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tv   Action News 3PM  ABC  January 19, 2016 3:00pm-3:30pm PST

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atthe university for mreothan a year. daron now facing a murder charge. it's not clear i the mher is facing any charges. taking a live look outside-- it's raining! how long is the rain here to ay? the mawith the answers...chief meteorologist yan scofld. a banof showers is apprching from our west with or current storm sytsm. althou mot of the moisure will be rg out asit intecepts the sr,ew could stillsee sprinkles to light rain rain in thlas vegas valleyhis afternoon and ev ening. the system moves outovernight d we'llsee some of the cloud cover lea out by morning andif it' rning or ma
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send us your picture ot videos... you miht see thm on air uyo can aieml us at i-contibute at ktnv.dom, or tag uson social media using the hashtag "ic-13." and breaking right now -- a massive building fire is burnin in ewn jersey. take a lok. the flames are so big...that crs from nearbytowns have been caed i to help. no reports of any ijuries so and the cause of hte fire is unknown. your axt dollars are being
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ling in one neighbohrdo. police say people keep lling them to report crimes...but 's all fake last night, at least half a dozen offciers resoned to a call abouoken glass, nfire and a aome near sahara ad sloan. but wne officers arrivedt, hey couldn't find nyathing. ogu(b ll 5) 25-36 "this residence has ben kidn of a probem areaor u. all partis have benn adised citationsorarrests aer applcable in the fue--they'll happen." neihbog tell us, it' hard ho to live by. jose grijalva,next door negihbor 7:48:48-7:48:55 "i'm ared morebecause when my dkis iwith e, u kow,y prority is to ke are of my kid... ptorotect my ." police say the peope wont face charges ofines for the false reports, but they're on wat. comin gup on lter editios of action ne, wsyou'l ar from people who live in the home.
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neighbors are feraing for their ty...becae of squatters! neigobrsa sy i 'shappening two homes nea sahara and sloan. our crw stracked down one of e ownrs.... evcted. coing up at 6, action news reporter jessica janner takes ussnide one of the homes. now to a stroy u'll ee first oaction news -- a an gives some metro officers the bird.. aftehe says theyearly caused hm to cra s ca t:so "and then iflippd you off and you're pullig me over for that?" kris luce recorded e entire confrontatin. in the video, you hear the cop tell him he's being cited, and luce says he was just excercinsig his first ammendment right. cop: "this is why you're getting charges because....if you wanna flip me off inside....that's all fine and dandy...." guy: "i did flip you off inside. you were three lanes over" cop: "i know but when your sticking your hand out in're giving a signal of intent to turn.
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giving you a signal....." cop: "do it inside your vehicle" luce insists his hand never left the window. we're going to try to get a statement from metro today. also right now, luce is meeting with his attorney to deal with his new citation for "improper use of a hand signal." we'll have updates to this story on later editions of action news. new developments in that ohio police officer shot and killed in the line of duty. we're learning his death could have been prevented. here's the 9-1-1 call that came minutes too late. "911. yes i'm in danger. looking to kill a cop. he's got my house keys, he's got my truck keys, he's got um guns on him. he's already beaten me and threatened to kill me. i don't know-- he's coming home, i gotta go." after that call, officer thomas cottrell was killed.
