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tv   Action News 3PM  ABC  January 20, 2016 3:00pm-3:30pm PST

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i'm rikki cheese. holloway was in court today, and the judge did not hold back... slapping her with dozens of charges. action news reporter parker collins has reaction from holloway's attorneys. < lakeisha holloway's entire hearing took less than five minutes... but we got a lot more information... take vo in total... she's facing 71 charges now. there were basically two charges for each of the surviving 34 victims... including attempted murder. they've also tacked on another child abuse and neglect charge because of the 11-year-old she's accused of hitting. last month's crash killed 32-year-old jessica valenzuela. prosecutors told me three people are still in the hospital. they even said one man went back to mexico on a ventilator. now holloways attorneys have time to go over the evidence... they say holloway is feeling better. take sot joseph abood, defense 2:09:28-2:09:35 "she's doing somewhat better. she's still in a difficult about two weeks. in the newsroom parker collins channel thirteen action news. > right now, a man who police
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on the run! police confronted a man and woman parked at a gas station for a parking violation. but they both took off... the woman went one way in the car... the man ran in the opposite direction. lt. david gordon, lvmpd img0433 00:00:11-00:00:19 "something can go instantly from a routine traffic stop or citizen contact to a very violent encounter." eventually, officers caught up with the woman. inside the car, they found guns and drugs. the search has been called off... but police are looking for man. officers think they know who he is. run, hide, fight. thats what law enforcement officials taught some local small businesses owners today... in case they ever found themselves in an active shooter situation. action news reporter marissa kynaston was at that training and tells us why the city wanted to focus on small businesses. < officials with the chamber of commerce say-- small businesses make up a large portion of the businesses here in the city-- so thats why it was important to them to hold the training. take vo they say small businesses are usually more accessible-- making them more
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this training comes just over a month-- after an active shooter in san bernardino-- walked into a holiday party with only about 80 employees-- killing 14-- and injuring 22. officials say they hope the training can better prepare the businesses inside the city. take sot kara clarke assistant vp of communications las vegas metro chamber the more we educate our business community so they're prepared, and they can prepare themselves and their employees, the better it is for all of us marissa tag ch13an. > stocks took another beating on wall street... after oil prices plunged! the dow fell 249-points, closing at 15,767.
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this worst start in history has in store for the rest of the year. stock prices have been tumbling since new year's day... with wholesale oil prices dropping to the lowest levels is that energy companies will start to default on their debt. it could be similar to our financial crisis in the great recession." another reason for the nosedive.. is uncertainty in markets overseas, like china. if you have money in stocks, experts say... just ride it out. this just in -- a new report says taxis in town have been overcharging you, and so much so..that they took in 47-million dollars last year. the findings comes after state auditors looked into the nevada taxicab authority. auditors found cabs were charging 3-dollars for you to use your credit card...when it shouldn't be more than 90-cents. and rates were increased, even
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also just in -- the city council is tacking on more fees for ride-sharing companies. councilmemebers today approved a new bill that requires a 50-dollar semi- annual fee per active driver...for companies like uber and lfyt. we've dried out from yesterday's showers, but you can put away those umbrellas. another storm is moving in, that could bring some more rain this weekend. let's go to chief meteorologist bryan scofield and 'weather first.' another storm system is pushing onto the west coast right now bringing rain and wind to northern california and oregon. it'll basically work to throw high clouds over las vegas for thursday and friday, keeping temperatures mild but not bringing the chance for any rain just yet.
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will hang in the upper 50s to about 60 for the las vegas valley for thursday and friday. outrage growing in michigan... as there's no sign of the a solution to the water crisis in flint. the governor today is promising to release new emails to shed new light on the state's response, but some people are still calling for him to resign. ((nat)) protestors there are now 3-class action lawsuits.. arguing state and city officials should have acted sooner.. according to recently released
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nearly 5 months to warn the public of the toxic levels of lead when they changed the city's water source...all in an effort to save money. jimmy taylor, flint resident: "it should have never got to this point. we're surrounded by the great lakes, the world's greatest fresh water supply." the govenor is also pledging more aid to the city's people. terror at a university in north- western pakistan. at least 20 people were killed, and at least 50-others hurt... when four militants threw grenades and opened fire. all attackers were reportedly killed. the dead includes 18-students and 2-professors. one pakistani taliban affiliate claimed responsibility for the attack. a live look at detroit and air force one, where president obama is set to leave at any moment. he was in the city for an auto show and to meet with the city's mayor. a man found with no heart beat or pulse in a freezing temperatures below
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but he survives. up next, the incredible story on how doctors back him back to life. plus, it's being called the biggest phone scam in history, and now the i-r-s wants you to be on high alert. we'll let you listen to the call that's scamming millions of americans out of thousands of dollars.
