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tv   Action News 630pm  ABC  January 22, 2016 6:30pm-7:00pm PST

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books. we'll have the very latest on what's happening. washington, d-c is just recovering from a clipper storm. now.. they're bracing for a monster. they are trying to get begins to wreaking havoc... here's abc's... in washington. the snow is already falling... nats blanketing north carolina-- where the panthers are practicing for their nfc championship game still scheduled for sunday. and in lousiville, kentucky...a "five sledding hills in our parks are up and running, if you want to get out and burn off some energy." but for all the wintery fun--concern too. with 70 million americans in the path of extreme weather. the storm making its way north--up 95-- at least two more deaths from road accidents in north carolina. and the nation's capitol in a lock- down. bowser: we have a forecast that i don't think we've had in 90
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washington today, beginning to lock- down. drivers asked to stay off the roads, the dc metro transportation system will be closed-- 5928 //you need to be where you need to be by 3:00 this afternoon. up to 30 inches of snow predicted here--50 mile-an-hour winds....and store shelves reflect the concern. in the new york area, almost 18- hundred snow plows are at the ready. (de blasio sot) tk extreme conditions facing coastal communities-- sot: cecily tynan / wpvi for the delaware and jersey beaches this will be the greatest test since hurricane sandy. // this nasa satellite shows the monster snowstorm growing by the hour. while they have that mess back east.. we're left with the guilt of what has been a beautiful january day
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across southern nevada. toss to bryan a dying cold front is continuing to push through california but will get hung up in the sierra dropping the majority of its moisture in the mountains. that leaves high clouds for las vegas tonight and tomorrow which will slowly thicken throughout the overnight hours tonight and throughout the day saturday meaning mostly cloudy skies to start the weekend. now... for a story....
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action news. a group of parents is fighting their h-o-a and the clark county school district. their kids' bus stop has been moved.... to what they say..... is a very dangerous location.... near pebble and pecos road. trista taylor/student: it's kind of scary because we're in the middle of the road when they couldn't get answers... they reached out to us... and... when "you ask... we investigate". action news reporter.... yasmeen hassan.... has the story these parents want you to see. ((little girl crying)) vanderberg students are emotional and parents, well, they're livid. chad taylor parent ((i live in a neighborhood because it's safe. that's why i live here. my children should be able to be at the bus stop with the other children like when i geew up. and it's safe in there and it's not safe in here.)) a bus stop has been moved....and they say it's putting lives at risk. trista taylor student ((it's kind of scary because we're in the middle of the road and i'm only 7 so it's kind of scary
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dad)) yas 9:20:23 10 ((this is where the new bus stop is. it's right next to 5 lanes of pretty heavy traffic and parents tell me they're terrified because if someone were to try abduct one of their kids they'd have no place to run.)) mos ((i eellikve ery scared)) the old bus stop location was right in the fnrot of the pebble creek neighborhood... this whole thing started when the hoa asked the school district to move it. they say kids were trashing the area and it was costing thousands to fix. chad taylor ((if it's an amount of $100 dollars, $1000 dollars $10,000 dollars, i'll weight that against my child's life and we can decide from there)) parents aren't taking this lying down. they are waiting with their kids at the old bus stop - until the bus driver makes a those children are told they'll be the ones getting punished by the school mos student ((this is unfair. he's going to give us a citation and i don't know why)) mos student ((we're listening to the people here and then we
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driver and we don't' really know what to do.)) since they couldn't get help on their own, we jumped in to get answers for these frustrated parents. we started with the school itself. they sent us to the ccsd transportation department....who took down our information and assured we'd get a call back. we did - and found out this all comes down to safety. the district says in general, they try to avoid having school buses backing up and turning in tight streets....which could be the case for the old bus stop. it turns out though - the hoa doesn't want school buses driving through their neighborhood. in henderson yasmeen hassan channel 13 action news. the district tells us.... they have opened an investigation..... and... they are trying to work with the hoa and the parents..... to come up.... with a solution.. we learned about this story.... thanks to viewers like you!!! if you have a story idea... don't forget.... to e-mail us... at 13 investigates... at k-t-n-v dot com. demonstrations contine tonight in moldova.. after protesters stormed the parliament today to demand new
