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tv   Good Morning Las Vegas 6AM  ABC  January 17, 2016 6:00am-7:00am PST

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elizabeth gadley thanks for making us part of your day... the time now is ... let's get started with a weather first check with carlo falco! good morning carlo. ((ad-lib)) ((ad-lib)) and breaking overnight...
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without power for a short time after a car crashed into a transformer near sahara and fort apache. the power went out around 1 this morning... however the lights were restored just over an hour later and are back on this morning. no word on injuries in that crash. our top story this morning... a valley family is repairing their home after a burglar broke in and stole priceless items. the family had a security camera inside their doorbell and in broad daylight... the suspect stared right into it. we've blurred out the man's face because metro hasn't officially declared him a
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says police are saying he looks very familiar. this happened friday morning... you can see him ring the doorbell and knock on the door -- and the video ends with him disabling the camera after that the burglar kicked down the door and within ten minutes... he made out with watches, credit cards, bottles of liquor and college football bowl game rings that belonged to the man who lives here. yesterday...a repairman reattached the door while the family was inside -- still in disbelief. 15:47:24 elaine dixon, burglary victim "you work hard for a living then you get crap like this. it's just sad, very sad and emotional because you're invaded. your privacy has been invaded." the home is in the mountain's edge community near durango and blue diamond. the family says this is the third burglary on their block in the last month and a half. frightening moments last night... after shots were fired at a
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police were called after an argument broke out between a group of adults. fortunately no one was injured in the shooting. police are investigating. happening right now. police need your help tracking down a pair of robbery suspects. the two suspects are accused of stealing from a clothing store near rainbow and lake mead back in december. they allegedly used a weapon during the robbery to keep the employees from stopping them and to escape. police are looking for a person of interest.. identified as 37- year old gerardo campos-torres.. in connection to thursday's shooting death of 76-year-old bacilio garcia. it happened just after 7pm during an argument at a home near rancho and washington. another man was critically wounded. if you have any information.. contact metro right away. new information this morning on the u.s. prisoner swap with iran. it is being called a victory for u.s. diplomacy. the united states announced a deal that frees five americans
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government of iran. abc's richard cantu has the latest on the deal. (full-screen gfx) five americans homeward bound .... after a controversial agreement to exchange prisoners wth iran. and within hours of the deal -- international inspectors certified that iran had kept its part of a nuclear deal brokered by the united states -- ending years of western economic embargoes. sot john kerry secretary of state: "in return for the steps that iran has taken, the united states and the eu will immediately lift nuclear-related sanctions .... ' secretary of state john kerry insisted this was not a quid pro quo --- sot john kerry secretary of state: " ... the two tracks of negotiations were not directly related .... " -- but claimed the nuclear diplomacy eased the way for the prisoner swap. the freed americans include washington post bureau chief jason run-zion -- convicted of espionage by a secret iranian court. pastor saeed abedini, imprisoned since july for organizing home churches in iran. all spent time at iran's notorious evin prison..
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subjected to beatings, solitray confinemnet, and psychological abuse. two other americans were also released, including a student named matthew trevithnick, who was arrested a few months ago. in exchange for the release of the americans, the u-s dropped charges against seven iranians along with international arrest warrants issued by the u.s. against 14 other iranians. but the agreement does not include former fbi agent robert levinson who disappeared during a 2007 visit to iran. his fate is unknown. richard cantu, abc news, new york. now to a developing story.... family and friends are mourning the loss of a chicago newswoman known as a trailblazer. anne swaney's body was discovered friday morning in a river in belize. the 39-year-old was an executive producer at abc-seven-chicago-dot- com. swaney was a globe-trotter who was in western belize earlier this week. she was ready to take part in a horseback riding expedition, but volunteered to stay behind when the group was short one
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when the tour returned, they noticed that swaney was missing..... and that things seemed suspicious. they found her body.....with bruises and cuts.....the next day. no word on what happened yet. an investigation is under way. coming up on good morning las vegas... search crews are desprate for any signs of twelve marines missing after two helicopters crashed midair... we've got the latest on their efforts plus... a woman narrowly escapes getting hit by a car.... she was inside a gas station at the time... and it was all caught on
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tt2w`t3n@2t" bt@q 5l tt2w`t3n@2t" "a@q09( tt2w`t3n@2t" bm@q;2$ tt4w`t3n@2t"" dztq yg8 tt4w`t3n@2t"" entq )cx tt4w`t3n@2t"" gzt& 0d tt4w`t3n@2t"" hnt& jl tt4w`t3n@2t"" iztq j#4 tt4w`t3n@2t"" jntq xst tt4w`t3n@2t"" lzt& @>( eastbound 215 near warm springs is back open... it's been shutdown for much of the morning...this is a live look at that area...
