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tv   Action News 5pm  ABC  January 25, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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she said she didn't hear a gun and police won't confirm whether a gun was used. live near civic center and cheyenne, soc the latest developments now on the east coast.. where 80-million americans are still digging out from this weekend's historic winter storm. the blizzard hammered much of the east coast and mid-atlantic states. bad in some aras.. many people were forced to trudge to work by any means available. the snow is melting.. but the roads are still slick. transit service is spotty and there are mountains of snow everywhere. in many areas.. sidewalks are blocked after some cities got an entire winter's snowfall in just two days. mos -- "just really bad. really, really bad. i've never seen it like this before in a long, long time. " mos -- "i didn't think it would be this bad. no transportation, really? not
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the storm is blamed for more than two- dozen deaths across a dozen states. federal offices in washington remained closed today.. and schools from d-c to eastern new jersey canceled classes. airports are open in new york and washington.. but service is still limited. more than 12-hundred flights today have been canceled. and.. a look at the flight tracker for mccarran airport. still a few cancellations today because of the blizzard including a couple from newark.. one from new york city and one from washington d-c. that's considerably better than the situation over the weekend.. when more than 13-thousand flights were calcelled nationwide. live look outside now at another beautiful winter evening across southern nevada. clear skies and some breezes earlier this afternoon.. but we're not shoveling snow. karla huelga is here now to let us know how long it's going to stay like this. karla. the breezy winds we've seen
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tonight, before picking back up tomorrow afternoon. expect sustained wind speeds between 10-15 miles per hour tomorrow, with highs in the upper 50s and sunny skies. high pressure will be in control of the forecast through most of saturday, which means warmer temperatures are on the way. we're learning new information about the friday night shooting..... we're learning new information about the friday night shooting about the friday night shooting outside the..... suspect and the metro officer.... who fired his weapon. action news reporter.... david schuman is live in front of the bellagio.... with more on the suspect tonight. david. this is the picture of the suspect who was taken into custody.
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20 years old and even though we'd heard he was a regular street performer or artist of some kind, none of the locals who spend time here seemed to know him. khaleal black is accused of waving a gun and pointing it at a crowd of people in front of the bellagio. metro officers had told him to drop his gun and pointing it at he didn't listen. that's when officer george smith fired shots at the man who was supposedly a regular face here. but other regulars couldn't tell us anything about him. 100522 "do you recognize this man? his names khaleal black. i can't say i recognize him but he does look a little familiar." butted with 100556 "i have not seen him, i've been doing this for quite a few pedestrians, one of whom was a child. they both are out of the hospital. black will make his first court appearance wednesday morning. officer smith has been placed
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incident is investigated. he's been on the force since 2005. live on the strip, david schuman ch 13 action news. breaking news on the campaign trail. the latest poll numbers just released and reported by cnn.. show hillary clinton topping bernie sanders 52 percent to 38 percent among registered democrats.. and democratic-leaning independents and martin o'malley at just two percent. they're all preparing right now for a town hall tonight in iowa.. one week before the caucuses t's the latest from the breaking news center. an action news update now..... on the battery and theft charges facing.... singer chris brown. metro police say.... those charges have been dropped.... because of a lack of evidence. a woman claimed... the singer punched her.... earlier this month... inside a suite.... at "the palms hotel and casino". a possible ray of sunshine for solar customers in nevada. n-v energy says it's on board with an idea to let people who spent thousands of dollars on
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sell their energy back at the old rate. today.. it was also discussed at the public utilities commission meeting. action news reporter parker collins explains why. dozens showed up today they had some pretty strong words for the commissioners. take sot no super 10:28:27 screw you! we don't want you anymore the vast majority in the room own solar panels. many are retired and worry that the new rates for buying back rooftop solar energy will cost them way too much. today the puc decided to keep talking about grandfathering that is letting those who already have the panels and are plugged into the system take advantage of the old rate. take sot steve benton, rooftop solar customer 10:05:04-10:05:14 "i want my $20,000 back, at least $20,000 because you effectively have utilities commission parker collins chanel thirteen action news. some of the state's rooftop
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back with a petition to take the issue to voters. the petition would seek a ballot referendum that could overturn part of the p-u-c's decision to hike up solar rates. however.. the ceo of solar city says a referendum could take months.. and he'd like to see a change sooner than that. lyndon rive ceo solar city let's call a special session, and then come up with a short term solution so that the market doesn't get decimated, allow the public to then determine if they want solar in the future, but fix the problem right now solar energy supporters hope a short term solution could prevent hundreds of laid-off employees from leaving the state.. so those companies won't need to train hundreds of new technicians if a long term solution is reached. if you feel like you're not making enough money and you're working paycheck-to-paycheck... you're not alone. experts say nevada employees are underpaid... but changes are on the way to land more cash in your wallet! plus... explosive video out of brazil.... where -60- inmates....
