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tv   Action News 5pm  ABC  January 19, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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real issue is the roads. las vegas drivvrs can be a bit reckless to begin with -- i'm sure a lot of our viewers can everyone i've talked to says it's important to slow down and don't take turns too quickly. i met a family who was sitting waiting for help because their car skidded in the rain and they smashed up the hood. we're going to stay out here and see if the rain gets worse. let's now go to bryan callahan for more of our team weather coverage. bryan. now we go to action news reporter bryan callahan has more so... are you seeing some heavy rain where you are? let us
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and... share some pictures with us. some of you are already posting pictures of the rain at i-contribute. (adlib about pics) and remember.. you can submit your photos and videos to i-contribute at use # i c 13. and.. another quick look at desert
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bryan scofield will be back in a few minutes with the latest on the rain moving through right now. the battle over solar continues in the valley. today... mayor pro-tem steve ross saying.... the p-u-c comssioners were wrong with changing the rates on net metering. the city of las vegas is introducing a new ordiance.... to help with the financing of solar panels. it would essentially eliminate.... customers. it would also attach the financing.... to the property.... the payments are basically tacked on to your mortgage.... so those would transfer..... to the next owner. the hope is.... everything will be approved and in place.... within the next few months. the standoff at a federal wildlife refuge continues in oregon. but tonight.. protestors here in the valley are calling for something to be done about the militia.. being led by ammon bundy. action news reporter lesley marin is here to explain their demands. lesley. as of today-- locals have sent
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justice demanding the bundy's be put behind bars. that was the focus of the group-- battle born progress. they were joined by state senators and assemblyman, today-- pleading with the d- o-j to arrest not only the bundy militia in oregon but also cliven bundy, himself. as you know-- several years ago cliven bundy was responsible for stand off with governement agents over cattle grazing. and now his sons-- have siezed a wildlife refuge building in oregon. protestors says-- their arrest in long over due. anette magnus, executive director of battle born progress 12:30:36-12:30:44 "it is time to stand up to these bullies because that's what they are and call on the doj to come in and enforce the law once and for all" the group also sent a care package to fish and game officers in oregon-- saying they were sorry for quote-- sending their home grown extremist over to oregon. coming up at 6-- we talk to cliven bundy himself and whether or not he fear being put behind bars. some local emergency responders
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quick work... when a driver.... literally ran over people on the las vegas strip last month! these clark county firefighters.... metro police.... and u-m-c doctors and nurses helped dozens of people hurt on the strip last month. accused driver... -24- year- old la-keisha nicole holloway.... faces several charges.... after plowing through a crowd december 20th.... in front of the paris and planet hollywood. the clark county commission honored first responders today.... commending them.... for their life-saving efforts. donald trump is heading back to las vegas. we'll tell you when.. next. and.. problems for fellow republican presidential candidate ben carson. find out why he's temporarily suspending his campaign. and... take a look at this serious car accident! how oscar winning actor.... jamie foxx.... got involved... coming up... a band of showers is
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west with our current storm system. although most of the moisture will be rung out as it intercepts the sierra, we could still see sprinkles to light rain rain in the las vegas valley this afternoon and evening. the system moves out overnight and we'll see some of the cloud cover clear out by morning we just learned.. that a volunteer for his campaign has died from injuries suffered in a car crash.
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ben carson, (r) presidential candidate: you know, we, unfortunately, had some tragedy in our campaign today. one of the vans in iowa, with one of our staffers and three student volunteers, hit a patch of ice, flipped on its side, was hit by another vehicle. flipped on its side, was hit by another vehicle. other staffers involved in the crash survived. carson is suspending his campaign tonight.. .and is making plans to fly to omaha.. to be with his staffer's family. that's the latest from the breaking news center. police are investigating a series of bogus calls to 911 that are reportedly tied to the same house. action news reporter parker collins spoke with the woman in the home about why it keeps happening. just by looking at it... you can tell this home doesn't fit in. you can see broken windows... some they haven't even tried to cover. for the neighbors... it's been living inches from a nightmare.