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clean debris from a crash... we are awaiting information from metro on that crash and will bring you the details when we get them... welcome back... in hawaii... the search continues for 12 missing marines after what authorities believe was a helicopter crash. servicemembers have been combing the beaches on the island of oahu... searching for any evidence that will help them piece together what happened. alex cerball reports. (nats) 12 marines still missing...and the search to find any signs of the aviators "we are intent on finding our marines. i think that is the feeling here." (nats) on day two of the search, groups of marines walked along oahu;s north shore from kaena point to turtle bay . we saw them in haleiwa scanning the area and again at the surf spot, leftovers using metal detectors in the water and on the beach. reporter: "talk about today's conditions and how they are different. are they helping you guys in the search
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like yesterday?" capt. alex lim, u.s. marine corps "i think the waves were kind of on the higher side earlier in the morning, as you can lsee its calmed down a lot." (nats) i asked marine corps captain alex lim about the process after the debris from the two ch-53-e super stallion helicopters is collected. and he couldn't tell me much about where is was being sent to. reporter: "how many pieces of debris have you picked up so far?" capt. alex lim, u.s. marine corps "i'm not tracking the exact volume of the phone calls. i know a lot of civilians any of these organizations are helping out." haleiwa alii beach park is still closed- serving as the command post for the several agencies working together to find these men. (nats) captain lim tells me they are maxing out all their efforts to find their missing ohana. capt. alex lim, u.s. marine corps "we are going to do whatever we can to find them. they are family." as that members
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night for a candlelight vigil a developing story out of michigan.... growing outrage in flint, michigan where the city's water is contaminated with lead. the president even declared a state of emergency yesterday... this comes as flint's most famous and outspoken resident, filmmaker michael moore, is leading protests and calling for the resignation of michigan's governor rick snyder in the wake of the city's toxic water scandal. residents are outraged. nats of protest butt with sot larry wells "snyder did this ...he is sticking other people up in the beginning to say that they are responsible ..he is responsible." many are claiming the state knew the water contained toxic levels of lead and did nothing about it. the michigan attorney general and department of justice are investigating governor snyder and other state officials to see if any laws were broken. the national guard is now doubling its efforts to get clean drinking water to the
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new this morning the national weather service in tampa bay blames severe weather for two deaths in manatee county, florida. details on the victims and circumstances of their deaths were not immediately known. but, the weather service had confirmed a tornado in the county. siesta key and sarasota were hit the hardest as storms pounded central florida overnight. the national weather service forecasts strong and gusty winds and very hazardous boating conditions on gulf waters through tonight las vegas will break out of the clouds today and that sunshine will allow temperatures to climb to 60 for only the 2nd time for 2016. a few areas in the valley could push into the low 60s with just a few clouds around later in the day. the clouds return for tonight which will keep temperatures warm and will
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which will, in turn, keep temperatures on monday cool. expect highs right around normal for both monday and tuesday as a pair of weakening systems push onshore. we do get a break in the cloud cover monday night into tuesday morning but that will only serve to cool things off for tuesday which could depress afternoon highs slightly.
