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tv   Action News 11am  ABC  January 20, 2016 11:00am-12:00pm PST

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she's accused of hitting. last month's crash killed 32-year-old jessica valenzuela. prosecutors told me three people are still in the hospital. they even said one man went back to mexico on a ventilator. now holloways attorneys have time to go over the evidence... they say holloway is feeling better. joseph abood, defense 2:09:28-2:09:35 "she's doing somewhat better. she's still in a difficult state of mind. i'm not sure there's much more we can add to that." holloway should be back in court in about two weeks. back to you. back to you. an update now to a story that broke overnight... police are still searching for a man near vegas drive and rainbow. the manhunt started around 4 this morning...when police tried to pull over a man and woman...both ran. they got the woman who was armed...but the man is still on the run right now. police say they found their car with guns and drugs inside. police called off search...but they think they know who the man is... the big story today-- the weather, we had a rainy day
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today greg? with a slight shift south, instead of keeping north, of yesterday's low pressure system, wide spread showers entered the valley and continued through the evening. today, that low has moved on and now we are under a small area of high pressure. through southern nevada today. high temperatures were looking to be closer to the mid 60 today but with the slight low 60s look to extend into the weekend and drop slightly into saturday; allowing for heavy clouds and a small shot for afternoon, wind chill factors cloudy to mostly sunny skies look confident sunday through tuesday of next week. and a breaking news update from overnight... a rough night on the roads. take a look at this car that crashed right into a fence at a home near charleston and hollywood.
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police are calling this hit and run, because the car was left there un- attended. one person was injured but at this point we don't know if they were a passenger, or a bystander. teacher absences have forced 86 detroit schools to close today, the largest in a string of recent sickouts.... it's meant to call attention to high class sizes, dilapidated buildings and other problems in michigan's largest school district. michigan gov. rick snyder said tuesday night in his state of the state address. detroit's schools are in a crisis and the "time to act is now,". the lawsuits are piling up against the governor of michigan, he formally apologizes to the community, and admits he's lost their trust. at least 500 people living in flint are seeking to join a class action lawsuit against governor rick snyder, along with city and state officials. they claim leaders didn't react to the water contamination quickly enough. rosie rheaves/flint resident "we tried everything we could to scream yell and say hey this is wrong, and they lied, said the water is safe, water is
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newly released emails show they waited nearly 5 months to warn the people about the toxic high levels of lead when they switched to water from the flint river. more than 100 people gathered outside an ohio police department last night to honor an officer killed in the line of duty. loved ones say officer thomas cottrell loved protecting the community almost as much as he loved his family. people held candles and joined in prayers to honor the officer who was shot to death sunday night outside the danville police station. right now... taliin militants stormed a university in northwestern pakistan. it happened 3:30 p-m their time. the official death toll is at 20. at least 50 more have been injured in the attack. a pakistani military source told abc news four shooters have been killed. students, university staff are among the dead. gunmen stormed the bacha khan university through a rear entrance, and began breaking down doors to shoot at students. the attack is now over and troops have cleared the campus.