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7:48:48-7:48:55 "i'm scared more because when my kids is with me, you know, my priority is to take care of my kid... to protect my kid." standup: you can see damage on this home to the window... feet away from the home in question... which has broken glass all out in the driveway. police say this boils down to an argument between two men... with a woman in the middle. contrina chaney, lives in home 7:52:13-7:52:20 "he's just out of control right now and he's just calling police trying to just start things... stir up trouble." a love triangle wouldn't normally be newsworthy... except police have come out to this same home numerous time because of lies. the guys with the beef are this morning... one man claimed bullets were flying... and someone was chasing him with a gun. 7:52:26-7:52:32 "it's awful. it's awful. it's sad. he does need help." at least half a dozen officers responded this morning... keeping them from taking other...
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jessie wiggins, lvmpd img0418 00:00:20-00:00:24 "while this call was going on a robbery call came out and i had to send officers away from here." there won't be any charges or fines for wasting police time... but these guys are on thin ice. img0421 00:00:29-00:00:33 "if we can cite or arrest we're going to do so." near sahara and hollywood parker collins channel thirteen action news. donald trump is heading back to las vegas.... for a campaign rally! the republican presidential candidate will be here..... a little more than a month before nevada'....s first-in-the-west g-o-p party caucus. trump's thursday event at "the south point"... will be down the strip.... from where g-o-p candidates debated.... just last month. earlier this month.... trump said at a reno rally... he thinks..... the only way he can lose nevada's february -23-rd g-o- p caucus... is if his supporters.... don't vote. the film industry is bringing some big money to the valley right now. coming up.. we'll take a closer look at where things stand.. and tell you about plans to bring-in even more film industry business. and... good news for verizon
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up next... contact 13 looking at the details.... into a new free service. plus... here's what we're working on right now.... for action news... live at six: squatters are taking over.... a las vegas nieghborhood. tonight at six.. we're taking you inside.... one the abandoned homes! you're watching channel 13 action news... where you ask and we investigate... stay with us. back to breaking news on the 3(zsi*p= on average, it takes three hundred americans working for a solid year, to make as much money as one top ceo. it's called the wage gap.
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their own rules.showers are moving through the valley tonight from a storm system that arrived late this afternoon. chief meteorologist.... bryan scofield is in the weather center right now....
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system... and where it is now. a band of showers is approaching from our west with our current storm system. although most of the moisture will be rung out as it intercepts the sierra, we could still see sprinkles to light rain rain in the las vegas valley this afternoon and evening. the system moves out overnight and we'll see some of the cloud cover clear out by morning. high pressure will begin building over the region tomorrow, which will mean warmer temperatures and not as much cloud cover. skies will clear to partly cloudy by wednesday afternoon and highs will top out in the low 60s. mainly sunny skies are expected thursday then partly cloudy on friday with highs in the low 60s both days. our next system moves in over the weekend, which will mean
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winds on both saturday and sunday, with highs remaining in the low 60s on saturday, then dropping to the upper 50s on sunday. as the system makes an exit it will continue to drag in cool air and keep our highs in the upper 50s for the start to next week, although we will also see a clearing on monday. by tuesday we'll warm back to the low 60s and skies will stay mainly sunny. are you looking for a job? maybe... you can apply..... with the hottest new retailer in town. ikea has announced..... it's hiring for it's new las
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the store opens this summer.... along the 215 beltway.... at south durango. anyone interested in working at the furniture store..... should apply on their website. the company is looking to fill.... 3-hundred positions. the movie industry in las vegas is showing signs of some serous growth. we've seen parts of the strip shut down this month so film crews can shoot the fifth installment in "bourne identity" series. but it's only the first of several projects that will be shot in nevada this year. action news reporter michael burton is live on the strip with details. steve - it doesn't take an expert to see that las vegas is a beautiful backdrop to almost any story you want to tell. we've seen it in movies like the hangover - oceans eleven- and the list goes on - but that list is about to get bigger. today - nevada film officials unveiled a new studio that will be able to accomadate more major motion pictures and
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scales. it's called vegas production studios. clark county issued about 450 film permits last year - most of them for small projects like commericals or reality shows. this year - they anticipate issuing 600 hundred. officials say hollywood has noticed all the capabilities of this new studio and they're ready to put it to use. "from the crews to the equipment to all the specialist, the graphic designers, and the editors and all of that, and we do all of that right here in htis kind of a mini universal studios if you will." coming up at six - more on this new studio and how it will change the culture and economy of southern nevada. reporting live - michael burton - channel 13 action news. jamie foxx gets a new starring role... roadside hero! the actor jumping into action.... to save a man.... after a terrible car crash. the oscar winner is credited
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out of a flaming car. these photos from the accident scene show.... just how damaged the vehicle was. the accident happening last night... right in front of foxx's california home. he told the highway patrol.... he heard the crash and a person screaming. a michigan man who was in the news 2- years ago.. is now pleading guilty to misdemeanor child abuse. charlie bothuell made national news when his 12-year-old son was reported missing. state police later found his son barricaded in the basement of his own home.. where he endured physical and psychological abuse. bothuell has been sentenced to 18- months probation. he'll also be required to take anger management classes. a former u.s. marine freed by iran this weekend says... he feels alive..... for the first time. -32- year old..... amir hekmati was -1- of -4- americans freed.... as part of a prisoner swap. hekmati spent..... more than -4- years in an iranian prison.... after he went to visit his grandmother and was detained for espionage....