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wednesday and so do the 60s. mid 60s are a real possibility on wednesday if overnight lows aren't too cool, but right now temperatures look like they'll hang in the low 60s before pushing into the mid 60s for thursday and friday. the forecast looks dry for now with only an isolated possibility for some showers tuesday night
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these showers shouldn't be too widespread and models have been somewhat waffley on how much moisture - if any - will parts of north las vegas will get a couple hundredths of an inch, but the majority of the valley will see sprinkles and showers. ((ad-lib at open set with live pic in mon)) turning to some go pro video out fresno, california... captured by firefighters during an early morning fire.
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captured the rescue operation and firefight all on video. the clip shows how they were able to rescue the family from the second floor of the 0:35 come on out....hold on to fire crews acted quickly pulling out the family of three..the baby first, then the mother and finally the father. it was a chaotic scene and a couple of residents inhaled too much smoke but the overall outcome was positive. intense video coming out of australia... a car smashes into a gas station nearly hitting a woman inside and it's all caught on camera. the accident was caught on surveillance cameras. the woman disappears from sight as the car flies into the convenience store. it appears she is hit... but the car just misses her. the crash triggered a gas leak. authorities blocked off the area until it was contained. store workers dragged the two
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safety. they were taken to the hospital for treatment. police are investigating to determine what caused the accident-- and whether alcohol was a factor. the video was tough to watch... a former taco bell executive in the back of an uber... violently attacking his driver.. but now... the tables are turned. that passenger is now the one suing the driver... here's abc's ron claiborne the man made famous for doing this... (nats) and then apologizing... says he is a victim too . former taco bell executive benjamin golden... now filing a $5 million lawsuit against the uber driver he allegedly attacked in southern california last fall.. he admitted he was drunk at the time... days later.. going public with this emotional apology on l-a kcbs. sot ben golden uber passenger i've been trying not to read what people said but im not that person (crying) (gfx) but now he's claiming the driier illegally videotaped the altercation. golden's attorney.. declining to comment..
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"at no time did mr. golden consent to be video recorded or viewed by anyone else." (gfx) golden - who was fired afterward by taco bell --- is seeking damages for "severe emotional distress, humiliation, anxiety, fear and pain and suffering and the loss of his job." golden was charged with assault and battery -- pleading not guilty. those charges are still pending. he was also sued by the uber driver, edward caban, for unspecified damages. sot edward caban uber driver i didnt expect it to get violent to be honest it came out of nowhere. the heart of golden's countersuit is his claim that california law prohibits recording a conversation of someone without their consent. caban's lawyer telling abc news.. the lawsuit is 'bogus'. so now the two men in that now famous video are going at it once again ron claiborne abc news new york straight ahead... the democratic presidential candidates are gearing up for their
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but before they fry each other on the debate stage... they headed to a fish fry in south carolina... and took shots at their republican rivals. find out what the candidates had to say. you're watching good morning las vegas on channel 13. we'll be right back on this
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tt2w>rxlh @eo j# $5x tt2w>rxlh @e!!*n t50 tt2w>rxlh @e4!j# "#d tt2w>rxlh @ex#*&`:%-0 tt2w>rxlh @et#j'`:1-t tt2w>rxlh @et#j)`::m0 tt2w>rxlh @ep#j*`:-v, tt2w>rxlh @ep#j,`:l,l tt2w>rxlh @el#*.`:e%@ tt2w>rxlh @el#*0`:^3( tt2w`t3n`&d! bt@q:1d tt2w`t3n`&d! "a@q*= tt2w`t3n`&d! bm@q!6, tt4w`t3n`&d!" dztq #', tt4w`t3n`&d!" entq s#l tt4w`t3n`&d!" gzt& j$4 tt4w`t3n`&d!" hnt& z*x tt4w`t3n`&d!" iztq 0c tt4w`t3n`&d!" jntq "3@ tt4w`t3n`&d!" lzt& :^< the mock caucus was done to help educate las vegas residents about the first in the west presidential caucus taking place on february 20th nevada will be the first western state and the third state in the country to make its voice heard in the democratic presidential primary. democrats are gearing up for their big debate tonight in south carolina... last night the three presidential hopefuls campaigned in the state ahead of their fourth debate. the trio attended an annual fish fry hosted by congressman jim clyburn. before that, all three candidates spoke at the first