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[cro chantianother entsiuatisvo to ight ithio gal review'in.. which celicn consism." tump re nqualified to be commander-in- that's gonna be a determination that the american people are making. and i-- and i will say, anyone who wakes up every day and sees
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the daily polls and-- and by the latest twitter storm should focus on identifying our enemies on the democratic side.. hillary clinton has stepped up her rhetoric against senator bernie sanders.. who now leads clinton in new hampshire and iowa.. just 10-days before the iowa caucuses. breaking news on a crash on northbound jones just before us 95 we just got word from nhp.. that a gold camry collided with and a white lexus cauma in critical condition the driver of the white lexus was transported to centennial hospital in unknown condition. abuse... isolation.... exploitation.... lack of oversight. that's what contact 13.... chief investigator darcy spears uncovered in her on-going
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of the guardianship system. the nevada supreme court created a state commission..... to address those problems.... after darcy exposed.... private guardians double- dipping clients... and... homes being sold.... without court approval. darcy was at the commission's first meeting of this year today..... which was wrought.... with emotion. the headline today comes from nevada's top judge. supreme court chief justice james hardesty, who chairs the commission, said, "we're going to clean up this mess." but that was after a tense exchange between one of the vulnerable people the system is supposed to protect and a member of the commission. i am confident. i am intelligent and i know my civil rights. jason hanson was one of the first people we profiled in our investigation. he spoke today about 80-thousand dollars his grandmother left for him in a trust. but he says he hasn't seen a dime. i have not received any accounting or information from elyse tyrell.
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that ms. tyrell is on this commission. elyse tyrell is a lawyer who represents private guardians and was appointed to the state guardianship commission. tyrell said she offered to help jason for free as trustee of his account. but claims jason failed to show up to meet with her to settle his case. 19:13:40 tyrell i told you out in the hallway, i have a check that's been written for you since march of 2015. it's in my office. and it's available for to pick up or i'm still happy to discuss with you about the benefits of the special needs trust. what i want to know is why you need someone else to come with you?! if you wanted to speak to me, why didn't you contact me!? while jason is still seeking resolution on his case....there was some good news about progress on other cases announced by legal aid center of southern nevada. our organization was fortunate enough to receive a grant from a local lawyer who is concerned
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with disabilities in guardianship proceedings and agreed to fund one attorney to begin providing legal representation to individuals in guardianship. buckley says her office has taken on ten cases since just the beginning of this year involving people who want out of guardianships. clark county district court also got a grant to help buy and upgrade software.....that's supposed to flag cases with concerns and standardize accounting. we will continue to investigate problems and abuses in guardianship cases and follow the progress on reform. darcy spears. channel 13. action news. taking alive look at cape may, new jersey tonight... as the south to the east.... gets ready for a blizzard... not seen in 90 years... the snow is falling right now across the northeast from a
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the snow is falling right now across the northeast from a menacing winter storm. bryan scofield will have the latest.. coming up. in tonight's finan >> i'm deborah norville. coming up on "inside edition,"
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safe durinthis time into positive territory. dow up 211 nasdaq up 119 sp500 up 38 all of the big local gaming stocks rode the wave.. up between 2 and 4 sd. now.. according to a transcript of court proceedings from oracle's copyright lawsuit against google.. apple received $1-billion from its ris through apple devices. that's tonight's 'financial focus.' let's go to bryan scofield and 'weather first.' . a dying cold front is
