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tv   Good Morning Las Vegas 5AM  ABC  January 25, 2016 5:00am-6:00am PST

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an apartment goes up in flames...squatters to blame...we have exclusive video showign the firefight. that of many this weekend...a string of blazes, keeping fire crews very busy plus,i'm tracking all of the
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homes hit hard this weekend by fire... we have video you'll only see on action news...
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bravery. action news reporter parker collins is live near lake mead and warm springs. parker-- this is just one of the homes that caught fire? that's right. this one actually has two people and a kid homeless right now. the red cross is helping seven fire actually happened since saturday. many caused by squatters. one just broke out a few hours ago. action news is the only station with this cell phone video showing an apartment fire caused by squatters. you can see in this cell phone video how hard firefighters have to work... no end of the valley is immune. so they were everywhere this weekend. i just spoke with firefighters... they're telling me this is just how some weekends are for them. reporting live parker collins
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another angle to that apartment fire parker was talking about... back in november... action news got a tour of the damage... after squatters started a different fire at that complex! we even spotted people in tents living outside the property! (danny sanchez, manager, tam apartments) "if they want to stay here, they'll find a way to get in, no body can stop them." some in the community say they just want the buildings to be torn down. managment is now facing the task of determing their next steps. new information this morning... an evening crash sends one person to the hospital and another to jail... the wreck shut down the area around sahara and valley view for hours last night. this morning, one person is recovering in the hospital and is expected to survive after the three cra crash. it happened around 7:30.. the intersection has been blocked off for hours... a female driver was at fault and arrested for dui.
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after crashing into the back of a semi truck on the i-15 near the valley of fire yesterday.. a total of 3 vehicles were involved in the fatal crash. the motorcyclist was pronounced dead at the scene. no word yet on what caused this crash. this morning, metro is still trying to figure out the identity of this man .. he allegedly started waving a gun at people in front of the bellagio.. this is the man officers were forced to fire at least two shots at on friday night. this caused some tense moments on the strip. he is in police custody, but with little information, he's being referred to as john doe. police are asking anyone with knowledge about him to give them a call. we're following the latest developments back east...a big storm layering areas with storm... a historic blizzard really... here's a live look york city. (ad-lib) thanks dayna...
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in the atlantic this morning, but millions are still dealing with the ripple effects of the storm. 28 deaths across 12 states balmed on this storm. this morning, commuters are dealing with slick roads, damaged transit lines and a massive amount of snow. it was just a mess this weekend... drivers on the pennsylvania turnpike were halted for up to 30-hours on the highway. in viriginia and up down the coast, the weight of the snow was too much to handle for the roofs.
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record of 26 point 8 inches of snow. and in baltimore..the biggest total ever...29 point two. [wsmayorwxpressersunmd] "a record amount of snow must be removed and when i say removed that doesn't mean that doesn't mean we can just push it into the street. it has to be lifted and taken away." air travel will continue to be impacted this morning. airlines are needing to make up for nearly 14-thousand flights cancelled this weekend. if you're planning on heading east, make sure to check your flight status. the snow is over-- but the flight cancellations are not. airports across the nation are dealing with the affects of the blizzard-- including mccarran airport. action news reporter marissa kynaston joins us live from mccarran to tell us how travelers are affected today-- that blizzard dumped two feet of snow in many big cities
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atlantic-- and travelers here are still feeling those affects. overall-- more than 12 thousand flights were cancelled nationwide over the weekend. here in the valley-- flight cancellations started thursday night-- leaving many travelers stranded. but things are starting to settle down. according to flight aware dot com-- there are four cancelled flights out of mccarran today-- and ten flights cancelled coming into mccarran today. those are mainly flying to and from jfk airport in new york-- and newark in new jersey. but also according to flight airports along the east coast-- you wont have too much trouble at the airports. thanks marissa.... time now is x:xx --- a powerful
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this morning, we're seeing video of the moment that quake hit... breaking overnight...