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the democratic party.. the candidates each took shots at the republican party... the democratic party is the party of the future. we can have differences...i have differences with my esteemed opponents. butt with we are not going to let donald trump and the others divide us up. tonight's debate gets underway at 6 p-m our time.. sharp words coming from republicans on the campaign trail over the iran nuclear deal... and the love fest between donald trump and ted cruz appears to be officially over... abc's mary bruce has more... the frontrunner slugfest escalating. donald trump and ted cruz hurling jabs across the key states. the day started with a flurry of tweets from trump blasting his former friend? gloating after a lawsuit was filed over cruz's eligibility to be president. trump tweeting "ted cruz was born in canada and was a canadian citizen until 15 months ago. lawsuits have just been filed with more to follow. i told you so. cruz wasted no time firing back... cruz: it seems donald has a lot
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donald doesn't react well when he's going down in the polls. and when he got stuck in the elevator? sot cruz: who put donald trump in charge of the elevator? in new hampshire, trump unloaded on the texas senator questioning two undisclosed loans cruz reportedly made during his 2012 senate run trump: he finally went off the wagon a little bit and went a little crazy. he's being a great hypocrite." and as cruz took the stage at a tea party convention in south carolina? more tweets, trump slamming cruz for his comments on "new york values" posting this photos asking: is this the new york that ted cruz is talking about & demeaning? trump following cruz at the same event?and not letting up trump sot: i know new york values still ahead on good morning las vegas.
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months long natural gas leak is boiling over... leading to protests. some say the gas is making people sick.... so is anything being done about it? you're watching good morning las vegas on channel 13. we'll be right back on this
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telll you why... a north las vegas walmart shutting its doors for good today...we'll have the details next. good morning las vegas! i'm ... the time now is ... let's get started with a weather first check with carlo falco! good morning carlo. ((ad-lib)) ((ad-lib))
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between metro and the naacp. it was a public event to help build the relationship between
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law enforcement. the naacp called for the meeting - in response to all the officer-involved shootings that have been happening nationwide. action news reporter michael burton was there. "we have to come to a resolution and control this before it gets out of hand. before more lives are lost." lives lost was the reason for this meeting - organized by the las vegas chapter of the naacp. they invited the public and metro officers - in an effort to bridge the gap between the two. local naacp leaders are afraid las vegas maybe the next place we see major protests against police brutality - referencing the death of keith childress - who was shot and killed on new year's eve by metro officers who thought the cellphone he was holding was a gun. members of the group say tension between the police and minorities is a result of fear and misunderstanding. so they held this public event - to begin a series of meaningful dialouge.
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community engagement programs - aimed at strengthening thier relationship with civilians. officer dwain thacker pleaded with the public to take advantage of them. "we need you. we need the community to step up and be vital part of this whole organization so we can make a change with out young people." taped tag: officers talked about community programs like the police athletic league - the home visit program - and after school tutoring. for more details on all of those - head to metro's webiste. i'm michael burton - channel 13 action news. more heartbreaking news this morning for celine dion. we've learned that her older brother daniel died yesterday... after battling cancer. he was just 59 years old. the news comes.... at a tough time for the family... after dion's husband rene angelil died... on thursday. dion has canceled her shows... at caesars palace.... for the weekend turning to southern california..
