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tv   Good Morning Las Vegas 6AM  ABC  January 24, 2016 6:00am-7:00am PST

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who they say... was pointing a gun at a crowd in front of the bellagio on friday night. metro released this picture of the man they fired at least two shots at... at this time-- he is in custody-- but with little information he's still being referred to as john doe... talk around the strip is he was a regular street performer in front of the bellagio fountains. police are asking anyone with knowledge about him to give them a call. between this and last month's horrific crash where a woman drove onto a crowded strip sidewalk..locals who are out on
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starting to question the boulevard's safety. eric miller, caricature artist "there's some cause for concern to have two unfortunate events like that to happen so close together in such a short time period. it's a bit worrisome." things are back to normal on the strip, this morning what's believed to be bullet holes from the shooting, have now been what's believed to be bullet holes from the shooting, have now been patched up. a killer still on the loose this morning....after a man is shot dead in northeast las vegas. we first broke this story yesterday morning.... metro says the man was found in a parking lot officers were called out to a complex... near owens and mary jane.. we're told the victim...was riding a bicycle! when a pickup truck pulled up... someone in that truck... fired several rounds...hitting the man. he was rushed to the hospital...but later died. police have not released a motive... or description on a suspect. turning to the latest developments... on the deadly storm slamming the east coast... in total 19 people are dead this morning as this massive
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new york city one of the hardest hit places... seeing their second largest snow total since 18-69....nearly 27 inches in all... tens of thousands without power...but the good news...that storm is heading out to the atlantic. this morning the dig out begins back east... flooding is still a worry in areas along the coast.... undoubtedly...this will go down as one of the biggest storms in history... cnn's christ welch has the latest. an epic and slow moving storm knocked out power for thousands. shut down cities. emptied airports and grounded flights. what's worse -- this historic storm has become deadly -- killing people from north carolina to new york. (mayor bill de blasio/new york): "this is bad, and it's getting worse rapidly," (nats) drivers in several states stranded in cars and trucks on the road. even emergency vehicles having trouble. (gov. tom wolf/(d) pennsylvania): "this is a historic snowstorm, this is a huge challenge" in pennsylvania -- hundreds of cars stranded for 20 hours on the turnpike. including busses of high school students. in central kentucky -- some
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for 19 hours. having to decide whether to stay warm and keep their cars running or conserve gas. in new york -- the governor imposed a travel ban for parts of the state -- to encourage people to go inside. (gov. andrew cuomo/(d) new york): "the situation is getting worse." the city that never sleeps will be a little quieter. all broadway shows -- canceled. bridges and tunnels leading in and out of the city have closed. and the n-y-p-d enforcing bans. looking at the blizzard from outer space -- you can see just how massive this storm is. and it will continue churning throughout the weekend -- with more people in it's path. in washington i'm chris welch reporting. the jersey shore another area getting slammed...seeing its worse storm since superstorm sandy... flooding still a problem-- this morning--as high tide approaches. residents dealing with roads flooded with freezing water --and chunks of ice floating
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the storm surge up to 8 feet! emergency crews rescuing residents trapped in their homes! this, as some families trying to get out...on their own! in wildwood new jersey... the water nearly up to this man's waist! wind gusts up to 50 mph! enough to keep this ferris wheel --spinning! sot - seaside resident oh my god the winds are horrible its cutting you up the sand and the rain in atlantic city! the floodwaters coming up to this home's windows! and submerging this car. people up and down the coast... worried about a repeat of super storm sandy! concerned that the flooding... could potentially get worse before the weekend ends. good news at the airports air travel is expected to slowly pick up again.... most travel bans are expected to expire later this morning... but some airports back east like regan and dulles in washington will stay closed for snow removal... here at mccarran we're seeing 8 cancellations this morning...