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that claims to show nine of the men behind the november terror attacks in paris. this is a still frame from the video. the gruesome roughly 18-minute tape shows the attackers' so-called "final messages," and some of the militants beheading hostages. the identities of the victims are not known. the paris attacks left 130 people dead. in the video, one man says the group was authorized to act by isis leader abu bakr al-baghdadi... at that the goal was to bring france to its knees. scary moments in the air after turbulance forces a jet to make an emergency landing...
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touched down in canada last night after it was bounced around mid-air. it was so bad, seven people were taken to the hospital. it hit like a big dip...some flight attendants were without seatbelts and then the other people..people passed was scary the injured included three flight attendents and four passengers. you can see emergency crews with a stretcher there. the flight was headed from miami to milan, italy. "oh my god...okay..." : oh boy, take a look! that's video taken during a powerful earthquake in alaska yesterday morning. u-s-g-s says the 6 point 8 quake hit just southwest of anchorage. nobody but was injured but nerves were definitely rattled. time now is x:xx --- things are
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trail... it's crunch time for the candidates. and among the republicans, donald trump, stirring some controversy on the trail... the drama at the latest trump rally, next.
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ridge of high pressure supporting the southwest, anything more than high level broken clouds is not expected. mostly sunny skies will be common along with high temperature in the upper 50s and lower 60s. we will continue to see high pressure build over the valley through the next several days. this will keep skies mainly clear and allow
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to the mid and upper 60s! by friday/saturday high temperatures will be at their warmest; ranging between 65 and 70 degrees! but it comes with a catch. the warm weather comes just before a new front passes over head saturday night in to small chance for rain and a 5-10 degree drop in temperature. this is the seventh day in the
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you cannot be shooting off your mouth when you're president of the united need to be careful, thoughtful, reliable in what you say. strong words from democratic presidential candidate hillary clinton... it seems the former first lady was referring to donald trump..... clinton spent the weekend in
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ahead of next monday's iowa caucus. a new poll released by cbs news and you guv shows clinton and vermont senator bernie sanders neck and neck in the hawkeye state. only one point seperating the top democratic candidates. hillary clinton enjoying some big endorsements this morning and she continues vying for the democratic nomination.... yesterday, the boston globe announced they're endorsing clinton. the news paper wrong that she'd make a better president than bernie sanders. they say she's more seasoned and forward-looking than she was in 2008. the des moines registrer, in iowa announced they are also endorsing clinton and gop candidate marco rubio. time now is x:xx --- record numbers at the gas pump... we'll show you how low numbers are getting nationwide. that's next, in america's money. you know the basic bargain of america is if you work hard, and you do your part, you should be able to get ahead and stay ahead.
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that's not the way america is supposed to operate. i want to go to bat for them every single day. get incomes rising... get equal pay for women... cut the cost of health care and child care so people can actually get ahead. hillary clinton, she has what it takes to get things done.
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gas prices lowering around the nation. prices are hitting a record low.
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< america's money: good morning. topping "america's money"... the lowest gas prices in 7 much lower in some areas. as it continues to drop, products shipped by truck are getting cheaper. and believe it or not - some airfares are too! "the revenant" topped the weekend's box office. people in the storm- ravaged east possibly looking for tips on how to survive a brutal, snowy landscape! for escapist alternatives.. there was "star wars" in second.. and "ride along 2" in third. an american company is already making the footballs that will be used in the super bowl. shortly after the matchup was set.. wilson tweeted out these images.. the denver broncos.. and the carolina panthers. the teams' names printed on them.. along with the game's date- febfurary 7th. and that's america's money. have a great day. > time now is x:xx ---a manhunt underway in california.. law enforcement searching for
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a maximum security jail. details on their elaborate jailbreak, next. plus, it wasn't just snow...but flooding also hitting the east coast...we have the latest on their clean up efforts this
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we're at mccarran with the latest. and it wasn't just snow that pummeled the east... coastal flooding also a major issue... and i'mtracking all of your breaking news this hour from the breaking news center. we'll get to your headlines in just a moment, first a check of your weather...greg? you might be heading to the airport for a flight back east
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flight back east this morning... action news is keeping you updated on the latest cancellations... action news reporter marissa kynaston joins us live from mccarran with the latest.... staying with that storm back
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it wasn't just the snow that battered the coast. in new jersey.. record breaking flooding forced people from their homes.. roads turned into rivers... and huge chunks of ice were floating down the streets. hundreds of people had to be rescued from the floodwaters...and businesses damaged.
