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tv   Action News 6pm  ABC  January 16, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm PST

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the gap between civilians and law enforcement. local naacp leaders believe the tension between the police and minorities has only intensified since the death of michael brown in twenty-fourteen - who was shot and killed by a ferguson officer - it's tension they say is rooted in fear - fear that can only be reversed by meaningful dialogue. "we want to make you aware of the some of the challenges that are happening in our communities." referencing local instances - like the death of keith childress - who was shot and killed on new year's eve by metro officers who thought the cellphone he department, i've never heard one officer say i'm going to kill someone tonight." but then a member of the audience had this to say.. "the one that was in chicago where the young guy was shot 16 or 17 times. psychologically, what do you think was going on in that patrolman's mind?" the response? "i have no clue. you have to take every person
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just because you have an experience with one cop that's bad. doesn't mean you're going to have a bad experience with next one." which is exactly why everyone at the meeting agreed that communication is key - leading to the announcement metro's community engagement unit - where youth can participate in athletic competitions with cops - after school programs with cops - and the list goes on. naacp leaders tell me this is just the first meeting in a series of discussions they plan to have with local law enforcement. because more conversation equals more understanding. i'm michael burton - channel 13 action news. more heartbreaking news tonight for celine dion. we have learned that her older brother daniel dide rliea
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he was just 59 years old. the news comes.... at a tough time for the dion has canceled her shows... at caesars palace.... for the weekend a developing story tonight out of the middle east. 14 months of secret negotiations between the u.s. and iran has led to the exchange of several prisoners. one of those captives, the washington post journalist held on spy charges for more than a year. john lornic reports. following secret negotiations for reportedly more than year, u.s. officials have now confirmed that iran has freed five u.s. prisoners. four of the prisoners were part of an exchange -- involving seven iranians held by the united states on sanctions charges. one of the captives included washington post journalist jason rezaian -- who has been held in an iranian prison on spy charges for almost 18 months. marine veteran, amir hekmati was detained in 2011 -- accused of espionage and other charges in 2012. christian pastor, saeed abedini
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of attempting to undermine the iranian government. details of the fourth prisoner are not immediately known. and a fifth american, not part of the negotiated swap, was also freed. the news of the prisoners release a major topic on the campaign trail saturday. (donald trump / (r) presidential candidate) "i'm happy they're coming back i'll tell you, it's a disgrace that they've been there so long. it's a disgrace." butt sot (sen. ted cruz / (r) presidential problematic aspects to this deal" butt sot "at this point we are simply giving prayers of thanksgiving that they're coming home." some candidates even took the opportunity to denounce the iranian regime. (sen. marco rubio / (r) presidential candidate) "of course we are happy for them and their families but they should've never been there. and the fact of the matter is this tells us all we need to know about the iranian regime. they take people hostage in order to gain concession." i'm john lornic reporting.
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virginia tonight two people have been arrested on terror- related charges. joseph hassan farrokh was taken into custody at richmond international airport. authorities say he was heading to syria. a second person, mahmoud amin mohamed elhassan, allegedly drove farrokh to the airport. farrokh, a u.s. citizen, is accused of attempting to provide materials and resources to a terror organization. new information tonight the surviving boston marathon bomber must pay his victims more than 101 million dollars. that ruling coming from a federal judge overseeing the case of dzhokhar tsarnaev. restitution payments to the 49 victims and their families must begin immediately. the judge also denied the tsarnaev defense team's motion for a new trial. tsarnaev was sentenced to death for the april 20-13 attack that killed three people and wounded more than 40 others. an action news update tonight two government vehicles were stolen from the malheur national wildlife refuge in
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federal park occupied by a group protesting federal land policies. 62-year-old kenneth medenbach was arrested in connection with the crime. medenbach is part of the militia group involved in the armed standoff being led by ammon bundy. both vehicles reportedly belong to the u-s fish and wildlife service. militia members say they won't leave until a plan is in place to turn over federal lands to local authorities. action news is tracking the latest weather developments. a live look outside right now temperatures were a bit chillier today than they have been lately. but will these cooler temperatures stick around? lets check in with action news meteorologist karla huelga and weather first. karla? chances for showers will remain mtrack continues to our north. however, we will continue to see plenty of cloud cover, along with a bit warmer temps. expect partly to mostly cloudy skies tomorrow with high temps just below 60. a couple of quick moving skies will be mostly cloudy on
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the remainder of the workweek looks dry with partly cloudy to mostly cloudy skies and highs in the low 60s. there is a late week system that we will be keeping an eye on, but at this point it looks looks pretty quiet with highs in the low to mid 60s and mostly clear skies . if your travels are taking you to mt. charleston this weekend, get ready for major traffic delays, lasting two hours or more. nhp is expecting a lot more traffic as state trooper increase their patrols to keep cars from parking along the highway--which leaves no room for emergency vehicles. so get ready for the delays and remember---anyone parked on the side of the road will get a ticket. and... if you have monday off... you may want to consider....
