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tv   Action News 6pm  ABC  January 18, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm PST

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granddaughter that live with us, and to know that something like that happened in our neighborhood, that's scary." 12 secs live tag: no word from metro on whether the cars have been found - but all of the neighbors i spoke with agree - there are lessons to be learned now a breaking news update.. to an hours long standoff in north las vegas. the standoff came to a peacefull end. action news reporter bryan callahan tweeted what looks like two people in handcuffs. north las vegas police say they were called to the home near lake mead civic center around one o-clock for a domestic situation. they say a man ran from them leading to this barricade situatino. it lasted about three hours. now a man and woman are in police custody. some people living in an east las vegas neighborhood now say the once-quiet area is being overrun by squatters.. and with no where else to turn.. they reached out to action news. when you ask. we investigate.
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gadley takes us to there to see the damage. take live if you take a look around this neighborhood you can see there are a lot of really beautiful homes... glass and garbage all around... and neighbors say it was done by squatters. vo neighbors say it was done by squatters. vo action news did track down the owner of the home. we learned he fell ill and moved in with his daughter a couple of years ago. she says she just learned of problems. just up the street there is another house where neighbors believe squatters have taken over. take sot 11:50:00:00 you can see the condition of the home, it hasn't been maintained since the previous owner that i knew left said he was letting it go into foreclosure and basically that's what's going on here we have a lot of squatting activity i think going on in the neighborhood that's not being addressed properly. take on cam many neighbors say they just don't feel safe anymore. some say they are even
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we called metro and county enforcement to confirm but we couldn't get any information because of the holiday. reporting near sahara and sloan, i'm elizabeth gadley channel 13 action news. we learned about this story from a viewer.. so if you have a problem or issue you'd like us to check out.. send an email to 13investigates@ktnv.c om.. and please include your phone number. new at six.. it's harvest season for one local marijuana dispensary-- making them one of the few dispensaries in the state that grow their own products. nevada organic remedies started their first harvest for medical marijuana over the weekend-- after growing their products since november of last year. most dispensaries in the valley have to get their products from neighboring cities-- like pahrump-- or mesquite. but officials with nevada organic remedies say-- by growing their own-- they can better control what they offer their patients. take sot andrew jolley ceo, nevada organic remedies 19:43:15:02 it's important for us because we can choose to which strains and which products we grow, manufacture and sell in our dispensary 19:43:25:01 jolley says-- different strains can medicate different
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disease-- cancer-- or epilepsy. it's a story you're seeing first on action news. this cell phone video is from a viewer. you can see paramedics wheel a man away. police say he was shot near las vegas boulevard and serene this morning. and while they were investigating, they found something suspicious. action news reporter parker collins spent the morning speaking with frightened neighbors near las vegas boulevard and serene. mah03886 00:09:00 stretcher (nat pop) in this video... a viewer got closer than any news crew was allowed... you can see... one man was shot and taken to witnesses... when they found out the same guy who's been shot has been threatening to blow this place up. to top it off... they found something that doesn't look quite right... something that could be a bomb. so they call in these guys... forcing about a dozen people out of their homes for hours. no super img0413 00:00:22-00:00:30 "my kids were inside the house. we were scared because we heard
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bedroom. it was just right here." even for those who didn't have to leave home... the gunshots were enough to get them out of bed. bernard creencia, heard cries for help 1:52:34-1:52:44 were you thinking that you know you could be in danger? yes since i'm new in the area i did not know my neighbors here." for minutes after the gunfire... desperate cries for help haunted the cold night air. 1:52:24-1:52:30 "yes i was scared because it's the first time i heard someone shouting help." hours of uncertainty went by before experts knew whatever they had found wasn't dangerous. police think the man who made the threats-- who started out asashe victim-- is going to be okay. near las vegas boulevard and serene parker collins channel thirteen action news. police are looking for two shooters. they haven't made any arrests yet. nhp is investigating a deadly accident along the 15 earlier today that claimed the life of a pedestrian. it also caused some major traffic backups near jean.. that stretched for miles.. all the way back to st.
