveillance video.. he's wearing sunglasses along with a collared shirt and necktie.. earning him the nickname. the holdups started in july and have happened every two months like clockwork. new video has been released of nick carter.... during his arrest after a fight.... outside a bar... in florida. here you can see... the former backstreet boys here you can see... the former backstreet boys singer sting on the ground... talking to another person.... who was involved. police say... carter was drunk.... when officers got to the bar... last night.. reports say... a bartender refused to service him and other man... who then got agitated and aggressive. both men were asked to leave. carter is accused of then grabbing a bouncer.... by the throat. we'll be right back.... with a final look.... at your wake-up weather forecast. first.. here's jimmy kimmel with a preview of tonight's show.. right after action news. ((verbatim)) the series of storms pushing
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continue into this weekend but persistent dry air over the
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3(zsi*p= on average, it takes three hundred americans working for a solid year, to make as much money as one top ceo. it's called the wage gap. and the republicans will make it worse by lowering taxes for
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their own rules.most of the arweekend. low pressure will drench northern california pretty much throughout the week but those that storm will cause a few sprinkles north and east of las high temperatures will stay temperatures will rise due to that same cloud cover. sunday clouds will clear out on tuesday. clouds remain for the remainder of the week but these systems that does it.... for this edition of action news... live at 11.. but... stay with us for jimmy kimmel live.... coming up next. our next reports begin at 4:30-am on good morning las format: pkg supers: san diego,
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and now, abc's "jimmy kimmel live." >> dicky: from hollywood it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight, leslie mann, ariana grande, "this week in unnecessary censorship" and music from charlie puth with cleto and the cletones. and now, look up, here's jimmy kimmel!
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