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tv   Action News 11pm  ABC  January 20, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm PST

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are boarded up in hopes of keeping the squatters out of this store. but you can see why the county still has more work to do here as well as all over the valley. "holy expletive" just days after our cameras caught a person apparently shooting up nats of saw... clark county had a crew on site boarding up the entrance to keep the squatters out. "i knew it was a matter of time." "i hope they find shelter, but now i feel safe, now i hope my patrons feel safe." clark eye on the problem in the complex for two years. "we could not get ahold of an owner. i had opened my own code complaints." giunchigliani says it's not just a problem at this complex.. but all over the valley including many vacant homes. the commissioner says the county needs to be more aggressive. "we have to look at our timelines for letting people get away with this garbage, because that what it is. it trashes it for everybody." at the same time... she says in many cases the
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state level. "you do by state law have different times and notices that have to go." for now crews are doing their best to prevent the problem from repeating itself. "we are trying to make it as hard as possible, because we know the minute we leave they are coming back." neighboring businesses are hoping it will get the property owners attention. "now they have waiting to board up this section of the wall here. the building as you can see has been tagged as uninhabitable. while the county made the repairs... they say the property owner will ultimately be responsible for the cost. reporting live, bryan callahan, channel 13 action news. a live look.... at the las vegas strip... right now...... where crews are shutting down the boulevard.... for the filming of the new between tropicana and flamingo until 5 a-m.... while the chase scene is being shot. elsewhere on the las vegas strip... it was a star studded evening.... at "the planet hollywood resort and casino".... where superstar.... jennifer lopez kicked off her brand new show.... "all of me"....
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action news anchor.... jacqui heinrich was on the red carpet... she joins us now live.... with the scoop... jacqui? jlo was a no show at the red carpet tonight-- clearly she had some bigger things to be dealing with prepping for the debut of her show -- but we did get the inside info from the man behind the music, her producer...and of course, her on-again, off-again flame. take a look. it was the red carpet crowd youd expect at a jennifer lopez show grand opening....a-list celebrities lighting up the strip.... before the spotlight turns on the queen of pop. we couldn't get backstage for a meet and greet, but hoda did...and she spilled the beans. "she is so timeless, i feel like she hasnt aged ever, whatever she is drinking i want some of that. how's she looking? please. like whats in the water? ive asked her and she told me some kind of cream and ive tried it and it doesnt work. its jlo being jlo." and its that magic ingredient thats made all her hits the kind of
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you know all the words to....we talked to her songwriter and producer who told us....its the jlo touch that makes his work shine "when i hear waiting for tonight i know the story behind the song that people you know, i remember playing for her the demo version and she hated it, she was like get this cheesy thing outta here." of course, las vegas staple holly madison came out to show her support "im really excited, ive heard this show is the best show in vegas so im really excited to see it" but it was her on-again off-again flame, former backup dancer casper smart...who gave us the inside scoop on whats happening behind the curtain. "how is she doing? is she nervous, is she excited? shes excited shes definitely excited, its been months of rehearsal, planning and pre production before that so shes ready" we've seen lots of happy faces coming out of that theater so from what i can
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hit...but one things for sure its certainly drawn a crowd on opening night. reporting live jacqui heinrich channel 13 action news new tonight... the annual adult entertainment expo has hit the las vegas strip.... tonight! even though las vegas host "a-v-n".. every year... the san fernando in california is known... as the porn capital of the world... but... action news reporter.... gina lazara tells us... that could be changing to las vegas... because of california's new condom law. intro: "i am in a room right now with some of the biggest porn stars in the world. so the big questions remains - is the porn capital shifting from los angeles to las vegas?" more than 150 exhibitors fill up the room inside the hard rock hotel and casino... showing off the latest sex toys -- actresses -- and anything related to porn. the expo raises questions about the porn industry as a whole -- how is the "condom law" affecting the biz? "it's not being enforced just yet because the manpower that it would take
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a senior editor for a- v-n. she says the condom law has definitely created inconveninces.....but she's not too worried. "it is having an effect. everyone is keeping their eye on what's gonna happen. it's going to court. so we're gonna see if it gets appealed and overturned. but for now it's business as normal for right now." some porn companies are playing it safe -- and driving outside of l-a county to shoot their films. for instance --- las vegas. but that means more time....and money. "we have to pay for transportation or for flights or for stay at a different hotel." so will las vegas be the new porn capital of the world? "i don't see that happening...ha ha ha no." and why not? well - there's a few reasons. "all the porn stars live in la. people think they live in vegas. but actually all of them live in la. so for us it's better because we have more options that we can choose from." "the industry has just been centered in southern california for so long. they might shoot more out here.
