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tv   Action News 11pm  ABC  January 23, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm PST

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a caricature painter told me he doesn't see any of his usual neighbors...the friends he's made coming out to work here night after night. in fact, he hopes they're ok eric miller, caricature artist "there's some cause for concern to have two unfortunate events like that to happen so close together in such a short time what we believe to be bullet holes from last night have been patched up and painted. live on the strip..david schuman channel 13 action news. tonight...a killer is on the loose! the shooting death of a man! still a mystery... metro says the man was found in a parking lot! officers were called out to a complex... near owens and mary jane..early this morning we're told the victim...was riding a bicycle! when a pickup truck... pulled up... someone in that truck... fired several rounds...hitting the man. he was rushed to the hospital...but he succumbed to his injuries. police have not released a motive... or description of a suspect. now to the latest developments.. on that monster storm! battering...the east coast!
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down! tonight least 25 inches there! 31 in parts of pennsylvania! our nations capitol.. and surrounding areas... could see up to 40 inches! abc's karla barg-ua-rena...has more on how folks are trying to cope... and hunkering down! nats pop tonight...millions of americans in the northeast still socked in from a crippling snowstorm. sot: traveler "i didn't expect to be caught in the middle of snowzilla it's just such a white out right now" nats: beep beep even the dc police chief stepping in to shovel out stuck patrol cars. nat pop so much snow the plows can't keep up. nats at the jersey shore...roads flooding with chunks of ice floating by and water levels reaching 8 feet. governor chris christie praising residents who heeded the early warning to evacuate. sot - gov. chris christie / (r) new jersey "this is my 17th snow emergency in 6 years? we know how to do this." further west in pittsburgh? brandon moore/herriing motor company "it's just one after another truck, stuck. it's just nonstop, and don't
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00:05:00;17 00:05:10;11 00:00:09;24 ...the pennsylvania turnpike turned into a long, stalled snake...many commuters spending 15 hours in their frigid cars. sot- driver we haven't had any food, since yesterday." in new york city, a full travel ban. bridges and tunnels closed. with virtually no cars on the streets people are walking right down the middle. so far three people have died from shoveling snow here bringing the total to at least 15 weather related deaths. karla barguiarena tag as you can see over 25 inches of snow has fallen in the city alone. the good news is that it's beginning to taper off and the the blizzard of 20-16 has turned deadly! it's damaged homes! and downed powerlines! tonight...entire neighborhoods... are being pushed... to their breaking point!
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100-thousand people... still don't have power tonight! and in northern's 30 inches of snow...and counting. you can see emergency crews... getting stuck...right there... take a all that snow... piling up on the roof. experts say... a foot of heavy wet snow can weigh tons! sot brian pittack, reston resident: once you get past 24 when they're calling for 36 or 40 you start wondering how much can your roof hold. the heavy snow... made the roof of this gas station cave in... and it destroyed... this historic theater in all... miserable this weekend. the storm's impact being felt...right here in sunny las vegas. air travel becoming a real headache... for those trying to go to the east coast... or fly into mccarran... from the east coast! across the nation so far... more than...sixty-five have been cancelled! for information... on flights leaving las vegas... just head to k-t-n-v dot com and click on links. action news is tracking...
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here's a live look outside right now! what you're not seeing... icy conditions... a big blizzard! thankfully... let's check in now with... action news meteorologist.. karla well-gah... and karla... i mustv'e slept through it... but apparently we had some rain earlier? the system that brought us a cloudy start to the weekend, could bring a stray sprinkle in the late night and overnight hours, and will be to our east by tomorrow morning. more sunshine is expected for sunday, with high temps around 60 and occasional breezes. by sunday evening, we will get another push of clouds ahead of another system that will sweep through the area on monday. monday's system new information tonight... on that deadly school
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police say the 17-year-old accused...has now been charged with four counts of first-degree murder... and seven counts of attempted murder... authorities say the mass shooting happened friday.... first at a home... where two were shot dead... before the gunman opened fire inside a school... killing two more and injuring seven others. developing california... a frantic manhunt is underway... after prisoners escape! authorities say... the three men....are considered extremely dangerous! charged with crimes.... ranging from murder. with search dogs leading the
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police are focusing in....on this jailhouse rooftop. investigators believe... a lot of planning... went into this escape. (lt. jeff hallock/orange county sheriff's dept.) the inmates cut through half inch steel bars to facilitate their escape. the information and evidence also suggests the inmates cut their way through the plumbing tunnels. and ultimately gained access to unsecured area of the roof . from the rood, the inmates repelled off roof of the building behind me, down to the ground, at that point we believe they fled the area on foot. the sheriff's department...using every possible resource... to track these guys down. they've been on the run now... for over 24 hours. a rally by the las vegas tea party today... to support cliven bundy! bundy militia sympathizers... were out.. at the lloyd d. george... federal building. in what they're calling a "constitution support rally"
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they want to show their support for the bundys... and... other quote..."victims of federal oppression." ammon bundy... is currently leading an armed group... occupying a national wildlife refuge in oregon. so far... attempts by federal authorites... to end the three-week standoff have failed. new tonight ...neighbors coming together.... to prevent break-ins in summerlin! community leaders and residents... gathered at the...veterans memorial leisure services center! vendors were on hand to display security products! showcase solutions! that'll empower residents... and help them prevent being a victim! it's the second crime prevention meeting this week in the area. this, after a string of recent break-ins. here in clark county.. we have the nation's 5th largest school district! and many feel... the district... could be doing a better job educating our children. because of this....state leaders passed assembley bill
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the big school district.... into smaller precints. well today, the advisory committee charged with developing the re- organization plan... sought input from the asian community! the forum allowed for those folks to voice their opinion on the break up of the district. with that historic storm pounding the east coast! las vegas is looking to help those in need. united blood services... is asking people here to donate blood! and answer the call for help... as so much of the u-s is getting slammed this weekend! roughly a quarter of the country's population is in the storm's pathway . if you're interested in donating... the green valley donation center will be open tomorrow from 9 a.m. until 2 p.m. and, we'll have more on the devestating storm hammering the east coast right now. residents in new jersey now dealing with severe flooding as they worry about a repeat of hurrican sandy. and a warning tonight for pregnant women after new cases
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an action news update tonight on the zika virus.
