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tv   ABC World News  ABC  January 16, 2016 6:30pm-7:00pm PST

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and pandemonium. long lines at the national zoo. the rush to see the baby giant panda. not so little bei bei is ready for his close up. good evening and thank you for joining us on this saturday. i'm cecilia vega. we begin with breaking news out of iran. it's being called a victory for u.s. diplomacy. but it is the families who are celebrating most. five americans are free after a prisoner swap. combined they spent more than nine years in captivity. the most high profile, "washington post" reporter jason rezaian convicted of espionage after a secret trial. the then this late today. inspectors confirming iran had dismantled parts of its nuclear program allowing the historic national agreement to move forward, a
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abc's senior white house correspondent jonathan karl tonight with the stunning turn of events. >> reporter: the release of the american prisoners comes just as the nuclear deal with iran goes into effect, lifting sanctions and making tens of billions of dollars available to the iranian government. >> we have received confirmation that five americans in iran have been released from custody and they should be on their way home to their families before long. >> reporter: tleel of the americans released had been held prisoner for longer than the americans taken hostage in iran in 1979. former u.s. marine amir hekmati, held for more than four years, after an arrest on spying charges while visiting his grandmother in tehran. "washington post" bureau chief jason rezaian, held for a year and a half, after a closed trial and conviction on espionage charges. pastor saeed abedini, imprisoned since july for organizing home churches in iran.
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notorious evin prison, where they were allegedly subjected to beatings, solitary confinement and psychological abuse. two other americans were also released including a student who was arrested just 40 days ago. last summer president obama angrily dismissed suggestions he was not working hard enough to the prisoners released. >> the notion that i am content, as i celebrate with american citizens languishing in iranian jails, that's nonsense. >> reporter: not included in today's prisoner swap, fbi agent robert levinson who disappeared during a 2007 visit to iran. his whereabouts tonight are unknown. in exchange for the release of the americans, the u.s. dropped charges against seven iranians along with international arrest warrants issued by the u.s. against 14 others. >> jorn jon joins us now. the prisoner release comes on the same day the nuclear deal is being released. a lot of eye brows raised on the
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>> the administration insisted there is no connection. the releases the same day the sanctions come down, iran gets access to tens of billions of dollars in its assets. but the administration says no con next between the two deals. but the diplomacy did help pave the way. >> long time coming. jon, good to have you in new york with us. thank you. we are learning more about what's next for the five freed americans. how will they get home and how soon? jennifer eccleston has this part of the story. jennifer? >> reporter: good evening. the americans are about to leave iran. abc news has learned they will fly on a swiss plane, stopping in geneva before an american base in germany and to a medical facility where they will first be evaluated. and begin the reintegration process. american officials will talk to them about their years in captivity. we believe that jason rezaian will be joined on the plane by his wife, an iranian journalist
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freedom. and we also understand the state department will help family members join the others on the journey. cecilia? thank you. the reaction is coming in from the campaign trail. candidates on both sides of the aisle thankful the americans are coming home. and among the republicans, agreement the nuclear deal is a that's v disaster for america and a victory for iran. there are other sharp words on campaign trail tonight. the love fest between ted cruz and donald trump appears to be officially over. here's mary bruce. >> reporter: tonight, the front-runner slug fest escalating. donald trump and ted cruz hurling jabs across the key states. the day started with a flurry of tweets with donald trump blasting his former friend. gloating after a lawsuit was filed over cruz's eligibility to be president. president. ted cruz was born in canada and was a canadian citizen until 15
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i told you so. cruz firing back. >> it seems donald has a lot lof nervous energy. donald doesn't react when he is doing down in the polls. >> reporter: and when he got stuck in the elevator -- >> so who put donald trump in charge of the elevators? >> reporter: in new hampshire, trump unloaded on the texas senator, questioning two undisclosed loans cruz made in his senate run. >> he went off the wagon a little bit and went a little crazy. i mean, he is being a great hypocrite. >> reporter: and as cruz took the stage in south carolina, more tweets, trump slamming cruz for his comments on new york value. asking, is this the new york that ted cruz is talking about and demeaning? >> hello, everybody. >> reporter: trump following cruz at the same event and not letting up. >> actually, new york has had very high values. >> reporter: and tonight, the democratic race is also coming
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just as the race is tightening, clinton and sanders are tonight before facing off tomorrow in a debate, the last one before the iowa caucuses. cecilia? >> we will be covering that debate. mary, thank you. and donald trump will sit down with george stephanopoulos in new hampshire tomorrow morning on "this week." we move on to west africa and an end to that deadly terror attack on a popular tourist hotel. after a 12-hour siege, this, now a burned-out shell. security forces storming the building early this morning freeing 126 hostages. an al qaeda group claimed responsibility for the attack that killed 23 people. none of the attackers, including two women, survived. this blast on video. this one captured on video.
