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tv   Action News 11am  ABC  January 22, 2016 11:00am-12:00pm PST

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the storm is already causing chaos for commuters. crashes plagued washington, d.c to make the commute worse, the train system has been shut down all weekend. and people are flooding grocery stores, loading up on the essentials. but now, many supermarkets are running low on supplies. here's abc's lana zak now with the latest. < 70 million americans today in the path of extreme weather nats 6 states of emergency already declared nats the nation's capitol, bracing for power outages, roof collapses, and worse... 5725 this is a major storm with life and death implications. washington today, begining to lock- down. drivers asked to stay off the ro transportation system will be closed-- you need to be where you need to be by 3:00 this afternoon. up to 30 inches of snow predicted here--50 mile-an-hour winds....and store shelves reflect the concern. outside of washington, philadelphia's airport
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new york area, around 17-hundred snow plows are at the ready. (de blasio sot) we have 303 thousand tons of rock salt on hand." extreme conditions facing coastal communities-- sot: cecily tynan / wpvi for the delaware and jersey beaches this will be the greatest test since hurricane sandy. this nasa satellite image captured the monster snowstorm already sweeping through the east and south... cars sliding off the roads in arkansas-- nats a tornado in according to flight aware-more than 6,000 flights- have been cancelled for this weekend?we're talking 200-thousand passengers affected. so before you head to the airport, it's worth checking to see if you can get on a different flight. you don't want to get stuck there. lz abcn, w >
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home, we're preparing for our own storm. we have a chance for rain tomorrow. let's get all the details now, with meteorologist greg bennett. looks like we are on track for possible late saturday night and early sunday morning rain chances. cold front to the west continues to gather strength as another low builds in from the central pacific. this low will take over the cold front and add more moisture and upper level lift allowing the front to keep steaming along over the central california mountains and into southern nevada. now to a story you'll only see on action news-- a man and his daughter walk in
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a man and his daughter walk in on their home being torn apart. but it's what happened next that has him fuming. action news reporter parker collins is with us here in the studio to break it down. the incredible part is he called police four times... begging them for help. but more than two hours went by and found his back door busted to bits... glass everywhere. he says he heard sounds coming from upstairs... so he took his daughter and bolted. when he finally came back inside... the place was torn up... he's missing thousands of dollars in jewelry.... for more than a year he's lived in mountain's edge... he's not sure he can stay after what's happened. michael prescott, home burglarized 2:21:56-2:22:09 "the third time they then say 'we didn't know anybody's in the house.' for the third time i explain to them yes there's someone in the house.
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i'm here with my 4 year old daughter freezing on the street." i've called police to get some answers about why it took so long... i'm waiting to hear back. in the studio parker collins channel thirteen action news. an update now on a story we first brought you as it was breaking-- the pilot on that f-16 fighter jet that crashed in northwest arizona has been presumed death. the jet was from luke air force base near phoenix. base officials say the pilot was from the taiwanese air force, and was flying alone during training. investigators are still trying to figure out what went wrong. a downtown landmark art piece is missing. someone stole the front half of the large heart at container park... where people attach their own locks. here's what happened, caught on surveillance video. in the front right corner, you can see three men in a truck messing with something. from another angle, you see two of them carry away what looks like the heart. officials believe they hooked
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sculpture, and just tore it off. "it's just a shame. it came from the first year of life is beautiful. and its not just the locks. but they also wrote they hopes, their dreams, their loves." the downtown project says they just want to recover the missing pieces to restore the sculpture. if you think you might recognize any of the crooks, or their car... please call police. happening today, las vegas strip headliner celine dion says her final goodbye to her husband, rene angelil. his funeral is being held today in montreal. the flag at the quebec national assembly will fly at half staff today. angelil died last week of throat cancer at his home in henderson. he was 74-years-old. a woman loses it...after she's denied a ride from an uber driver. papers and fights are flying, and it's a shouting match. up next, more of this what the driver is saying about it.