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custody. an update on a story we first brought you as it was breaking-- a greyhound bus crashes...killing two passengers inside. 18-others are hurt the n-t-s-b is now sending a team to investigate the crash. fire crews say the bus flipped on its side on the freeway in san jose, california. "well i was sleeping and i woke up to the crash. i heard some people scream and then we were sliding for a long time, i felt like forever and from there we came to a rest, we're on the side and walking on the windows trying to gather stuff and looking for a way out." no other vehicles were involved in the accident, so investigators are looking into why this all happened. but rain could be a factor. the bundy standoff made it's way to las vegas once again--
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for something to be done against the bundy militia. action news reporter lesley marin joins us in studio with what protestors are now demanding from the federal government. the demand was clear--governement officials, protestors and indian tribes came together pleading with the department of justice to arrest cliven bundy and his sons now oversized face of cliven bundy-- everyone from state senator kelvin anderson to pauite tribe representatives took the podium. their main message-- to launch a petition calling for the d-o-j to arrest the bundy militia. for weeks-- the bundy militia have siezed a wild life refuge bulding in burns, oregon over the fight of land rights. so far-- none of the bundy militia has seen any consequence...but according to state senator kelvin atkinson their arrest is long overdue. "the folks that i represent...and i'm sorry to say this commit less crimes and are behind bars..and at some
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needs to do what they need to do and make sure him and his men are behind bars as well" the group battle born progress-- was behind today's protest. they also sent over-- what they're calling a "nevada says sorry" care package that will go out to fish and game officers in oregon as they continue to deal with the bundy situation. in studio lesley marin channel 13 action news. "12:18- also breaking right now -- reports say former alaska governor sarah palin is endorsing donald trump for president! it's set to all happen tonight in iowa. trump released a statement, saying he's honored to have her support. the endorsement comes as we're less than 2-weeks out of the iowa caucus. 9:46:32 07 "what are we trying to tell the world? that we don't care about solar? we should be the solar capital of the world and we're going to continue to go that direction for the city of las vegas." the battle over solar continues in the valley. today, the city of las vegas
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announcement...hoping to keep businesses from shutting down. action news reporter yasmeen hassan has details on the new ordinance...that aims to help you finance your solar panels. < the solar industry is still reeling after the p-u-c decided to change the rates for customers... today - mayor pro-tem steve ross had no problem saying the comssioners were wrong - and now the city wants to do something about it. 9:45:36 06 steve ross mayor pro tem "there decision was a poor decsion that i believe and we help with the financing of solar panels. first thing - it would essentially eliminate the upfront costs for customers. next - it would attach the financing to the property.... that means, if you sell your house, you won't have to make payments on the panels anymore. the payments are basically tacked on to your mortgage, so those would transfer to the next owner. the p-u-c's decision to increase service fees for solar users, and decreasing the amount of money customers are getting paid for they're excess power is infuriating customers...and companies are already closing down.... ....but the hope is this
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right direction. 9:47:37 14 steve ross mayor pro tem "we have to do what's right for the people that we serve and i think the public utlitiies commission heard them loud and clear and it's time and i would just encourage business owners and homeowners to hang in there and we're going to see if we can make this happen." no exact timeline has been set for the ordiance... ....but the hope is everything will be approved and in place within the next few months. > a drunk driver gets into an accident.. rolling his vehicle multiple times and it bursts into flames. :00 - :04 find out which hollywood actor jumped into the rescue. but before we go, a quick look at i-15 and bonneville. the rain is coming down hard. if you do need to go out, be sure to slow down!
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two good samaritans rush in to help...with one of them being actor jamie foxx! abc's elizabeth hur has the incredible images from the fiery scene.
