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tv   Action News 11pm  ABC  January 24, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm PST

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the damage! after squatters started a different fire ! guess what? they're still here! sanchez says...always finding a way to break-in! jumping the fence! tearing down the boards! and this hole: "i don't even know how they fit through there." pried open, and it's not that easy, but you can squeeze through." "if they want to stay here, they'll find a way to get in, no body can stop them." it doesn't feel totally safe to go in there, no, no, that's why some of them i don't go in" even if you don't go in! look at this! they're outside the building too. these folks! with their tents popping up just last week. they kind of moving into our property now, (not much you can do?) uh, not much i can do except call the police, and stuff, and they do their thing but then they come back. tonight concern for this father of three. who says tear it down. "it's the drug addicts, you know what i mean, they're going in there, they're using needles." this may have to come down! the
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dollars. the owners.. trying to keep the buildings secure. hoping to remodel. reporting live, mahsa saeidi, channel 13, action news. around three this afternoon firefighters responded to a small fire at vacant home near washington and rainbow. the fire was out when they got there. but they did find a stolen vehicle outside the house. a teen escaped unharmed after a house fire near jones and the 95 tonight. firefighters responded after smoke was reported...and neighbors saw flames shooting out of the first floor. crews had it out in about ten minutes. thankfully the teen was not hurt. officials aren't reporting the cost of damage yet. a motorcycle rider has died
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a semi truck on the 15 near the valley of fire. 3 vehicles were involved in the fatal crash. the motorcyclist was pronounced dead at the scene. no word yet on what caused this crash. metro released this picture of the man officers fired at least two shots at on friday night.... after he allegedly started waving a gun at people in front of the bellagio. at this time, he is in custody, but with little information --- he's still being referred to as john doe. police are asking anyone with information about him to call right away. new information on the intense manhunt in orange county. we're getting a first look inside the joint cell shared by three inmates.. now on the run. authorities.. releasing this grainy rooftop surveillance video from the jail in california. the flashes of lights are believed to be the inmates. tonight.. the fbi and u-s marshals are joining the search.. for hossein nay-eri... jonathan tieu.. and back tien duong. sot - sandra hutchen, orange county sheriff two of them are
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for mayhem, kidnapping. um i consider them very dangerous individuals. investigators say the plan was sophisicated.. and well-thought out. officials are offering a 50- thousand dollar reward.. to find the missing men. we're staying on top of new developments on the weather front... after one of the fiercest winter storms on record. the snow has stopped but tonight millions are still reeling from the monstrous blizzard. firefighters in virginia struggled to dig out a fire hydrant buried under 3 feet of snow while battling a blaze this morning. and up and down the east coast.....roofs collapsing under the weight of all that snow. the storm hit some of the biggest transportation hubs on the east coast. this is a live look at mccarran.. we're keeping an eye flights coming in and out.. because airports on the other side of the country...are not back up and running yet. passengers are still stuck in cities waiting for flights. abc's david kerley reports on the challenge at the airports... and the outlook for the week ahead.
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clear.....plows and trucks working all day... an empty washington d-c airport.... no planes... no passengers.... a ghost town... nats: - "please maintain control of your personal belongings" some hopeful passengers in new york... sot: tamara wilson i just want to get out of here and go home. ...told they are going nowhere.. sot: jonathan day i showed up to the airport today thinking that my flight was ok and the airport was closed so?" already more than 800 flights cancellations for tomorrow... bringing the storm total to about 12 thousand.... as all that snow is moved... david kerley stand-up and its not just out at the airfield a lot is going on behind the scenes and workers have to be airports in the east... has a ripple effect across the entire country.. delays and cancellations.. and even overseas... some international flights brussels.. sot: michael kurth, passenger in total it will come out to be the storm.. is coming back... regional and city rail far from full service..... at new york's penn station..