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house right here in town. two dueling politicians are pushing who they want to be the next president of the united states. latest information on weekend rain chances is coming up in weather! an uber driver attacked -- and this time, the driver was
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while our people work longer hours for lower wages, almost all new income goes to the top 1%. my plan -- make wall street banks and the ultrarich pay their fair share of taxes, provide living wages for working people, ensure equal pay for women. i'm bernie sanders. i approve this message because together, we can make a political revolution and create an economy and democracy that works for all
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attacked by a female student! the whole thing was caught on camera. abc's reena ninan has that video, and reaction from the driver. < papers flying... 3:23 nats barking and berating 1:48 "get the in the car" and at times seemingly violent... :16 (throws weak punch) this morning-- the woman seen here in a confrontation with an uber driver on sunday-- identified as anjali ramkissoon-- a fourth-year neurology resident in miami, florida. nats video - driver: can you call 911 please she's getting violent anjali: yea call 911 when ramkissoon jumped into an uber that wasn't hers? the customer who did order the uber-started recording the encounter ats video - "i'm a
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pounds, getting really belligerent right now" the following clash ensuing-- ramkissoon kneeing the driver-- he then throwing her down-- nats tossing items ramkissoon even tossing items from the passenger seat at one point! 3:34 person filming: "you have lost your mind" anjali: "i have lost my mind!" ...before walking away. nat - good night! the driver igor belic-- speaking to local station wtvj igor belic sot - "she was erratic. she was screaming, cursing, calling me names." this isn't the first time an uber driver has been attacked - in october - this video surfaced of a former taco bell executive attacking his driver from behind. as for ramkissoon-- she did not respond to our request for comment and miami police telling abc news there was no incident report nor was she arrested... (gfx) however-- her employers jackson health system-- releasing a statment overnight saying she "has been placed on administrative leave." adding they have "launched an internal investigation." to "determine
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be taken, up to and including termination." (end gfx) > taking a live look at washington, dc... the east coast is bracing for the worst storm in more than a 100-years! flights have been canceled at major airports today and tomorrow. breaking right now-- the n-b-a is postponing two games because of the severe weather back east. those games were set for saturday. the boston and celtics and philaldephia 76'ers game is rescheduled from sunday at 4 p-m. and no date has been set for the utah jazz and washington wizards game. front after front continue to develop within the pacific northwest and track east/southeast. partly cloudy to mostly cloudy skies will be common for southern nevada as a whole with small chance for rain and snow to the mountains and potentially red rock today.
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as compared to yesterday's high temperatures; we will hover in the upper 50s this afternoon but by tomorrow, temperatures rebound back to the low and potentially mid 60s. there is a discrepancy in our models for tomorrow afternoon in regards to another front passing overhead. most information points to energy build to the north of clark county; allowing for rain and snow, a couple models however, are pushing in a small rain chance through las vegas. there is not a lot of support to go with these two models but we will be monitoring the front none-the-less. as it stands now, i have only partly cloudy skies for tomorrow afternoon.
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we move through into the weekend, with a third front passing, winds pick up saturday but dwindle down for by saturday night. partly cloudy skies hold with highs in the 60s clear into next week. looks like we are on track for possible late saturday night and early sunday morning rain central pacific. this low will take over the cold front and add more southern nevada. rain chances are still low for would not be a bad idea. partly cloudy to mostly cloudy skies will be common today and through the weekend. high temperatures will hover in the low 60s today and saturday but by sunday, the front will low and mid 60s next week! two very well-known men take over las vegas to campaign. while their goals were the same...
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be more different. first up, here's what g-o-p frontrunner donald trump had to say to potential voters. :11-:23 po-06fr "i feel very strongly about the 2nd ammendment, and i think even more so with what's happening. when you look at these horrible things happening all over the place. i mean people need protection. we have to get protection." trump was a guest at the outdoor channel and sportsman's channel awards ceremony... where he came to support nra members and gun enthusiasts. also in town was former president bill clinton. and he spent his time here talking about his wife's accomplishments as secretary of state and as senator. the former president saying his wife is the only one qualified for the job. :08-:33 wsbillclintonlv "the real issue in this election is who maximize the positive things that are in this country and in our future and minimize the problems so they no longer dog the american people and who
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up our constitution and character as a country. there is only one person running that can do both those things and you know who it is??" today, clinton will continue his efforts to boost hillary's support in nevada. he's speaking at an event in reno tonight. the "man flu" may be real. coming up in today's health report, we'll explain why researchers say men may get sick more often than women. plus, one college student is helping make children in the hospital feel more comfortable. how he's giving them "super hero" powers next.
