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tv   Action News 3PM  ABC  January 15, 2016 3:00pm-3:30pm PST

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charging you for parking at any of their properites along the las vegas strip. action news reporter michael burton spoke with m-g-m leaders and locals about these changes. michael, what's the consensus? rikki - locals and visitors agree that this is very bad news. this will affect eleven hotels and casinos on the strip! mgm leaders haven't finalized exactly how much it will cost to park, but this is what we know. if you' property just to have lunch or park for a few hours - you will have to pay a small fee. if you're parking overnight as a local or a hotel guest - the fee will be 10- dollars or less for that night - but, that overnight pass will give you free access to all of the mgm parking lots on the strip for that day. these fees take effect in april and las vegas locals free parking for a short time after - but they are still not
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"that is really messed up that they would get rid of our free parking. because why conferences come where is because there is free parking. prices are cheaper and attendance is high. if there's anything anyone can do to stop them, that would be awesome." jonathan thorn angry about the new fee 13 secs live tag: the t-mobile arena behind me and this construction site to my right have a lot to do with the new fee. i'll tell you how later tonight. live from the las vegas strip - michael burton - channel 13 action news. what about valet parking michael? already hundreds of people are sounding off about the changes- courtesy says stupidest thing to do. if i owned one of these
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would remain the only one with free parking so all the people had to walk through my casino. and kristy says completely ridiculous. these big corporations trying to gouge every last cent out of their customers. unfortunately all other casinos will follow suit. yet another reason to avoid the strip. we want to hear your comments! right now, more heartbreak for celine dion. we've just learned the canadian singer's older brother is we've just learned the canadian singer's older brother is dying. 59-year-old daniel has been fighting brain, tongue and throat cancer. the family says they don't think he'll make it through another week. this news coming at a tough time for their family... after dion's husband, rene angelil died yesterday. tonight, caesars will have a tribute to angelil on their marquee. and a reminder -- dion has canceled her shows at caesars palace this weekend. and breaking right now --
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the dow went down 391 points...closing at 15,988. coming up, we'll have much more on what experts say is behind the stock sell-off. and the walmart near you...may soon be closing! america's largest retailer is closing 154-stores here in the u-s... putting 10-thousand employees out of work. one store here in the valley is set to close. that's near craig and nellis. it's set to close in 2-days!!! our crews talked with shoppers there...who are shocked. 12:36:38 - 12:36:45 "we have to find a place to shop. it's getting harder and harder on this side of town. we don't have any place to shop. they closed our food for less, and now this one." (butted with) 12:27:38 - 12:27:41 "oh yeah, this one is really busy. that's why you caught me by surprise." walmart has 28-locations here in the valley. and here's a look at where it is on the map. if this is your store...the next closest walmart locations are about 5-miles away. you can either go to the store at losee and east tropical parkway, or, the location at hollywood and east lake mead parkway.
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the city up in arms. but if you're trying to figure out your weekend plans, you'll want to maybe consider doing something outdoors! we're going to have sunny skies, and some warm temperatures! let's go to chief continue to pound the west coast which means that clouds will thicken over las vegas tonight keeping temperatures mild. expect lows in the upper 30s and low 40s overnight with the clouds hanging around through saturday as well with highs in the mid 50s. low 60s for the first time since before christmas. trouble for n-v energy. they've just been slapped with a class action lawsuit.