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had to stay one more night." but this afternoon.... a few flights starting to take off... from northern airports.. this one at new york's laguardia.... that was abc's david kerley reporting. travel on the roads wasn't any better. tens of thousands of travelers were taken by surprise.. and stranded on the highways.. including a busload of high school students.. trapped for nearly 20 hours the church bus packed with 37 students and ten chaperones - got stuck on the pennsylvania turnpike friday - just as the blizzard started to pick up. sot - fr. kenneth geraci, owensboro catholic high school "it was bitter cold, it was you know in the teens, if not colder." "it was bitter cold, it was you the next morning.. they turned into good samaratins... delivering food and inviting drivers onto their bus to stay warm. behind them.. another bus was stuck. that school group held an impromptu mass lift the spririts of the
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it wasn't just the snow that battered the coast. tonight in new jersey.. record breaking flooding. people were forced from their homes.. roads turned into rivers... and huge chunks of ice were floating down the streets. coming up later this hour.. we'll hear from residents on how they're coping. now here's a live look at the las vegas valley. there's nothing like that here. but you will need a jacket tonight.. there's a cold wind turning up. here's meteorologist karla huelga joining us from the weather center. karla, how long will the chill stick around? ad-lib a weak system will push through the area starting tonight into tomorrow morning. this will keep winds breezy tonight, tomorrow and tuesday on the back end of the system. the system will also bring an increase in cloud cover tonight into tomorrow morning, then some clearing by monday
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the medical marijuana industry in town sure is growing..... and it's growing quickly!! terra tech has three dispensaries opening in las vegas before spring! there was a job fair today for anyone interested in working at the pot shops..... action news reporter ...gina lazara... was there as hundreds applied for jobs. this medical marijuana shop should be complete in a couple
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march first. it will be called "blum". the c-e-o of the company is excited to bring three new shops to the valley. "we're really not that much different than a traditional retailer whether it's a restaurant or a nightclub or a clothing store....just a more interesting product." the three new dispensaries will all be named "blum". they will bring 125 new jobs to the valley. a job fair took place this evening.....where hundreds and hundreds stopped by to apply.terested though -- you can still apply online. there's seven different jobs being offered.... everything from a "bud tender" -- the ones handling the marijuand.... to delivery drivers. many who applied today are very supportive and excited about the medical marijuana industry. "it should be plentiful. it should be right on the shelves with the cereals. you know all the vegetables! it should be right in the produce aisle whateva! im serious that's how i feel about it." if you applied for a job or still might apply --- you should know in about two weeks whether or
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again -- this shop behind me should be open march first. reporting live gina lazara channel 13 action news. here's a live look at citycenter.. where two hotels have some big bragging rights tonight. aria made the top-3 on the trip- advisor list of the top luxury hotels in the u-s. the new 2016 trip-advisor list came out today. and.. also making the top-10.. the mandarin oriental. coming up.. a warning from contact 13. professional victims. they're on our roads.. crashing into your car.. then getting paid.. by the insurance company. there's no other way to be sure that you can prove in court we've got the scoop on the one thing you do.. to protect yourself from these scams. plus.. snow in hong kong!. these flakes are something special. coming up.. we're telling you how long it's been since people there...
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there you have it. the denver broncos beat the new england patriots 20 to 18 to win the afc championshp game.. carrying them all the way to super bowl 50... they'll meet today's nfc champs.. the carolina panthers. the panthers.. defeated the cardinals.. 49 to 15. the super bowl is february seventh at "levi's stadium" in santa clara, california. station casino oddsmakers have set the initial line for panthers- broncos faceoff-- their prediction.. 44 and a half total points.
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a warning for all drivers. so-called "prefissional" victims are on our roads. plotting car accidents.. convincing the other driver it was their fault. abc's clayton sandell tells us.. they get the insurance check.. for putting in you in harms way. supers: matt hardigree clayton sandell abc news suggested intro: the story of a man accused of being a professional victim-- plotting car accidents, convincing the other drivers it was their fault--then waiting for that big insurance check to arrive. investigators say- it worked for awhile until now. abc's clayton sandell has the story. script: prosecutors say navid collecting thousands of dollars. nats - traffic he allegedly did it nearly two dozen times. one victim's car had barely a scratch but monjazeb claims his car looked like this. he's now facing charges or inflated car accident injuries added up to as much as 7-point-7 billion dollars. as one of monjazeeb's alleged victims found? that cost? gets passed on. nats - awoman "my rates went up and i had to pay to fix my own
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liability on it." authorities the second car which is filled with three or four passengers, all of whom will claim injuries." some drivers are now turning to dash cameras... popular overseas for catching everything from meteors to plane crashes. this driver in georgia used a dashcam to prove another car ran a red light? hitting him. sot - matt hardigree / there's no other way to be sure that you can prove in court, if you need to, that the accident was not your fault without having some kind on his alleged scam. cs abc news denver. police in flagstaff are now reporting.... mulitple fake calls... to 9-1-1. in two calls.. someone said... their car had been shot at.... by a passing vehicle. one resulted in a felony traffic stop.... on a school van..... with ten students and teachers inside. arizona highway patrol now says.... this investigation is their top priority. we believe we have identified a suspect who lives out of state
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pursuing to locate that suspect. the caller also reported..... that after the fabricated shooting.. someone tossed a gun.... out the window. a florda man is facing eviction from his mobile-home park... because he refuses to remove a religious sign from his van. the sign reads.. jesus is coming back.. for prayer or food call. michael lombardi uses his van to deliver food to the homeless. he says he gets calls for help every week-- because people read the number on the window. (( michael lombardi. "everybody reads my signs because it is totally different.")) but his mobile home park is starting to enforce new rules-- not allowing temporary signage to be displayed. a bradenton, florida attorney...says michael most likely has little recourse as he doesn't own the land his home sits on... and he must comply with property rules. new information tonight a large piece of curved metal found along the southern thai coast, could be from missing malaysia airlines flight 370.