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their search for the 12 marines who went missing off the coast of hawaii. the marines were on board when two helicopters collided mid-air last thursday. the coast guard searched more than 40 thousand miles of the ocean, but so far there's been no sign of them. the marine corps will be in charge of the salvage operation, and the investigation into what caused the crash. in today's red, white and blue 20-16 political coverage... could sarah palin be donald trump's running mate? he picked up the endorsement of the former alaska governor in iowa last night. ((nats-palin dog gone right, we're angry)) sarah palin, the former alaska governor and one-time republican vp nominee, says she chose trump because the others lack guts. ((sot-palin they didn't want to talk about these issues until he brought them up. they've been wearing this political correctness kinda like a suicide vest)) this midday... trump's team is praising palin
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quality person whom i have great respect for" in a statement. "we're going to give' em hell," he said after her speech. palin will also be joining trump at two events wednesday, including a rally in tulsa, oklahoma. still ahead on action news at midday... a cloudy start to the day... will we need the umbrellas all day? greg bennett has our forecast coming up- as we take a live look outside... plus... amazing video of a carjacking caught on camera! find out what one mom does when someone tries
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do you think when you are president you'll be paid as much as if you were a man-male...? this is one of the jobs where they have to pay you the same. but there are so many examples where that doesn't happen. i'm going to do everything i can to make sure every woman in every job gets paid the same... the men who are doing that job. i'm hillary clinton
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some would-be carjackers in florida got that lesson when they tried to steal a car with two kids in the back seat. and it was caught on camera. surveillance video shows the two men sprint across the gas station parking lot and try to carjack one woman on the other side of the gas pump. she locked herself inside. the men then try to carjack a second woman. one gets in the passenger seat, the other in the driver seat, but the victim fights back and
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carjacker. ((carl zogby/ hialeah police dept.) "she was a mom and what that bad guy didn't know in the backseat of that car, were two kids and she wasn't going to let them be taken. and booked on charges of attempted carjacking and fleeing police. this just in... "sopranos" actress jamie lynn sigler revealed she's been battling multiple sclerosis for nearly 15 years. she shared her story with "people" magazine. the 34 year old said she got her diagnosis with m-s, when she was 20 years old. m-s damages the central nervous system and has no cure. she said she can't walk for very long without resting, can't run, struggles with stairs and has to think about every step. sigler said a drug has kept her symptoms stable for the past six years and it's manageable. ahead today... the medical marijuana business is booming here in the valley,
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expanding! this morning, las vegas city leaders will decide if they're going to add more medical marijuana dispensaries in las vegas. at the city council meeting, they'll be voting to approve licences for 10 different businesses. remember the guy who was fired from his job at a car wash for smoking marijuana? he says he has a medical card... but was still denied unemployment benefits. well, we spoke to the unemployment office, and they say you can only collect unemployment if you are fired for something outside of your control -- like company cutbacks. kyler says he's now appealing their decision because he says he needs medical marijuana and therefore, failing the drug test was out of his control. the county is adding a third e-m-s provider. starting april first henderson based "community ambulance" will begin responding to emergency calls too. the new agreement will last for 10 years...and according to that agreement it shouldn't take more than 12 miutes to respond to most emergency calls. if an ambulance is late the ambulance company that was supposed to respond will be
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front after front continue to develop within the pacific northwest and track east/southeast. partly cloudy to mostly cloudy skies will be common for southern nevada as a whole with small chance for rain and snow to the mountains and potentially red rock today. temperatures do fall slightly as compared to yesterday's high temperatures; we will hover in the
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tomorrow, temperatures rebound back to the low and potentially mid 60s. there is a discrepancy in our models for tomorrow afternoon in regards to another front passing overhead. most information points to energy build to the north of clark county; allowing for rain and snow, a couple models however, are pushing in a small rain chance through las vegas. there is not a lot of support to go with these two
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monitoring the front none-the-less. as it stands now, i have only a third front passing, winds pick up saturday but dwindle with a slight shift south, instead of keeping north, of yesterday's low pressure an amazing tale of survival! a man wrote off as dead comes back to life.. hear how it happened! plus... the dreaded zika virus has shown up in the u-s. we'll tell you where... and who should be most
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back now with that medical miracle - a pennsylvania man found seemingly frozen to death in a snow bank -- no heart beat, no pulse. but one doctor refused to give up -- and abc's tj holmes has this incredible story this morning 26-yr-old justin smith is grateful to be alive ? after nearly freezing to
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emotional dad "i started shaking him, saying you can't leave me, you can't leave me" last february, don smith found his son in a snow bank ?unconscious ? overnight? with temperatures dipping 4 degrees below zero ? sot don smith he was blue. his face he was lifeless. i checked for a pulse. i checked for a heartbeat. there was nothing." sot dr. gerald coleman "the coroner was on scene. the state police were on scene. they were doing essentially a death investigation" gfx - police scanner: "all signs lead to us to believe he's been dead for a considerable amount of time" but doctor gerald coleman didn't give up ? refusing to pronounce him dead ?he and his team at lehigh valley hospital performed cpr for 2 hours? as they slowly said no not today " and then? over the next few days, doctors say, his brain miraculously went from showing no activity to normal activity sot justin's mom sissy smith "we knew we needed a big, big miracle," gfx - using a special machine that pumps,warms, and provides more oxygen to his blood ? his and i can't thank everyone enough smith lost all his toes and both pinky fingers but has since made a near complete
