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tv   Good Morning Las Vegas 8AM  ABC  January 23, 2016 8:00am-9:00am PST

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city...workers trying to clear some walkways..people out and about vo scenes from overnight in new york city...the middle of times square...eerie site as the streets look nearly can only see a few people out and about...but plent of snow... in washington d.c. the snow is piling up along the national mall... areas along the east coast expected to see up to 30 inches of snow! we're tracking this giant storm all morning for you and will bring you the latest developments. good morning las vegas! i'm lesley marin... the time now is 5 a-m on this saturday january 23... let's get started with a weather first check with carlo falco! good morning carlo. ((ad-lib)) ((ad-lib)) an update to an officer involved shooting on the
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a fun friday night turns into to panic-- as a man starts waving a gun at people in front of the bellagio. new video surfacing this morning of that suspect being arrested.... you can see cops gathering there in the distance surrounding the suspect on the ground...this is video sent to our newsroom overnight.... before all this happened...cops fired shots trying to stop that
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their commands. . :05 nats from shooting you can hear the gun shots right there...all happening during the bellagio fountain show. alot of witnesses we spoke to actually thought this was part of the latest "bourne" movie being filmed on the strip this week. the suspect is in police custody this morning, and faces multiple felony charges including pointing a firearm at a person. we're told a juvenile was grazed in the leg by one of those bullets-- but was treated and released from u-m-c and is in good condition this morning. another person's clothing was grazed, but thankfully that person was not hit. metro continues their investigatation this morning. this is the first officer involved shooting of 2016 here in las vegas. right now... traffic in both back open on the boulevard... taking a live look...out at the strip... everything opened backup around 2 this morning....
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traffic situation was a nightmare last night. metro had to section off harmon all the way down to flamingo... chopper 13 first in the air looks of traffic and the scene of last night's shooting another big trouble spot last night for drivers...was the 15 as people were waiting to get off the east. but, everything back to normal this morning, so that's the good news. as we said, alot of visitors were nearby when the shooting happened.... which makes it exceptionally difficult for an officer. action news spoke with retired metro lieutenant.. and action news crime and safety expert randy sutton. he says metro officers train extensively on how to stop a threat.. while being aware of what else is in the direction of their gunfire. (in- :33 "police officers are trained extensively on any collateral damage.. and they want to minimize or eliminate it if at all possible.. so if they're using their weapon in the heat of the moment.. it's of utmost importance.") lieutenant sutton --says most
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face a situation like last nights in their entire careers--but they still train for it on a regular basis. right now, a blizzard is barreling down on the east coast. more than 2 feet of snow is expected in our nation's capital..... .....there have been thousands of crashes and this massive storm has already turned abc's kenneth moton has the latest from the target of the storm...washington, dc. (kenneth standup) the snow has been steady here in dc....the bulls eye of this storm. it is piling up this morning and this blizzard is just getting started. (pkg) blizzard blast... nats blinding, white out conditions, heavy snow and bone chilling winds... this morning, there are blizzard watches and warnings from dc to new york. airports in the northeast cancelled.
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can't wait to get out of town in philadelphia, the streets 1920s...more than 2 feet of snow expected. sot: mayor bowser/washington dc this is a major storm with life and death implications. this massive winter storm...impacting more than 80 million people...left a blanket of snow in the south. it also wreaked havoc... nats- spinning in kentucky, a 35 mile stretch of i-75 closed leaving more than 3000 drivers stranded in the cold, emergency shelters are open. nats carolina snow plow in the carolinas, georgia and virginia, snow plows are working overtime. there have been thousands of crashes...several people have died. sot scottie sheltonsnow plow operator yes, it's definitely ice underneath. i've slid several times this morning in my dump truck. emergency crews have also been working around to save even our 4 legged friends. nats come on milo in fairfax station, virginia, this large saint bernard named milo fell through the ice in this freezing lake. firefighters jumped into action, rescued the dog and got
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(kenneth standup close) this storm has already left hundreds of thousands of people in the dark..crews are working to restore power. here in dc, people have been told to stay off the streets because it's only going to get worse. kenneth moton, abc news washington. the storm's impact being felt here at home.... air travel becoming a real problem for those trying to go to the east coast...or fly into mccarran from the east coast. across the nation so far, more than 65 hundred flights have been cancelled... 32 are cancelled for today at mccarrann... and take a look at this map from flight aware dot com...showing where the biggest trouble spots are at this hour... the northeastairports at a near stand still.... for information on flights leaving las vegas...head to mccarran international's website... we'll also keep you updated on any flight cancellations through out the morning. good morning everyone!