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take a look at this- i was walking home. just picked us up two breakfast croissants for four bucks, when this bear attacked. with one swipe, it devoured one of the croissants. then jack showed up and took care of the beast, so i could escape. and that's what happened to your breakfast croissant. and yours? it survived. share it with yourself. freshlycracked egg with ham and bacon,or sausage,
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goes up in flames, and a miami valet is to blame. people posted this video on social media...saying the valet was revving the engine when the flames just started shooting out the back! we showed you yesterday the pictures from that fiery crash...from where actor jamie foxx helped save a driver from a burning pick-up. now, the oscar-winning actor is speaking out about that dramatic rescue. foxx: when i get here the truck
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flames, i had to do something (butted with) foxx: i pull him out and 5 seconds later the truck goes up. (butted with) (s0t) foxx-- i said you got angels around you, you have angels around you the crash happened outside his home monday night. fox and another man helped free the man.. who is alive and recovering in the hospital. foxx met with the driver's father overnight, who says he's so grateful foxx was there at the right time. there at the right time. a man was found nearly frozen to death in a snow bank, but thanks to one doctor who wouldn't give up...that man is alive today. 26-year-old justin smith was found unconscious with no heart beat or pulse, last february by his own father. he had been there overnight in temperatures 4-degrees below zero! sot / don smith / emotional dad "i started shaking him, saying you can't leave me, you can't leave me" doctors at a pennsylvania hospital performed c-p-r on him for 2- hours...and started
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2-days later, smith's body started responding. sot justin smith it's like i woke up from a dream but it wasn't a dream you know smith lost all his toes and both pinky fingers... but he's made a near complete recovery! you soon won't have to fight to hail a cab downtown. up next, we'll tell you about a new system coming that'll make it easier for you to get around town.
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shot on the las vegas strip for the next bourne movie. part of the strip near the aria was shut down for the big car chase scene. production crews say they'll be out on the strip for the next few days shooting more scenes for the movie. that movie is supposed to be out in july. along with the new bourne
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officials say more hollywood blockbusters are on the way. this is video from the big unveiling yesterday, of "vegas production studios".. which will produce major motion pictures. clark county expects to issue nearly 600 film permits this year.. and officials are excited about the impact on our economy! getting around town is about to get easier - and greenier. the regional transportation commission has just approved the city's first bike sharing system. 180 bikes will be stationed all over downtown las vegas. over downtown las vegas. you can pick one up....ride around....and then drop it off at a station that's close to where you want to go. the details haven't been finalized yet, but it is expected to cost around 80 bucks a year. that will give you unlimited rides - for up to 30 minutes. david swallow senior director of engineering and tech. 8:17:45 12 ((what people are looking for are choices and especially when you're in an free movement between those attractions and that's what a bike share systerm des.))
