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tv   Action News 11pm  ABC  January 16, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm PST

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today a repairman reattached the door while the family was inside -- still in disbelief. 15:47:24 elaine dixon, burglary victim "you work hard for a living then you get crap like this. it's just sad, very sad and emotional because you're invaded. your privacy has been invaded." the home is in the mountain's edge community near durango and blue diamond. the family says this is the third burglary on their block in the last month and a half. reporting live..david 13 action news. a frightening moment earlier tonight... after shots were fired at a home near jones and lindell. police were called after an argument broke out between a group of adults. fortunately no one was injured in the shooting. police are investigating. happening right now. police need your help tracking down a pair of robbery suspects. the two suspects are accused of stealing merchandise from a
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block of north rainbow back in december. they allegedly used a weapon during the robbery to prevent the employees from stopping them and escaping. police are looking for a person of interest.. identified as 37- year old gerardo campos-torres.. in connection to thursday's shooting death of 76-year-old bacilio garcia. it happened just after 7pm during an argument at a home near rancho and washington. another man was critically wounded. if you have any information.. contact metro right away. things got intense today at a meeting between metro and the naacp. it was a public event to help build the relationship between locals and law enforcement. the naacp called for the meeting - in response to all the officer-involved shootings that have been happening nationwide. action news reporter michael burton was there. "we have to come to a resolution and control this before it gets out of hand. before more lives are lost." lives lost was the reason for
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las vegas chapter of the naacp. they invited the public and metro officers - in an effort to bridge the gap between the two. local naacp leaders are afraid las vegas maybe the next place we see major protests against police brutality - referencing the death of keith childress - who was shot and killeon new year's eve by metro officers who thought the cellphone he was holding was a gun. members of the group say tension between the police and minorities is a result of fear and misunderstanding. so they held this public event - to begin a series of meaningful dialouge. officers promoted several community engagement programs - aimed at strengthening thier relationship with civilians. officer dwain thacker pleaded with the public to take advantage of them. "we need you. we need the community to step up and be vital part of this whole organization so we can make a change with out young people." taped tag: officers
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like the police athletic league - the home visit program - and after school tutoring. for more details on all of those - head to metro's webiste. i'm michael burton - channel 13 action news. more heartbreaking news tonight for celine dion. we have learned that her older brother daniel dieddarlier today after battling cancer. he was just 59 years old. the news comes.... at a tough time for the family... after dion's husband rene angelil died... just thursday. dion has canceled her shows... at caesars palace.... for the weekend new information tonight on the u.s. prisoner swap with iran. it is being called a victory for u.s. diplomacy. the united states announced a deal today that frees five americans who have been held by the government of iran. abc's richard cantu has the latest on the deal. (full-screen gfx) five americans homeward bound .... after a controversial agreement to exchange prisoners wth iran. and within hours of the deal -- international inspectors
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its part of a nuclear deal brokered by the united states -- ending years of western economic embargoes. sot john kerry secretary of state: "in return for the steps that iran has taken, the united states and the eu will immediately lift nuclear-related sanctions .... ' secretary of state john kerry insisted this was not a quid pro quo --- sot john kerry secretary of state: " ... the two tracks of negotiations were not directly related .... " -- but claimed the nuclear diplomacy eased the way for the prisoner swap. the freed americans include washington post bureau chief jason run-zion -- convicted of espionage by a secret iranian court. pastor saeed abedini, imprisoned since july for organizing home churches in iran. all spent time at iran's notorious evin prison.. where they were allegedly subjected to beatings, solitray confinemnet, and psychological abuse. two other americans were also released, including a student named matthew trevithnick, who was arrested a few months ago. in exchange for the release of
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charges against seven iranians along with international arrest warrants issued by the u.s. against 14 other iranians. but the agreement does not include former fbi agent robert levinson who disappeared during a 2007 visit to iran. his fate is unknown. richard cantu, abc news, new york. a developing story out of virginia tonight two people have been arrested on terror- related charges. joseph hassan farrokh was taken into custody at richmond international airport. authorities say he was heading to syria. a second person, mahmoud amin mohamed elhassan, allegedly drove farrokh to the airport. farrokh, a u.s. citizen, is accused of attempting to provide materials and resources to a terror organization. the surviving boston marathon bomber must pay his victims more than 101 million dollars. that ruling coming from a federal judge overseeing the case of dzhokhar tsarnaev. restitution payments to the 49 victims and their families must begin immediately. the judge also denied the
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for a new trial. tsarnaev was sentenced to death for the april 20-13 attack that killed three people and wounded more than 40 others. new information tonight on that deadly terror attack in burkina faso we now know the name of the american killed in the attack. he has been identified as michael james riddering. in west africa... security forces continue to hunt for al qaeda-linked gunmen who attacked a hotel and nearby cafe. they took dozens of people hostage. at least 23 people were killed in those attacks. an action news update tonight two government vehicles were stolen from the malheur national wildlife refuge in oregon-- that's the same federal park occupied by a group protesting federal land policies. 62-year-old kenneth medenbach was arrested in connection with the crime. medenbach is part of the militia group involved in the armed standoff being led by ammon bundy. both vehicles reportedly belong to the u-s fish and wildlife service. militia members say they won't
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to turn over federal lands to local authorities. an action news update tonight... ...the desperate search for twelve marines missing off the coast of oahu. they were on a nighttime training exercise last night when the two military helicopters collided. the search for survivors is now in its second day. rescuers from the coast guard and navy continue to scour a debris field several miles wide. tonight, we're getting our first images of some of those missing. they come from all across the country, including major shawn campbell, a father of four from well as 21-year-old "ty hart"... of oregon. sot: trina hart: i will not give up hope unless i'm told to because i know how strong he is //it's not just our son//there's 12 of them. rescuers will be out again tomorrow, hoping to find the missing. search efforts have been hampered by low visibility and an extremely dangerous surf with ocean waves up to 16 feet. action news is tracking the latest weather developments.
