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tv   Action News 11am  ABC  January 19, 2016 11:00am-12:00pm PST

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the bus was traveling on highway 101. no other vehicles were involved... so police are investigating-- and asking the driver to submit blood for testing. breaking news update about one of vegas' own... baseball legend pete rose will make it into a hall of fame after all... the cincinnati reds just finished up a media conference, making it official. they will induct pete rose into the team's hall of fame. the reds' announcement today comes barely a month after m-l-b commissioner rob manfred rejected rose's application for reinstatement. manfred concluded that baseball's career hits leader continued to gamble even while seeking to end the lifetime ban imposed in 19-89 for betting on games. rose is a fixture in las vegas-- often seen down on the
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((ad-lib)) this just in... a hearing has been delayed to consider whether a texas
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using an "affluenza" defense violated his probation in a fatal drunken-driving wreck. attorneys for ethan couch, who is being held in mexico, convinced a judge to recess today's hearing shortly after it started in fort worth. they say couch's mother, tonya, should've been notified. no new court date was immediately set. an update now on a story we followed overnight... police were resonding to a call about someone being chase by a person with a gun near sahara and hollywood. turns out it was all a big waste of valuable time for police- a fake call! apparently some disputing neighbors there called police several times on each other. the claims are usually made up... last night... we heard reports of shots fired... and someone being chased.... but police didn't find any proof it happened. at least half a dozen officers responded. "this residence has ben kind of
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all parties have benn advised if citations arrests are applicable in the future--they'll happen." these people won't face charges or fines. we'll have more later in a live report. a man and woman are in custody this midday after police spent three hours searching for them in north las vegas. police say it began yesterday afternoon when they were called to a domestic situation near down. no word on what charges he may be facing. new at midday... the search is on for three american contractors who are still missing in iraq this midday. a sweep is underway in a baghdad neighborhood where u-s and iraqi officials believe they went missing. an iraqi security official says the three men were kidnapped from a baghdad apartment known to be a brothel. investigators are now trying to determine whether the man had been lured to the brothel. the men have been identified as
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egyptian- american. there's still confusion over what company these men worked for. the solar issue is heating up again in las vegas. mayor pro tem steven d. ross held a meeting this morning to announce a plan to restore the viability of residential solar projects in the valley. but it didn't go as planned... and we're still waiting for real action. a horrifying scene on the strip... masses of people injured and one woman killed after a woman drives her car into the crowds on las vegas boulevard. this morning... clark county commissioners recognized metro, clark county fire department and umc for their hard work and life-saving efforts during that car crash. dozens of people were rushed to the hospital, and others had to be treated right at the scene. people around the world are remembering eagles guitarist glenn frey. frey passed away yesterday in new york city due to complications from rheumatoid arthritis and pneumonia. the eagles released hit after
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including "one of these nights"..."best of my love" and "hotel calirfornia" frey played guitar and keyboard for the band...and took on the lead vocals for a couple songs. fellow eagle don henley said in a statement -- quote -- "he was like a brother to me... the bond we forged 45 years ago was never broken." glenn frey was 67 years old. we'll have more on his life later in this newscast. up next... a look at this week's financial market... the dow took a major dive last week... triggered by world events... will this week be better? our financial expert is here to tell you if your 4-01k is safe. plus... good news if you have a medical marijuana card in the valley... we'll tell you what it is in today's health report. greg ad libs the world is watching to see if this week will be better
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than last week. here to join us with insight is our financial expert... steve budin. more market mayhem china and
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the strip turned into a movie set again overnight... our crews were there to capture a crash scene for the bourne
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starring matt damon outside the aria... on las vegas boulevard. imagine the view the people in those hotel rooms got! but no need for worry... it wasn't a real crash still to come on action news at midday... today's health report... and good news if you have a
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we'll tell you what it is. plus... more on a very controversial hostage swap with iran... people are speaking out this midday.
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most dispensaries have to get their products from pahrump or mesquite... but nevada organic remedies tells us by growing it themselves... they have better control over what they offer their patients. take sot andrew jolley ceo, nevada organic remedies 19:43:15:02 it's important for us because we can choose to which strains and which products we grow, manufacture and sell in our dispensary 19:43:25:01 the owner says different strains are used to treat different illnesses... like parkinson's, cancer or epilepsy. results of a short-term study suggest catching up on your sleep over a weekend can reduce the risk of developing diabetes. the university of chicago used 19 healthy young men eating a controlled diet in their study. the study found getting fewer
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four consecutive nights hiked their diabetes risk 16- percent. but after sleeping more than nine-hours for two consecutive nights, that risk returned to normal levels. sleep-deprived people are more likely to develop other health problems such as weight gain and high blood pressure. still ahead on action news at midday... the controversial prisoner swap with iran that has everybody talking... plus... a truly bizarre case! a teen accused of convincing her boyfriend to commit suicide via text. you're watching channel 13 action news, where you ask, and we investigate. stay with us republicans on the campaign
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that prisoner swap with iran. and while the families of those freed americans are celebrating with their loved ones... betrayed. abc's brian ross is here with that. (tape) under the deal, the us released from prison seven men convicted of helping iran's nuclear program and dropped charges against 14 more.