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a valet nightmare! check out why this car ended up in a pool and why police are calling it a mistake! a police chase end with the help of some sheep! who is behind bars this morning. but first-- carlo has a look at the massive storm hitting the east coast.
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if you're doing everything right but find it harder and harder to get by, you're not alone. while our people work longer hours for lower wages, almost all new income goes to the top 1%. my plan -- make wall street banks and the ultrarich pay their fair share of taxes, provide living wages for working people, ensure equal pay for women. i'm bernie sanders. i approve this message because together, we can make a political revolution and create an economy and democracy that works for all
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this is the last thing.... you'd want the valet to do to
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take a look at the aftermath of this crash....
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massachusetts. the valet driver told police.... a rug went under a pedal... and he lost control... he hit about a hundred miles an hour... and... went through a wall--into the pool. luckily.... he landed in the shallow end, and was able to get out on his own. no charges have been filed.... because police believe... it was an accident. and.... sheep save the day..... during a high speed police chase.... in new zealand. police say.... the chase started.... when a car carrying -4- people.... failed to stop. the chase went on for an hour and half..... until the car came across a huge mob of sheep.... in the road. officials say... the driver did not try to run through the sheep. in all... -4- people were arrested... including a -14-year-old boy and girl. they were charged in the police chase... and.... with theft for getting gas and not paying for it. when good morning las vegas returns... two teams from unlv joining forces..and it's all for a
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studio, next. you're watching channel 13 action news. we'll be right back on this
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wide. and with only an 8 percent survival rate-- the deadly disease has now suprassed breast cancer.
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teams will be teaming up to make a difference. joining me now is brian thomas-- assistant coach with the u-n-l-v swim and dive team and rebecca shanahan-- with the las vegas pancreatic cancer action network- (asst. coach brian thomas, unlv swim and dive team) (rebecca shanahan, las vegas pancreatic cancer action network) (question) brian: you share a personal history with pancreatic cancer-- can you talk to us about how it's effected your life? brian: next saturday-- the entire swimming and diving team will sporting purple swim suits and caps-- why is that? and how is this making a sporting purple swim suits and caps-- why is that? and how is this making a difference? rebecca: but the u-n-lv swim and dive team isn't alone in this fight-- i understand another rebel team is also
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against pancreatic cancer? rebecca: pancreatic cancer is still one of the most difficult cancers to detect-- why is that? rebecca: january is considered pancreatic cancer clinical trail awarness month-- what exactly does that mean for patiants..and how would someone go about learning more about the clinical trials? rebecca: i understand there's a lot more people around the community can do-- when it comes to pancreatic cancer-- how can las vegas join in on the fight...if they can't make it to this week's games?
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pancreatic cancer-- you can join the unlv basketball team
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this wednesday-- january 27th at 8 p- m at the thomas and mack center tickets are 15 dollars-- to buy just visit the link on your screen. unlv rebels vs. boise state special event date:
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you know the basic bargain of america is if you work hard, and you do your part, you should be able to get ahead and stay ahead. but so many families don't feel like their hard work pays off. that's not the way america is supposed to operate. i want to go to bat for them every single day. get incomes rising... get equal pay for women...
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so people can actually get ahead. hillary clinton, she has what it takes to get things done.