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i'm very humbled at everybody's support from the president to congress to my fellow marines and especially my family who have really gone through so much throughout this time." hekmati was born in arizona... and... was raised in michigan. he served in the marines.... from -2- thousand -1- to -2- thousand -5-. he denies any wrongdoing... and denies spying.... for the united states. time now... for the latest consumer news... from contact 13. verizon is offerng..... a new free service. the wireless carrier is going to offer... a toll-free data plan. it will allow..... -3-rd party companies... to pick up.... the tab for your data usage... when you download content from apps... and websites. verizon plans to try out.... the new service... next week. twitter had some technical issues today... worldwide. the problems started..... after - 3- a-m eastern time. visitors to the website... said..... how many of its users...
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twitter has about -3-hundred million users. and... don't forget... contact 13's "call for action" is ready to help you.... just call one of our volunteers.... any weekday.... between -11-a-m and -1-p-m... at 702-368-2255. expect some more traffic delays in downtown las vegas. n-dot is doing some drilling related to "project neon." it's happening along both sides of i-15 between sahara and the 95 at mlk. the work is scheduled to begin around 9pm so look for lane closures in the area. we'll be right back.... with a final check..... on your forecast from bryan. but first.. coming up all new on action now.. we're hearing from his employer. that and more.. on action news live at 6.
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with highs in the low 60s both days. our next system moves in over the weekend, which will mean more cloud cover and breezy winds on both saturday and as the system makes an exit it will continue to drag in cool air and keep our highs in the upper 50s for the start to next week, although we will also see a clearing on monday. by tuesday we'll warm back to the low 60s and skies will stay mainly sunny. if you're up before the sun tomorrow morning..
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tomorrow... you'll be able to enjoy something unusual in the sky. just before dawn.. mercury, venus, saturn, mars and jupiter will all be visible for about 45 minutes before sunrise. experts say... it's the first time.... in more than -10- years..... that all 5 of them have appeared together.... in the pre-dawn sky. the show will last.... through february -20- th. before we go... here's a look at what's coming up later on abc...
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"marvel's captain america"... at -9-... "marvel's agent carter"... and then... stay with us... for action news... live at 11. that's our news for now.. but... stay with us for abc's world news tonight... up next. we'll see you back here in 30-minutes for action news... live at 6. until then.. thanks for watching and have a
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tt0w!t^)hw! %4@-=6, tt0w!t^)hw! el@-71@ tt0w!t^)hw! ed@-13$ tt0w!t^)hw% )8h-qmx tt0w!t^)hw% kzh-l"$ tt0w!t^)hw% n-h-9k( tt0w!t^)hw% 0ph-',0 tt0w!t^)hw% s"h-7^p tt0w!t^)hw% ueh-4< tt0w!t^)hw% 7hh-(>t breaking news tonight. at this hour, sarah palin is back. the event right now, revealing she's all in for donald trump. tonight, the palin factor, and why it matters. also breaking now, the stunning new poll out of new hampshire. not good for hillary clinton. the deadly greyhound bus crash on an american highway.
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