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like i woke up from a dream but it wasn't a dream you know the zika virus has made its way to the u-s. the florida department of health has confirmed two cases of the mosquito-borne zika virus in miami-dade county. zika virus is spread to people through mosquito bites, and it has been linked to birth defects. the most common symptoms are fever, rash, and joint pain. the cases are related to people who traveled to affected south american countries in december. another dramatic night on the strip... but what will it mean in the box office? we'll explain after a break. also.. can we expect more mega movies to be made here? the answer when we come back. you're watching channel 13 action news, where you ask, and we investigate. stay with us another very active night on
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u$n3(zsi*p= on average, it takes three hundred americans working for a solid year, to make as much money as one top ceo. it's called the wage gap. and the republicans will make it worse by lowering taxes for
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their own rules.the strip was shut down overnight for a big movie
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we were there in the middle of all the action. it was all for the next bourne movie...and star matt damon is in town for all of it. not done yet...they'll be out on the strip for the next few days shooting more scenes for the movie. that movie is supposed to be out in july. along with the new bourne movie.. nevada film officials say more major productions are coming. clark county expects to issue nearly 6- hundred film permits this year. that's up by one hundred fifty from last year! but last year most of those permits were for very small productions. yesterday officials were excited to unveil the largest production facility in las vegas.. "vegas production studios" will be used to bring more major motion pictures to the valley. "we want to get them to film here and we want them to know that it's not about just filming hangover movies and casinos, it's about anything you need." (from 6pm pkg) officials are excited about the
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economy. now to an action news exclusive... with the man who flipped off a police officer. he has been cited for using an improper hand signal...and now he's speaking to action news saying he has no regrets about the whole situation. "it's an abuse of power i feel. he didn't pull me over because i did something wrong. he pulled me over because i flipped him off and he couldn't handle that." "i was mad i was angry that he almost caused an accident and i made sure that he saw it for kris luce tells action news he's still fired up over the incident that happened almost two months ago. this all happened when luce says two officers slammed on their brakes in front of him causing him to almost crash. luce says he would flip off another officer if he felt it was necessary. he stands by his opinion that he was just exercising his first amendment right. we talked to a metro sergeant who told us officers would not have pulled over luce without a valid reason. "per fourth amendment for
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just stop somebody because they angered us," luce and his attorney hope the judge will dismiss his case. still ahead on action news at midday... a doctor accused of heinous crimes involving his patients.. this one might sound familiar! plus... el chapo is finally behind bars- again. see just what is being done to keep him there! have you downloaded the all new channel 13 action news app yet? it's simple to use and features live streaming, video on demand with photos that are just a tap away. get the all new action news app free in the app store and in
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speed may not be available in your area. only from centurylink. call and switch today. pins locked up! plus... our neighbors to the west are getting pounded with some pretty heavy weather issues! and a new york doctor accused of assulting the very patients he was supposed to be helping. hello. i'm todd quinones.
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welcome to the second half of action news at midday. a prominent new york doctor and author was in court today amid allegations of sexually abusing patients. he's accused of drugging two women under his care and sexually assaulting them. the most recent alleged abuse reportedly happened last week. c-n-n's jay dow reports. his name is dr. david newman. that's him - in handcuffs - now facing criminal sex assault and abuse charges at the nypd's special victims unit, far from (reporter off cam) "doctor do you have anything you want to say?" we were in manhattan criminal court tuesday night- where the judge barred our cameras - to listen to a prosecutor state how dr. newman had quote "taken an oath to do no harm," before allegedly doing just that to two women under his care. the first alleged victim says a january 11th emergency room visit to mt. sinai - for pain in her shoulder, ended with dr. newman following up a nurse administered morphine injection with his own second shot of the drug. he then allegedly pleasured
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incapacitated woman. when she was alert enough to realize what happened - she collected the doctor's dna off her face and chest and gave it to police. the prosecutor also detailed a second victim - who says a few months ago dr. newman also groped her - during an examination for a cold. psychotherapist lisa brateman (psychotherapist lisa brateman) "one must gather that he felt humiliated, and he was transferring , if this was it was it is, transferring that humiliation to someone who was defenseless and helpless. if this is true, there is a very sadistic piece to this." mt. sinai says they've suspended dr. newman, adding quote, "we continue to cooperate fully with the appropriate authorities. he has not provided care to patients at mount sinai since the investigation began. we take the nature of these allegations very seriously and continue to conduct our own extensive internal inquiry."