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of a u.s. air strike in mosul, iraq. the site where isis stores millions in cash to pay its creditors. right there is a cloud of paper money. that building obliterated. search for 12 marines missing off the coast of oahu. they were on a night time training exercise in two of the military's biggest helicopter like this one there. the crash causing a boom so powerful, it was felt miles away on shore. now, the search hampered by dangerous conditions. aditi roy reporting in tonight. >> reporter: the search for 12 missing marines now in full force for a second day. dozens of rescuers from the coast guard, navy, and police department looking for survivors from two ch-53 helicopters believed to have collided in midair. >> from the north end to the south end of the island, we have folks involved. >> reporter: witnesses saying the crash lit up the sky. >> it just seemed like a flare
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aircraft. >> reporter: there have been a series of marine corps helicopter accidents in the last year. the highest number of fatalities in at least five years. >> any time you have this number of mishaps in a row, you have to step back, take a look, what are you doing wrong? is it training, the airplanes? the way they are being operated? >> reporter: tonight, the images of those missing, including major shawn campbell a father of four from texas. and 21-year-old ty hart from oregon. >> i will not give up hope unless i'm told to. because i know how strong he is. it's not just our son. there's 12 of them. >> reporter: as those families anxiously await news, officials say they will monitor the radios through the night and battling the rough surf again tomorrow. >> thank you. from the rough conditions in hawaii to the bitter blast of winter descending on the east. snow across new england today, more than half a foot in parts
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abc's meteorologist indra petersons is here. indra, it is cold here. and you were telling me the numbers are just staggering? >> there's a difference between cold and dangerously cold. you are talking about rugby, north dakota, had a wind chill of 50 below. take a look at the numbers we are looking at. tomorrow morning, fargo, 40 below. and des moines, 22 below. many will not above zero as we go through next week. and look what happens. pit spreads east. chicago, 20 below. new york, looks like it's 12 and tuesday, the wind chill of zero. there. >> i will pack my snow gear. thank you for the heads up. from the cdc. the agency is urging pregnant
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pregnant to avoid traveling to the zika virus is present. it's been linked to birth defects. a baby born in hawaii has tested positive for the virus. the child's mother had lived in brazil. we turn now to the growing outrage in flint, michigan. the city's water contaminated with lead. the president today declaring a state of emergency. as flint's most outspoken citizen holding handcuffs and calling for the arrest of michigan's governor. evan pilgrim has the latest. >> water in the city has been destroyed and it's been destroyed by the governor of this state. >> reporter: famed filmmaker and flint native michael moore holding a rally today on the steps of city hall. making that call for michigan governor rick snyder's arrest in the wake of the city's toxic water scandal. >> we need the president of the united states here. we need federal help. >> reporter: many here are outraged.