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bad, one-sided deal. interpol watch list. these are real bad customers. chris christie: fact is that we shouldn't have to trade anything to get our citizens back home. ted cruz: we have got to shake our head at how it's happening. but no one was more upset with the obama administration than the family of the american seen in this hostage video who was not part of the deal, former fbi agent bob levinson, who disappeared in iran almost nine christine levinson: (03:05:20) i'm very disappointed. i feel extremely betrayed by them. son dan said the white house has gone back on its word. dan levinson: (03:05:37) we had been given assurances over the years that my dad would be a top priority to get him home as much as everybody else, if not more, because he's been held for almost nine years. a senior administration official tells abc news that levinson was part of the negotiations, but that the us
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ultimately included in the swap. brian ross: (03:08:29) mrs. levinson, do you consider whether bob might have, in fact, died in captivity? christine levinson: no, i would never consider that until i have proof. i believe every day he's trying to come home to our family. we will never give up. it sounds almost too strange to be true... a massachusetts teen is accused of convincing her boyfriend to kill himself- with her phone! the latest on her trial when we come back. plus.... while we're enjoying decent weather... the same cannot be said of our friends across the country. we'll show you what they're facing, when we come back. have you downloaded the all new channel 13 action news app yet? free in the app store and in
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do you think when you are president you'll be paid as much as if you were a man-male...? this is one of the jobs where they have to pay you thsame. but there are so many examples where that doesn't happen. i'm going to do everything i can to make sure every woman in every job gets paid the same... the men who are doing that job. i'm hillary clinton
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and a fake call to police wastes their time and your tax dollars... it happened overnight... near sahara and sloan... why police are so frustrated. and this one's hard to believe... a teen is on trial for convincing her boyfriend to kill himself.. using a popular form of technology! hello. i'm todd quinones. thanks for joining us for this second half of action news at midday. and i'm dayna roselli. a shocking story playing out in court right now. a massachusetts teenager charged with taunting her boyfriend to commit suicide. michelle carter could face trial for manslaughter -- and abc's linzie janis has the story. suggested intro: script: this morning?massachusetts teenager michelle carter is one step closer to standing trial for allegedly convincing her 18 year old boyfriend - to commit suicide. [page 13 of commonwealth response to motion to dismiss] prosecutors arguing carter - now 18 - drove conrad roy to kill himself?encouraging him in dozens of text messages ? sot maryclare flynn, prosecutor (from august 2015 hearing discussing motion to dismiss) "he goes back, when are you
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roy died of carbon monoxide poisoning in july 2014 after locking himself inside his truck in this k-mart parking lot? [page 17/response] at the time prosecutors say he was on the phone with carter for 47 minutes?at one point telling her he was getting out of the truck because he feared it wasn't working ?[page 17/response] sot maryclare flynn, prosecutor (from august 2015 hearing discussing motion to dismiss) "the car was filling up and he was scared. she told him to get back in the car." and just days before- in another text message- carter great aunt (from august 2015 court hearing/outside court reax) it's inconceivable. i just don't understand how someone could do that. to encourage someone they claimed to love. according to court documents, roy had attempted suicide and had been hospitalized before he had even met carter.. (motion to dismiss page 9/10) and in one text message two weeks before his suicide, expressed his desire to take his own life-- "i can't get better, i already made my decision." [motion to dismiss page 11] the defense now trying for a second time to have the involuntary
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[appeal to state supreme judicial court filed by defense 2 months ago- pending] joseph cataldo - defense attorney - (from august 2015 court hearing) "he has in fact brainwashed her to the point where she's now accepting his idea of this is my only threatening" and that roy "?made his own conscious decision to take his own life." adding "this is a tragedy, not a crime." call)-vm a breaking news update to a story we told you about this morning... your tax dollars wasted.... as police officers searched a neighborhood for hours looking for a gunman who didn't exist. these fake calls keep happening and it's keeping our officers from focusing on real crimes. action news reporter parker collins tells us why police are so frustrated. people right here in las vegas are calling for action in the oregon.