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how they made the break for it... next. security cameras at a brazilian with 40 megs of internet speed from centurylink, a family of four can all be online at the same time, streaming, gaming, or downloading movies.
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that's not the way america is supposed to operate. i want to go to bat for them every single day. get incomes rising... get equal pay for women... cut the cost of health care and child care so people can actually get ahead. hillary clinton, she has what it takes to get things done. i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. over the weekend. inmates used explosives.... to blow out an exterior wall.... before fleeing the prison. the prison guards' union says... at least... -60- inmates were able to escape. one escaping inmate was killed.... by gunfire from police. no word.... on how the inmates got those explosives into the prison... in the first place.
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for three escaped inmates... in california..... after they broke out of a maximum security jail. investigators believe.... the three broke out friday..... just after the inmate body count..... by cutting through .....a metal grate in a holding cell into plumbing tunnels... and... made their way to the roof. that's when.... they used bed sheets to create a rope..... to rappel down. the three suspects are each facing serious charges.... one charged with murder... one with kidnapping and torture... and... one with attempted murder and assault. police say... two of the escapees have ties to vietnamese gangs and may have had help.... breaking out. sot -- lt. dave sawyer / orange county sheriff's dept. "each of these inmates are extremely dangerous and should be presumed to be armed." had help... and probably inside help." detectives say... they don't believe anyone with- in the sheriff's department was involved... but... they are investigating. we're down to 1-week before the iowa caucus.. and the big story involves a billionaire.. but it's not donald trump. there are now rumors that
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bloomberg is considering a run as an independent. recent polls from iowa still show republican donald trump and democrat bernie sanders leading their respective races. today alone.. all of the candidates have more than two dozen campaign stops planned in iowa.. in their final push for votes. sot - donald trump / (r) presidential candidate "it's crunch time folks. i mean, i wanna win iowa, i really wanna win it. --sot-- (hillary clinton) "if you will stand up for me at the caucus next monday, i promise to stand up for you every single day as president, to listen to you, to fight for you, and with your help, to deliver the kind of results our country and world deserve." the iowa caucuses next week are followed by the new hampshire primary in two weeks.. where trump and sanders are also way out in front in the polls. as the snow back east begins melt.. a world famous tourist destination could run dry. find out why niagara falls might soon be waterless.
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plus... here's what we're working on right now.... for action news... here's what we're working on right now.... for action news... live at six: a new perspective on the squatters epidemic in las vegas. a local woman says bad luck has made her a squatter in her own investigate... stay with us. tourists could soon see
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toward niagra falls. the new york state parks
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'de-water' the natural landmark.. as part of a renovation on the american side. this is some video now from the last time the falls was shut off. this time.. the water will be diverted to make repairs to the 2 old stone bridges that allow access to goat island. the project is getting mixed reviews. < sharon: to divert the water you'd be able to see the falls itself. the bare rock and everything. i think it would be an interesting thing to see. > (butted with) (kalie pries sot) it's kind of sad that it will be because people won't be able to come and see it and they won't be able to see how pretty it is the parks department says there is no money available for the project.. they're just getting everything ready. the recession may be over... but according to a new report... las vegas is still far.... from a recovery!!! action news anchor..... lesley marin is live with why it's so hard for people... to get back on their feet. leslie... we're here at the job connet
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find jobs to provide for families-- but this new report say our state still ranks 48th when it comes to the financial security of nevadans. the report-- released by the corporation for enterprise development-- blames a high unemployment rate and low paying jobs for the desperately low ranking. overall since the recession hit-- nevada has been able to cut unemployment to nearly 6.4 percent. but according the study-- that isn't enough-- with the silver state still coming in with the third lowest home ownership rate and the county's most underpaid employees. and according to financial experts-- it boils down to the type of jobs our economy is built off. stephen budin, financial advisor 21:04:59-21:05:17 "for the most part the nevada economy is still tourist based and a lot of those service jobs are not as high paying as some of the technology jobs found another places so the recession really hit us hard and a lot of the wages are not as high as they would be if they lived someplace else" but with the bad news does come some good news.