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the area since superstorm sandy in 2012. sot - dominic piro, deli owner "four, five inches higher than sandy flood waters are receding this morning, but the damage certainly being felt as the cleanup begins. a close call for a valley teen who narrowly escaped a house fire... thes are images of the house near jones and the 95. fire crews responded just after five yesterday evening. they said smoke and flames were shooting out of the first floor. fast-acting firefighters had the blaze out in about 10 minutes. and the teenager is just fine. the medical marijuana industry in town is growing.. and it's growing quickly. terra tech has three dispensaries opening in las vegas before spring! there was a job fair yesterday for anyone interested in working at the pot from a "bud tender" to delivery drivers are up for grabs. we spoke to a woman who went to the job fair... she told us why she's interested in a marijuana industry job. lisa spearman, applicant "it
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are sick and who can't get up and have a regular life. so it can help in so many ways." starting pay is 13 bucks an hour plus benefits. retail experience is preferred -- but not required. if you couldn't make can still apply online. vo ahead today... solar customers should be able to find out if they'll be able to keep paying the same amount, depsite the new rate changes. the state public utilities commision is holding a hearing this morning at 9- 30, where they will decide if current customers will be "grand-fathered" into their old rates. solar customers have been up in arms... ever since commissioners voted to increase energy bills for solar customers, and pay them less for the excess energy they make. the owners of a popular tahoe ski resort are looking to sell the resort's majority owner, fritz buser, plans to put the property on the market. officials say buser feels it's the right time to sell, especially with the last season being successful.
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rose is a mix of private property and land leased from teh u.s. forest service. it includes 1,200 "skiable acres." northern nevada, get ready.. university of nevada-reno students will soon get the chance to "zip" around the roads... the car service company "zip car" is coming to campus. unr is getting two cars, according to our abc affiliate in reno. for a 15-dollars a year, unr students get unlimited access to the cars. you can rent them for an hour or under or for multiple days. it's not clear when the vehicles will be ready for rent. staying in northern nevada for this next story... republican presidential candidate jeb bush will make a pit stop in elko this week. the former florida governor is holding a rally at the northeastern nevada museum. bush hitting the trail this week trying to gain some ground as he trails most of the field of republican candidates.