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calling for action in the armed militia stand-off in oregon. they're demanding the department of justice arrest cliven bundy and his sons. this whole situation has been going on for three weeks now...protesters refusing to leave a national wildlife refuge in eastern oregon. it's all a fight over who should control federal lands. local politicians will join
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style--that's near charleston and las vegas boulevard for the protest. similar protests against the bundys are going on in oregon..washington... and new mexico too. guy: "you have no right to pull me over for freedom of speech. just like im gonna say f the police. f you you're a piece of s cop. you're fd up no that's fing stupid dude." new video showing the moment a man was pulled over by the officer you see in this video. it's going viral this morning with over 4-thousand views and counting! kris luce says metro officers nearly caused him to wreck... resulting in him giving the cops the middle is cited with improper use of a hand signal. in the video -- you can hear the cop tell luce he is being cited... and luce yells back -- clearly frustrated -- saying he was just exercising his first amendment right. guy: "what is the charge? for flipping you off or giving you the middle finger like this? cop: "i don't know why you
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you slammed on your brakes. both you and your partner split me one side and the other. in heavy traffic. you slammed on your brakes. i almost ran into you. and then i flipped you off and you're pulling me over for that!" the cop says --- if luce was to flip him off inside his car -- there would be no issue. luce argues that his hand never left his window. we're still working on getting a comment from police.. the entire video you just saw is more than two minutes long. we've posted all of it on our website.. an update this midday.... there may be an end in sight the flint water crisis. michigan governor rick snyder is expected to lay out a plan tonight to get clean water. but he won't be stepping down. protesters want his job...but he says he wants to stay and solve the problem. the city started taking drinking water from the river to save money--but it has dangerously high lead levels...some critics have dubbed it "katrina two." people
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up bottled water every day. "i have a young baby at home and we been going out to my moms and dads to get water in jugs to bring it home to give him baths" more the 70 members of the national guard are in flint this morning just distributing water...filters and testing kits free of charge. a major winter storm is bearing down on a major swath of the country--- especially the east coast. but for now the focus is on the bitterly cold temperatures that have gripped the new york area. bright sunshine, but temperatures will remain bitterly cold with temps never getting out of the upper 20s and even colder wind chills. and lake-effect snow will continue to slam the lakeshore and snowbelt parts of pennsylvania... before diminishing later today. storm totals are expected to climb to 12" to 24" of snow near the lakeshore, including erie and most areas north of i-90. the heart of the snowbelt, along and south of i-90, should
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the middle of the day. ((ad-lib)) in today's contact 13 consumer alert... the social media service
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fee. the move is intended to remove barriers for the service after the company realized not everyone has access to a credit card. so far, whatsapp has been free for the first year of use and then 99-cents- per-year after that. one airline was flying a little higher last year.... thanks to plunging oil prices. delta reports it saved more than five billion dollars on fuel last year. but it believes those savings are expectedbillion dollars in 2016... shares of delta are down sharply along with the broader market.
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delta and other big airlines to cut ticket prices. low-cost carriers have pushed fares lower. you probably know about toll-free phone calls. now verizon is using the concept for data. verizon announced a new "freebee data" service today. it will allow third-party companies to pick up the tab for your data usage when you download content from their apps, websites and services. verizon will try out the service next week... firefighters in central paris today battling a blaze on the top floor of the renowned ritz carlton hotel. the fire began early at the upmarket hotel, which has been undergoing renovation work for three years. fire trucks and police blocked off the place vendome at the height of the morning rush, and firefighters on cranes sprayed the blaze to try to bring it under control. paris police say there are no known victims. amongst the hotel's former guests was britain's princess diana who spent her final hours here before the car crash that
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magic johnson can't get enough of the l- a sports scene. he's a partial owner of the los angeles dodgers. and according to a tweet from the l-a rams, he was the first person to put a deposit on 2016 season tickets. yesterday morning, the team offered fans the chance to reserve their spot in line for season tickets -- with a 100 dollar deposit. within five minutes of opening the reservations, the rams had more than 5-thousand deposits. this midday we are celebrating the life of a rock and roll legend. eagles co-founder glenn frey passing away at the age of 67. abc's chris connelly takes a look at his contribution to the music world. ["take it easy"] as a principal singer, songwriter and guitarist with the eagles, glenn frey helped to define the sound and sensibility of southern california rock in the 1970s ["take it easy"] that 1972 career-defining smash ? just the first in a steady
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hits with frey at their center ? ["i may never see you again'] including "peaceful easy feeling" ["it's another tequila sunrise"] "tequila sunrise" ["you can't hide?your lyin' eyes"] the countri-fied "lyin' eyes" ["welcome to the hotel california"] while harmonizing with don henley on their lyrics to "hotel california" ["...such a lovely face"'] frey and henley formed the eagles in l.a. after a stint in linda ronstadt's backing band?they went their separate in 1980 ways before reuniting in '94...frey in the meantime turning up as an actor on miami vice nats miami vice "right now your business is 25 grand, up front" ["you belong to the city"] ?and as a solo artist?.hitting
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["the heat is on" ] and "the heat is on"? glenn frey died monday in new york at the age of 67? (gfx) the eagles website saying in part, "words cannot describe our sorrow, nor our love and respect for all he has given us." (end gfx) ["there are stars... for good morning america, chris connelly ? abc news los angeles the southern sky"] music
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if you're doing everything right but find it harder and harder to get by, you're not alone. while our people work longer hours for lower wages, almost all new income goes to the top 1%. my plan -- make wall street banks and the ultrarich pay their fair share of taxes, provide living wages for working people, ensure equal pay for women. i'm bernie sanders. i approve this message because together, we can make a political revolution and create an economy and democracy that works for all
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record under interim head coach todd simon. unlv's men's basketball team is facing off against utah state, in utah tonight at 6. this is their first away game with their new coach, and we're wishing them good luck! now let's take a look at today's top stories now trending...