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california but will get hung up in the sierra dropping the majority of its moisture in the throughout the overnight hours tonight and throughout the day saturday meaning mostly cloudy skies to start the weekend. temperatures will be warmer than the last couple days as some pre-frontal winds kick highs into the low 60s but winds won't be a big issue. a gust to 20 or so is possible but that's about it. the bigger story will be the shot for rain showers saturday night into early sunday morning as the trailing edge of the cold front din the valley and will do so in the overnight hours so impacts will be negligible, but it temperatures cooler, expect highs in the upper 50s sunday and monday with another weak, dry, system moving through the area monday bringing some more high clouds. dynamics with that system are weak so it'll mostly be a wind
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into tuesday when winds will be the strongest. right now winds don't look too crazy, just a few gusts to about 20 or 25mph in the valley but the colorado river valley could see gusts in excess of 40mph on tuesday. later in the week high pressure takes over with clear skies and temperatures quickly increasing into the mid 60s by thursday and friday. time now... for the latest consumer news... from contact -13-. if you were one of the lucky netflix subscribers.... that got grandfathered in to
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when they hiked prices back.... in october... well... your luck is about.... to run out. the streaming service announced in their fourth-quarter letter to investors.... that the price will soon jump.... from 7-99 to 9-99... a month. no word yet.... on an exact date. chipotle is trying to make good with its customers following the recent -e- coli and salmonella outbreak... so to do that... they're offering you a discount.... to have them cater your party..... for this year's super bowl. they'll take.... -50- dollars off... the discount is valid.... for one- time use only. coming up later.. in tonight's abc primetime lineup on channel 13: 8:00 - last man standing 8:30 - dr. ken 9:00 - shark tank 10:00 - 20/20 11:00 - action news acupuncture.. chiropractic therapy.. and massage have all grown in popularity.. but are they really worth it? and... a new alert from the c-d-c tonight...
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pregnant women..... not to travel to several countries.... and... why it could affect your baby. that's coming up.... in your health report.
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pregnant women should wait to
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due to concerns over a virus..... that spreads through mosquito bites. they recommend.... postponing travel to more than... -20-countries... including brazil... ecuador... mexico... and puerto rico. these countries are dealing with.... "zika virus".... which can be dangerous.... to unborn babies. it's been linked to cases of a rare neurological condition called.... "microcephaly" in babies..... that affects the growth.... of the baby's head and brain. more and more americans are swearing by complementary medicine.. and putting their money where their aches and pains are. but is it worth it? abc's karla barg-we-rena takes a closer look. acupuncture, chiropractic therapy and massage? effective or not -- and there's little scientific evidence -- a growing number of americans are seeking out these therapies. c-d-c researchers finding that in 2012, more than 8 percent of americans reported using a chiropractor ? nearly 7 percent said they looked to massage therapy? and about 2 percent trying acupuncture.
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compared to ten years prior. but perhaps the biggest surprise? most people using any of these alternative therapies are willing to pay out of pocket , since insurance doesn't usually pick up the bill -- and when it does, it is usually only partially covered. are these treatments worth the money, covered or not? there's still not much strong science. the best approach, of course, is to talk with your doctor ? to see if a complementary therapy is safe for you. if you get a green light -- try it, and see if it's worth handing over your cash. with this medical minute, i'm karla barguiarena bryan scofield will be back after the break with an update on tonight's forecast. you're watching.... channel 13 action news... where "you ask.... and we investigate". a dying cold front is continuing to push through
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in the sierra dropping the majority of its moisture in the mountains.
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vegas tonight and tomorrow which will slowly thicken throughout the overnight hours tonight and throughout the day saturday meaning mostly cloudy skies to start the weekend. tonight.... for action news.. live at 11. thank you for joining us. "inside edition" is next.
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>> celine dion's heart break. inside the funeral for her beloved husband. their wedding rings on a pillow as she says farewell. then out of control. >> call 911. oh, yeah. >> she is beating up the driver. can you believe she is a doctor? and it's here. >> we have a state of emergency in washington, d.c. how to avoid a heart attack when you're shoveling. >> if the snow is deep, bend your legs like this. plus, oprah to the rescue. >> will oprah winfrey be called in to save the oscars? then i'm going to kill you. >> deborah: the shocking allegations from charlie
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