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solar program. the lawsuit is filed by two people...and accuses the company of providing false or incomplete information to the those net metering rate changes. breaking right now -- an attack at a hotel in burkina faso-- local media are reporting several people were killed in a restaurant. witnesses say they saw gunfire and hear explosions in downtown ouagadougou. here's a look at where that city is. right now, no one has claimed responsibility for the attack, but signs are pointing right now to another possible terrorist attack. we'll keep tracking the latest on this story. police pull out all the stops looking for one burglar. action news reporter parker collins takes us through the harrowing final minutes of the search. < this is where the whole thing ended. but police were searching blocks and blocks for hours this morning. take vo i saw the police chopper out... canine unit going down streets and even into homes. officers say a man broke into a mcdonald's. he took off in a car... but ditched that and started running. i was here as they loaded up a
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witnesses saw this play out... even kids had to watch. take sot eric ludaway, home searched img0400 00:00:13-00:00:18 "they said burglary, but it's way too many cars to be a burglary. they never tell you the truth. it's a little more than just a burglary." near lake mead and torrey pines live parker collins channel thirteen action news. > here at home -- traffic is back to flowly smoothly near u-s 95 and lone mountain -- but take a look at this-- the freeway was shut down on both sides, with that backup lasting for miles! chopper 13 first flying over where a woman was threatening to jump off the bridge. finally the woman stepped back...after about an hour...and was taken into custody. she's not expected to face any charges. pause for animation it took two days, but we finally know the first winner
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lottery jackpot. they're the family who took home the prize in tennessee. jeremy roth takes us to meet the robinsons. < most lottery winners would probably want to stay under the radar until their affairs are in place... but not the robinsons of tennessee. (nats) "it's not going very far." john and lisa robinson went on the today show this morning to show off their prize - one of the three winning tickets from wednesday's one-and- a-half billion dollar powerball drawing. until now, only their immediate family knew. (lisa robinson/claims to be lottery winner) "we've had to ignore a lot of calls, cuz we didn't wanna have to... " (/claims to be lottery winner) "a lot of texts" friday morning, lisa let her boss know she wasn't coming in to work. (lisa robinson/claims to be lottery winner) "i need you to watch the today show and i won't be in today. just watch the today show please." the robinsons decided they wanted to go public first, to control their story. (joe townsend/lawyer) "even though they want to be private after this is over, they want to let the public know that
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the ticket would be worth 310-million dollars, assuming they take the lump sum. the robinsons said they bought four tickets wednesday night at naifeh's food mart... a block away from their home in munford, tennessee. they add... they're still in shock about time to really, ya know, i do hope to plan on working for a little while." in atlanta, i'm jeremy roth reporting. > now we just have to wait for the winners to come forward from chino hills, california and melbourne beach, florida. actor sean penn is setting the record straight about his secret interview with mexican drug lord 'el chapo.' up next, how he says the mexican government is now targeting him... and a warning before you head up to mount charleston for the long weekend. find out why you'll see more nevada highway patrol officers there! another dismal day on wall street.
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we've now had the worst two-week start to a year ever! the dow, the nasdaq and s&p 500 all fell. experts saying today's sell-off is a continuation of the
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week...from those major issues going on in china's stock market. and making matters worse, are declining oil prices. corpina sot "when oil trades lower, yes there is that benefit that gas prices go down but most likely you do have oil stock in your diverse portfolio. and those prices are going to be effected by the falling oil prices." crude oil has dropped below 30- dollars a barrell. and now, some experts worry the year's shaky start may point towards a slowing u-s ecomony. even with so much uncertainty in the markets, they say don't touch your 401-k. < (nat closing bell) a dismal day on wall-street... the markets nose-diving- just after the opening the bell... nat opening bell and never bouncing back- experts saying today's sell-off is a china's stock market. over there. chapo" guzman. he wants to set the record straight! in an interview with 60-minutes, penn says he thinks the mexican government set him up! when all he wanted to do was start a conversation about the policies surrounding the war on drugs. (sean penn) we had met with him many weeks earlier.on october 2nd.
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in a place nowhere near where he was captured. we're not smarter than the dea or the mexican intelligence. we had a contract upon which we were able to facilitate an invitation. the actor also posted an article in "rolling stone" last weekend. it's a chilling phone call you don't want to receive. up next, a person on the other line... saying they've kidnapping some close to you, and now you need to pay up. details on how to keep yourself safe! before you head up to mount
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prepare for some extra traffic! nevada highway patrol says they're expecting more cars heading up to the mountain.. so they're sending out extra patrols. that's because they don't want this to happen again. you see all the cars parked on the highways.
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park illegally you could get a citation or towed! adlib let's go to chief meteorologist bryan scofield and 'weather first.' a series of storm systems will continue to pound the west coast which means that clouds will thicken over las vegas tonight keeping temperatures mild. expect lows in the upper 30s and low 40s overnight with the clouds hanging around through saturday as well with highs in the mid 50s. temperatures sunday will warm further as sunshine breaks out after saturday's clouds and many areas will break into the low 60s for the first time since before christmas. rain isn't likely as these lows despite decent low level moisture in california since they aren't very strong and will track through northern nevada into central utah. the high sierra in california will squeeze the vast majority thick cloud cover at mid and higher levels. a slightly stronger system will push in for tuesday which could see a light sprinkle or two fall in the valley but those chances are spotty at best with week with highs expected to push into the low and mid 60s
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good mixture of sun and clouds. now to some contact 13-consumer alerts -- a warning about a growing and terrifying hoax! scammers are calling people...pretending they've kidnapped a loved one, and demanding money. the f-b-i says this scam is on the rise. abc's gio benitez has tips on how to identify if that call is
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< (phone dial sfx + music nats) it is the chilling phone call that stopped one north carolina mother dead in her tracks -- (hanging up phone caller telling this woman just days ago that her daughter was in a car accident and injured a young boy.. she's asked us not to reveal her identity. sot - mother: they told me // that they had abducted her. // he said 'if you put the phone down...' // 'we're just gonna shoot her' she says the man on the other line - demanding she head to the bank and take out $2800 for hospital bills - also sending her texts like this one - "if you don't answer the phone [i'm] [gonna] kill..." her. sot - mother: a girl got closer to the phone and was sobbing, yelling and screaming 'help me mom, help me, help me mom' // i've never had a scarier moment in my life. the quick-thinking mom did as she was told - but first writes this note to a bank teller on her phone: gives this letter to a bank teller? "help daughter has been kidnapped he is on phone meeting me at walmart help he wants $2800. call police.