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race for the white house... the iowa caucus just one week away..and candidates are making their best pitch to voters. among the republicans, donald trump hitting the trail hard...kicking off his sunday at an iowa church and ended the day with a rally. but, as usual, there were heated moments after a man in a red turban interrupted trump as he spoke about terrorism. sot - trump he wasn't wearing one of those hats was he? was he wearing one of those? and he never will. security eventually escorted the man out. right now, various polls showing trump with a double digit lead in iowa. a new clip on youtube is getting alot of attention... the video shows a young cruz talking about his life goals. sot - cruz: "take over the world, world domination, you know, rule everything. rich, powerful, that sort of stuff." maybe his wish will come true. new polls released this weekend show cruz gaining some ground
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new hampshire, it's a different story. trump is nearly 20 points ahead of cruz. there's alot of candidates vying to become our next president... and soon, there may be another entering the race.. abc news confirming former new york city mayor michael bloomberg is considering a third party run. despite promises he wouldn't enter the race, bloomberg has asked advisors to draw up plans for an independent run. gop frontrunner donald trump says he welcomes a bloomberg run because it could take votes away from hillary clinton if she becomes the nominee. bernie sanders weighing saying it will only help his campaign. this country is moving away from democracy to oligocray. billionaire's are the people that are controlling our political life. that is what, what is not what in my view american democracy is supposed to be about a contest between billionaires. if that takes place, i'm confident we will win it." the 73-year-old is expected to make a decision sometime in march. right now...more celebrities
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flint michigan who don't have clean water. sean "diddy" combs and mark wahlberg are pledging to donate 1-million bottles of water this morning. it's from a company owned by diddy and wahlberg..the company says the water should be delivered on wednesday. people in flint still can't drink the water because of high levels of lead. other celebrities have also been helping out as the story draws national attention. cher...eminem...wiz khalifa and big sean have all been trying to help. garage vo just a mess there on the east coast... and a really messy situation in atlanta after a car slams through a mall parking garage.. take a look at this video... the car was reportedly speeding before it just slammed into the wall yesterday evening. you can see crews cleaning up after the wreck and what seems
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everywhere... 0:00 - 0:05 nats of the water spraying unfortunately the driver died in the crash. his car actually hit a hotel worker and amazingly, that worker was not seriously hurt. atlanta police are investigating. new this morning... a japenese rocket maker says the metal piece found along the thai coast this likely to be that of a rocket part...not debris from missing malaysia airlines flight 370. check it out..this is what washed up on shore saturday. matching panel numbers and hinges can be seen on the piece of debris. investigators are still looking into this and haven't said for sure if it belongs to a rocket or the missing flight. malaysia airlines flight 370 vanished nearly two years ago. it was flying from malaysia, to beijing, when it disappeared from radar.
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california... three inmates on the run after a brazen jailbreak. this morning, we're seeing the first images from the maximum security jail, authorities say the inmates escaped from. take a look... authorities released this grainy rooftop surveillance video. those flashes of light you see, are believed to be the inmates. authorities are calling their escape, "well thought out." the fbi and us marshals are now on a massive man-hunt looking for these three, who they believe are very dangerous. sot - sandra hutchen, orange county sheriff two of them are in custody for murder and one for mayhem, kidnapping. um i consider them very dangerous individuals. pictures reveal just how those inmates were able to escape. a family member of one of the fugitives believes he was tricked into escaping. there is now a 50 thousand dollar reward for anybody who finds the missing men.
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brakes on an insurance scam. this morning a man is in custody... accused of being a professional victim. prosecutors in salt lake city utah... say navid monjazeb made a habit of crashing into other drivers.. filing fraudlent insurance claims, then collecting thousands of dollars. he did it dozens of times, one person's car barely had a scratch, but monjazeb claimed his car looked like this. many drivers are turning to dash cameras as a way to prevent a scam like this. experts say, it's a good idea. sot - matt hardigree / there's no other way to be sure that you can prove in court, if you need to, that the accident was not your fault without having some kind of video evidence. monjazeb is now facing charges including insurance fraud and reckless endangerment. time now is x:xx --- super bowl 50 is set... when we return..we'll show you how the broncos and panthers were able to get the job done and earn a trip to the
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looks like a small upper level disturbance will slide south through california and southern nevada this morning. high level clouds will be the outcome of this weather pattern along with so breezy conditions from the north/northeast but with a ridge of high pressure supporting the southwest, anything more than high level broken clouds is not expected. mostly sunny skies will be common along with high temperature in the upper 50s and lower 60s. we will continue to see high
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through the next several days. this will keep skies mainly clear and allow temperatures to climb gradually to the mid and upper 60s! by friday/saturday high temperatures will be at their warmest; ranging between 65 and 70 degrees! but it comes with a catch.
