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tv   Action News 11pm  ABC  January 17, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm PST

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new tonight... we're hearing from witnesses to that horrific crash on sahara near valley view. action news reporter mahsa saeidi is live at the scene with... what police say went wrong this time. mahsa? jacqui... right here is a crosswalk... police say that's not where this pedestrian was. it appears she was about 75 feet away at that median... witnesses tell police she quote front of cars. there was no time to stop. just steps away..on this corner....a family witnessin the shocking scene. he turned around and he saw from the middle of the cross that she was under the tires (butted) (sot) a lot of people got out from their cars and try to help the person (sot) (butted) they were trying to revive her with their hands doing the cpr (it was going on for a while) yea probably for me it was going on for 10 minutes. that witness is talking about paramedics working on the pedestrian.
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the front of the suv. two sneakers left on the road. a terrifying sad scene that witness says shes seen before here. this crashnhappened around six. at this point....investigator s dont believe speed or alcohol were factors. the driver pulled over in the parking lot and is cooperating. sgt. richard strader says even if you are at still usmt be careful (take sot, sgt. richard strader) don't hope it stops make sure it stops make eye contact with the driver do t tep it 4000 pounds and 150 pounds you're going to lose. ad lib shoppers said goodbye to a neighborhood walmart tonight. the store near nellis and craig closed for good... neighborhood walmart tonight. the store near nellis and craig closed for good... in what the company is calling
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longtime shoppers had mixed opinions. we talked to people who complained that losing the store will make their lives more inconvenient. 13:34:26 sherry yonko, walmart shopper "we don't have a car and we have two kids and i'm pregnant and it's going to be hard going all the way from craig to martin luther king to go grocery shopping and then go on the bus all the way back to nellis gardens." a walmart spokesperson says the company will help the 350 employees to transfer to other store locations...or receive severance packages. staying on top of a developing story in iraq. the u-s embassy confirms "several" americans are missing. they were working as government contractors according to security officials in baghdad. a u-s embassy spokesman says they are working in full cooperation with iraqi authoriteis to find the missing people. meanwhile.. three former prisoners of iran--are now at ramstein air force base--in germany washington post reporter... son rezaian....was greete in geneva by a state department official who helped negotiate his release. also free.. amir hekmati..
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than four years.. and pastor saee abedinin. not included in the prisoner swap was former f-b-i agent robert levinson...the 67-year-old disppeared in iran in 2007, new tonight.. we have the first picture of a crew chief among the missing u-s marines in hawaii. officials say sergeant adam schoeller is one of 12-service members who vanished on thursday after two helicopters collided over the ocean. the woman in these pictures is schoeler's wife. they will be married one year this fourth of july. an extensive search is under way for all missing marines we turn next to the extreme weather tonight.. tornadoes in florida killing two people..after two twisters hit central florida overnight. now..there's not much left. many homes are destroyed. this is all that's left of this mobile home.. ripped from its concrete foundation and strewn across a.m.
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klling grandparents steven and kate wilson. their son and four grandchildren injured but managed to climb to safety. when neighbors heard of the tornado alert they tried ...but couldn't reach... the wilsons. (sot randy sharp) devastation? woke up this morning and lost a family friend and neighbor. // when my neighbor told me steve was already gone? (gets the second floor of this 1.8 million dollar property collapsed under the force of winds upwards of 130 mile dollar property collapsed under the force of winds upwards of 130 mile per hour. a family trapped inside was found safe... with only minor injuries. now to a developing water crisis out of flint michigan. residents.. including small children.. possibly drinking contaminated water for more than a year. abc's eva pilgrim is in flint...