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residents turned out for a public meeting to vent their outrage at regulators and southern california gas company officials over a natural gas leak that has sickened and displaced thousands of residents of porter ranch. kirk hawkins reports. "so cal gas has got to go!" leaders take action against the so cal gas leak in porter ranch. (laura regan/actress, minority report) "it's outrageous what's going on here. it needs to be shutdown." inside that meeting...some attendees wore face masks and even gas masks... (kristina zitkovich/chatsworth resident) "something is going on. everyone keeps saying oh it's fine. but we're feeling it here." (no super available) "my dog died. and she was perfectly fine before the gas leak started." for the second time...air quality officials delayed a decision on an abatement order that would require so-cal gas to stop the leak and capture the gas that's leaking. (mike mizrahi/so cal gas spokesman) "i believe that it's generally understood that this facility is critical to
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of southern california." south coast a-q-m-d also put a plan on hold to capture and burn off natural gas. (mohsen nazemi/south coast air quality management district) "we are asking the gas company to get clearance from those other agencies that the system their designing is safe." the public utilities commission says the plan to capture and burn off natural gas could cause a massive blowout...and explosion...releasing even more chemicals into the air. (matt pakucko/save porter ranch) "one wrong move with the incinerator and there may not be more porter ranch, chatsworth, granada hills." the next air quality management meeting is now scheduled for wednesday.... so-cal-gas says they won't be able to stop the leak until late the earliest. ahead today... a north las vegas walmart is getting ready to close its doors... it's all part of the company's closure of hundreds of stores worldwide. walmart says the mass-closing involves 2-hundred-69 stores. 154 are in the united states. the nellis and east craig location will close at 7
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if you do shop at that store and are looking for other options, there's a store about 5 miles away at losee and east tropical parkway. coming up on good morning las vegas... government vehicles go missing in the middle of that anti-government protest at an oregon wildlife refuge. we'll tell you who was arrested for the crime and if he's connected to the standoff. plus.. the we're learning more on the deadly terror attack in west africa.... including the name of an
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a developing story out of virginia two people have been arrested
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into custody at richmond international airport. authorities say he was heading to syria. a second person, mahmoud amin mohamed elhassan, allegedly drove farrokh to the airport. farrokh, a u.s. citizen, is accused of attempting to provide materials and resources to a terror organization. new information on that deadly terror attack in burkina faso we now know the name of the american killed in the attack. he has been identified as michael james riddering. in west africa... security forces continue to hunt for al qaeda-linked gunmen who attacked a hotel and nearby cafe. they took dozens of people hostage. at least 23 people were killed in those attacks. an action news update two government vehicles were stolen from the malheur national wildlife refuge in oregon-- that's the same federal park occupied by a group protesting federal land policies. 62-year-old kenneth medenbach was arrested in connection with the crime. medenbach is part of the militia group involved in the armed standoff being led by
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both vehicles reportedly belong to the u-s fish and wildlife service. militia members say they won't leave until a plan is in place to turn over federal lands to local authorities. when good morning las vegas returns... mt charleston can be a fun getaway...the us forest service wants to make sure your safe on your way there and coming back... they join us in studio, next.
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tt2w`t3n@2t" bt@q 5l tt2w`t3n@2t" "a@q09( tt2w`t3n@2t" bm@q;2$ tt4w`t3n@2t"" dztq yg8 tt4w`t3n@2t"" entq )cx tt4w`t3n@2t"" gzt& 0d tt4w`t3n@2t"" hnt& jl tt4w`t3n@2t"" iztq j#4 tt4w`t3n@2t"" jntq xst tt4w`t3n@2t"" lzt& @>( snowboarding paradise! but before you hit the road, prepare yourself for that drive because it can be hazardous. here to talk about the mount charleston winter alliance is naaman horn with the u-s forest service. naaman horn, us forest service 1. there has been a lot of talk about the mt. charleston winter alliance. for those who don't know about it what is the winter alliance
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2. dexplain some of the conditions? 4. we've also been hearing about problems with people parking along the side of the road, why is that such a big deal? 5.
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the mountain, has this been a concern for those who are not aware of this? 6. where are for visitors at the mountain? 7. any last words on winter road safety?