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admission is free because of the martin luther king jr holiday! but... you'll still have to pay the other fees.... like overnight camping and group day use. some frightening moments on board an american airlines flight from new york to miami. several passengers and crew members were injured when the jet flew into some severe turbulence. and we'll have the latest from the campaign trail where republican frontrunners donald trump and ted cruz continue to go at it. the war of words escalating
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senator ted cruz on the campaign trail today. on the heels of their first debate of 2016 heated words from both candidates. and as abc's mary bruce explains, neither side appears to be letting up. the war of words between donald
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escalating. in the key battleground state of south carolina today, cruz wasted no time taking a stab at his former friend after getting stuck in an elevator. sot - sen. ted cruz "who put donald trump in charge of the elevator." nats trump started the day, ripping into cruz on twitter. writing: "ted cruz was born in canada and was a canadian citizen until 15 months ago. lawsuits have just been filed with more to follow. i told you so." cruz fired back sot - sen ted cruz "it seems donald has a lot of nervous energy. and uh for whatever reason donald doesn't react well uh when he's going down in the polls." and he doubled down on his comments questioning "new york values"?. a line of attack he used against trump during thursday's debate sot - sen ted cruz "if you are offended at my pointing out how much the failed policies of hillary clinton and andrew cuomo and bill de blasio have hurt new yorkers then which of those policies do you agree with?" at a rally in new hampshire, trump blasted cruz
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went off the wagon a little bit and went a little crazy and it's very, i mean he's being a great hypocrite. the two are locked in a heated primary battle and trump is getting some unexpected support. hillary clinton, a new york resident and former senator from the state tweeting "just this once, trump's right: new yorkers value hard work, diversity, tolerance, resilience, and building better lives for our families." mary bruce abc news myrtle beach south carolina. republican presidential candidate carly fiorina will be campaigning in nevada this weekend. the former hewlett-packard c-e- o will make an appearance at the siena community association in las vegas at 11am tomorrow.. then head for reno to hold a town hall meeting. in preperation for the upcoming caucuses here in nevada next month, a special training session was held today at spring valley high school. the mock caucus was done to help educate las vegas residents about the first in the west presidential caucus taking place on february 20th nevada will be the first western state and the third state in the country to make
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democratic presidential primary. bad weather is to blame for a rough ride for some miami bound passengers. the turbulence so bad.. people on board hit their heads... a flight attendant even had to be rushed to the hospital. abcs eva pilgrim has the story. coming off on a stretcher? american airlines flight attendant with a bloodied nose? after the plane she was working on was violently tossed around in the sky, injuring her, and five of the 159 passengers on board. atc/kmia-zma-wpb-jan-15-2016- 1600z.mp3: cockpit: "american 1410, we have one flight attendant with a broken nose and we have several minor injuries to passengers." gina cohen, flight 1410 passenger: "one of the stewardesses when the plane dropped - she went flying in the air, bashed her nose and was gushing blood." american airlines flight 1410 taking off friday morning from new york's laguardia on it's way to miami international. in vero beach? the pilots hit a storm. the airline confirming this morning that the boeing 737 hit severe turbulance flying
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rosemarie aveloo/passenger: "it felt like a roller coaster it was just very uncomfortable and everybody was afraid." gina cohen, flight 1410 passenger: "people that weren't in seatbelts were flying and hitting their heads on the top of the plane." and it wasn't the only flight coming into friday. broadcastify: dispatch: "you're gonna get a left before this weather (inaudible) 12 o clock american 949." wplg: man: it was bad. it was bad. wplg: chantelle lamoureux: we just flew out of our seats and grabbed each other's hands because we were freaking out. wplg: sandy hornstein: i was crying that's how crazy it was. the gas leak was first reported in october. since then, nearly three-thousand residents were forced to relocate from the area......after many became sick from the fumes. residents are calling for governor jerry brown to have the facility shut down. officials say this leak is the worst environmental disaster the country has seen since the b-p oil spill six years ago.