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announced that it's closing its henderson office and laying off 66 employees. the move comes after the public utilities commission decided to increase n-v energy bills for solar customers. solarcity and sunrun both say the decision is the reason they halted sales in nevada.. and laid-off more than 650 employees. the nevada economic development board has given the final approval.... carmaker... "faraday future".... to nevada. the board's decision was the final step needed.... to formalize the deal. faraday reps say... the company hopes to break ground..... on its one-billion-dollar factory.... in north las vegas.... by the end of this month. car production is expected to begin.... with-in the next couple of years. good morning las vegas.. still ahead this morning... we take a look at how the gun industry is cashing in on women.... community leaders gathering in summerlin today...with safety on their minds... the details on this meeting,
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conditions... we'll show you how las vegas is planning to help those in need. .. and turning to that storm... this is what things are looking like york city...we're following the developments with the big blizzard this morning
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lesley marin the time now is 5:30 a-m on this saturday january 23! let's get started with a weather first check with carlo falco! good morning carlo. ((ad-lib)) ((ad-lib)) thanks carlo...let's get back out to breaking news we've been
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this is video from earlier near marion and owens....cops telling us a man was shot multiple times around 4 thirty this morning.... he was rushed to umc but died when get there. right now, there are no suspects in custody right now.... roads in that area were shut down for a bit but are open at this hour. homicide is investigating the case and we expect more details
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morning... as soon as we get those, we will let you know. again one person, shot suspects are in custody at this time. turning to a story you'll only see on action news.... an infant is dead...and... a valley father is facing first degree murder charges. action news spoke with the mother of 4-month-old... de-vonte lewis. the infant died... back in december. according to the arrest report... devonte lewis senior was at home with the baby... and police believe.... he was under the influence of alcohol. he says... he fed the baby.... put him to sleep and later discovered he was limp. according to police... doctors found bruises all over the baby.... along with a skull fracture. the mother says she's not assuming anything, but doesn't know if she supports him. there's a "go-fund-me account set up.... to help the mother. if you want to donate... we've posted the information on our website... at k-t-n-v dot com. this year's hunting and outdoor trade show at the sands expo...wasn't all about guns...
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i was at the show and show you how the gun industry is cashing in.... on women. it's what you would expect any gun trade show to look like-- filled with guns, men--- and this year women? this whole show is becoming female friendly and it's really exciting> the shot show-- is just one example of where the gun industry is now aiming. nats showing gun tami tripolli just bought her first gun this week. tami tripolli, bought first gun :21-:26 majority of women are like tami-- a new report shows 26 percent of women are packing heat for self defense-- a smart idea according to nye county sheriff's sergeant alan schrimph :42-:47 "if i'm farther away i can only get there so you're self can't tell the bad guy to stop..and we're seeing that more and more with women" but a growing group of women are now shooting as a sport--
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has two prime time hunting shows--she says gun companies are cashing in on women. 1:05-1:09
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crazy activity....but this was a welcoming change. multiple neighbors told us metro officers and the swat team came out to serve a warrant around 10 thursday night. 18.50.31 i was going to bed and there was a big loud boom 35 and then over the loud speaker they were telling everyone to stay in their residence 40 and those people, that address, to come out with their hands up 44 metro police tell us two people were arrested for "unlawful occupancy of real property," a that carries a two thousand dollar fine, one year in jail, or both. ahead today in summerlin.... community leaders are gathering to better help residents deal with home break-ins... the group will gather at the veterans memorial leisure services center.... they'll have local vendors on hand to display security products and have solutions for those looking to better secure their properities.... if you're interested in going, the event starts at 1 p-m. also today...