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would relocate." tag: "organizers of the expo say that las vegas is still such a big part of the porn industry, they'll continue to come back here year and year. reporting at the hard rock hotel and casino. gina lazara channel 13 action news." new information tonight on the woman accused of intentionally plowing her car into a crowd of people last month on the las vegas strip. lakeisha holloway was in court this morning for a hearing that took less than five minutes. holloway now faces a total of 71 charges. they include attempted murder for each of the surviving 34 victims.. along with murder charges in the death of 32-year old jessica valenzuela.. plus child abuse and neglect. 3 of the injured are still in the hospital.. and one man is still on a ventilator to help him breathe. holloway's attorneys talked today about her mental state. joseph abood, defense 2:09:28-2:09:35 "she's doing somewhat better. she's still in a difficult state of mind. i'm not sure there's much more we can add to that." holloway will be back in court in two weeks. another woman is facing murder
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her 11-year old son. investigators say shavon aguilar shot her son.. israel.. in the head. according to police.. she was laying next to the fifth grader and whispered "i love you" before pulling the trigger. action news contacted the d-a's office to find out why there was a delay in the indictment.. but we were told the case cound't be discussed because the victim was a child. the uproar over the lack of diversity at "the oscars" is picking up steam... members of the academy are now speaking out.... defending those now controversial... oscar votes. actress penelope miller saying... "to imploy that this is because..... all of us are racists is extremely offensive." meanwhile... director spike lee and actress jada pinkett-smith are boycotting hollywood's big night... and now... pinkett-smith's husband... will smith is speaking out.... about the issue... in an exclusive interview.... with "good morning america's" robin roberts. there's a regressive slide towards separatism, towards racial and religious disharmony, and that's the
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behind. you can catch the full exclusive interview.... with will smith.... coming up tomorrow morning.... on "good morning america"... starting at -7- a- m... right here on channel 13. we're following the latest developments.... out of flint, michigan... where earlier tonight... michigan lawmakes approved emergency funding.... to deal with the on-going water crisis. the state house okayed.... -28- million dollars..... to help address lead contamination.... in the city's tap water. but... the flint mayor says... that's just a drop in the bucket... it'll take at least.... a-billion dollars to fix.... the infra- structure... and... deal with public health problems. a lot of valley homeowners are fired-up tonight over the new solar power guidelines set down by the public utilities commission. one woman reached out to action news after she says she closed on her home.. and signed a 20-year lease for the solar panels on the house.