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hinges can be seen on the riveted piece of metal. malaysia airlines flight 370 vanished nearly two years ago. it was flying from malaysia, to beijing, when it disappeared from radar. 239 passengers and crew were on board. a turkish airlines flight from houston to istanbul is diverted to shannon airport in ireland because of a bomb threat. the boeing 777 landed safely and all passengers and crew disembarked. there were more than 200 people aboard the flight. investigators are continuing to investigate the source of the bomb threat. right now.. parts of the new jersey coast are flooded. streets have turned to rivers.. with bits of floating ice. it's all the aftermath of that massive winter storm responsible for feet of snow in the mid-atlantic. abc's linzie janis reports.. the flooding forced people from their homes.. and some are saying it's been worse than superstorm sandy. script: record breaking flooding in parts of new
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huge waves submerging towns in over nine feet of water ... roads turned into rivers?huge chunks of ice floating down the streets. now the people here cleaning up. nats at high tide dominic piro's deli in north wildwood taking on two feet of water. sot - dominic piro, deli owner "four, five inches higher than sandy and it will cost more too. linzie janis: how much damage do you think you have here? dominic piro: about 50-thousand dollars. he doesn't have flood insurance but says he'll somehow reopen. hundreds of people had to be rescued from the floodwaters?like this man in ocean city, and this little girl carried out of her home by police we tagged along as emergency workers helped this elderly woman return to her apartment. linzie janis - ok you're home! ann harris - i'm home! this is what the town of stone harbor looks like now, but take a look at it on saturday ?more than 3 feet of standing water in the streets! but tonight some
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expected, like belmar where they built this giant berm after the storm several feet of beach lost but the sand dune kept the town dry. linzie janis tag and back here at dominic piro's deli in north wildwood the floodwaters are completly gone but this pile just some of the stuff he's going to have to throw away. he hopes to be back in business by the summer. check out this video. this is snow in hong kong. those flakes are huge! this is the first bit of snow they've seen in decades. according to bbc news.. today residents shivered in 37 degree weather.. the lowest temperature in nearly 60 years. coming up.. the a major newspaper's
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breaking news now. this is snow in hong kong.
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breaking news now. new video is just into our breaking news now.
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new video is just into our newsroom of an american airlines emergency landing in st. john's newfoundland in canada. you can see people being removed from the plane on stretchers. seven people were injured when the flight from miami to milan hit severe turbulence. coming up.. the a major newspaper's endorsing hillary clinton. plus.. we're one week from iowa caucus usa.. usa chant a new poll out today gives a fresh look at who's in the lead. we'll be right back. new tonight..
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there are two democratic visions for regulating wall street. one says it's okay to take millions from big banks and then tell them what to do. my plan -- break up the big banks, close the tax loopholes, and make them pay their fair share. then we can expand health care to all, and provide universal college education. will they like me? no. will they begin to play by the rules if i'm president? you better believe it.
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the newspaper wrote today (sunday) that she'd make a better president than her democratic rival, senator bernie sanders. the globe said clinton is now more seasoned and forward-looking than she was in 2008. by contrast, the paper said sanders is not a convincing champion of gun control. sanders is currently beating clinton there in the polls. on the other side of the aisle.. a new poll tonight from fox news.. with good news for donald trump. with the iowa caucus just one week away..and the new york billionaire is surging past ted cruz, now taking the lead.. but not everyone e s loving trump. his rally today in iowa is interrupted by the man in the red turban.. out. the crowd went wild.. and trump ran with it. usa.. usa chanting donald trump: he wasn't wearing one of those hats was he? was he wearing one of those? and he never will. trump's double digit lead.. is largely due to first time caucus goers. a family today told abc news they like trump..
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politician. trump rival jeb bush will be in nevada this week. the florida governor is holding a rally on tuesday in elko coming up.. honoring david bowie. a southeast city holds a march and memorial in honor of the for sale! don't miss those stories, straight ahead. the owners of mt.
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the resort's majority owner, fritz buser, plans to put the property on the market. officials say buser feels it is the right time to sell, especially with the last season being successful despite a lean the u.s. forest service. it includes 1,200 "skiable acres." a strong earthquake rocked alaska early this morning. the us geological survey says the 7 point one magnitude quake hit just southwest of anchorage. two smaller earthquakes -- a magnitude four, and a three-point-two -- hit within 30 minutes after the first one. officials say one home was extensively damaged in an explosion and thirty other homes have been evacuated as firefighters, policemen and gas utility workers continue to work on the gas leak that followed that earthquake. new tonight.. atlanta, georgia honors david bowie.. with a march through town. the particpants carried signs.. dressed up and carried
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the artist passed away two weeks ago today following his battle with cancer. still ahead, karla has another look at your work week forecast. ad-lib you know the basic bargain of america is if you work hard, and you do your part, you should be able to get ahead and stay ahead. but so many families don't feel like their hard work pays off. that's not the way america is supposed to operate. i want to go to bat for them every single day. get incomes rising... get equal pay for women... cut the cost of health care and child care so people can actually get ahead. hillary clinton, she has what it takes to get things done.
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tonight. oliver is 20 inches.. 6 pounds and 13 ounces. elizabeth's husband.. aciton news reporter bryan callahan says both mom and baby oliver are doing well. congratulations! that's action news.. live at 11. thanks for watching. from all of us at channel 13.. have a great week. good night.
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