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east coast, las vegas is looking to help those in need. united blood services is asking resdients to donate blood...and answer the call for help in the parts of the u.s. that will be slammed this weekend. roughly a quarter of the u.s. population is in the storm's pathway. if you're interested...everythi ng gets underway this morning at 7... at the west charleston, northwest and green valley donation centers. and if you're looking to get outside this weekend.... head to mesquite for the hot air balloon festival. you'll see a whole slew of hot air balloons taking the sky... the festival is happening all weekend long at the casa blanca resort and casino. it gets under way this morning. good morning las vegas... coming up... is hillary clinton feeling the pressure in new hampshire and iowa? we'll show you how she's reacting to a late surge in the
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city...the city's mayor saying he's considering a full ban on travel... this after snow estimates for the big apple have increased to 25 inches! definitely not keeping people from getting out you can see. happening right now... dozens of motorists are stranded along on a five mile stretch of the pennsylvania's some pictures from tehre. the national guard are helping
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last night! turning now to meteorologist carlo falco.. carlo...we're lucky to not be dealing with those conditions this weekend... (ad lib) a weak cold front is still hanging to the west of las vegas. it will continue pushing eastward which means we'll see thick clouds throughout the day. a few sunny breaks are possible today, but they won't be particularly prevalent so expect a gray, but mostly dry day for las vegas
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temperatures will be pretty mild with highs around 63 this afternoon courtesy of some pre-frontal warming with some gustier winds ahead of that approaching cold front. the front will cause some scattered showers as it passes later this evening into the overnight hours, but
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be light and at most some areas will see a hundredth or two of an inch of rain before it departs east. after the front winds will kick up out ofhe north which will make sunday feel brisk, but it'll be sunny, so it'll feel a little less cold out. those winds will stay breezy
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tuesday as a high pressure system builds in from the west keeping the clouds away and temperatures generally on a warming trend. expect highs from monday onwards to steadily increase by 2-3 each day before topping turning now the race for the white house...on the democratic
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the clinton campaign pointing to new numbers saying it proves things are much closer in new hampshire than what other polls have shown. same thing in iowa. and with just 9 days to go-- it's all about the ground game abc's cecilia vega take us inside -- to see how both sides plan to get out the vote. in iowa, the final push. nats- inside a campaign. some polls showing bernie sanders now on top in the hawkeye state? and his campaign - trying to keep it that way sot rania batrice: we joke if you can stand or sit you can caucus. at his des moines headquarters? supporters working the phones in a race against the clock.. nats: are are just calling to confirm you are a sanders supporter two hours away in cedar rapids nats cv: hi.. whoa you guys are busy here inside clinton's camp... nats: so how many people are you calling today.. this phone bank has 170 people there aren't enough chairs for all the volunteers nats: they said they will caucus in iowa? it all comes down to getting supporters to caucus.
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clinton- 26 more than 100 paid sanders staffers.. clinton's camp won't reveal how many? but each side does says they've made millions of calls to get out the vote from this clinton office alone...they say thousands of calls a day.. even more door knocks sot diana: it's about neighbers talking to neighbors, friends talking to friends, building that relationship but just outside.. in one front yard after the next.. bernie sanders signs turning to the republicans...donald trump shifiting his focus...and tone... hoping to unite americans...and mmke people "happy" again. the frontunner...opening up a big lead among g-o-p presidential hopefuls.. in a new ad, the donald sounding more like a mature statesman bringing his message of unity.... nats trump campaign video "i will bring our country together. we will be unified. we will be one. we will be happy again."
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war within his own party... the conservative national review, issued a special edition called "against trump," including articles from 22 conservative leaders from the reagan days to the tea party era, all trashing trump trump calling it a publicity stunt. and now getting in on the action...former first lady barbara bush... nats -barbara ad when push comes to shove people are going to realize jeb has real solutions. rather than talking about how popular they are, how great they are. bush taking a little shot at trump's ego in hopes of gaining support for her son, jeb. time now... for the latest consumer news... from contact -13-. if you were one of the lucky netflix subscribers that got grandfathered in to the old run out. the streaming service announced in their fourth-quarter letter to investors.... that the price will soon jump.... from 7-99 to 9-99... a month. no word yet....