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nation's airpprrt, ovided by flight aware dot com. for information... on flights leaving las vegas... just head to k-t-n-v dot com and click on links. new this morning... a large piece of curved metal found along the southern thai coast... could be from missing malaysia airlines flight 370. thai and malaysian officials are investigating.... it was covered in algae, mussels and barnacles... matching panel numbers and hinges can be seen on the riveted piece of metal. malaysia airlines flight 370 vanished on march 8, 2014. it was flying from malaysia, to beijing, when it disappeared from radar. 239 passengers and crew were on board. new information ... on that deadly school shooting in western canada. police say the 17-year-old accused...has now been charged with four counts of first-degree murder... and seven counts of attempted murder... authorities say the mass shooting happened friday.... first at a home... where two were shot dead...
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inside a school... killing two more and injuring seven others. developing this california... a frantic manhunt is underway in orange county... after prisoners escape! authorities say... the three men....are considered extremely dangerous! charged with crimes.... ranging from murder. with search dogs leading the way... police are focusing in....on this jailhouse rooftop. investigators believe... a lot of planning... went into this escape. (lt. jeff hallock/orange county sheriff's dept.) the inmates cut through half inch steel bars to facilitate their escape. the information and evidence unsecured area of the roof . from the rood, the inmates repelled off roof of the building behind me, down to the ground, at that point we believe they fled the area on foot. the sheriff's department...using every possible resource... to track these guys down. they've been on the run
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for nearly 2 days. good morning everyone! coming up... we're following the latest on the campaign trail-- including which new candidate is now considering running for president? and could it be to late to join the race? plus-- marco rubio and hillary clinton cashing in on a major endorsement. how the backing of this group could help bring in votes before the iowa caucus.
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snow covering the ground.... ((ad-lib at open set with live
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a rally by the las vegas tea
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to support cliven bundy! bundy militia sympathizers... were out at the lloyd d. george federal building. in what they're calling a "constitution support rally" they say... they want to show their support for the bundys... and others-- even calling them "victims of federal
6:12 am currently leading an armed group... occupying a national wildlife refuge in oregon. so far...attempts by federal end the three-week standoff have failed. a huge weekend on the campaign trail. donald trump stirring controversy... with a violent "joke" about shooting people on fifth avenue. and candidates react to the news michael bloomberg may be joining the race. abc's cecilia vega has the latest on the race to become president. the controversial remark .. this time? came in the form of a brag?. sot - trump i could stand in (laughs) donald trump in iowa? under fire once again? sot - ted cruz i will let donald trump speak for himself. i can say i have no intention of shooting anybody in this campaign. but the brash billionaire may not be the only billionaire in the race for long? abc news confirming former new york city mayor michael bloomberg is contemplating mounting a third party run? despite repeated
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enter the race?bloomberg recently instructed advisors to draw up plans to run as an independent? trump? telling george stephanopolous last week.. he would welcome a bloomberg bid sot - trump i would love to have michael join the race. first of all he's a friend of mine, he's a great guy. i'd love to because he would be, i think take a lot votes away from hillary-if it's going to be hillary." the former mayor reportedly troubled by all of the front-runners- from trump on the right.. to hillary clinton and bernie from conservative media personality genn beck. sot- glenn beck "if donald trump wins, it's going to be a snowball to hell." nats but the biggest battle du jour? over a jeb bush video.. featuring.. his mother nats - jeb has real solutions trump taking to twitter ?writing "just watched jeb's ad where he desperately needed mommy to help him. jeb --- mom can't help you with isis, the chinese or with putin.
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picture and today. sot - jeb bush be careful donald.' a mom- war warning. sot - jeb bush if you know my mom, i'm putting my money on barbara bush on that one senator marco rubio on the campaign trail this weekend... ahead of the february 1st iowa caucaus.... he's responding to trump's latest comments... saying, trump perhaps should've chosen his words better... (sen. marco rubio/(r) presidential candidate) it's probably not a good idea for him to do that and i would not recommend him do it (laughs) but. ya know, that is donald.i don't have any further comment on it - i think it's a bad idea for president defends the right to own and gun... in order for americans to protect their families. senator rubio and democratic presidential hopeful hillary clinton... enjoying a big endorsement from "the des moines register" this weekend...