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temperatures were a little more chilly today than they have been lately. but will these cooler temperatures stick around? lets check in with action news meteorologist karla huelga in the weather center. karla? chances for showers will remain virtually non existent for the valley as the storm track continues to our north. however, we will continue to see plenty of cloud cover, along with a bit warmer temps. expect partly to mostly cloudy of a stray shower on monday and tuesday, but those chances are very slight. skies will be mostly cloudy on both days with high around 60. the remainder of the workweek looks dry with partly cloudy to on, but at this point it looks like any chances for rain will fizzle out by the time it reaches our area. the start to next weekend also looks pretty quiet with highs in the low to mid 60s and mostly clear skies . if your travels are taking you to mt. charleston this weekend, get
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for major traffic delays, lasting two hours or more. nhp is expecting a lot more traffic as state trooper increase their patrols to keep cars from parking along the highway--which leaves no room for emergency vehicles. so get ready for the delays and remember---anyone parked on the side of the road will get a ticket. still was a shocking beating caught on camera. a passenger suddenly attacking an uber driver for no apparent reason. tonight, that passenger is now suing the driver. we'll tell you why he claims... he's the victim in all this. plus- protests in michigan continue to grow, with many calling for the resignation of the states governor. this, after a state of emergency was declared over
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k of an uber... violently attacking his driver.. but tonight... the tables are turned. that passenger is now the one suing the driver... here's abc's ron claiborne tonight the man made famous for doing this... (nats) and then apologizing... says he is a victim too . former taco bell executive benjamin golden... now filing a $5 million lawsuit against the uber driver he allegedly attacked in southern california last fall.. he admitted he was drunk at the time... days later.. going public with this emotional apology on l-a kcbs. sot ben golden uber passenger i've been trying not to read what people said but im not that person (crying) (gfx) but
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illegally videotaped the altercation. golden's attorney.. declining to comment.. but the lawsuit saying.. "at no time did mr. golden consent to be video recorded or viewed by anyone else." (gfx) golden - who was fired afterward by taco bell --- is seeking damages for "severe emotional distress, humiliation, anxiety, fear and pain and suffering and the loss of his job." golden was charged with assault and battery -- pleading not guilty. those charges are still pending. he was also sued by the uber driver, edward caban, for unspecified damages. sot edward caban uber driver i didnt expect it to get violent to be honest it came out of nowhere. the heart of golden's countersuit is his claim that california law prohibits recording a conversation of someone without their consent. caban's lawyer telling abc news.. the lawsuit is 'bogus'. so now the two men in that now famous video are going at it once again ron claiborne abc news new york
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michigan tonight. growing outrage tonight in flint michigan where the city's water is contaminated with lead. the president even declared a state of emergency today. this comes as flint's most famous and outspoken resident, filmmaker michael moore, is leading protests and calling for the resignation of michigan's governor rick snyder in the wake of the city's toxic water scandal. residents are outraged. nats of protest butt with sot larry wells "snyder did this ...he is sticking other people up in the beginning to say that they are responsible ..he is responsible." many are claiming the state knew the water contained toxic levels of lead and did nothing about it. the michigan attorney general and department of justice are investigating governor snyder and other state officials to see if any laws were broken. the national guard is now doubling its efforts to get clean drinking water to the people of flint. a protest over the ...porter ranch... gas leak.. was held earlier today. it was first reported back in
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since then, nearly 3-thousand residents were forced to relocate from the area......after many became sick from the fumes. residents are calling for governor jerry brown to have ie facilty shut down. officials say this leak is the worst environmental disaster the country has seen since the b-p oil spill six years ago. wx chat chances for showers will remain virtually non existent for the valley as the storm track continues to our north. however, we will continue to see plenty of cloud cover, along with a bit warmer temps. expect partly to mostly cloudy skies tomorrow with high temps just below 60. a couple of quick moving systems will bring the chance of a stray shower on monday and tuesday, but those chances are very slight.