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getting their questions answered.. but the more they learn.. the angerier they're getting. script: nats: town hall meeting tonight angry residents demanding answers during a town hall in flint, michigan. reverend jesse jackson there to lend his support. jesse jackson sot: film-maker and flint native michael moore film-maker and flint native michael moore even calling for the arrest of of the governor michael moore sot: asking us attorney general, loretta lynch, to arrest this man. he committed a crime. he knew what he was doing. over the weekend president investigation after it changed its public water source exposing its 100,000 residents to toxic levels of lead . families like the x forced now to drink and cook with bottled watered being trucked in daily. but lisa and her kids are still bathing in that water. lisa (sot): it's hard to make sure everybody's been bathed properly because we're really not supposed to use this water water researchers point to this memo from the epa to city water officials.back in june.. showing officials knew that testing showed "high lead results" but didn't publicly
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sot marc edwards/va tech professor: it was a man-made tragedy that was completely preventable. professor marc edwards says for about 100 dollars a day the city could have made the water safe. instead he claims they mainpulated data to make it look safe. so many families... like the the horns exposed to lead -- which can cause neurologic damage --- for more than a year. reporter tag: local doctors are working to screen and help those children affected. the governor maintaining that he took action as soon as he knew about the elevated lead levels. new tonight.. it's the final democratic debate wrapping up before the iowa caucuses. bernie sanders, hillary clinton and martin o'malley took the stage in charleston tonight. action news teamed up with politifact... one of the most respected fact-checking groups in the nation... we cut through the so-called soundbites of the debate.. to hold these politicians accountable. our first fact check focuses on statements hillary linton made
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she made some accusations regard bernie sanders' stance on the issue.. "he voted for what we call the charleston loophole. he voted for immunity from gun maker's and sellers, which the nra said was the most important piece of gun legislation in 20 years." our team at politifact did some research --- and dubbed that accusation "true". sanders did flip-flop his stance on "liability exclusions" for gunmakers and sellers. in 2005 sanders voted for a measure that provided broad liability exclusions. after months of defending the vote, his position started to evolve in october 2015. three months ago -- he said he would "take another look" at the liability question. and on saturday, his campaign said he would support changes. that sounded like a flip-flop to our poltifact team -- so we rated clinton's statement as "true". in that same back-and-forth debate about gun control, hillary clinton shot criticisms at bernie sanders...
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the "charleston loophole": "he voted for what we call the charleston loophole. he voted for immunity from gun maker's and sellers, which the nra said was the most important piece of gun legislation in 20 years." on that point -- politifact gives hillary a "mostly true" rating. bernie sanders actually voted against federally mandated waiting periods... not for a provision that sets a time limit on a background check. sanders' votes don't line up exactly as clinton presented them... but because sanders did vote against waiting periods for background checks... we rate the claim "mostly true". back at home, one of the stars of abc's hit show scandal was in town campaigning today. tony goldwyn, who plays president... fitzgerald grant... on the hit series ...was stummping for democratic presidential frontrunner hillary clinton. today's event was held at state senator kelvin atkinson's house in north las vegas. goldwyn has been throwing his support behind clinton throughout the state, appearing
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reno yesterday. also on the political front today. republican presidential candidate carly fiorina. the former hewlett-packard c-e-o held a town hall meeting at the siena community association ballroom. she touched on a number of topics during her speech, including federal land management, gun control and enforcing current laws. after today's town hall, fiorina then headed to reno for another campaign event. she will be back in town tomorrow for coffee meet and greet at the peppermill fireside lodge at 8 a.m. hundreds of families made their way up mount charleston to enjoy some fun in the snow this holiday weekend. troopers actually had to start turning away vehicles at 1:30 this afternoon! action news reporter ginal azara has the story from the mountain. intro: hundreds of cars lined the shoulder of the highway of kyle and lee canyons. you can see where they were once parked earlier today! but it looks much different now. dark roads and tire marks in the snow are all that's left to
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on mount charleston. "it was a lot of thought before we actually decided to come up here." tyler haigh and his buddy just got done with a vigorous three hour it's time for a drink! they were a little surprised by how much company they had. "it makes a lot of sense that you weekend that a lot of people are gonna be up here." so many people had the same idea as tyler..... that it meant extra patrol on the mountain! seven troopers instead of the regular two.... driving around ticketing cars like these ones (nhp pic) "you know we watch for state ootrpers. we abide by the law but we shoulder. (other nhp pic) troopers told me... as soon as one car left....another one moved in its spot. "it was pretty bad. we're lucky we got a spot up here. but it was bad down lower on the mountain." on top of the tickets -- cars were getting stuck in the snow left and right. 25 had to be dug out today alone. tag: nhp says they're expecting the same story tomorrow for
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expecting many more citations to be written. reporting from kyle canyon gina lazara channel 13 action news. coming up from contact 13. .. a call to 9-1-1.. interrupted.. by lunch. let me have one slice of cheese pizza. the first thing you need know when your emergency is ignored. plus.. a murder mystery. an american journalist.. killed in belize. the one wrong move that may