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throwing their support around the nominees... saying rubio has an uplifting message... and they say clinton is a thoughtful public servant, who has respect from leaders around the world. clinton seemed quite happy when asked about the endorsement.. (hillary clinton/(d) presidential candidate): "very pleased, obviously, it means a lot to me." the endorsements are big...because they could influence iowans who aren't sure who to vote for. the last two presidential cycles, the paper supported candidates who went on to lose. turning now to phoenix, arizona... a racially offensive picture is going viral... it has adminstrators at a high school and a whole community...outraged. take a look...the picture shows six students wearing t-shirts spelling out the offensive word... this was taken after a larger class picture for the year book. the district superintendent says the girls are facing disciplinary action for the stunt... but she wouldn't elaborate on what that is... (jill hanks, high school district superintendent): "just outrage, disgust, disappointment, feeling all of those things.
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training. they will be disciplined. this will not be tolerated." for the six girls are reportedly on the soccer team and didn't suit up for a matchup this weekend... students are saying the girls are facing a five day suspension from school.. straight ahead... tax season is here! but before you file-- the newest scam the i-r-s is making sure you don't fall for. you're watching good morning las vegas on channel 13. we'll be right back on this
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here in vineland, home of progresso, we figured out how to get rich ingredients like bacon into 22 light soups, so if you want 100 calories or less per serving without giving up rich flavor do what we do...make it progresso. look at this sweet face. so sweet. ok, we're going to need a napkin
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dollar one mexican peso is now worth barely more than five cents. mexico is suffering from the dramatic crash in oil prices.
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2003 this week. crude oil makes up 11-percent of its exports. also weighing on mexico is the u-s federal reserve. the fed raised interest rates in december. that sparked concern emerging market companies that borrowed in dollars would have a harder time repaying their debts. google is paying apple a hefty fee to keep its search bar on the iphone. there have been rumors for years.. but the actual amount has never been publicly disclosed. now.. according to a transcript of court proceedings from oracle's copyright lawsuit against google.. apple received 1-billion dollars from its rival in 2014. google also has an agreement that gives apple a percentage of all revenue google generates through apple devices. tax season has begun! and the i-r-s has a big warning for you! it's being called the biggest phone scam in history. here's a listen to that scam-- sot/real call: "before there
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want you or your attorney to give us a call back" (butted with) sot/real call: "within the next hour they will be at your doorstep to handcuff you and put you behind bars." as you heard there, someone claiming to be from the i-r- s... demands you pay... back may not even owe! or risk jail! but the i-r-s says they'll always send you a letter first. if you receive a call, hang up and report it. so far, almost 1-million of these calls...have been sent out. and 5-thousand people have lost more than 26-million dollars. time now for the latest 13... parents this one is for you! two different recalls you must the first...britax.. is recalling... its....b-ready strollers. the foam padding you see in this picture! right there on the stroller's arm bar... can come off in pieces if the child bites it ! which, of course, poses a choking hazard. britax is also recalling... it's.... b-safe -35.... and b-safe -35- elite infant
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crack and break! allowing the seat to fall.. leaving the potential for a scary accident.. in fact, the company has already received 74 incident reports! these car seats....and the recalled strollers... were sold at babies-r-us, target and other stores around the country. birtax is offering free repairs for both recalls. and... don't forget... contact 13's call for action is ready to help you.... with a consumer problem. just call one of our volunteers... any weekday.... between -11-a-m- and -1-p-m... at 702-368-2255. good morning las vegas.. still ahead this morning... deadly literia outbreak-- all found in dole packaged salad! what you need to know before heading to the fridge this morning plus-- a deadly disease that where you shouldn't be
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week in nevada...a big announcement is expected next week...those details, coming up.. but first, a live look back east...where the clean up begins this morning.. this is little italy in new york city...snow packed roads...can't really see anybody walking out there...but that massive storm has people digging out good morning las vegas! i'm ... the time now is ... let's get started with a weather first check with carlo falco! good morning carlo. ((ad-lib)) ((ad-lib)) ahead today.... a big medical marijuana business is planning to hold a
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terra tech corporation plans to open several medical marijuana dispensaries... around nevada in the next several months... well, they're looking for employees...and today they're holding a job fair on the second floor balloroom of the palms fantasy tower.. that's located on flamingo near valley view...