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both days with high around 60. the remainder of the workweek looks dry with partly cloudy to mostly cloudy skies and highs in the low 60s. there is a late week system that we will be keeping an eye on, but at this point it looks like any chances for rain will fizzle out by the time it reaches our area. the start to next weekend also looks pretty quiet with highs in the low to mid 60s and mostly clear skies .
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a contact 13 consumer alert
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if you're still using windows eight -- it's time to upgrade. microsoft has ended support for the operating system. the company says all users should upgrade to windows eight-point-one, or windows ten. the end of support means the 50 million or so worldwide windows eight users will no longer get updates to block viruses and hackers. all windows eight users can upgrade for free. still ahead, we'll have the latest from the campaign trail. republican frontrunners donald trump and ted cruz continue to go at it. the war of words escalating
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3(zsi*p= on average, it takes three hundred americans working for a solid year, to make as much money as one top ceo. it's called the wage gap. and the republicans will make it worse by lowering taxes for
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their own rules.senator ted cruz on the campaign trail today. on the heels of their first debate of 2016 heated words from both candidates. abc's mary bruce has the latest from the campaign trail. tonight the frontrunner slugfest escalating. donald trump and ted cruz
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states. the day started with a flurry of tweets from trump blasting his former friend? gloating after a lawsuit was filed over cruz's eligibility to be president. trump tweeting "ted cruz was born in canada and was a canadian citizen until 15 months ago. lawsuits have just been filed with more to follow. i told you so. cruz wasted no time firing back... cruz: it seems donald has a lot of nervous energy - it seems donald doesn't react well when he's going down in the polls. and when he got stuck in the elevator? sot cruz: who put donald trump in charge of the elevator? in new hampshire, trump unloaded on the texas senator questioning two undisclosed loans cruz reportedly made during his 2012 senate run trump: he finally went off the wagon a little bit and went a little crazy. he's being a great hypocrite." and as cruz took the stage at a tea party convention in south
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slamming cruz for his comments on "new york values" posting this photos asking: is this the new york that ted cruz is talking about & demeaning? trump following cruz at the same event?and not letting up trump sot: i know new york values democratic presidential hopefuls also bring their campaigns to south carolina. as the race tigthens in the early voting states, hillary clinton, bernie sanders and martin o'malley all attended ...the "first in the south" dinner... before facing off in tomorrow's debate. it will be the last time they speak before the iowa caucuses. republican presidential candidate carly fiorina will be campaigning in nevada this weekend. the former hewlett-packard c-e- o will make an appearance at the siena community association in las vegas at 11am tomorrow.. before heading up to reno to hold a town hall meeting. in preperation for the upcoming
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month, a special training session was held today at spring valley high school. the mock caucus was done to help educate las vegas residents about the first in the west presidential caucus taking place on february 20th democratic presidential primary. coming up, walmart, america's biggest retailer, is getting ready to shut down hundreds of stores.... including one right here in the valley! we'll tell you how long you'll still be able to shop
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there are two democratic visions for regulating wall street. one says it's okay to take millions from big banks and then tell them what to do. my plan -- break up the big banks, close the tax loopholes, and make them pay their fair share. then we can expand health care to all, and provide universal college education. will they like me? no. will they begin to play by the rules if i'm president? you better believe it.
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right here in the valley. walmart says the mass-closing involves 2-hundred-69 stores worldwide. 154 are in the united states. one of those stores closing is this location at nellis and east craig... which will be closing its doors this sunday at 7 p.m. if you shop at that walmart.. the closest store is about 5- miles away at losee and east tropical parkway. chipotle will close all of its restaurants next month to hold staff meetings about food safety. that will happen february 8th. the fast food chain has been under intense scrutiny over the past year after being tied to a series of outbreaks including ecoli.. salmonella.. and norovirus. if you're heading to downtown las vegas this weekend, there are some traffic issues you should know about. n-dot is doing some drilling related to "project neon".
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of i-15 between sahara and the 95 at m-l-k. they'll be drilling tomorrow night starting at about 9 p.m. so look for lane closures in the area. car enthusiasts are gearing for mesquite's motor mania this weekend. the event is full of all years... makes and models of classic cars throughout the weekend, car owners will have the opportunity to win a variety of awards such as ladies' choice, kids favorite, hottest flames and many more. the event is free and open to the public at the casablanca resort and casino. after setting an attendance record last year, the continental cup of curling returns to the orleans arena this weekend. the tournament pits six teams from the united states against six teams from around the world. the competition continues through sunday. more than 50-thousand fans are expected to turn out for the event. karla has another look at your forecast coming up in just a bit. but right now, here's a live look outside in the valley.
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thirteen action news, where you ask. we investigate.
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have a great night.
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