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action news reporter marissa kynaston has the latest on the traffic situation tonight in jean. this morning accident caused traffic delays throughout the day-- at one point-- backing up traffic for several miles. it was a combination of holiday travelers-- and the cleanup from that accident. just before ten this morning-- a semi truck hit and killed somebody walking alongside the interstate. its still unclear why that man was walking along the roadway. but witnesses did say they saw that man walking in and out of the travel lane rught before getting hit. marissa tag no more traffic from that accident-- but there does seem to be traffic building up in the southbound lanes near stateline from holiday travelers. reporting in jean-- mk-- ch13an. now here's a look at the las vegas valley. it's a beautiful night out there. and we have few more headed our way. cheif meteorologist bryan
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weather center. bryan, what can you tell us about a warm up. . periods of cloudy conditions and slightly above average temps will be the there for most of this week. in the short term, the first of two early-week systems moves our higher elevations, but the valley is set to remain dry. expect mostly cloudy skies tomorrow, with high in the upper 50s. by wednesday, high pressure will nudge in from the southwest, which will mean warmer temperatures. republican presidential candidate carly fiorina wrapped a campaign stop in las vegas today. supporters met with the former hewlett- packard ceo at the peppermill fireside lodge this morning for 'coffee with
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rallies in nevada over the weekend.. one here in las vegas.. the other in reno. new at six.. brookman elementary's attempt at a new guinness world record is a succes! last week 20-thousand glow sticks lit up the basketball court.. each one representing a book that was read by the students at the school this semester. the previous record is only about 98-hundred glow sticks. you can now buy season tickets for the 'los angeles' rams. more on that next.. plus: it's fun to play in the snow at mt. charleston.. but it's not so fun battling all the traffic. find out why nhp has had enough.. and what they're doing about it. coming up... in contact -13- tonight... another charge from apple. the popular service you'll need pay for. and contact 13 is ready to help you with a consumer problem. just contact one of our 11 and 1.
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on the rams moving from saint louis to los angeles this year. you can now place a deposit on season tickets to watch them at the los angeles coliseum. the $100 deposit will allow fans to buy up to 8 season tickets. but be advised- the deposit does not guarantee seat availability. we've posted a link on our website.. breaking news now.
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holding a martin luther king junior day rally right now in columbia, south carolina. you're watching that rally live. thousands of people lined the streets of downtown today to honor and celebrate the life of doctor martin luther king junior. the annual parade has quickly turned into one of the biggest celebrations of the year. over 100 floats, marching bands, performers, and law enforcenemtn, all took part. schools are off for the day, and the kids couldn't be happier. not just for a day of vacation, but to honor a man who means so much to this country. today was just the first day of
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doctor king. we have the full list of events up on our website - some other folks spentthe holiday, making las vegas a better place to live. n-v energy employees and their families packed bags for the "backpack for kids" program over at three square food bank. the program provides weekend meals for students in need. it's actually the eighth year in the row they've been volunteering. bitter-cold temperatures are gripping the midwest and northeast tonight. we'll show you how it's causing some big problems.. next. plus.. a terrifying scene. the second floor of an apartment complex engulfed in flames. a firefighter's helmet camera captures the dramatic rescue.