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10 stations all over downtown by the end of august. but hopefully, the program will expand all over town. adlib let's go to chief meteorologist bryan scofield and 'weather first.' another storm system is pushing onto the west coast right now bringing rain and wind to northern california and oregon. it'll basically work to throw high clouds over las vegas for thursday and friday, keeping temperatures mild but not bringing the chance for any rain just yet. temperatures will hang in the upper 50s to about 60 for the las vegas valley for thursday and friday. saturday another system will push into the area which will have a little more moisture and energy associated with it. that means there's a slight chance for rain showers with this weekend's storm especially saturday night as the tail end of the cold front drags through the area. ahead of the front winds will
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to out of the southwest to 35mph or so with northwest winds gusting to 30mph as the front passes saturday night into sunday morning. sunday dry air will filter in behind the departing system allowing for clearer skies and cooler temperatures, with highs peaking in the mid and upper 50s sunday and monday. an update now on two fires we brought you yesterday as they were breaking. the first is that apartment fire in philadelphia. two firefighters were hurt in the firefight, and an evacuation center is now in
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were forced out of their homes. fire officials say the blaze started on the lower floor and spread from there. but crews are still looking into what exactly caused the flames to break out. it got up to a 4-alarm fire, and took two-hours to put out. and the firefight is also over for that building that went up in flames in new jersey. but mother nature posed a challenge to crews...with wind and black ice. the fire actually spread to nearby buildings. a dozen families were displaced, but thankfully no one was hurt. the cause remains under investigation. time now for a contact 13 consumer alert-- tax season has begun, and the internal revenue service has a big warning for you! it's being called the biggest phone scam in history. here's a listen to that scam-- sot/real call: "before there is an arrest warrant issued? i want you or your attorney to give us a call back" (butted with) sot/real call: "within the next hour they will be at your doorstep to handcuff you and put you behind bars." as you heard there, someone claiming to be from the i-r-s demands you pay back-taxes you may not even owe -- or risk
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but the i-r-s says they will threaten you, and they'll always send you a letter first. if you receive a call, hang up and report it. so far, almost 1-million of these calls have been sent out. and 5-thousand people have lost more than 26-million dollars. michael jackson's music still gets people up and dancing all around the world. now, an oscar-winning director is working on a new documentary about the pop singer. still ahead, how it's bringing back fans decades...unlike other documentaries. we'll give you a first look... when action news live at 3 returns. stay with us welcome back -- it's almost
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michael jackson has been but oscar-nominated filmmaker spike lee is reviving pop singer's early 20's... he's giving abc an exclusive first look at his new documentary...called "michael jackson's journey from motown to off the wall." it's a story you'll see first on action news.
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that first look. < even before thriller?those sensational dance skills? nats ?those special songs?and that spectacular voice? nats him singing ?had already made michael jackson pop's premiere entertainer? now director spike lee is shining a spotlight on michael's early his documentary michael jackson's journey from motown to off the wall this 1981 performance from the jacksons triumph tour?.one example of the never-before-seen stuff that spike's found? nats performance- michael's impossibly soaring original demo of "don't stop til you get enough"... recorded at the jacksons' family compound in encino? nats don't stop til you get enough demo- the doc?bringing viewers back three and half decades ? with michael first spreading his solo wings ? ready for superstardom as a man?.
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do i don't want it labeled black or white. i want it labeled as music. this music (show off the wall)? rocking, soulful & sophisticated ?dance-floor dynamite that sold 30 million copies worldwide?and influenced so many of today's biggest names ? from john legend ? to questlove ?. sot quest love wooooo! (does mj iconic yell) cut in mj doing wooo! from don't stop 2 quest love that was the first time we heard that iconic yell. that's his free at last, free at last! artists..sharing how vocal inspiration and off the wall was definitely the one that made me feel like i could sing. i found my falsetto because of off the wall. don't stop til you get enough. michael's timeless music..still brimming with the youthful excitement of its time? for good morning america, chris connelly ? abc news los angeles. > a lot more news coming up on action news live at 3-30... including nearly 90-schools shut down today in
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because of the weather or an illness. but all because of teacher absences! we'll explain why they all took a "sick-out." the medical marijuana business is booming in las vegas, but one man is upset his marijuana use cost him his job. the latest in this case next. right now on action news live at 3:30..
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the frontrunner for the democratic presidential nomination is rolling out some big guns. find out who's coming to las vegas to help hillary clinton. plus a tenured professor is under fbi investigation for potential ties to isis. what he's saying, and why he's under the microscope. but first action news live at 3-30 begins with new information on that horrific child abuse case in mesa, arizona. police say that 3-year-old girl was stashed in a closet, duct-taped and covered in her own feces. police say a man called police to tell them about the little girl... when the girl's babysitter answered the door, offering himself and the girl for sex. now the girl's grandmother is speaking out. :00 - :10 "she was...her to stay here." the child's mother and her babysitter are behind bars.
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