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confirming that thave contracted the virus. all three had recently traveled outside the country. the c-d-c has expanded its list of countries they believe pregnant women should avoid visiting over concerns about a virus that spreads through mosquito bites. pregnant women should postpone travel to more than 20- countries including brazil... ecuador... mexico... and puerto rico. these countries are dealing
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dangerous to unborn babies. new information tonight. legionnaires' disease... is the latest health issue... linked to drinking water in flint, michigan. the city's mc-laren hospital says... it found low levels of the bacteria in its water system. hospital officials... saw a spike in legionnaires cases... after the city switched to a different water source...two years ago. the switch...was also linked... to an increase in lead levels in water... which created a citywide crisis. since then-- some patients have died... but a state health official says there's still no evidence the source change-- caused the legionnaires' cases. huge water crisis in flint michigan people are flocking to go-fund- me... to help... donors...have already given... nearly two hundred thousand dollars. we've learned...the money will go toward things like...
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water filters....and even bags of fresh fruit and vegetables. one account is even raising money to offset the costs incurred by the virginia tech researchers... they're the ones who first tested the water... and found unsafe levels of lead. flint, michigan... isn't the only community... dealing with drinking water problems. residents in sebring, ohio... have now ...also been told....not to drink the water. the ohio e-p-a was inside sebring high school... testing water fountains and sinks. the school was closed after the e- p-a found elevated dangerous traces of lead. the city manager...there says... the problems began when the water plant was updated (richard giroux, sebring city manager): "that simply means it's slightly acidic. and as it goes into the older residential lines and into residential plumbing and it's not being used or poured out of the faucets and it's sitting for any amount of time the acidic water is leeching the copper and lead out of the old pipes."
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especially vulnerable. emergency officials are now distributing bottled water. action news continuing to follow... the latest developments on the worst weather event... to hit the jersey shore since superstorm sandy! tonight the jersey shore is getting slammed. roads flooded with freezing water! chunks of ice floating down the streets! the storm surge up to 8 feet! emergency crews rescuing residents trapped in their homes! this, as some families trying to get out...on their own! in wildwood new jersey... the water nearly up to this man's wais! wind gusts up to 50 mph! enough to keep this ferris wheel --spinning! sot - seaside resident oh my god the winds are horrible its cutting you up the sand and the rain floodwaters coming up to this home's windows! and
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governor chris christie warning residents to stay indoors. sot - gov christie i don't care where you have a four wheel vehicle, four wheel drive vehicle or not, it's just very slippery out there right now. people up and down the coast... worried about a repeat of super storm sandy! concerned that the flooding... could potentially get worse. ((adlib wx toss)) the system that brought us a cloudy start to the weekend, could bring a stray sprinkle in the late night and overnight hours, and will be to our east by tomorrow morning. more sunshine is expected for sunday, with high temps around 60 and occasional breezes. by sunday evening, we will get another push of clouds ahead of another system that will sweep through the area on monday. monday's system will only bring chances for rain to the mountains, but it will keep the valley mostly cloudy with breezy winds. highs are expected to top out
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the system will be to our east by tuesday morning and we will continue with breezy winds on the back end of the system. by tuesday afternoon, high temps will be in the upper 50s, skies will be mainly sunny and high pressure will begin to take control of the forecast. high pressure will remain in control through friday, which will mean warmer temperatures. highs will top out around 60 on wednesday, then warm to the mid and even upper 60s through saturday. our next system makes its entrance saturday, with breezy winds and mostly cloudy skies by the afternoon. slight chances for rain are also in the forecast for the start to next
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((adlib wx close)) time now for the latest consumer news from contact 13... parents this one is for you!