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tt2w`t3n`&d! bt@q:1d tt2w`t3n`&d! "a@q*= tt2w`t3n`&d! bm@q!6, tt4w`t3n`&d!" dztq #', tt4w`t3n`&d!" entq s#l tt4w`t3n`&d!" gzt& j$4 tt4w`t3n`&d!" hnt& z*x tt4w`t3n`&d!" iztq 0c tt4w`t3n`&d!" jntq "3@ tt4w`t3n`&d!" lzt& :^< most-drama filled of the two: the packers and the cardinals... the game was close throughout with the packers leading most of the game... late in the game, arizona scored a touchdown to go up by 7 points.. so, the packers started mounting a comeback led by quarterback aaron rodgers and with no time left, he did this... 0:04 reset starks...what a catch that's insane..that may be on of the great throws ever made.0:25 that touchdown would send the game into overtime, but the packers couldn't hold on.
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for a touchdown to earn the victory.. they are heading to the n-f-c championship game. in the early game...the new england patriots were able to take down the kansas city chiefs, 27 to 20... the chiefs tried staging a late game comeback, but couldn't get it done. the patriots now advance to their fifth straight a-f-c championship game... "yeah it's pretty's hard to do gotta grind throughout the entire year..there's only 4 teams playing next weekend...and that means alot.." tom brady patriots qb "it's great to move onto the afc championship's always an honor to be apart of that game. bill belichick patriots head coach new england will face the winner of today's game between the denver broncos and pittsburgh steelers. and the denver broncos will
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1 forty in denver colorado....the winner faces the new england patriots. the seattle seahawks will be in carolina to face the panthers in the early game today...that game starts at 10 0h 5 this morning.... the winner of that game will face the arizona cardinals. you may have heard the old saying "pink is for girls and blue is for boys." you can forget about that in denver... the mayor declared "orange friday" to support the broncos ahead of their playoff game with the steelers today... newborns at parker adventist hospital were all decked out in broncos gear for the day. a local knitting group made sure every little one had an orange hat to wear. the hospital said staff members are ready to watch the broncos beat the steelers. turning now to a photo showing the special bond between a south dakota bride -- and her service dog . it has now gone viral and has been warming hearts all over the world. courtney collen reports.
6:39 am
thousand words. in this story -- it couldn't be more true. this is valerie parrott and her medical alert service dog, bella . (valerie parrott/bride) "she's been trained to be with me and we've been together as a team for over two years now." val suffers from panic disorders and migraines. bella helps by alerting minutes before something happens. (maddie peschong/photographer ) "in the photo, bella was performing a job. calming val down during a hectic, stressful wedding day making sure her heart rate is where it needs to be and anxiety isn't getting to be too much. it was a work day for bella." a work day for bella displayed in this image -- has captured the hearts of millions. maddie peschong was val's wedding photographer... and had posted these favorites the next day. (maddie peschong/photographer ) "on thursday, i got a message from a friend that said the photo had been posted on reddit and was #4 at the time.
6:40 am
within an hour or so, we got media inquiries from all over the u.s." something that still leaves both val and maddie in disbelief. (maddie peschong/photographer ) "i never thought it would be this big. when i posted it, i thought this is a sweet photo of a girl and her friends and family. i thought it was cool my grandma liked it so much let alone" she's grateful for the publicity but says there's more to it than that. (maddie peschong/photographer ) "the bigger story is that it's not things you can see and here, but a slough of invisible diseases and that's what bella is for." bella is a huge part of val's life... so naturally, was a huge part of the wedding day. she even got her own "first look" with andrew, the groom. (valerie parrott/bride) "my
6:41 am
without her. with bella and because of our partnership, i have been able to live my life to the fullest that i normally wouldn't have been able to have done." since the photos went viral, valerie has had so much good feedback from the service animal community. she even has her own blog detailing the life of a service dog team. thanks for joining us this morning. good morning america is up next. and join us back here at 8 a-m
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another full hour of the day's top stories and weather good morning, america.
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