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if you're doing everything right but find it harder and harder to get by, you're not alone. while our people work longer hours for lower wages, almost all new income goes to the top 1%. my plan -- make wall street banks and the ultrarich pay their fair share of taxes, provide living wages for working people, ensure equal pay for women. i'm bernie sanders. i approve this message because together, we can make a political revolution
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california firefighter saw, as he rescued people from a fresno, california apartment building fire. in this helmet cam video, the firefighter quickly puts his ladder up. he yells into a room but no one's inside. the firefighter brings his ladder to another window. he sees people and yells for backup. then, in a heart-stopping moment, the tenant hands the firefighter her baby through the window. he hands the infant to the firefighter below... then helps the other family members down. firefighters believe a transient got in and lit a fire in the back stairway. no word on any injuries. we're following some big weather deveopments back east tonight. first to missouri.. where a car ran over a fire hydrant creating what was almost a work of art. the accident sent water spraying up toward some powerlines.. which then formed some incredible icicles. utility crews finally showed up to make repairs.. but not before it created some
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the situation in the northeast is a little more serious. snow plows are out in full force to deal with the first measurable snowfall of the winter in washington, d.c. the bitter cold and snow are making it treacherous for drivers.. causing a lot of spin-outs. and it's so cold in minnesota.. one meterologist conducted a demonstration.. freezing a t-shirt in minutes. it was even colder in north dakota over the weekend.. with a wind chill factor of 50-below zero. 50-below zero. right now hundreds of people are hitting the slopes up near the mt charleston area... but amid the tubing and snowball fights... many people are finding themselves in traffic. action news reporter lesley marin is in lee canyon with what conditions are looking like now. people spending the day on the slopes tickets sold out 25,000 people expected traffic problems galore
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getting citations for parking illegally people also leaving a lot of trash behind periods of cloudy conditions 25,000 people expected traffic problems galore vehicles getting stuck people getting citations for parking illegally people also leaving a
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25,000 people expected traffic problems galore vehicles getting stuck people getting periods of cloudy conditions and slightly above average temps will be the there for most of this week. in the short term, the first of two early-week systems moves out tonight and another follows closely behind tomorrow. tomorrow's system will bring
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our higher elevations, but the valley is set to remain dry. expect mostly cloudy skies tomorrow, with high in the upper 50s. by wednesday, high pressure will nudge in from the southwest, which will mean warmer temperatures. expect a clearing to partly cloudy for wednesday and thursday, with highs in the low to mid 60s around the valley. by friday afternoon highs will remain in the low to mid 60s, but the ridge of high pressure will move east, as a pacific system starts to approach the area. breezy winds and increased cloud cover are expected next weekend as the system passes through the area, along with highs in the low 60s. in the system's wake, we'll see a slight cool down to the upper
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skies and calmer winds. time now... for the latest consumer news... from contact apple's itunes radio service will no longer be free as of january 28-th.
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customers in an e-mail late last week. "beats 1" will be the only free radio service provided by apple. that service features guest hosts, exclusive interviews and music selected by apple's djs. all other stations, based on artists or genres will require a paid apple music subscription of 9-99 a month. itunes radio launched in 2013 when apple debuted i-o-s 7. las vegas mayor pro-tem steven ross is holding a news conference tomorrow to talk about the on-going issue of solar power in las vegas. it follows a recent ruling by the public utilities commission that reduced the kick-back to solar customers. that ruling is the reason for one major company.. solarcity decide to leave nevada. we'll have much more on that news conference on action news' midday report. coming up.. keeping an eye on mccarran. protests at some of the nation's largest airports could cause delays. plus.. after 25 years in business.. a neighorhood bar is in trouble with the law.. over karaoke. "if i lose karaoke this
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tubes, we'll explain how a favorite passtime became a legal issue. new at six.. planned protests at so3(zsi*p=
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to make as much money as one top ceo. it's called the wage gap. and the republicans will make it worse by lowering taxes for
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their own rules.some of the nation's largest airports aren't effecting flights at mccarran. here's a live look at the airport. according to the washington post.. workers from nine u-s airports planned to block bridges today.. and march through terminals.. to protest higher wages. you're looking at protesters in boston before they headed to logan airport. workers also planned protests in washington, d.c., new yok, newark, philadelphia, miami, chicago, portland and seattle. also new at six.. a city near baltimore is cracking down on karaoke. walt's inn is being cited for illegal conduct by the liquor board for not having permission to provide live entertainment. for 25-years.. walt's has been known to locals as the place to go for karaoke. now.. it seems they've been in violation of the law for
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and it's just now coming to the owner's attention :43:49 wilhelmina watnoski, walt's inn owner: i was very surprised by that i got a letter in the mail stating i broke the law by having karaoke, it said i needed a live entertainment license. i had no idea i needed a live entertainment license, for my patrons to sing? the owner and her attorney are now working on changing the zoning.. so they can request the appropriate license. one of the founding members of legendary rock band "the eagles" has passed away. glenn frey co-founded the eagles in the early 70's along with don henley and become one of history's most successful songwriting teams with huge hits like "hotel california" and "life in the fast lane." frey had been battling multiple illnesses including pneumonia. he was 67. next on action news live at 6:30.. backlash at the oscars. hollywood stars are boycotting the ceremony and their movement is going viral. a new development in the search
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missing after a mid-air helicopter collision off the coast of hawaii. .
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