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the puc approved a new policy to reduce the rate n-v energy pays solar homers for the power they put back on the grid. she says became outraged when she got a letter from the solar provider 'sunrun'.. saying they'd been fighting this for months. "if this has been going on for months, you know, they could have provided documentation as to what was going on then let me make the decision instead of signing a 20-year lease." (from 6pm pkg) rachael mckinnon angry homeowner we spoke with sunrun.. and they promise customers who signed a lease before january 1st will maintain their original energy rates. still to come... an encore performance for one restaurant.... here in our valley... :35 darcy: remember me? we're back. you guys are on dirty dining again. find out... what landed this restaurant.... on the health district's naughty list... for the second time.... and... had them.... just one demerit from being shut down. plus.. actor jamie foxx receives a heartfelt 'thank you' for saving a man's life. when i get here the truck is
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flames, i had to do something tonight.. for the first time.. we're hearing the frantic 911 call. bryan. nats - 911 call he was inside on fire. we pulled out?you need to send
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we're now hearing.... the 9-1- 1 call just moments after.... hollywood star... jamie foxx rescued a man.... from this violent fiery crash.... outside his home. i pull him out and 5 seconds later the truck goes up. (butted to) if he didn't help my son would have burnt up
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tonight... that man is still in the but alive. jamie foxx quote..... "god had his arms wrapped no heroes... just happy fathers." tonight... dirty dining has a repeat offender making its second in just -7- months. contact 13.... chief investigator... darcy spears explains.... say... the risk for foodborne illness.... at this place is out of control. :35 darcy: remember me? we're back. you guys are on dirty dining again. dong ting taste on flamingo and decatur was first featured on dirty dining last summer when they got the exact same grade as they have now. a 40-demerit c--which is just one demerit short of being shut down. :51 owner: i'm sorry. no english. darcy: your english is no good? can you find someone that we can talk to? on their january 5th health report, this note from inspectors about continued evidence of lack of active
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foodborne illness risk factors. there were potentially hazardous foods in the temperature danger zone including cooked potatoes and cut cabbage. both had to be thrown out. raw chicken was being prepped right next to raw pork, posing a serious cross-contamination risk. and paint was stored in a glass jar labeled pepperoncinis. the owner takes us to the kitchen to find someone to translate. 3:34 nats in chinese darcy: does either of you speak english? no english? english? do you speak english? nobody speaks english. okay. she ends up calling her son, and gives me the phone. 5:09 darcy on phone: tell us why this happened again for the second time in seven months. he blames the bad inspection on an overly picky new health inspector. 8:26 d : so you guys feel like he's trying to target the restaurant for shutdown as opposed to actually protecting
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like this is a public health threat. raw meat, cut vegetables and dirty sink water should not be sharing such close quarters. and cut eggplant should not be put back into the dirty cardboard box it came in. 10:06 darcy: there was raw meat on the kitchen floor, stuff was at improper temperatures, things weren't clean. so that's pretty basic public health stuff. here's the meat stored on the kitchen floor. and check out this picture, where a head of cabbage has rolled out of its plastic bag onto the dirty kitchen tile. 11:24 darcy: would you want to eat a head of cabbage that had been sitting on the kitchen floor? he says it would've been properly cleaned before being served. but speaking of cleaning, there wasn't much of that going on at dong ting taste. in the dirty column on the health report--the freezer floor--complete with dried blood--the microwave, make-table cover and floor under the wok line. there was also built-up debris on the wok line side panels and hood. darcy tag: dong ting taste still has a c grade. the owners expect re-inspection
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but they'll have to attend a supervisory conference at the health district before that can happen. darcy spears, channel 13 action news. this snowboarder is being blamed for triggering an avalanche in california.. after officials say he and his buddies were trespassing in a closed area. it follows two other deadly avalanches that have claimed 7 lives this winter. teams have now called off the search for a ski instructor following an avalanche last thursday near lake tahoe. these snowboards could face trespassing charges. another storm system is pushing onto the west coast right now bringing rain and wind to northern california and oregon. it'll basically work to throw high clouds over las vegas for thursday and friday, keeping temperatures mild but not bringing the chance for any rain just yet. temperatures
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about 60 for the las vegas valley for thursday and friday. saturday another system will push into the area which will have a little more moisture and energy associated with it. that means there's a slight chance for rain showers with this weekend's storm especially saturday night as the tail end of the cold front drags through 35mph or so with northwest winds gusting to 30mph as the front passes saturday night into sunday morning. sunday dry air will filter in behind the departing system allowing for clearer skies and cooler temperatures, with highs peaking in the mid and upper 50s sunday and monday. breaking news right now... metro has just released these
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who's on the run right now! police say the suspect entered a business near rainbow and charleston with a weapon and stole several items before taking offf if you recognize this man, call metro or crime stoppers at 702-385-5555. still ahead.. new information on a new bike sharing program coming to downtown las vegas.. including how much it will cost.