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know about tonight! the first...britax.. is recalling... its....b-ready strollers. the foam padding you see in this picture! right there on the stroller's arm bar... can come off in pieces if the child bites it ! which, of course, poses a choking hazard. britax is also recalling... it's.... b-safe -35.... and b-safe -35- elite infant car seats! the carry handle can crack and break! allowing the seat to fall.. leaving the potential for a scary accident.. in fact, the company has
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reports! these car seats....and the recalled strollers... were sold at babies-r-us, target and other stores around the country. birtax is offering free repairs for both recalls. and... don't forget... contact 13's call for action is ready to help you.... with a consumer problem. just call one of our volunteers... any weekday.... between -11-a-m- and -1-p-m... at 702-368-2255. and if you're looking to get outside this weekend... you can head over to mesquite... for the hot air balloon festival! you'll see so many colorful hot air balloons taking to the sky. the festival got under way this morning at the casa blanca resort and casino. long! we'll have the latest from the campaing trail! could another billionaire... be getting set to join an field? and more controversial comments
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why he was joking about shooting people. a huge day on the campaign
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controversy.. with a violent "joke" about shooting people on fifth avenue. and candidates react to the news michael bloomberg may be
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latest on the race to become president. the controversial remark .. this time? came in the form of a brag?. sot - trump i could stand in the middle of fifth avenue and shoot somebody and i wouldn't lose any voters, ok? it's like incredible. (laughs) tonight? donald trump in iowa? under fire once again? sot - ted cruz i will let donald trump speak for himself. i can say i have no intention of shooting anybody in this campaign. but the brash billionaire may not be the only billionaire in the race for long? abc news confirming former new york city mayor michael bloomberg is contemplating mounting a third party run? despite repeated promises that he would not enter the race?bloomberg recently instructed advisors to draw up plans to run as an independent? trump? telling george stephanopolous last week.. he would welcome a bloomberg bid sot - trump i would love to have michael join the race. first of all he's a friend of mine, he's a great guy. i'd love to because he would be, i think take a lot votes
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to be hillary." the former mayor reportedly troubled by all of the front-runners- from trump on the right.. to hillary clinton and bernie sanders on the left trump rival ted cruz in the hawkeye state too... raking in a big endorsement from conservative media personality genn beck. sot- glenn beck "if donald trump wins, it's going to be a snowball to hell." nats but the biggest battle du jour? over a jeb bush video.. featuring.. his mother nats - jeb has real solutions trump taking to twitter ?writing "just watched jeb's ad where he desperately needed mommy to help him. jeb --- mom can't help you with isis, the chinese or with putin. bush firing back with this picture and today. sot - jeb bush be careful donald.' a mom- war warning. sot - jeb bush if you know my mom, i'm putting my money on barbara bush on that one two candidates celebrating tonight. hillary clinton and marco rubio... have gotten the endorsement of
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the des moines register... announced them today... just nine days before iowa's presidential caucuses. the endorsements mean ... the paper supports those two to be their parties' nominees. the endorsements could influence the iowans... who're not set for a particular candidate yet. keep in mind one thing.. in the last two presidential cycles...the paper supported candidates who lost the caucuses. coming up, some mixed economic news for workers here in the valley. and the lego robotics competition was held today. we'll tell you who walked away with the championship. a developing story tonight
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do you think when you are president you'll be paid as much as if you were a man-male...? this is one of the jobs where they have to pay you the same. but there are so many examples where that doesn't happen. i'm going to do everything i can to make sure every woman in every job gets paid the same... the men who are doing that job. i'm hillary clinton
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its henderson office and laying off 66 employees. the move comes after.. the public utilities commission... decided to increase n-v energy bills for solar customers. solarcity and sunrun... both say the decision is the reason they halted sales in our state.. and laid-off more than 650 employees. the nevada economic development board.. has given the final approval... that will bring electric carmaker "faraday future" to our state. the board's decision was the final step needed to formalize the deal. faraday reps say... the company hopes to break ground...
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factory in north las vegas by the end of this month. car production is expected to begin with-in the next couple of years. the first lego league robotics/// state championship was held today at the west career and technical academy. 32 teams competed in a series of challenges... all designed to test their critical thinking and engineering skills. students spent the past 12 weeks designing robots out of legos to get ready for today's championship. when all was said and done, the championship went to joe mackay academy. congratulations to their team and all the other participants. karla has another look at your forecast. you're watching channel thirteen action news, where you ask. and we investigate. the system that brought us a
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there are two democratic visions for regulating wall street. one says it's okay to take millions from big banks and then tell them what to do. my plan -- break up the big banks, close the tax loopholes, and make them pay their fair share. then we can expand health care to all, and provide universal college education. will they like me? no. will they begin to play by the rules if i'm president? you better believe it.
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monday's system will only bring chances for rain to the mountains, but it will keep the valley mostly cloudy with breezy winds. highs are expected to top out
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