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"heavy rescue, reports of multiple people trapped with oscar winner jamie foxx - to the rescue - pulling an injured driver out of a flaming car. these photos from the accident scene, show just how damaged the vehicle was - flipped over and still smouldering even after firefighters put out the flames. natsot - (broadcastify) "medic engine 32 come past engine 33 if you can, i got my victim over here." the accident happening monday night right in front of foxx's california he told the highway patrol he heard the crash and a person screaming. foxx called 9-1-1? then ran out to find a man buckled into his seat - he unhooked him, and dragged him away. no stuntman requireed. york. suggested anchor tag: the man and another person from the vehicle were taken to the including burns. > big breaking news on the fight many recruitment videos, beheading hostages. u-s officials announced 2-months ago he was likely killed in a drone strike in
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his real name was mohammed emwazi. he was born in kuwait, but moved to london. still ahead -- first responders rush to las vegas boulevard for what seemed like a car hitting one person... but when they arrive on scene, they realize it's much worse. now, the county is recognizing all those first responders. after hearing a woman drove her car right into crowds of people. and taking a live look outside -- the rain is coming down! how long it's here to stay and where it's coming down coming up in weather first. a band of showers is
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3(zsi*p= on average, it takes three hundred americans working for a solid year, to make as much money as one top ceo. it's called the wage gap. and the republicans will make it worse by lowering taxes for
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their own light rain rain in the las vegas valley this afternoon and evening. the system moves out overnight
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cover clear out by morning. high pressure will begin building over the region tomorrow, which will mean warmer temperatures and not as much cloud cover. skies will clear to partly cloudy by wednesday afternoon and highs will top out in the low 60s. mainly sunny skies are expected thursday then partly cloudy on friday with highs in the low 60s both days. our next system moves in over the weekend, which will mean more cloud cover and breezy winds on both saturday and sunday, with highs remaining in the low 60s on saturday, then dropping to the upper 50s on sunday. as the system makes an exit it will continue to drag in cool air and keep our highs in the upper 50s for the start to next week, although we will also see a clearing on monday. by tuesday we'll warm back to the low 60s and skies will stay
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and if it's raining in your area, send us your pictures ot
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and be sure to stay safe on the roads -- micah manalo just tweeted this picture of a crash. it's a spencer and windmill. and if it's raining in your area, send us your pictures ot videos... you might see them on air. you can email us at i-contribute at ktnv.dom, or tag us on social media using the hashtag "i-c-13." happening today, the tax-filing season begins! the internal revenue service will now accept 20-15 tax returns. this year, you may notice some changes. the agency says it has taken some extra steps to protect you against identity thfet. and a heads up, you have longer to fill out your forms.
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some good news out of that horrifying scene on the strip... where a woman drove on the sidewalk... killing one woman and injuring dozens others. you remember this crash...just days before christmas. dozens of people were rushed to the hospital, and others were treated on- scene. nats of applause today, clark county commissioners recognized metro, clark county fire department and u-m-c for their life- saving efforts. you can see the commissioners personally shaking the hands of all the first responders. here at action news, we thank all those first responders too. a vow for change... that's the message from the academy of awards' president.. after controvery grows on the lack of diversity in this year's nominees. the full story, plus more reaction from the stars next.
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year's oscver this year's oscars... after minority nominees were overlooked for a second year in a row, now, calls for a
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today, the academy's president is promising "big changes" to help improve diversity. abc's lauren lyster has more. < [nats pinkett smith red carpet] today, the hollywood heavyweights calling for a boycott of the oscars over a lack of diversity, getting a reaction quick sot jada video: i won't be at the academy awards" after actress jada pinkett smith posted that video on her facebook page monday and director spike lee announced on instagram he "cannot support it" the academy responds... president cheryl boone isaacs [[gfx in a statement overnight, admitting she is "heartbroken and frustrated about the lack of inclusion" and promising the academy "is taking dramatic steps to alter the makeup of our membership." kabc interview - cheryl boone isaacs sot "what we really need is the support of the industry" (nat) selma star david oyelowo at a ceremony honoring isaacs in l-a last night, joining the critics of [[graphic 20 missed opportunities to recognize a person of color in the acting categories, for a second year. sot "to be missed last year is one thing for that to happen again this year is
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actors seen as overlooked this year... idris elba - for beasts of no nation nats and jada's leading man-will smith for his role in "concussion" [tweet] as for the boycott, oscar winning filmmaker michael moore tweeting support for pinkett smith and lee...saying he'll join them. adding, 'i believe the academy will fix this.' tag: while the academy doesn't release information on demographics of its members, according to a 2013 l-a times investigation, the academy is 93% white down just 1% from 2012 with african-americans making up only 2%. lauren lyster, abc news, los angeles. > a lot more news coming up on action news live at 3-30... including the latest on that water crisis in michigan. ((sot)) lawsuit presser "you made the mess, you clean it up, you fix the problem!" several families are now suing city leaders for the crisis. and taking a live look outside -- the rain is coming down! how long it's here to stay and
3:22 pm coming up in weather first. right now on action news live
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critics are sounding off in tright now on action news live at 3:30.. critics are sounding off in the
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