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we had an even more high profile case here... you may remember "dr rick" from last year... he was an unlicensed practitioner who performed illegal procedures, including surgeries... all done in a backyard trailer. we have more images on our website... just go to k-t-n-v dot com... and an update this midday... the search has been called off for a missing ski instructor in california. carson may was last seen skiing in whiteout conditions at the sugar bowl resort on thursday. officials say hundreds of rescuers fought treacherous snowstorms to search for the missing 23-year-old. they used rescue dogs and three helicopter crews. officials were unable to locate may, but haven't lost all hope... our neighbors to the west getting hit with some heavy weather... and resulting rock slides... a rockslide forced the closure of a road in madera county, california yesterday. it happened on highway 41 south of yosemite lakes park.
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the rockslide, which closed the highway for a ten mile stretch in both directions. no cars were hit by the rocks. but the road blockage did cause a minor accident. (anchors ad lib toss greg) with a slight shift south, instead of keeping north, of yesterday's low pressure system, wide spread showers entered the valley and continued through the evening. today, that low has moved on and now we are under a small area of high pressure. chances for rain are now lacking in all sat models and partly cloudy to mostly sunny skies are looking to move through southern nevada today. high temperatures were looking to be closer to the mid 60
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change to yesterday's pattern, temperatures will hold closer to a range between 57 and 61 degrees. low 60s look to extend into the weekend and drop slightly into the upper 50s into sunday and monday afternoons. another front and low is expected to pass sunday and monday afternoons. another front and low is expected to pass over head by saturday; allowing for heavy clouds and a small shot for wide spread showers. breezy conditions are expected and look to extend into sunday. with upper 50s for sunday afternoon, wind chill factors cloudy to mostly sunny skies look confident sunday through tuesday of next week. the weather elements in pennsylvania played a huge factor in fighting a four alarm fire there! (nat pop) "fire on the roof, 4th floor rear, 20 percent of fire in basement is out,
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investigators in philadelphia say the fire started in the basement of a building... you can see the massive flames! the magnitude of the inferno forced parts of the building to collapse, sending two fire fighters to the hospital... but the biggest challenge for emergency crews on the ground--- the elements... because of the sub freezing temperatures, they had water on the ground turning to ice... and two elderly women were killed in a house fire on cleveland's east side overnight. members of the family say that two sisters-ages 85 and 90-died. family members said one of the women lived upstairs and one lived downstairs. a man from the upstairs apartment was treated and released. the cause of the fire is under investigation. an update now on mexican druglord "el chapo"... he is living under constant watch in a maximum security prison. prison guards have helmet cameras along with 4-hundred fixed cameras monitoring every move. guard dogs are being trained to detect his scent...motion sensors track underground
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been reinforced with three quarter inch steel. guards are constantly transferring him between 30-different high-security cells. el chapo broke out of the same prison last year, and was re-captured just two weeks ago. his accomplices dug a tunnel into his previous cell that opened up in a corner not seen on camera. it's been six days since a two-year-old boy went missing in the tennessee woods. and rumors are swirling on the social media about what may have happened to little noah chamberlin. truck drivers at venture express off law road in jackson, tennessee.... are banding together to support their co- worker and friend jacob chamberlin. crews are searching for his son... who disappeared into the woods last thursday. colleagues are disgusted at allegations surfacing on social media that the family may have something to do with the boy's disappearance. some say the story told to deputies just doesn't add up. (gary rinks, friend of boy's father): "it truly upsets me very much so because i know the young man as he is like i say a
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family." the people who work here say they're a family. they're raising money and sending up prayers of hope. students and staff at columbia university in new york city came together to remember three students killed last week in central america. abigail flanagan, daniella moffson and olivia erhardt were on a volunteer mission trip to honduras with the school's medical brigade program. they were headed to the airport to come home when bus they were on veered off a steep cliff, killing the students and injuring many others. at columbia, flags flew at half staff. hundreds came out for a candlelight vigil to honor the students and their families: ((lee bollinger/president, columbia university) "this is a terrible loss, especially for the parents, siblings, children, and husband of these three very special people. they were our students, our colleagues, our friends.)) the medical brigade program is a part of columbia's chapter of
