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tv   Action News 11am  ABC  January 15, 2016 11:00am-12:00pm PST

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dow plunges a huge punch to the gut on wall street this the dow plunges more than 500 points! it happened after oil prices fell below $30 dollars a
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the drop in oil prices has largely been blamed on the slowing chinese economy oil prices are now trading at 12-year lows! and some heart-breaking news out of hollywood... actor dan haggerty has died at the age of 74. fans knew him as "grizzly adams". he starred in the film "the life and times of grizzly adams" which then spawned a tv series in the 70's. he also appeared in several films and tv shows..including "charlie's angels" and "the love boat." and we continue to follow the latest developments out of hawaii ....where the search for 12 marines continues.... two military helicopters crashed overnight with those marines on board... it happened just off the coast of oahu.. you're looking at video of teh search efforts..still underway right now.
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field and an empty life raft.... if anything any develops we'll update you on this show and later editions of action news. and we have an update this midday to breaking news..... the 95 is back open after a woman threatened to jump off a bridge near lone mountain... action news reporter yasmeen hassan tells how it all unfolded this morning. the roads are back up now as you can see behind me. we had chopper 13 first over the scene. we saw troopers, metro, fire, ambulances rushing to the area. once on the ground out here - we saw a woman walking back and forth - holding on to the fence for about an hour. officers and crisis negotiators were on the other side, trying to talk her down. this whole thing lasted about an hour before she finally gave in - and walked back over to the road. after that it took officers less than 5 minutes to clear out of here, and reopen the freeway. obviously this created a huge
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commute but officers say saving a life is always the priority. 8:30:05 12 michael rodriguez metro pio ((at the end of the day the most important thing and that's what we were working to do in this circumstance.)) that woman was taken into custody, and then over to the hospital to be checked out and no charges are expected to be filed. reporting near 95 and lone mountain yasmeen hassan channel 13 action news now to a story we brought you as it was breaking live on the air.... a furious manhunt this morning woke up an entire neighborhood near vegas drive and torrey pines. we've been following this closely all morning action news reporter parker collins is live with the latest. parker? this is where the whole thing ended. but police were searching blocks and blocks for hours this morning. take nat 3 seconds helicopter flying i saw the police chopper out...
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and even into homes. officers say a man broke into a mcdonald's. he took off in a car... but ditched that and started running. i was here as they loaded up a man in an ambulance. witnesses saw this play out... even kids had to watch. "this is hard cause my son see that... and it's probably a dangerous place." it was a lot of running around this morning... but no one had to leave their homes while police did their thing. reporting live parker collins channel thirteen action news. some big changes for teachers...but also some in the works for the whole district! parents and students got a chance to weigh-in on breaking
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what exactly this will mean remains a big questions. a town hall meeting was held last night where parents and students had the chance to share their opinion about breaking up ccsd, the 5th largest school district in the nation. parents and teachers have mixed feelings about all of it. "i question how many changes will really be made because of it." "i think that it is a good idea because our district is so large, however, if it's done correctly, you know, making opportunity." action news asked officials how much something like this would cost. we were told, anywhere between free and $50,000,000. it has been a long battle....but teachers in the clark county school district now have a new contract. late last night - the district's board of trustees unanimously approved a new 2-year contract for teachers... so here's what it boils down to. new teacher's will start at 40- thousand dollars... and current teachers will also be getting a raise.
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teachers who get extra training or education will be able to earn more money down the road....capping off at 90-thousand a year. this just in... america's largest retailer, wal-mart--will close more than 150 locations across the u-s-- including here in the valley. the las vegas location near nellis and expected to get the ax. the closures will affect about - 10- thousand workers.... but wal- mart says they will be supporting them with extra pay and other job opportunities. walmart plans to open more stores worldwide.... than they'll close in the next year. plenty more to come on this very busy midday... actor sean penn speaking for the first time about his meeting with drug lord el chapo we'll hear what the actor has to stay...and why he thinks the government is targeting him. plus...another winner coming forward for that big powerball jackpot...we'll hear from the couple that claims they won it
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new this midday... actor sean penn is talking
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penn says he was simply interviewing guzman to start a conversation about the policies surrounding the war on drugs. the article was published last weekend in rolling stone. in an interview with 60 minutes, he shoots down claims his visit was connected to "el-chapo's" capture. (sean penn) we had met with him many weeks earlier.on october 2nd. on october 2in'. in a place nowhere near where he was captured. we're not smarter than the dea or the mexican intelligence. we had a contract upon which we were able to facilitate an invitation. penn goes on to say he believes the government wanted to see him blamed for the capture and put him at risk.