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speed may not be available in your area. only from centurylink. call and switch today. but one college student has come up with a way to help put them at ease. bobby lenahan created i-v
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(bobby lenahan, created superhero iv bags) "it is a simple paper sleeve that transforms the hospital room into an opportunity to get superpowers." so the kids think, the superhero on the i-v bag...transmits their superhero powers to help them get better. right now, there are 10 i-v "heroes." one are hospital says the superhero i-v bags they've tested had tremendous results. it's such a simple concept that seems priceless. a new study is offering an explanation as to why men get sick more. researchers say it's just based on the fact that men have less estrogen. they say estrogen protects women from the more aggressive symptoms of the illness. the findings now could change the way we fight the flu, possibly putting more estrogen in the flu shot. this just in-- a woman in the u-s virgin islands has just been diagnosed with the zika virus. and now, the centers for disease control is expanding
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warning you to avoid. they just added eight more destinations...bringing the total to 22. they're also suggesting some pregnant women get screened for the virus. zika can cause birth defects in babies, and is transmitted by mosquitoes. coming up, an important warning for drivers. still ahead, what you need to know about spare tires, that could save you time and money. and breaking right now-- a live look at washington d-c... we just learned 4-inches of snow has already fallen in nashville, and baltimore flights are on hold for sunday.
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something may be missing from your car... it turns out 30-million vehicles on the road have the same problem. abc's gio benitez explains why and what you can do about it. < nats - highway rush hour an object in the road or a pothole in your path could stop your car in its tracks? michelle stevens got a flat in her 2014 cadillac. in her trunk - no spare tire --
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16;42;36 after i looked at my tire, i just kinda said forget tire and covers a puncture. and a compressor to reinflate it. but the kit won't work on all flat tires. in fact, it says right on the kit - it won't fix some common problems - like a tear on the side of a tire... or a larger puncture. on a ride along with aaa in philadelphia - more drivers like michelle. shannon: now they'll have to have the inconvenience of being towed. so where are the spare tires? automakers began eliminating spare tires to make vehicles lighter to meet fuel efficiency standards. and now - more than a third of new cars - don't come with one. gio bridge: 01;02;02 this is a 2015 4- door sedan. you open it up, and you find an an object's gone through the tread of a tire// a nail, a screw. when the nail or screw is still in the tire, this kit's going
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in this video from kia?. companies to put spares back in cars john: // it's not going to take the place of a spare switch to kits saying tires are so good these days, flat tires are rare. cadillac tells gma investigates "spares occupy space, carry significant weight and often go unused." hyundai tells us: "it won't help on some flats but works extremely well in many cases." adding "customers can opt for a tire if they like." > that was abc's gio benitez reporting- now, one high-end smartwatch is easier to get. the hermes apple watch collection is now available on apple's and the hermes website. but it'll cost you at least a thousand bucks to get! more news coming up at 11-30, including a viral video from right here in las vegas. it's done by a local comedian. he takes us into a gun shop to show just how easy it is to buy a gun. the result may surprise you!
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live look at chicago o'hare international airport, where a united airlines plane has skid off the runway, and is now where a united airlines plane has skid off the runway, and is
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do you think when you are president you'll be paid as much as if you were a man-male...? this is one of the jobs where they have to pay you the same. but there are so many examples where that doesn't happen. i'm going to do everything i can to make sure every woman
11:24 am the men who are doing that job. i'm hillary clinton
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? _v/and it's the latest case of crime in the area. now, neighbors have had enough. new outrage boiling over about those solar energy rate hikes. a meeting to try to provide solution didn't give people what they wanted to hear. how much more solar customers will have to pay a year next. and 70-million americans are in the path of what could be a record-setting storm. the nation's capital is on lockdown...bracing for power outages, crashes or even worse. thanks for joining us on this
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at midday. i'm todd quinones. and i'm dayna rosselli. action news have team coverage on the storm. first, let's talk about the flights. thousands of them have already been canceled, more than 56-hunrded. so now passengers are in limbo...either stuck at their departure or stuck waiting to get back home. airlines have already issued waivers for flights through sunday. here at mccarran, we're seeing delays or cancellations in d-c so far. now our team coverage continues with a familiar face -- jessica janner hi dayna, hi todd.... and by the way, welcome to las vegas todd... these are the types of days that make us count our blessings. the buildings on strip behind me glistening in all that sunshine. a far cry from the weather on the east coast. glistening in all that sunshine. a far cry from the weather on the east coast.