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for the daughter? and find her safe? it was all a hoax! sot - interim chief basil marett / belmont police: we told her // she did not need to wire any money. now this morning - a renewed warning to families nationwide to take caution against similar scammers - many demanding anywhere between a few hundred bucks, to a few thousand... listen to this frightening call. nats - maty montoya: i'm scared. what do you want me to do? maty (pronouncer: matty) montoya says a scammer threatened her brother's life. nats - caller: get in your caller: ok, jason, go downstairs and do what you got to do to her brother. so how do you stay safe? experts say, it is critical to ask questions. sot - brad garrett / former fbi agent: force a kidnapper to provide you with more details which he or she does not have. and for north carolina mom - she's just thankful her daughter is safe.. sot - mother: all i wanted to do was hug my child. > a new policy in effect in hundreds of school.
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saying the word "please." still ahead -- it's raising questions among parents if it's the best way to teach all students. one school is taking measures
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? _v/line. it's called "no nonsense nurturing," here's how it works- the teacher essentially gives commands to her students, and rarely uses the word "please." proponents say it bolsters a culture of collaboration and support. sot superintendent "what we're asking kids to do is not an option. it's an one would say to you, 'will you come to work today please?'" (butted with) sot jonneica "it also reduces suspension and reduces the amount of time that students spend outside of the classroom due to misbehavior because they have the opportunity to comply to your directions because you're specific, you're concrete." its goal is to create a structured and consistent environment for students. but reaction from parents is mixed sot parent "i don't agree with
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parent "we might need to try it and see how it works first." the program is actually use by 250- schools nationwide. a beauty queen forced to give up her crown...because she kept a d-u-i conviction hidden. but now she's caught up in another scandal. former miss washington spoke exclusively to a-b-c news. it's a story you'll first see on action news. seattle police say stormy keffeler was with major league soccer player marco pappa last month, when he was mysteriously stabbed in the stomach. and keefeler won't comment about that incident, but she has another message. take a listen- sot/storm final thought: it's hard when a dream you had comes crashing down out and prove it no charges have been filed. a lot more news coming up on action news live at 3-30... including... bullying -- it's one of the biggest issues in schools for both students and parents... but now a big move by ccsd to address the issue head on... we'll tell you what they're doing, next. plus... this isn't russia, this isn't
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the armed militia in oregon has been there for nearly two weeks now and doesn't plan to leave any time soon... find out what they're saying would finally get them to leave. action news live at 3:30 begins with breaking news: a pedetrian centurylink prism tv has all your favorite channels, tons of live sports, and more. watch when and where you want with advanced features like our wireless set-top box, whole home dvr, and prism on the go. and choose from a variety of great packages to fit your home. call... ...and get started with the prism essential tv bundle. you'll get showtime and starz free for 3 months plus up to 40 megs of centurylink internet all for only $70 a month.
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it just happened at cheyenne and rancho. i'm steve wolford. i'm rikki cheese. police say the whole thing actually started at one... when they received calls about suspects possibly burglarizing a home near alexander and rainbow. officers tried to stop the vehicle... but the vehicle took off. and that's when the vehicle hit the person. no word yet if the suspects have been arrested. a live look now at the las vegas strip.. where you'll soon have to pay for parking at many of the hotels. starting this spring.. mgm resort properties will start charging up to 10-dollars for overnight self- parking. las vegas locals will be given a grace period for a short time after the fee is implemented. so you'll have to pay at a total of 11 eleven properties. they're shown right now on your screen. and this story is generating lots of comments on facebook...with many locals speaking out. catarina posted: "with mgm
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