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lottery winners are this midday... we may now who one of the big lottery winners are this midday... a tennessee family is ready to step into the spotlight and let everyone know. cnn's jeremy roth has the story. most lottery winners would probably want to stay under the (nats) "it's not going very far." john and lisa robinson went on the today show this morning to show off their prize - one of the three winning family knew. (lisa robinson/claims to be lottery winner) "we've had to texts" friday morning, lisa let her boss know she wasn't coming in to work. (lisa robinson/claims to be lottery winner) "i need you to watch the today show and i won't be in today.
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though they want to be private after this is over, they want to let the public know that they're the winners." according to the family, they have not notified tennessee lottery assuming they take the lump sum. the robinsons said they bought four tickets wednesday night at naifeh's food mart... the win and what to do with the money. (lisa robinson/claims to be lottery winner) "we haven't had time to really, ya know, i do hope to plan on working for a little while." in atlanta, i'm
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thanks greg! still to come on action news at midday....a new travel warning for pregnant
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midday....a new travel warning for pregnant woman... the cdc expected to issue a warning over a potential deadly virus that could effect your newborn....the details when we
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the cdc for pregnant women...because of an untreatable mosquito borne
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defects in - 14- countries. it's known as the "zika (zee-ka) virus" and it's currently affecting these countries in latin america the virus was found in fetal and newborn tissues of babies with a severe nuerological disorder in brazil the disorder can cause babies to be born with abnormally small heads... there isn't a vaccine to block zika and there's no medicine to treat it. dr. richard besser joined good morning america and says his best advice is avoiding travel to the affected areas. if you can put off travel to the affected areas..i think it's a really good idea...if you completely have to go, you want to avoid getting bit by a mosquito especially during the this are most active. earlier this week a case of the virus was found in a person who had recently traveled to latin america. there. the virus is an endemic there.
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to nevada tribes... senator harry reid made the announcement today... over 2 point 4 million in grants will go to six nevada tribes for health, transportation and economic development. the grants are expected to help fund a special diabetes program. still to come on action news at midday... verbal punches fly at the gop debate... 21:33:58 sot-rubio "i hate to interrupt this episode of "court tv" marco rubio talking about donald trump and ted cruz's little back-and- forth.... it appears the "bro-mance" between cruz and trump is over. we'll explain next. you're watching channel 13 action news, where you ask, and we investigate. stay with us
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graham endorsed jeb bush for president today. the south carolina senator dropped out of the presidential race last month. national security has always been the most important issue for graham... and he thinks the former florida governor should be the next republican nominee. the republican candidates going toe-to-toe at the south carolina debate last
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go before the iowa caucus. abc's tom llamas was there and has more for us.. a clash of titans at the republican debate. donald trump and senator ted cruz, once allies, rumbling on stage. 21:31:58 sot-trump: "there is a big question mark on your head." trump ordering cruz to get a court order to show he's eligible to run for president since cruz was born in canada. cruz painting trump as a natural born politician. 21:27:05 sot-cruz "back in september, my friend donald said he had his lawyers look at this from every which way and there was no issue there. // the constitution hasn't changed. [laughter] but the poll numbers have." cruz saying extreme birther arguments would eliminate several candidates even trump. 21:28:30 sot-cruz donald's mother was born in scotland. she was naturalized. now donald - 21:29:02 trump but i was born here. some candidates growing frustrated with the issue: 21:33:58 sot-rubio "i hate to interrupt this episode of "court tv" senator rubio also clashed with governor chris
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jersey 21:38:27 rubio: unfortunately governor christie has endorsed many of the ideas that barack obama supports christie later not letting rubio interrupt him. 22:55:00 christie: nah you had your chance marco you blew it and all the republicans taking shots at hillary clinton. 21:13:50 sot bush: hillary clinton would be a national security disaster 22:18:47 sot christie: hillary clinton cannot be president 23:23:59 sot rubio: if we elect hillary clinton, the next 4 years will be worse than the last 8. but cruz and trump weren't done later fighting over cruz saying trump embodies "new york values." 22:02:20 sot-cruz "there are many, many wonderful, wonderful working men and women in the state of new york. but everyone understands that the values in new york city are socially liberal " trump taking that personally-invoking 9/11 22:04:30 sot-trump "everybody in the world loved new york and loved new yorkers, and i have to tell you, that was a very insulting statement that ted" after the debate i spoke with trump who told me he didn't
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heated sot-trump tl: were you surprised cruz came out so hard? dt: i was surprised... tag: in two weeks the candidates get one more chance to debate before the iowa caucuses. democrats are gearing for their debate this weekend...also happening in south carolina... hillary clinton and bernie sanders are neck-and-neck in the polls... while presidential hopeful martin o-malley just barely made the cut to participate n-b-c had said in order to participate, candidates would have to average at least five percent nationally or in one of the states with an upcoming contest. o-malley averages just 4 point 6 percent in iowa right
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willingness to round up. both clinton and sanders wanted o- malley included in the debate. slowly but surely sanders is closing the gap on hillary clinton. the latest polls suggest they are just about tied in iowa and sanders is leading in new hampshire. more information coming into our newsroom on the mgm parking announcement.... we'll have more coming up
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former manager passes away. and now las vegas headliners are speaking about the tragedy plus... an elderly man gets caught in the middle of a violent confrontation and ends up dead.... now police are searching for the heartless killer. plus-- it's what everyone will be talking about today... that shocking announcement coming from the mgm.... if you want to park at one of their properties... prepare to pay. we'll hear what some of you had to say.. hello and thanks for joining us on this second half of action news at midday, i'm dayna roselli. and i'm jessica janner. we'll get to those stories in a moment, first let's check in
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bennett.. greg how are things looking out there? ((ad-lib)) now to that story that has a lot of people upset this midday-- people upset this midday-- parking for free on the strip is no longer a luxury at mgm casino people upset this midday-- parking for free on the strip is no parking for free on the strip is no longer a luxury at mgm casino resorts. that's eleven properties total and they will -all- begin charging 10- dollars or less beginning this spring.