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i'm ready to take my coat off [laughs]" "i'm loving it right now, becacuse i know i dont have to shovel my drivewayt [lauhgs]" track: it's all laughs for these folks... avoiding all of this. a crippling storm slamming the east coast. meanwhile here, it really is fabulous las vegas weather.... "my kids, my grandkids they like snow. standup: these people in line are not only celebrating their vvcation, they're celebrating not having to shovel snow. "we left right at the right time. yeah this is the big one this weekend. are you worried about flights at all? you said you leave monday but it could still be an issue? um it may be depending on you know how mucch thye get cleaned upyou know at laguardia... if we had to stay another day it wouldnt be the worst thing that ever happeend to us..." "are you heading back this weekend at all? oh no! thank goodness! i'm not going home until tuesday." > and she's right, things should be cleared up by then... meanwhile here...
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own storm in the forecast luckily though greg, we're never going to see anything like what they're seeing in the d-c, virginia area right now..... looks like we are on track for possible late saturday night and early sunday morning rain chances. cold front to the west continues to gather strength as another low builds in from the central pacific. this low will take over the cold front and add more moisture and upper level lift allowing the front to keep steaming along over the central california mountains and into southern nevada. rain chances are still low for the valley; coming in between 15%-25% and breaking right now-- a
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and breaking right now-- a live look at chicago o'hare international airport, where a united airlines plane has skid off the runway, and is now stuck in the snow. the plane has just arrived from san francisco. so far, no injuries have been reported. at o'hare today, nearly 200-flights have been canceled. someone is shot to death, and right now, metro is searching for whoever pulled the trigger. it happened last night at apartments near cheyenne and lamb. investigators don't know if this was a random attack. we'll let you know the minute we get any updates. police are searching for two masked men who attacked a woman. the whole thing happened in front of her own home in summerlin. it happened near anasazi and town center. metro says the suspects approached the woman...threw her to the ground...and at some point, a shot was fired, possibly grazing the victim. she wasn't seriously injured
11:30 am
hospital. and crimes like this one...are why people living in summerlin are getting concenred. but they're not sitting back and waiting, they're taking action. they met with law enforcement to learn how to better protect both themselves and their homes. the meeting was first called because of a recent string of break-ins. one of the areas hit is filled with seniors, leaving some of them worried they were targeted. i'm concerned about it i want to know all i can about what i can doto help prevent it some tips police gave them were to stay alert and know what's going on in your neighborhood. another neighborhood is overwhelmed with squatters. now the people living there are turning to to action news for help. the community says the walgreens near maryland and vegas valley is now a camp for homeless people. it's become a big concern especially for the people living in the apartments right behind the store. 12.19.26 i moved out because i was afraid of what was going looking over your shoulder
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through the complex 08 breaking into the mailboxes 10 digging through the trash cans 12 we called metro and told them what was going on. several hours later... officers showed up to the scene. the attorney general wants you to get your money from the new education savings account program. adam laxalt filed a request for the nevada supreme court to give their ruling faster. the voucher program allows parents to claim 5-thousand dollars for their child and use if for what they want... including private school tuition. he's concerned because parents moved their kids to new schools assuming the program would launch in february, and now they have to decide if they should withdraw them. solar customers are still fuming over the new net metering rates. solar n-v held a meeting with homeowners last night to try and ease some of their fears, but it was nothing but bad news. the president of solar n-v says customers will now pay about 100 to 300-extra dollars a year. paul scott, solar user "i'm definitely upset about it. i've been on twitter and facebook and i've called all of our legislators and complained
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clearly, we're not being listened to by the puc and they're not acting in our best interest," solar n-v's president said people now need to make life style changes... like using your dishwasher and dryer when in the middle of the afternoon when it's sunny and the most cost-efficient. a video is going viral... showing just how easy it is to buy a gun in our state. comedian steve hofstetter took his friend with him to a gun show in henderson. hoffstetter doesn't live here. in the video, he tells the saleswoman his friend is buying the gun for him. but, he says it didn't slow the process down. it only took five minutes to get a gun. "did he pass?" "i passed. i'm all good." "surprised the heck out of me. that's not long at all." hofstetter goes on to show it's more difficult to rent a car or get a fishing license... he says he made the video to show why gun laws need to be tightened. it's been viewed almost 80-thousand times.