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he is sticking other people up in the beginning to say that they are responsible. he is responsible. >> reporter: many residents here claiming the state knew the water contained toxic levels of lead and did nothing about it. the city of flint switched water suppliers in 2014 from lake huron to the flint river to save money, and allegedly opting not to add a chemical that could have made the water safe. the national guard doubling its number of troops here helping out. the michigan attorney general and the department of justice are investigating governor snider and other officialing to see if laws were broken. the governor said as soon as he became aware of elevated lead levels, he took action. >> thank you. and a major break tonight for the fbi. one of the ten most wanted suspects in the country is now in custody. he had the nickname scream robber because of the infamous mask he is accused of wearing
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tonight, the face of this 25-year-old suspect is exposed. here is phillip mena. >> reporter: tonight, one of the most wanted fugitives in america, captured and unmasked. the fbi says myloh mason is one of the men behind multiple violent bank robberies in colorado. from a robbery in september shows two men wearing masks from the movie "scream" jumping the counter, guns in hand. authorities say they forced the tellers to the back and told them they would die unless they open the vault. you can see the tellers being pushed around. in november, the fbi says mason and two alleged accomplices strike again. surveillance video from that day shows two of the alleged robbers wearing bright green skeleton masks. the other in that scream mask. investigators say they brutalized the tellers. even shooting two innocent people during their getaway. a short time later, authorities arrested mason's suspected accomplices. but myloh mason remained on the run for months. the fbi saying mason is so
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friday, investigators in colorado tracked him down and arrested him without incident. mason is now facing several charges. including attempted murder, aggravated robbery and attempted kidnapping. phillip mena, abc news, new york. we have much more ahead of "world news." up next, you remember this video. the former taco bell executive caught on camera brutally assaulting his uber driver. tonight, a twist. why he is suing for millions saying he is the real victim. and later, no, you are not imagining it. we are all suffering through more flight delays and more damaged luggage. the slipping report card for
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the video was tough to watch. the former taco bell executive in the back of a uber, violently attacking the driver. but tonight, the tables are turned. that passenger is now the one suing the driver. here is abc's ron claiborne. >> reporter: tonight, the man made famous for doing this and then apologizing says he is a victim too. former taco bell executive ben golden filing a $5 million lawsuit against the uber driver. he allegedly attacked in southern california last fall. he admitted he was drunk at the time. days later, going public with this emotional apology on kcbs. >> i have not tried to read what he said. but i'm not that person. >> reporter: now, he is claiming the driver illegally videoed the altercation. >> get to out of the car orly call the police.
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illegally videotaped the altercation. at no moment did he agree to be video recorded by anyone else. golden who was fired by taco bell is seeking damages for severe you motional distress, humiliation, anxiety. fear, pain and suffering and the loss of his job. he was charged with assault and battery. he pleaded not guilty. help was sued by the uber driver for unspecified damages. >> i didn't expect it to get violent. it came out of nowhere. >> reporter: california law prohibits recording someone without their consent. they say the lawsuit is bogus. so the men men in that now-famous video may face off again in court. ron claiborne, abc news, new york. still ahead on "world news tonight," the baby pulled from this deadly apartment fire. why this rescue really hit home for this paramedic. and to another young life. what is the very first thing to
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>> the cause of the fire is still under investigation. we do have sad news to report inside our own abc family. a producer from our chicago station wls was murdered while on vacation in belize. tonight, she is remembered as a newsroom leader with a passion for story telling. we extend deep condolences to the family and ul of our friends at wls. when we come back, a live look at the panda cam at the national zoo. the baby bei bei is making his big debut, he is sound asleep right there.vere ulcerative colitis, the possibility of a flare was almost always on my mind. thinking about what to avoid, where to go... and how to deal with my uc. to me, that was normal. until i talked to my doctor.
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it was pandemonium in the nation's capital today. little bei bei is barely 22 pounds but already a social media heavyweight. here is gloria riviera. >> reporter: this was the moment. a panda cub making his public debut to squeals of delight. the first thing this sleepy baby bear does, shy away from the spotlight. meet bei bei. the national zoo's 5-month-old panda. >> my heart is melting! >> reporter: since his birth, bei bei has enjoyed babyhood in private. but today, thousands from all over the world waited for hours in line to see him for the very first time. >> it's panda-monium! >> reporter: bei bei's name means 'precious treasure' in chinese.
6:57 pm
less than 2,000 surviving in the wild. like any superstar worth his bamboo, bei bei is a social media darling. 5 million hits and counting on the national zoo's giant panda cam since he was born. >> he is immensely popular. >> reporter: said to be a charmer and a bit of a rascal, bei bei spent most of his big day snoozing flat on his furry back, making his eager fans wait. >> we're waiting for him to wake up. >> reporter: you want him to wake up? >> we want him to wake up. >> reporter: that adorable has to be exhausting. gloria riviera, abc, washington. >> yeah narks's a tough job. gma and this week in the morning. we will see you tomorrow night.
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good night. here they are. the luckiest family in america. they hit the jackpot. then crash course. >> a plane just landed on the freeway. >> the lingerie model who was learning how to fly when this happened. >> may day may day. see the olympic gold medal winner picabo street sent her father straight down the stairs. and then the oscar nominees before they were stars. leo, j. lo, and. >> the touching kangaroo photos seen around the world. >> the mom's last welcome at her little kangaroo. >> unfortunately that's not really accurate. plus the fugitive who
6:59 pm
his mugshot.


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