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which provides medical support to poor people across the glove. the divide between the armed protesters and the community in oregon boils over... in a very intense meeting. speaker after speaker, voiced their frustrations with the wildlife refuge take over. one of the residents even told ammon bundy to "go to hell." more than 3-hundred people were in the audience, and emotions were definitely running high... "quit trying to label me." "i am sick of this. do you realize how selfish you are? every single one-" ammon bundy didn't get a chance to respond last night, but he will be talking this morning. the protesters held a press conference starting at 11 today. meantime local elected officials and protesters are calling on the d-o-j to prosecute cliven bundy.. his two sons and their followers. they held a rally yesterday here in vegas. bundy protesters also turned
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oregon and washington demanding the group's arrest. in today's contact 13 consumer alert... the nation's largest health insurer expects to lose nearly a billion dollars over two years... and it's blaming obamacare. united health care says it lost close to half-a-billion last year, and expects to lose even more in 20-16. the company is blaming higher than expected claims from enrollees in obamacare exchange programs. it says many people who need expensive medical services are signing up during the so-called special enrollment period. do you have ikea fever.. waiting for the new massive store that's coming to the valley? why not work there! the company says they need to hire 300 people for the new las vegas location. the store opens this summer along the 2- 15 beltway, at south durango. if you're interested you can apply online. we have the link for you on our website. back here in the valley...r-t-c is making it easier to get around downtown las vegas on a
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the rtc has approved the city's first bike sharing system. there will be 18-stations with 1- hundred and 80 bikes spread out across the downtown area. the program is expected to begin this summer. stay tuned for today's now trending report... actor jamie foxx plays adifferent kind of role... and this midday- every one's talking about it! plus... if you like cheese... we have some gouda news for you. keep it here! and here's a live look at the new york stock exchange... ((ad-lib)) ((ad-lib)) the smith center... a jewel of the city...
11:34 am v host, vanilla ice is live in studio plus the smooth sounds of uli that's all today at 2 on valley view live.
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reid... from the board of directors. the smith center for the performing arts, known as the heart of the arts in southern nevada, along with the rogers foundation, created to trvses through arts and education, is pleased to announce the first ever the beginning with the 2015-2016 school year, the awards aim to assist the clark county school district (ccsd) with honoring, recruiting, and retaining great educators. inspired by a program created by george stevens (producer of the kennedy center honors and
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at the kennedy center, which has been credited with helping teacher recruitment and retention in the dc area, the heart of education awards aspires to do the same for education champions in clark county. nomnations: this is a community-wide celebration for educators, and everyone who believes in the value of a great public education should participate. the heart of education awards is not funded by ccsd and we encourage your participation. we need individual and company sponsors, judges, and supporters. find ot more about the vaious sponsorship opledge
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donald trump will bring his presidential campaign to the south point tomorrow.
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you need to register to attend. we've set-up a link to do that on our website..
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and click on this story. on the other side of the bernie sanders is expanding his lead over hillary clinton in new hampshire. the most recent c-n-n/w-m-u-r poll shows sanders with a 27 point lead. he has 60-percent of voters support where clinton only has 33-percent. over the past two months...voter support for sanders has grown by 10 points. in the same poll over half of voters said sanders would be able to handle the economy. 91-percent of voters have a favorable view of sanders...seeing him with the qualities to become president. with a slight shift south, instead of keeping north, of yesterday's low pressure system, wide spread showers entered the valley and continued through the evening. today, that low has moved on and now we are under a small area of high pressure.