11:33 am a pilot under arrest, for doing the unthinkable -- being drunk on the job. coming up, he's speaking out..saying he didn't have one drop of alcohol on those two flights. we've all been telling you about the blizzard barreling towards the east coast. but some people there are skipping trying to find last minute snow supplies, they're looking for "blizzard buddies." that story is next. latest information on weekend rain chances is coming up in weather! and breaking right now -- a live look at denver and the broncos' a-f-c championship rally. the broncos will take on the new england patriots this
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that student is otto warmbier...a student at the university of virginia. the country's central news agency says he entered the country as a tourist, but claim he plotted to undermine the country on behalf of the u.s. government. this is now the second american detained in one north korea. a former airline pilot is facing federal charges...accused of flying drunk! that pilot is 60-year-old david hans arnston. prosecutors say he flew two alaskan airlines flights from san diego to portland back in 2014, while intoxicated. his blood alcohol content was .134 and .142 for those flghts. the f-a-a has a rule you can't drive 8-hours before flying. sot john nance: the faa says .004 but most airlines say none at all court documents show arntson told officials at alaskan airlines he "didn't know how it was possible because he had not
11:35 am
but in a statement to abc news, alaskan airlines says "arntson resigned after the incident before he alaskan airlines says "arntson resigned after the incident before he could be fired." an action news update on the bill cosby sexual assault scandal- the legendary comedian is no longer facing a defamation lawsuit in pennsylvania. the judge threw out the suit filed by a woman back in october. she said by dismissing her claims cosby sexually assaulted her... he defamed her to the media. this just in -- britax is recalling 71- thousand car seats. here's a look at them-- they are the britax b-safe 35 and b-safe 35 elite infant car seat and travel systems. the company says there have reports of 74-handles developing fractures or breaking while in use. one infant who was hurt. they were manufactured between october 2014 and july of 2015... and sold at target, babies r' us and online. britax will send you a free repair kit.
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tribute is being built to honor our veterans. lieutenant governor mark hutchinson unveiled plans for statues coming to the grant sawyer building. 20:36:33 "this will be a tribute to all the veterans who have paid the ultimate price in preserving our freedoms. from the revolutionary war all the way down to the current conflicts in afghanistan and iraq. every generation that has answered the call of our country and has defended liberty and freedom will be represented here." the monuments will officially make their debut on memorial day. looks like we are on track for possible late saturday night and early sunday morning rain chances. cold front to the west continues to gather strength as another low builds in from the central pacific. this low will take over the cold front and add more moisture and upper level lift allowing the front to keep steaming along over the central california mountains and into southern nevada.
11:37 am
the valley; coming in between 15%-25% but, grabbing the umbrella as a precaution for any late saturday night plans would not be a bad idea. partly cloudy to mostly cloudy skies will be common today and through the weekend. high temperatures will hover in the low 60s today and saturday but by sunday, the front will pass and slightly cooler air filters in allowing temperatures to fall to the upper 50s. high pressure looks to build in behind this front and drier air is expected to saturate the mid levels. this will allow for mainly sunny skies to return to the valley and, in turn, will increase temperatures to the low and mid 60s next week!