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facebook.. and here's what a few of you had to say.... alsson mata said... "i guess i won't be spending my money at mgm locations anymore. want my business back ? keep parking free! who else wants to join me? " justina montoya... says... "pay for parking and resort fee. no thank you. " and finally... janeth heaney said.... "everyone charges for parking everywhere else. most locals don't even go to the strip. maybe it'll be free for locals" well, janeth--to answer your question.... las vegas locals will be given a grace period - for a short time after the fee is implemented. if you want to weigh in.. just go to our facebook page and click on this story. rene)-vm lots of people sending well wishes to celine dion this midday...after the death of her husband. rene angelil died after a long battle with cancer. the couple was married for 21 years and had three children together. angelil was dion's longtime
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deal that led to celine's residency at the caesar's palace 13 years ago. "i think rene bringing celine to the colliseum at caesars was the beginning of the superstar." dion's concerts were cancelled for the weekend. she is expected to return in late february. police are still looking for a killer this midday after a confrontation leaves one man dead and another fighting for his life. this all happened around 8 p- m last night near washington and rancho. police say a man in his 70's was shot multiple times in a driveway. another man was also shot...police think he could be his son. that younger man is in critical condition right now with a gunshot wound to the head. police say the pair came here to confront someone....then things turned deadly and the shooter took off. police say they don't think this is gang-related. they know who they're looking for right now...they're just trying to locate the shooter and figure out why this all happened.
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he is on crime stoppers. he is everywhere." that grandmother talking is about the surveillance video you see here.. showing the man suspected of killing her 16 year old grandson. and this midday, police believe that man is now behind bars in california... waiting to be brought back to las vegas. 24 year old jimmy robinson was arrested in richmond on wednesday. metro has a warrant out for him for the death of tiyvone taylor mills last october. robinson is facing murder and attempted murder charges. now to an update...on the henderson man accused of killing his father. we're learning daron clanton told police the whole thing started when his father wanted to see his grades from u-n-l-v. according to the arrest report for daron clanton... daron told his father kevin there were no grades because he hadn't been enrolled in classes for over a year. daron then saw his father coming out of the office..he says he got scared and ran to the master bedroom and grabbed.
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walking towards him so he opened fire. the report says daron didn't warn his father he was going to shoot if he didn't stop walking toward him....and never tried to run. he is facing murder charges.. we learning more about a deadly crash involving an rtc bus... over the weekend a woman was hit and killed by a bus...well that wreck was addressed at yesterday's r-t-c meeting... the general manager of keolis transit..which subcontract drivers..extended his sympathies to the friends and family of the victim. he also said there were cameras on the bus.. and the video has been turned over to help metro with its investigation. the woman was killed early saturday when a bus slammed into a bus stop at tropicana and dean martin. new this midday.... family and friends gather for the funeral of ashley olsen, the american artist brutally murdered in italy... you can see her family devastated as they arrive for the funeral... olsen's boyfriend found her
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on saturday... authorities arrested a suspect at his home on saturday. police are saying the two met at a nightclub and left to go back to olsen's apartment. she was found with signs of being strangled and had two skull fractures. olsen was originally from florida...she moved to italy a few years ago. still ahead this midday.... we know who's up for an oscar this year... yeah, but those nominations are receveing some backlash..we'll tell you why! and here's a live look at the new york stock exchange... ((ad-lib))
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shifting gears to the oscars.... and there's a lot of backlash surrounding the nominations... many are asking this midday
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surrounding the nominations... many are asking this midday "where's the diversity?" abc's chris connelly is here with the story.. just sayin': the 7-person lineup for last night's a-list republican presidential candidates debate ? was more diverse than the academy awards' 20 acting nominations?none of which went to a person of color. ?for the 2nd year in a row. nats - the nightly show: "a preview of the upcoming black with host larry wilmore more than ready to name names. nats - the nightly show: "will smith in concussion//f. gary gray, the black director from straight outta compton// creed star michael b. jordan." he got 'em right. add to that list beasts of no