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runs from 10 this morning to 12. and we're expecting a major announcement on solar energy in nevada tomorrow morning.. this is according to solar city... the announcement is expected to happen at 10-45. the announcement comes after alot of talk about solar energy this week... premier solar solutions just announced they're closing their henderson office and laying off 66 employees. the public utilities commission recently decided to increase n-v energy bill for solar customers. solar city says the decision is the reason they halted sales in our state and laid off more than 650 employees. valley neighbors coming together.... to prevent break-ins in summerlin! community leaders and residents... gathered at the...veterans memorial leisure services center yesterday... vendors were on hand to display security products! showcase solutions! that'll empower residents... and help them prevent being a victim! it's the second crime prevention meeting this
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this, after a string of recent break-ins. here in clark county.. we have the nation's 5th largest school district! and many feel... the district... could be doing a better job educating our children. because of this....state leaders passed assembley bill 395! it's aimed at breaking up the big school district.... into smaller precints. this weekend...the advisory committee charged with developing the re-organization plan... sought input from the asian community. the forum allowed for those folks to voice their opinion on the break up of the district. with that historic storm pounding the east coast. las vegas is looking to help those in need. this weekend..united blood services... is asking people here to donate blood! and answer the call for help... as so much of the u-s is getting slammed this weekend! roughly a quarter of the country's population is in the storm's pathway . if you're interested in donating... the green valley donation center will be open this morning...from 9 a.m.
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an action news update on the zika virus. health officals are now confirming that three people in the new york city area have contracted the virus. all three had recently traveled outside the country. the c-d-c has expanded its list of countries they believe pregnant women should avoid visiting over concerns about a virus that spreads through mosquito bites. pregnant women should postpone travel to more than 20- countries including brazil... ecuador... mexico... and puerto rico. these countries are dealing with "zika virus" which can be dangerous to unborn babies. following the latest developments in a deadly listeria outbreak... we've been telling you about a voluntary recall... issued for several brands of packaged salads... that could be linked to a deadly listeria outbreak. twelve people have been sickened in six states, according to the centers for disease control and prevention. at least one person has died.
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no script provided for more information on the outbreak... just head to f-d-a dot gov, c-d-c dot gov or dole dot
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good morning las vegas... coming up... flames shoot into the air.. when a taxi explodes... witnesses getting the whole thing on video.. flint, michigan isn't the only place dealing with lead in their water. we'll tell you another community you can add to the
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people are flocking to go-fund- me... flint michigan people are flocking to go-fund- me... to help... donors...have already given... nearly two hundred thousand dollars.
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go toward things like... purchasing bottles of water.. water filters....and even bags of fresh fruit and vegetables. one account is even raising money to offset the costs incurred by the virginia tech researchers... they're the ones who first tested the water... and found unsafe levels of lead. flint, michigan... isn't the only community... dealing with drinking water problems. residents in sebring, ohio... have now ...also been told....not to drink the water. the ohio e-p-a was inside sebring high school... testing water fountains and sinks. the school was closed after the e- p-a found elevated dangerous traces of lead. the city manager...there says... the problems began when the water plant was updated (richard giroux, sebring city manager): "that simply means it's slightly acidic. and as it goes into the older residential lines and into residential plumbing and it's not being used or poured out of the faucets and it's sitting for any amount of time the acidic water is leeching the copper and lead out of the old pipes." pregnant woman and children are especially vulnerable.