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take a look at today's top stories now trending... a little girl from phoenix is already famous, and she's only a few days old. that's because she marks the
11:39 am
in her family on the exact same day. grandmother, mother and baby are all born on january 18th. what are the odds? experts say more than 130-thousand- to-one. a big congratulations to las vegas strip headliner mariah carey! australian billionaire james packer has reportedly asked carey to marry him. speaking of engagements -- miley cyrus is engaged again to australian actor liam hemsworth. you may remember the pair got engaged in 20-12, but the wedding was called off. a big story this weekend is that blizzard battering the east coast. and philadelphia police are trying to be hip for their latest public awareness campaign. take a look. they used a parody of rapper drake's hit song "hotline bling" warn people they can not use cones to save parking spots they've shoveled out. and all that snow on the east coast is keeping people indoors, so now, get this-- people in new york are turning
11:40 am
buddies"... or people to help them pass the time in the cold. "for more stories trending right now, head to josh schlekewym, snow fills fremont street from las vegas boulevard to 6th street on january 23 for the second annual park jam snowboard competition. 25 riders will be judged on the best trick they can pull off in 45 minutes on a massive 30-foot tall rail structure. the winner snags $5,000.
11:41 am
winner, matt schaefer, will return to defend his title. the free event, sponsored by zappos and vegas seven, starts with a pre- game brunch available from 11a.m. to 4 p.m. at park on fremont. find snowboard vendors such as vans and burton in the vendor village, along with a taco truck, a beer garden, and and live djs.
11:42 am
introduction starts at 6 p.m. before the competition begins at 7:30 p.m.
11:43 am
walk in on their home being torn apart. and when they call police, they say officers don't show for hours! now, the homeowner says he wants to move. it happened at the home near mountain's edge and ft. apache. now, he's missing thousands of
11:44 am
we're waiting to hear back from police to get some answers about why it took so long. a woman attacked by two men wearing masks. it happened right in front of the woman's home in summerlin...near anasazi and town center drive. police say they threw her to the ground..and fired one shot that possibly grazed her. two men are still on the run. investigators are searching for answers to a murder. it happened last night at cheyenne and lamb. all we know right now is one person was shot to death at an apartment complex there. we'll update you as soon as we learn more information. and the nation's capitol, along with the entire east coast, is preparing for what's expected to be a historic blizzard. people are making last-minutes trips for essentials at home. more than 56-hundred flights are canceled today and tomorrow, with that number expected to keep going up. partly cloudy to mostly cloudy skies will be common today and through the weekend. high temperatures will hover in the low 60s today and saturday but by sunday, the front will
11:45 am
filters in allowing temperatures to fall to the upper 50s. high pressure looks to build in behind this front and drier air is expected to saturate the mid increase temperatures to the low and mid 60s next week! breaking news -- the centers for disease control just announcing one person has died from a listeria outbreak...linked to dole packaged salads. those salads were made in springfield, ohio...and spread to 6-states, but luckily not here to nevada. a dozen other people have gotten sick. all production has been stopped at that facility. here's a look at what we're working on for action news live at 3... police in new zealand get some unexpected help during an hour long police chase. how a flock of sheep helped save the day. the huge winter storm may hurt this weekend's box office. there's a spring break flick and another about humans fighting aliens. here's david daniel with a
11:46 am
courtesy lionsgate films :25-:47 "the 5th wave" courtesy columbia pictures :47-1:05 "the boy" courtesy stx entertainment < "you ever go on spring break?" "no." "you know, one in three of these girls has herpes, even if you can't see it." "whoops! that never "dirty grandpa." analysts don't see the r- rated it past "star wars" for a third place debut. "the others have the ability to inhabit human hosts. they could be anywhere." "we can't trust anyone anymore." invasion in "the 5th wave," based on the young adult novel. the movie is expected to battle for fifth place with the other new wide release, the low- budget horror flick "the boy," starring "the walking dead"'s lauren cohan as a nanny who discovers her new charge is a life-sized doll who may actually be alive. "you will be good to him, won't you?" (nat-she's grabbed) in
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> here's tonight's primetime lineup on channel 13... it starts at 8 with last man standing, dr. ken at 8-30, shark tank at 9, then 20-20 and 10. and make sure to join us for action news live at 11. that's it for us here... the chew is up next... and be sure to watch action news live at 3 p-m with rikki cheese...
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