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before a new front passes over head saturday night in to sunday morning. clouds build in through saturday night to mainly cloud conditions sunday along with a small chance for rain and a change from now to then. it will be monitored closely some images of what this giant blizzard looked like from space. you can see snow just blanketing the east coast... (ad-lib) thanks greg.. the weather held up quite nice for a big day in the n-f-l.
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super bowl 50... the denver broncos will face the carolina panthers... the denver broncos will face the carolina panthers... the broncos faced the patriots in yesterday's a-f-c championship. it was a very close game! denver's defense getting to patriots quarterback tom brady throughout. the patriots trailed throughout the game but scored a late 4th quarter touchdown. and with 12 seconds left and the game on the line..the broncos defense prevailed. 1:22..."here's brady...rolling's intercepted." 1:30 denver now heads to their second super bowl in three years. yesterday's matchup featured two of the greatest quarterbacks in nfl history in what might've been their final battle. tom brady "proud of the way we
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until the end" 1:06 peyton manning it's a great honor to be going back to the super bowl...super bowl 50...i'm really looking forward to it 1:23 with the win, denver earns their 8th trip to the super bowl in franchise history. :32 "..a record setting year...he's picked again...kechly...for the touchdown...." :40 and there is the broncos opponent...the carolina panthers.. just handing a beat down to the arizona cardinals. carolina set a record for most points scored in an nfc championship. cam newton had a monster game throwing for 335 yards and two touchdowns. he also added two rushing touchdowns. on the other side, carson palmer had six turnovers. cam newtown is playing in his first ever super bowl super bowl 50 will kickoff february 7th in san francisco at 3 thirty. here's a story that will warm
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it's not just because it's about a heater being fixed! right in the middle of this massive storm freezing the east coast... a woman in pittsburgh's furnace goes out... leaving her and her children freezing! normally she says she'd asked her husband to fix it.. but he's serving overseas right now. she called out a repair man, who was able to take care of it for her... and that's when he decided to do something extra special. sot: i couldn't say it because i would break up. it was a little emotional. so i wrote, night call deployment special. one dollar. the woman says she couldn't be more thankful that he would take care of her and her family.. while her husband was away. time now is x:xx --- the race for the white house..heating up...bringing a lot of decisions for voters to make... but the race is also bringing some laughs. the dynamic duo of sarah palin and donald trump were targets
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donald trump and sarah palin are the latest targets of a
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skit... it's topping our stories now trending... i wanted to take a break from my fulltime career of writing things on facebook right wingin' beer clingin' proud clinger of our guns sarah palin's return to the political spotlight brought the return of her famous impersonator, tina fey. fey poking fun at palin's recent endorsement of gop presidential candidate donald trump. and the excitement building up for super bowl 50... in celebration of the game, the
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york city lighting up in broncos and panthers colors! you can see it there in the distance.. this has become somewhat of tradition before each year's super bowl. and staying in the northeast....this weekend's big blizzard brought a lot of misery..but also gave folks the chance to get out and have some fun. massive snowball fights...people sliding down the lincoln memorial in the nation's capitol.. when everything is pretty much shut down, it's a good reason to get out and enjoy all that snow! you can check out all of the stories that are trending today.. just head to the "now trending" section of our web site, meet the newest edition to actino news. action news anchor elizabeth gadley gave birth to a health baby boy over the weekend. oliver is 20 inches.. 6 pounds and 13 ounces. elizabeth's husband.. aciton news reporter bryan callahan says both mom and baby oliver are doing well. congratulations! time now is x:xx --- here's a look at what's coming up at
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big changes in store for allegiant airlines... we'll tell you the company's plans, next. --lead in-- japanese auto parts
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hands... video of some apartments that caught on fire for the third time! and a nasty three car crash has a major intersection blocked off all through the night. we'll tell you what happened at valley view and sahara, while you were sleeping. and right now... millions dealing with the aftermath of a massive storm hitting the east coast. i'm monitoring all the live pictures coming into the breaking news center. marissa kynaston is at mccarran where flights are still being delayed or cancelled. but first let's start with
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