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heckler: no i'm not stewart: i think you are nascar superstar tony stewart storming into the stands for a heated clash with a heckler. this just adds to a list of outbursts from stewart. among other things.. he's facing a wrongful death lawsuit.. accused of losing his temper and driving recklessly before striking and killing fellow driver... 20-year old kevin ward jr. stewart has yet to comment on this new incident, but the fan involved an off- duty law enforcement official...and is being investigated by his department to determine if he acted inappropriately. new tonight from contact 13.. the 9-1-1 dispatch system.. we rely on those operators in times of emergency. when every second counts.. the last thing you want is to be on hold while your operator orders lunch. 911 dispatcher: let me have a lunch special... everything on those? all the fixings? abc's aditi roy shares what you
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isn't being answered. script: nats pizza call 911 dispatcher: let me have one slice of cheese pizza. pizza place: okay. 911 dispatcher: let me have a lunch special... tonight?a broward county 9-1-1 dispatcher taking heat after calling a pizzeria while on the clock...while she's ordering lunch for the office? sotjared goodman, store employee doctor couldn't hold multiple employees call 9-1-1 he dispatch center after a patient faints?but no one answers. sotjared goodman, store employee first they called, from their office, no answer. i call from my cell phone, again no answer. other people in the store tried calling and no one picked up. the dispatcher?.still on her eight-minute call, putting in her long order?. natspizza call 911 dispatcher: everything on those? all the fixings? 5 and a half minutes in?she' asking for final orders from her coworkers? nats pizza call 911 dispatcher: no one else? okay, can you hold on for me one second, please? i'm so sorry. and 7 minutes in?she seems
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call 911 dispatcher: "poppy's? poppy's? i'm so sorry, i'm so busy. pizza place: that's okay. the sheriff's department telling abc news? the dispatcher violated policy and "was disciplined".. experts say don't let the phone keep ringing.. call nearest police station? you can also try texting nats pizza call 911 dispatcher: thank you for being patient with me. pizza place: no problem. so those urgent calls?.don't get overlooked. aditi roy, abc news, san francisco. an action news update tonight. one of the most wanted fugitives in america is in custody... the fbi says.. myloh mason.. is one of the men behind multiple violent bank robberies in colorado. surveillence video from a robbery in september shows two men wearing masks from the movie "scream".. jumping the counter.. guns in hand. authorities say.. they forced the tellers to the back and told them they would die unless they open the vault. . the fbi says mason and two other accomplices were behind another robbery...where two innocent people were shot. mason.. remained on the run for months before investigators in
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finally tracked him down.. and arrested him. new tonight.. support is mounting for an officer killed in the line of duty. investigators say "doug barney" went after two suspects who ran from a traffic accident in holladay, utah.. just south of salt lake city. one of those people allegedly fired their weapon one time.. but it hit barney in the head. other officers say they immediately fired back.. killing cory henderson. the second suspect, a woman, is still on the run. new information on an american tourist killed in central america. police releasing today that journalist anne swaney.. vacationing in belize... chose to stay behind while her group went horseback riding. instead she decided practice yoga alone at this waterfront deck. by the time the group returned hours later- they say, she was gone. police searched for hours...finally finding her body the next day- in this river. daniel arzu police superintendent: there were bruises around her neck and on either side of head there was
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believe that it was a case of murder investigators are questioning a guatemalan fisherman who was in the area at the time...they're also interviewing staff where swaney was staying. rescue crews in california have stopped their search for a missing ski instructor for the night. search and rescue teams are focusing their efforts on an avalanche slide area where the phone of 23-year-old carson may he was supposed to get a ride home but didn't show up. down the coast...a high surf advisory is in affect for southern california. waves as high as 15 feet are expected, making conditions in the water extremely dangerous. officals are advising people to stay out of the water. the high surf could bring dangerous rip currents. the advisory will remain for the next couple of days. ad-lib the pacific storm track
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to veer mostly to our north. however, we may be able to squeeze out a stray shower with two quick moving, early week systems. high temps will linger around 60 degrees both monday and tuesday and mostly cloudy skies are expected both days. the first system pushes through monday and there will be a slight chance for a stray shower on monday afternoon, then we will see a repeat of this scenario on tuesday afternoon with second system. by wednesday, chances for rain will be out of the forecast as high pressure nudges in from
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slightly warmer temperatures are expected, with highs in the low to mid 60s and a clearing from mostly cloudy to partly cloudy by the afternoon. thursday will be another dry day with highs in the low 60s and partly cloudy skies. by friday afternoon we will again see highs in the low to mid 60s, but we will also start to feel the effects of our next system with cloud cover building in and a slight chance for showers friday afternoon and evening. the system makes its wa out on saturday with breezy winds on the back end of the system and high temps holding steady in the low to mid 60s. slightly cooler temps are expected sunday with temps topping out around 60 with partly cloudy
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coming up.. a road closure to keep in mind...heading into to your monday morning commute. and.. in a blink of an eye.. glass is everywhere. and a woman is stuck underneath the car. coming up..