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the list when it came to enacting new policies to helping fix these problems-- including housing, jobs and education. live in central las vegas lesley marin channel 13 action news a judge has cancelled a meeting..... with ammon bundy and the rest of the armed militia... in oregon... due to safety concerns... it comes..... after law enforcement reportedly heard about plans.... to protest the meeting. the militia has been staked out there.... for -3- weeks.... at that wildlife refuge. oregon's governor says... she has written letters to the president.... the attorney general... and... the f-b-i... asking them.... to end the standoff. we're now getting a look at the aftermath of this weekend's massive blizzard that pounded the east coast. many streets around newark, new jersey are still buried today because snow plows haven't been able to reach them. in other areas that have been plowed.. mounds of snow are piled up along the side of the road. and check out this church in maryland, the roof collapsed
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snow. and.. to give you an idea of how massive this storm really was.. take a look at this photo.. courtesy of a noaa weather satellite. adlib let's go to chief meteorologist bryan scofield and 'weather first.' the breezy winds we've seen today will taper off a bit tonight, before picking back up tomorrow afternoon. expect sustained wind speeds between 10-15 miles per hour tomorrow, with highs in the upper 50s and sunny skies. high pressure will be in control of the forecast through most of saturday, which means warmer temperatures are on the way. highs will rise to the low 60s on wednesday, mid 60s on thursday and upper 60s for friday and saturday. partly cloudy skies are expected each afternoon.
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breezy category on saturday, ahead of our next system which will bring more cloud cover and chances for rain on sunday, along with cooler air. highs will drop to the low 60s on sunday and along with the chance for scattered showers, windy conditions are expected. monday will see a cool down to the mid 50s, windy conditions and a little clearing by the afternoon. time now...
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from contact 13. japanese auto parts maker... "takata"... is facing more trouble. a -10- th death has been linked to the company's faulty airbags. the bags can explode... firing out.... shards of metal and glass. u-s regulators are adding.... -5- million more cars... to the -19- million vehicles... already under recall. a buyer beware...
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car... beware of "add-on expenses"... a group of new yorauto dealers have been sued... for after-sale products and services. the add-ons... sometimes could cost... more than.... -2- thousand dollars per car buyer. automotive site edmunds says... it's easy to get confused... and warns... you should look out for things like... an "advertising fee." by the way... don't forget... if you've been ripped off or scammed... we want to hear about it... contact 13's call for action is ready to help you.... with a consumer problem. just call one of our volunteers.... any weekday... between -11-a-m and -1-p-m... forecast... from karla. and later.. all new on action news live at 6.. waves are tearing away at the california coast. now homes are left dangling over the ocean. the unusual measures officials are taking.... to get help.
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the breezy winds we've seen today will taper off a bit tonight, before since 1961, pearle vision has provided the neighborhood with expert eye care. that was dr. stanley pearle's vision and we still proudly carry on his legacy. today, doctors like lisa hamilton perform
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prizes for this promotion. and.... before we go... here's a look at what's coming up later..... on abc in primetime... at 8:00... it's "the bachelor"... followed by.... "the bachelor live" at -10-... and then... we hope to see you tonight... for action news... live at -11-.... that's our news for now.. but... stay with us.... for abc's world news tonight... until then.. thanks for watching and have a great evening. santa ana, calif. (kabc) -- the orange county
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if you're doing everything right but find it harder and harder to get by, you're not alone. while our people work longer hours for lower wages, almost all new income goes to the top 1%. my plan -- make wall street banks and the ultrarich pay their fair share of taxes, provide living wages for working people, ensure equal pay for women. i'm bernie sanders. i approve this message because together, we can make a political revolution and create an economy and democracy that works for all
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plus the dennis the menace of magic, murray sawchuck, is in the house! tuesday at 2 on valley view live. today on valley view live - tonight, the blizzard of 2016. the ripple effect coast-to-coast. 30 people killed, a mother and child in their car as her husband was digging out. tonight, rooftops caving in. thousands of flights cancelled.
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