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state of emergency for michigan. this move by president obama gives fema and the department of homeland security permission to coordinate all relief efforts for the state. residents in flint and the surrounding areas are affected by contaminated drinking water. some of the protective measures that will be taken include providing water, water filters and other related items over the next three months. chances for showers will remain virtually non existent for the valley as the storm track continues to our north. however, we will continue to see plenty of cloud cover,
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expect partly to mostly cloudy skies tomorrow with high temps just below 60. a couple of quick moving systems will bring the chance of a stray shower on monday and tuesday, but those chances are very slight. skies will be mostly cloudy on both days with high around 60. the remainder of the workweek looks dry with partly cloudy to mostly cloudy skies and highs in the low 60s. there is a late week system that we will be keeping an eye on, but at this point it looks like any chances for rain will fizzle out by the time it reaches our area. the start to next weekend also looks pretty quiet with highs in the low to mid 60s and
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wx chat contact 13 looks at some of the best and worst things to buy.... in
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maybe you need a new t-v.. for the new year or even some winter clothing or perhaps some luggage? action news anchor trisha kean gives us a look at the deals
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dont buy suitcases right now. this is peak selling season for travel gear. the big luggage markdowns start in march.> now's... a good time to start looking at furniture and appliances. you can find what you're looking for... but... don't buy it just yet. deal news says... the biggest sales of the year will come over presidents day weekend... in mid-february. a contact 13 consumer alert tonight. if you're still using windows eight -- it's time to upgrade. microsoft has ended support for the operating system. the company says all users should upgrade to windows eight-point-one, or windows ten. the end of support means the 50 million or so worldwide windows eight users will no longer get updates to block viruses andd hackers. all windows eight users can upgrade for free. if you're heading to downtown las vegas this weekend, there are some traffic issues you should know about. n-dot is doing some drilling related to "project neon". it's happening along both sides of i-15 between sahara and the
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they'll be drilling tomorrow night starting at about 9 p.m. so look for lane closures in the area. car enthusiasts are gearing for mesquite's motor mania this weekend. the event is full of all years... makes and models of classic cars throughout the weekend, car owners will have the opportunity to win a variety of rds such as ladies' choice, kids favorite, hottest flames and many more. the event is free and open to the public at the casablanca resort and casino. coming up in tonight's health report. if you see more older women having children, there's a reason, and ramifications. details from a new study about first time motherhood, coming up.
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tt2w`t3n`&d! bt@q:1d tt2w`t3n`&d! "a@q*= tt2w`t3n`&d! bm@q!6, tt4w`t3n`&d!" dztq #', tt4w`t3n`&d!" entq s#l tt4w`t3n`&d!" gzt& j$4 tt4w`t3n`&d!" hnt& z*x tt4w`t3n`&d!" iztq 0c tt4w`t3n`&d!" jntq "3@ tt4w`t3n`&d!" lzt& :^< the c-d-c says its been rising for the last 15-years. andrew spencer has the details in tonight's health minute. the average age of women having their first child has risen to 26. that's the word from the centers from disease control and prevention. back in 2000, it was just under 25-years- old... by 20-14... it had risen to 26. researchers say this is partly because there are fewer mothers under the age of 20. in fact, the teen birth rate has hit an all-time low. economic factors also play a role... with an increased number of women putting off motherhood for higher education or a career. this also has ramifications for
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having children later in life means fewer child-bearing years, and therefore, fewer children. one area of concern, doctors say older women having children increases a mothers risk of complications... like gestational diabetes, and passing on genetic defects. for today's health minute, i'm andrew spencer. karla has another look at your forecast in just a bit. you're watching channel 13 action news. where you ask.
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at 8 -- the social network at 10:30 -- fresh off the boat
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thank you for joining us... we'll be back for action news live at 11.
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tonight." breaking news, a historic day for the u.s. and iran. five captive americans set free in a prisoner exchange. years of captivity ending tonight. they are on their way home now to freedom. the release as the historic nuclear deal is finally approved. donald trump unleashing a twitter tirade calling his former friend ted cruz a hypocrite. as they get set for tomorrow's debate, just how negative will they go? the crisis in michigan. a state of emergency over tainted water. fema in to help. the city's most famous face tonight lashing out, calling for the governor's arrest. the taco bell executive caught on camera beating his uber driver. tonight, why the man who did this suing claiming he is the
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and pandemonium. long lines at the national zoo.
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