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station nearly hitting a woman inside and it's all caught on camera. the woman disappears from sight
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convenience store. it appears she is hit... but the car just misses her. the crash triggered a gas leak. authorities blocked off the area until it was contained. store workers dragged the two people inside the car out to safety. they were taken to the hospital for treatment. police are investigating what caused the accident-- and whether alcohol was a factor. a 3 vehicle accident on the 215 at warm springs this morning caused a severe traffic headache. eastbound 215 was closed from the airport connector to warm springs for over 5 hours after a driver of a lexus drove the wrong way on the 215 and struck 2 other cars. police are investigating the accident. we've got a ramp closure to tell you about that could affect your commute. n-dot will be closing the northbound u.s. 95 and 215 off-ramp from 9 p.m. tonight until 5 a.m. tommorrow morning. the closure is part of the "centennial bowl" being built in nortwest las vegas. detours will be in place during
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still ahead-- he's one of the youngest seahawks fans.. but he's as tough as tough as they come. this devoedt 12th man.. living in panther territory.. has it rough.. bullied for his love of blue and green. nats mom: what do you want the score to be?" nats ade: 1-thousand to zero! from across the country.. seattle's making this little guy's love of the hawks go viral!
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but only a few commands to master depositing checks at chase atms. technology designed for you.
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tt2w>rxlh @eo j# $5x tt2w>rxlh @e!!*n t50 tt2w>rxlh @e4!j# "#d tt2w>rxlh @ex#*&`:%-0 tt2w>rxlh @et#j'`:1-t tt2w>rxlh @et#j)`::m0 tt2w>rxlh @ep#j*`:-v, tt2w>rxlh @ep#j,`:l,l tt2w>rxlh @el#*.`:e%@ tt2w>rxlh l#*0`:^3( he whars his hat everyday. but in north carolina where he lives.. that hasn't gone over will with panther fans. abc's gloria riviera reports.. when the hawks caught wind of it.. they came to the rescue. suggested intro: finally tonight-- a little football fan getting the last laugh. he loves the seattle seahawks, but in north carolina--where he lives--that hasn't gone over well with panther fans-- he says he even gets bullied. when the seahawks caught wind of this--they swooped into the rescue. here's abc's gloria riviera. script: a big dream coming true for one little boy who refused to back down.
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score to be?" nats ade: 1-thousand to zero! 7-year-old ade elwis? a die hard seattle seahawks fan? on the field with his team. this third generation seahawks fan lives in panther territory: charleston, south carolina. when ade started wearing his new seahawks hat to school feel sad." to show ade he's not alone his mom went to facebook?asking seahawk fans to like her post, saying: every video: mom nats: "guess how many likes you got on fb today?" take mom video: ade star linebacker bobby wagner: "if anyone tries to pick on you we got your back." to coach pete carroll? sending seahawks a win. gloria riviera, abc news, down at the thomas & mack...the unlv runnin' rebels got a much needed win over a conference rival ... blowing out air force last night...100 to 64... the win moves the rebels to 11 and 7 on the season and 2 a oh since the resignation of their former head coach dave rice... todd simon is serving as the interim coach as the rebels search for a new hire.... they are on the road next week facing utah state on tuesday and u-n-r in reno next
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karla has another look at your work week forecast. but right now, here's a live look outside in the valley. you're watching channel thirteen action news, where you ask. and we investigate. do you think when you are president you'll be paid as much
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this is one of the jobs where they have to pay you the same. but there are so many examples where that doesn't happen. i'm going to do everything i can to make sure every woman in every job gets paid the same... the men who are doing that job. i'm hillary clinton
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