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clark county officials are doing away with one section of a road..... to make way for a school to expand... but... not everyone is happy about it. we'll explain why... next.
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in summerlin...after clark county officials voted today.... to give that land.... to faith lutheran middle and high schools. homestretch drive separates... faith lutheran's current campus and the land.... they just bought.... for expansion. earlier proposals considered moving the street itself... or building a bridge. but... county commissioners instead voted to get rid of the street.... altogether. neighbors are upset.... because the decision came without even a final drawing of the school's plans. dolly panagopoulos / lives nearby - i think it was the wrong decision and it was made that? i'm really disappointed because i feel like we have no control of what's happening to our land." the school did verbally agree to allow.... part of its new property to be used by pedestrians... cyclists... and more importantly... emergency vehicles. no word yet.... on a final price tag. we're learning more tonight about the city's first bike sharing system.. set to arrive in downtown las vegas this summer..
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the program will have 180 bikes stationed all over the downtown area. all you have to do is pick one up.. ride wherever you need to go.. then return the bike at the nearest station. "what people are looking for are choices and especially when you're in an area like downtown and you have so many attractions that are relatively close to one another, you want to enable free movement between those attractions and that's what a bike share system does," david swallow, the senior director of engineering and technology with rtc said. details aren't final.. but it's expected to cost about 80-dollars a year to take part in the program. that will give you unlimited community.. and save you the hassle of equipment. the rtc plans to have the first 10 stations in place by the end of august.. then hopefully expand from there. why clark county is demanding more money..... from ride-sharing companies like uber and lyft... in the wake of a new report on cabs overcharging customers!!! and small business owners are taking up arms to protect themselves against the threat
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situation... we'll tell you why clark county officials say the smaller the business, the bigger the target. with an increase in active
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some local small businesses are taking precautions!!! a training session was held today.... by "the chamber of commerce" and law enforcement coaching businesses.... in -3- tactics... run... hide... or fight. the training comes..... just over a month after a man walked into a san bernardino holiday party.... killing - 14- people. officials say... they wanted to hold the training in case.... something like san bernardino were to ever happen.... here in las vegas. 17:51:09:01 it's a very sad reality that we face that businesses are confronted with potential active shooter situations officials say... they wanted to focus on small businesses...... since they make up.... such a large portion of the downtown community. but also because.... they can be the most vulnerable.... to an attack. according to a new report from state auditors.. cab riders were overcharged last year by a whopping 47-million dollars. auditors say they discovered cabs were charging 3-dollars for riders to use a credit card.. when it shouldn't be more than
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rates were increased even as gas prices were coming down. that report comes as the las vegas city council makes a move to tack-on more fees for ride-sharing companies. councilmembers approved a new ordinance today to require a 50-dollar semi-annual fee for each active driver with companies like uber and lyft. that works out to 10-thousand dollars a year for each 100 drivers they employ. we'll be right back.... with a final look at your wake-up weather forecast. first.. here's jimmy kimmel with a preview of tonight's show.. right after action news. ((verbatim)) another storm system is pushing onto the west coast right now
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do you think when you are president you'll be paid as much as if you were a man-male...? this is one of the jobs where they have to pay you the same. but there are so many examples where that doesn't happen. i'm going to do everything i can to make sure every woman in every job gets paid the same... the men who are doing that job. i'm hillary clinton
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wind to northern california and oregon. it'll basically work to throw high clouds over las vegas for thursday and friday, keeping temperatures mild but not for this edition of action news live at 11.. but... stay with us for jimmy kimmel live coming up next.
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and now abc's "jimmy kimmel >> announcer: from hollywood it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight - casey affleck, from "grease - live" vanessa hudgens, and music from savages
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