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distributing bottled water. turning now to dramatic video... of a taxi cab engulfed in flames and exploding! it was a close call for an elderly woman. and a quick-thinking driver got her to safety just in time. reid lamberty has the story from quincy, massachusetts. nats that, was the front windshield blowing out. listen again. nats it was one of six explosions john mcdonald heard and captured on his cell phone. the quincy man stood on his balcony, just 50 feet from this car inferno. (john mcdonald/ witness) i really thought someone was grinding their gears. that's how mcdonald describes the noise he heard prior to the fire, then: (john mcdonald/ witness) i heard two pops. within seconds the entire inside of the cab was in flames. by the time he started taking the video, both driver and passenger were safely out. but mcdonald says not a safe distance away. this is gonna blow you've got
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building. with the taxi's horn blowing incessantly - nats and choking black smoke spewing above, mcdonald's next fear was the more than dozen cars parked within feet of the out of control blaze. (john mcdonald/ witness) could it get to the fuel line, would it get there that quickly? it didn't. response time from quincy fire was within minutes. and it took seconds to drown the flames. and mcdonald's elderly neighbor, the passenger in the cab, who uses two canes to walk, made sure to give credit to her driver. (john mcdonald/ witness) he literally picked her up and moved her away from the situation and got her in the building... nats (john mcdonald/ witness) and she was quite thankful for that. that passenger is in her 80's... she is okay..but wasn't ready to talk about the frightening ordeal... the driver is also fine, but didn't want to talk about it. there's no word yet on what caused that fire. the unrelenting snow making life a nightmare for some drivers in kentucky this weekend... some drivers stuck for 12 hour or more on the frozen strech of highway...
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photographer... they were headed out to report the news... and just so happened to become part of it. "we became a news story. it was the first time that i've ever experienced other news station outlets contacting us wanting our story, wanting to see how we were doing." that was justin skeens...the photographer... the reporter says everytime police tried opening the road more and more accidents happened... they were finally able to get moving...13 hours later. ((ad-lib at desk)) it might just be a perfect day
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if you're looking to venture out... the mesquite ballon festival ends today... there's sure to be alot of hot air balloons in the sky.... the festival has been going all weekend... it starts again this morning at the casa blanca resort and casino. the first lego league robotics state championship was held this the west career and technical academy. 32 teams competed in a series of challenges... all designed to test their critical thinking and engineering skills. students spent the past 12 weeks designing robots out of legos to get ready for today's championship. when all was said and done, the championship went to joe mackay academy. congratulations to their team and all the other participants. when good morning las vegas returns... every 20 hours the red cross will assist in a fire here in southern nevada... they join us next, to let us know how your family can help.
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every 20 hours-- the red cross will respond to a house fire here in southern nevada. and without their help many
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would be left without food, shelter and resources. but these volunteers can't do it alone-- so to talk about how your family can lend a helping hand is jennifer ramieh with the red cross and scott gorgon with the professional fire
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( 1. jennifer - you guys have a new campaign called fire hurts-- red cross 1. jennifer - you guys have a new campaign called fire hurts-- red cross helps...what is it all about? how does it benefit local families? 2. scott - why are the professional fire fighters of nevada involved? 3. scott - what can we expect at the launch on thursday? 4. jennifer ramieh - how and where
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5. jennifer ramieh - what's it like showing up to a house fire where a family has just lost everything? 6. scott-- just how prone are residents here in las vegas to a fire? to get involved the red cross will launch the fire hurts---
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helps campaign. this thursday january 28th at 9-30 a-m. at the henderson fire training center.
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good morning america is up next. and join us back here at 8 a-m
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another full hour of the day's top stories and weather headlines.
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happening now -- the blizzard of 2016, one for the record books. three major cities paralyzed. in new york city, the travel ban. the orders -- stay off the streets. >> you should not be on the road. >> even new york's governor pitching in. look at this. philly, the car crashes. crews working round the clock and the major pile-ups on this highway in pennsylvania. 500 vehicles stranded. >> we have been stuck in the truck for 13 1/2 hours. in the nation's capital, one of the largest storms in history. d.c., socked in. the plowing nonstop. plus this morning, the jersey shore. icebergs floating in the streets. frigid water rushing straight through town. virginia, the heavy snow caving in roofs. buildings and barns collapsed. the misery factor so high this morning, as some struggle to dig
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