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in 19-79-- it was "have a coke and a smile." and in 2009-- it was "open happiness." now coke has a new phrase it hopes suits your fancy. today coca-cola rolled out its new ad campaign with a new slogan. "taste the feeling" is the soft drink's new catch phrase. it will be used to advertise coca- cola... and market its other coke- branded products such as diet coke and coke zero. the company is hoping the new slogan will help it overcome declining sales and profits.... and concerns about the health effects of its sugary drinks. mission accomplished for nasa!
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the international space station have been trying to grow a flower.. and they finally did it! scott kelly posted this photo online of his space garden, and his beautiful zinnia. scientists say this new breakthrough allows for better understanding of how to grow plants in micro-gravity. the secretive, futuristic lab once- called "google x" now has a new name and logo. it's now called simply "x" ... and it is represented by a 3-d yellow "x.' it is known mostly for investing in technologies that directors believe will shape the future. "x" has placed big bets on and drones... and even robotics. "x" separated from "google" last year ... part of a larger restructuring impacting many parts of the company. search-engine business from other companies -- an umbrella company called "alphabet" was formed to oversee them all. for more stories trending right now, head to more now on that 9-1-1 dispatcher we told you about yesterday... busted for ordering pizza instead of taking an emegency
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c-n-n's brandon beyer reports. (jared goodman, store employee) up. he dropped to the floor. usually that's where the clearsight opticians. back in september, a patient has a seizure in the exam room. the staff immediately calls 9- 1-1. (jared goodman, store employee) "first they called from their office, no answer. i called from my cellphone. again, no answer. other people in the store tried calling, and nobody picked up answered. after an internal investigation by the broward sheriff's office, we now know why. one of the call takers was on call... ordering lunch from this pizza shop in loder hill. (nats: restaurant) "okay. what can i get for you?" (nats: dispatcher) "let me have one slice of cheese pizza." (nats: restaurant) "all right." (nats: dispatcher) "let me have a lunch special, the pizza lunch special-- two cheese pizzas and a coke. (nats: restaurant) "all right." (nats: dispatcher) "let me have
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pepperonis and a coke." the broward sheriff's office says they'll reevaluate if regional 9-1-1 coverage is still the best option. (official) "if that means that we need to look at going back to our own police and fire 911 dispatch system we're going to do that analysis." as for the patient in this office, he came to. (jared goodman, store employee) "fortunately the man is okay. he came back to life, basically. he was having a seizure and he came back so he's okay now." but as far as jared goodman and his family owned business are concerned it was a scare they shouldn't have to go through alone. (jared goodman, store employee) "if i call 911, someone should pick up that phone. it would make me feel a lot better." we'll be right back with a last look at your forecast. keep it here on action news at
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the top stories we're following- a greyhound bus roll on its side in san jose, california.
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morning rain. the solar issue is heating up again in las vegas. mayor pro tem steven d. ross held a meeting this morning to announce a plan to restore the viability of residential solar projects in the valley. but it didn't go as planned... and we're still waiting for real action. a familiar face in las vegas has finally made it into a hall of fame. the cincinnati reds admitted pete rose into their own hall of fame today... shortly after major league baseball denied him once again... due to his gambling while playing. as you probably remember- rose was a baseball legend. and las vegas became a movie set again overnight... and if you were lucky to be staying at the aria... you had a front row view! matt damon is in town shooting scenes for a new bourne movie. our crews have been following the film crew around town... as they've been shutting down the strip... mostly in the middle of the
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here's tonight's primetime lineup on channel 13... it starts at 8 with marvel's captain america...followed by marvel's agent carter at 9... and then action news at 11. that's it for us here... the chew is up next... and be sure to watch action
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cheese... until then.. thanks for watching and have a
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grab a blanket and get cozy, y'all, because we're bringing you "the chew's" essential comfort food. i'm baking up a sweet and chocolatey brownie that'll make you want to have dessert first. plus, mario's in the kitchen with the ultimate culinary superstar wolfgang puck. and they've got an amazing soup
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