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chipotle is trying to make good with its customers following the recent -e- coli and salmonella outbreak... so to do that... they're offering you a discount.... to have them cater your party..... for this year's super bowl. they'll take.... -50- dollars off... the discount is valid.... for one- time use only. the winter storm pounding the east coast is even having an impact on some big n-f-l games this weekend... in charlotte, the carolina panthers have been practicing in frigid conditions... however, they're expecting weather to clear up just in time for their matchup with the cardinals this sunday. the storm is expected to push out by then, but temperatures will still be in the 30's. as for the cardinals they are still planning to take off from phoenix later today for the matchup. no problems for the patriots getting to denver on time... you can see here, the team
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their playoff game against the broncos... and the weather was perfect for a big rallyin denver... here's some aerials of broncos fans flooding the streets to support their team. the game kickoffs off tomorrow at 12 oh 5. you're watching channel 13 action news. stay with us...carlo has a final check of your weekend
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shawn tempesta: welcome to the morning blend extra, i'm shawn tempesta. collectibles can bring in more than you'd think, if
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they're big business, but what determines their value? well, here to explain is neil sackmary of nevada coin mart along with collectibles expert, scott delorge. gentlemen, how are you? neil sackmary: hey, what's going on, shawn? shawn: ah, it's a pleasure as always to have you. let's talk about nevada coin mart... brand new store, right? neil: absolutely, nevada coin mart is the industry leader. when you want second rate buyers, you go other places. when you want the industry leader, you come to one place, nevada coin mart. when you come to nevada coin mart, i have six privacy windows, four privacy booths, one privacy window, and when you come in, you're going to get the best value for your money no matter what it is that you want to sell. shawn: absolutely... now, scott, you've been in collectibles now for over 20 years, right? scott delorge: correct, shawn. shawn: i'm noticing some things here like cartridges from n-64s, it's breaking my heart. like i have lived through a collectible age now, it's nuts. explain your experience and some of the stuff you come across. scott: that's a great point, right there's a good example. there's things that are lying around your house that people
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longer have any need or place. you bring it on in here, we'll evaluate anything you have. if it's not a weapon or a car, you can bring it on in, all kinds of collectibles. we don't just do jewelry and coins, we take in all kinds of items. we're open 365 days a year. you can bring this in on the weekends, you don't have to worry about rushing there after work... come on in anytime, we will take the time to look over anything you bring to us. all kinds of stuff that comes in... if it's one item, if it's a hundred items, we're going to look it up, i'm going to evaluate it. i've been doing this 20 years, i've got the advent of the internet, i've got some other resources in there with neil and john in there to give me a little heads up. we will look at anything you bring in from art work, brasses, bronzes, antiques, collectibles, toys, games, you name it. if you've got it, bring it on in and we'll help you out, find out the value. shawn: what makes one thing more valuable than the next? scott: well, that could be a number of factors. there are items literally within the same genre. one of those cartrids you might think the same way with costume jewelry... it just doesn't have a strong value, and you could be very
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that's the same thing with collectibles... you bring in a collection of comics or cards or video games, and then we will go through it, and the next thing you'll find out is you've got cash in your pocket ready to go home. shawn: awesome, and i knowsomeone to
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john jankowski who's a announcer: "jack hanna's wild countdown" is sponsored by nationwide. jack: hi, everyone, i'm jack hanna, coming to you from my base camp here at the columbus zoo, and welcome to "wildims that are so rare, you probably never knew they even existed. oh, sue. like freshwater dolphins that are pink. victor: look, look ahead of us. look, really pink. jack: wowee. a jungle dog with webbed feet. stuart: incredibly, incredibly rare. jack: and a goat antelope that animals. tom: right up there. jack: oh, look at that. looks like a bear. that looks like a baby grizzly bear. plus, 3 more species that were only discovered in the last 30 years. good night. how'd you see that thing? all that, and my blooper of the week.
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