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supporting actor? and no best picture honors for straight outta compton. reaction was swift?and searing. "it's actually worse than last year." tweeted april reign, creator of the viral hashtag making a repeat appearance?reverend al sharpton calling hollywood "fraudulent" sot - matthew belloni - thr - this is both a hollywood problem and an oscar's problem academy president cheryl boone isaacs has sought to make oscar's ranks more diverse? sot - cheryl boone isaacs - we are being louder and louder and we are going to continue this conversation and we're going to do more than just talk, we are going to be doing unafraid to push it himself, chi-raq director spike lee used his honorary oscar acceptance speech at november's governor awards to urge change. sot - spike lee - it's easier to be the president of the united states as a black person, than be the head of a
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if you're planning a trip to mt. charleston this weekend.. get ready for traffic delays of 2-hours or more. nhp is expecting a lot more traffic as state troopers increase their patrols to keep this from happening again: dozens of cars parked along the highway.. leaving no room for emergency vehicles. so, remember.. anyone parked on the side of the road will get a ticket. a reminder for anyone who likes to bike or hike... red rock canyon is free on monday.... because of "the martin luther king jr holiday". admission is free... but other fees.... like overnight camping and... group day use.... will remain... in effect. some fun breaking news... the tennessee couple who says they have a winning powerball ticket...are expected to arrive to lottery headquarters
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now let's take a look at today's top stories now trending... leah still is the five-year-old daughter of nfl player devon still... leah captured the world's attention and inspired millions as she bravely battled cancer... well now, we're happy to report leah is cancer free! nat instagram video "are you ready for today? you ready to get this cancer up out you lets do it fist bump she underwent a 41 days of chemotherapy, 40 days of antibody therapy, 19 days of radiation plus a 7 hour surgery. no doubt, a strong little girl right there! staying with the nfl...could the oakland raiders be next to relocate? according to espn, former minnesota vikings owner red mccombs is trying to lure
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he's ready to invest in the team if needed. raiders owner mark davis seems willing to relocate his team. "america..the world is a possibility.." "america..the world is a possibility.." the city of oakland says they're working on a stadium to keep the team...but owner davis is skeptical... the st. louis rams just announced their relocation to los angeles this week. you can check out all of the stories that are trending today.. just head to the "now trending" section of our web site, josh bell // film editor, las vegas weekly 13 hours (january 15) - michael bay's thriller about the benghazi attacks. oscar nominations hey their las vegas! we are
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this week for 13 things. event 1 you may not know this, but the sport of curling has been around for a very long time.
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existed in scotland in the early 16th century. now you can see it right here in las vegas. the continental cup of curling is already underway inside the six teams from the u.s. are competing against six teams from around the world. the competition continues through sunday. event 1 the long run has made a name for itself as one of the top-drawing tribute acts in north america. the band, which formed in 1999 in california, blends the classic sound of the eagles with their own live performance style. the band performs january 15th and 16th at the cannery on east craig road. event 1 singer mary wilson was just thirteen years old when she befriended florence diana ross. the quartet formed the singing group named the primettes. wilson, ballard and ross were and became known as the supremes. wilson is back this weekend at the suncoast. she is performing saturday and sunday night inside the showroom. tag we hope you have a great week and if you want to see the full list of 13 things, just head to our website
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on the home page. with your thirteen things to do this week, i'm megan telles. 3 before we go, here's a look at centurylink prism tv has all your favorite channels, tons of live sports, and more. watch when and where you want with advanced features
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following- mgm resorts making a major announcement...they will start charging for parking at all of their resorts on the strip. these charges will take effect this spring. the search continues for 12 missing marines in hawaii after a military aircraft collision... a debris field and empty life raft was found...but still no sign of the marines at this hour... a huge punch to the gut on wall street this the dow plunges more than 500 points! it happened after oil prices fell below $30 dollars a barrel. here's a look at the numbers right now...we'll continue monotoring this...
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lineup on channel 13... it starts at 8 with last man standing....then at 8:30 dr. ken....9 o clock is shark tank...and at 10 is 20/20.. then stick around for action news at 11! happening right now... president obama is taking questions via youtube! this is a live look right now... in case you were unaware...this is actually a tradition of his... youtube stars sit down with him... and grill him with your questions. you can check out on that's it for us here... the chew is up next... and be sure to watch action news live at 3 p-m with rikki cheese... until then.. thanks for watching and have a
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