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lacking in all sat models and partly cloudy to mostly sunny skies are looking to move through southern nevada today. high temperatures were looking to be closer to the mid 60 today but with the slight change to yesterday's pattern, temperatures will hold closer to a range between 57 and 61 degrees. low 60s look to extend into the weekend
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upper 50s into sunday and monday afternoons. another front and low is expected to pass over head by saturday; allowing for heavy clouds and a small shot for wide spread showers. breezy conditions are expected and look to extend into sunday. with upper 50s for sunday afternoon, wind chill factors put the feels like temperatures closer to the upper 40s. chances for showers end now let's take a look at today's top stories now
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he's already an academy award- winning actor and singer.. and now jamie fox can add "hero" to that list... because he saved a man's life, after they crashed right in front of his home. take a look at the aftermath... officers say the man was drunk and speeding, when he went off the road and flipped several times. but foxx was able to get the man out, just before his truck burst into flames. (jamie foxx) "as i'm getting him out, i said, "you've got to help me get you out, because i don't want to have to leave you." and i said, "you've got angels around you." the man made it out with just head, chest and neck injuries. foxx says another driver who happened to be an e-m-t, also stopped to help... and he insists he's no hero. this is a live look at planet hollywood where singer jennifer lopez will be making her grand entrance tonight... to kick off her new las vegas residency "all i have." lopez will be walking the red carpet around 7 tonight, and it's supposed to be a star-studded event. her residency runs now through february 9th... and then picks up again in
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onto another topic entirely... today is national cheese lover's day! did you know... there are more than two thousand varieties of cheeses? according to the u-s-d-a, americans eat more than 31 pounds of it each year. for more stories trending right now... go to thoughts. just sound off on any trending news by joining us on twitter. our handle is @ktnv use #nowtrending. oscar-nominated filmmaker spike lee is back with us with an exclusive first look at his new documentary, "michael jackson's ujor fneom motown to off the hris connll has the details. even before thriller?those sensational dance skills? nats ?those special songs?and that spectacular voice? nats him singing ?had already made michael jackson pop's premiere entertainer? now director spike
11:44 am
michael's early his documentary michael jackson's journey from motown to off the wall this 1981 performance from the jacksons triumph tour?.one example of the never-before-seen stuff that spike's found? nats performance- michael's impossibly soaring original demo of "don't stop til you get enough"... recorded at the jacksons' family compound in encino? nats don't stop til you get enough demo- the doc?bringing viewers back three and half decades ? with michael first spreading his solo wings ? ready for superstardom as a man?. sot jackson 20/20 1980 what i do i don't want it labeled black or white. i want it labeled as music. this music (show off the wall)? rocking, soulful & sophisticated ?dance-floor dynamite that sold 30 million copies worldwide?and influenced so many of today's biggest names ? from john legend ? to questlove ?. sot quest love wooooo! (does mj iconic yell) cut in mj doing wooo! from don't stop 2 quest
11:45 am
heard that iconic yell. that's his free at last, free at last! artists..sharing how vocal inspiration and off the wall was definitely the one don't stop til you get enough. connelly ? abc news los angeles. maybe you're a fan of judge judy here on channel 13? but... wait until you hear the latest survey about our favorite
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through the evening. today, that low has moved on and now we are under a small skies are looking to move through southern nevada today. weekend and drop slightly into saturday; allowing for heavy with upper 50s for sunday saturday night and partly this poll about judge judy might shock you... nearly 10-percent of college graduated believe that judge
11:47 am
suprmee court. the pll is from the ameria council of trusteer and alumni conluded tat olclege graduateas re "alarmingly ignorant of america's herstitage" chat about story here's tonight's primetime lineup on channel 13... it starts at 8 with the middle... then at 8:30, the goldbergs... modern family at 9, followed by blackish at 9-30 and american crime at ten. and, as always, we hope you'll stay with us for action news at 11. that's it for us here... the chew is up next... and be sure to watch action news live at 3 p-m with rikki cheese... until then..
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